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2649 total Productivity packages in stock new updates since 2024-01-17

4ti2 6tunnel a52dec abcm2ps abiword abiword-docs abook ack adios-openmpi2 adios-openmpi3 adios-openmpi4 adios_1_13_1-gnu-mpich-hpc adios_1_13_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc adios_1_13_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc adios_1_13_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc adminer adms adns ads aegisub age agenda aircrack-ng almanah alpine alpine-branding-openSUSE alsa-tools amarok amtu anki ansilove ansilove-term antic apache-rpm-macros apache-rpm-macros-control apache2 apache2-icons-oxygen apache2-mod_auth_kerb apache2-mod_authn_otp apache2-mod_dnssd apache2-mod_encoding apache2-mod_evasive apache2-mod_fcgid apache2-mod_mono apache2-mod_perl apache2-mod_wsgi apg AppCSXCAD apptainer apt-cacher-ng aqbanking arb archivemail archmage argus argus-client arp-scan arping2 artha artifacts asciinema asco aseprite aspell aspell-dictionaries aspell-en atheme atril audacity audex audience audio-recorder AusweisApp2 autoconf-el autossh autotrace avgtime avgtime-test avogadro azote azove babe barcode bareftp bat bat-extras batctl bcal bcftools bchunk beets belle-sip biabam bibletime biboumi bibview bijiben bird birdie bitcoin bitlbee bitlbee-facebook bitlbee-mastodon bitlbee-steam bittwist bladeRF bleachbit blender bliss blogc blosc bogofilter boinc-client bom bookworm boomaga booth borgbackup borgmatic bowtie bowtie2 bpm-tools brial broadvoice16 broadvoice32 bs1770gain bsdiff btar buckygen bup buzztrax bvi bwbar byzanz bzrtp c-toxcore ca-certificates-cacert cadabra2 cadaver caddy Cadence caja caja-dropbox caja-extensions cal3d calamaris calc calcium calcurse calligra calligra-plan camlistore cantata capnet-assist cardpeek carla casync catfish catimg cava ccd2cue ccrypt ccx cd-discid cddlib cdio-utils cdparanoia cecilia cedilla celt certbot cfengine cfengine-masterfiles cg3 cgal charliecloud charybdis cheat check-create-certificate cherrytree choqok ciano civetweb clack clamtk clamz clash clatd claws-mail clementine clFFT clinfo clipgrab cliquer cln cluster-glue clustershell clusterssh clzip cm cmark cmh cmocka cmus cntlm cobbler coccinelle codec2 coin-or-CoinUtils ColorFull colorhug-client colorpicker comix compicc conauto conkeror consoleet-utils converseen coolkey coq corebird coredns corosync coturn courier-authlib courier-imap courier-unicode coxeter cozy crc32csum create-resources crmsh crow-translate csindex csound csvprintf CSXCAD csync csync2 cttop cudd cuishark cuneiform cups-pdf cutmp3 cutterff cwstudio cxsc cyrus-imapd dante daps dareader darktable datamash dateutils dav1d davix dblatex dbsplit-tools dbview dc3dd dcmtk ddgr ddrescueview dds2tar deadbeef deadbeef-plugin-mpris2 deepin-calculator deepin-calendar deepin-compressor deepin-draw deepin-editor deepin-file-manager deepin-image-viewer deepin-movie deepin-music-player deepin-network-utils deepin-pw-check deepin-reader deepin-screen-recorder deepin-screenshot deepin-shortcut-viewer deepin-turbo deepin-voice-note deja-dup deluge dfc dhcpd-pools dhex dhtest dia dianara dico dictd dicts diff-pdf diff-so-fancy diffmk digikam ding dirac direnv direvent dirvish discount DisplayCAL dita djvu2pdf djvulibre djvulibre-djview4 djvusmooth dkgpg dkimproxy dleyna-core dleyna-server dns24-update dnscrypt-proxy dnsmeter dnstracer docbook-css-stylesheets docbook-simple docbook-toys docbook-xml-slides docbook-xml-website docbook-xsl docbook_5 docker-bench-security docky docparser doh dpic drawing drbdmanage drc drops dropwatch drumstick drush dssim dsvpn dumb dump1090 dump1090-fa dumpvdl2 duplicity dvbcut dvbstream dvdauthor dvdisaster dvgt e-antic e3 easy-rsa easytag ebiso eblook econnman eid-mw elib elinks emacs-auctex emacs-color-theme emacs-dash emacs-flim emacs-haskell-mode emacs-magit emacs-semi emacs-vm emacs-w3m emacs-with-editor emil empathy enblend-enfuse enc enchive enet engauge-digitizer engdic engrampa entangle eog-plugins eolie eom ephoto epic epiphany epiphany-branding-openSUSE epour epub2txt2 epymc equalx erfa espeakedit etherape evolution evolution-ews evolution-rss exif exim exmh exodusii ez-ipupdate ezstream facedetect fail2ban farbfeld farstream fasd fastfetch fate fbcat fbi fbreader fcgiwrap fd fdk-aac-free featherpad fedfs-utils fence-agents festival ffado ffado-mixer fflas-ffpack ffmpeg ffmpeg-2 ffmpeg-3 ffmpeg-4 ffmpeg2 fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-hpc fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-mpich-hpc fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-mvapich2-hpc fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-openmpi1-hpc fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-openmpi2-hpc fftw3_3_3_6-gnu-openmpi3-hpc fIcy figlet filezilla filter_audio finger fips firebird firehol firejail firetools firewalld fityk flac flac2all flacon flamerobin flameshot flann fldigi flickcurl flickrnet flim-xemacs flint flnews flocq flowgrind fluid-soundfont fluidsynth fluidsynth-dssi flxmlrpc fly fmit focuswriter folder-color foliate foma font-specimen form fotowall fplll fprintd Fragments fred FreeCAD FreeCAD-test freedup freeradius-client freerdp freesrp frei0r-plugins frescobaldi freshplayerplugin fritzing fritzing-parts frogr froxlor fsarchiver fstl fsvs ft2demos funkload fwbuilder fwknop fwknop-gui fx fzf fzy gajim galera-4 gama gammu gap gap-4ti2interface gap-ace gap-alnuth gap-atlasrep gap-autodoc gap-automata gap-automgrp gap-autpgrp gap-browse gap-cap gap-circle gap-cohomolo gap-congruence gap-convex gap-corelg gap-crime gap-crisp gap-cryst gap-crystcat gap-ctbllib gap-cvec gap-design gap-digraphs gap-edim gap-example gap-examplesforhomalg gap-factint gap-fga gap-fining gap-float gap-forms gap-fplsa gap-fr gap-gapdoc gap-gauss gap-gaussforhomalg gap-gbnp gap-generalizedmorphismsforcap gap-genss gap-gradedmodules gap-gradedringforhomalg gap-grape gap-groupoids gap-guarana gap-guava gap-hap gap-happrime gap-hecke gap-help gap-homalg gap-homalgtocas gap-idrel gap-intpic gap-io gap-io_forhomalg gap-irredsol gap-json gap-kan gap-kbmag gap-laguna gap-liepring gap-liering gap-localizeringforhomalg gap-loops gap-lpres gap-mapclass gap-matgrp gap-matricesforhomalg gap-modules gap-nilmat gap-normalizinterface gap-nq gap-numericalsgps gap-openmath gap-orb gap-patternclass gap-polenta gap-polycyclic gap-qaos gap-qpa gap-quagroup gap-radiroot gap-rcwa gap-rds gap-recog gap-recogbase gap-resclasses gap-ringsforhomalg gap-sco gap-scscp gap-semigroups gap-sgpviz gap-simpcomp gap-sla gap-smallsemi gap-sonata gap-spinsym gap-symbcompcc gap-toolsforhomalg gap-toric gap-toricvarieties gap-unitlib gap-utils gap-wedderga gap-xmod gap-xmodalg garlic gasnet gaupol gbdfed gcab gcad3d gcal gcolor2 gcolor3 gcstar gdcm geary geda-gaf geda-xgsch2pcb gedit-code-assistance gedit-latex gedit-plugins geekodoc geeqie gegl genius gensio geoipupdate geotiff gerbv getdp getmail gexif gf2x gfan ghostscript-fonts-grops ghostview ghostwriter giac gifsicle gimp gimp-dds gimp-gap gimp-lqr-plugin gimp-save-for-web girl git-crypt givaro gjiten glabels glava glorytun glpk glyr gmime2_6 gmp-ecm gmusicbrowser gnome-books gnome-calendar gnome-clocks gnome-commander gnome-contacts gnome-directory-thumbnailer gnome-documents gnome-dvb-daemon gnome-epub-thumbnailer gnome-internet-radio-locator gnome-keysign gnome-latex gnome-mpv gnome-music gnome-network-displays gnome-passwordsafe gnome-photos gnome-pomodoro gnome-recipes gnome-sound-recorder gnome-subtitles gnome-todo gnome-user-share gnome-video-effects gnome-weather gns3-net-converter gnu-recutils gnu_parallel gnucap gnucash gnucash-docs gnuhealth gnuhealth-client gnumeric gnump3d gnuradio gnuserv gnusocialshell go-for-it go-sendxmpp goaccess gobby gocr goldendict gonvert goobox goodvibes google-authenticator-libpam googler gource govpn goxel gp2c gpa gperiodic gpgme gpick gpicview gpredict gprename gpxsee gq gr-fcdproplus gr-iqbal grabpng gradio grafx2 gramofile gramps GraphicsMagick graphviz-addons grass grepcidr grepmail gri grilo-plugins grim grisbi gromacs gromacs-openmpi gron grsync gsequencer gsignond gsignond-plugin-oauth gsl_2_4-gnu-hpc gssproxy gst123 gstreamer gstreamer-devtools gstreamer-editing-services gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-base gstreamer-plugins-libav gstreamer-plugins-qt gstreamer-plugins-qt5 gstreamer-plugins-vaapi gstreamer-rtsp-server gstreamer-transcoder gstreamer-validate gtef gtg gthumb gtick gtk-recordMyDesktop gtkhash gtkpod gtkwave guilt guitarix gummi gup gupnp-tools guvcview guvcview-qt5 gzrt H2rename h5utils ha-cluster-bootstrap haas-proxy hackrf haguichi hamlib haproxy harminv hashcat hawk-apiserver hawk2 hbci4java hdf hdf5 hdf5-mvapich2 hdf5-openmpi hdf5-openmpi2 hdf5-openmpi3 hdf5-openmpi4 hdf5_1_10_1-gnu-hpc hdf5_1_10_1-gnu-mpich-hpc hdf5_1_10_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc hdf5_1_10_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc hdf5_1_10_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-mpich-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-mvapich2-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-openmpi1-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hdf5_1_10_4-gnu-openmpi3-hpc hdf5_1_10_5-gnu-hpc hdf5_1_10_5-gnu-mpich-hpc hdf5_1_10_5-gnu-mvapich2-hpc hdf5_1_10_5-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hdf5_1_10_5-gnu-openmpi3-hpc hdf5_1_10_7-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hdf5_1_10_8-gnu-openmpi2-hpc headmore heimer hevea hexchat hexter hfst-ospell hiawatha hibiscus himalaya hiredis hoard homebank homeshick horst howl hp2xx hping hpx hsqldb htdig html-dtd html2ps html2text htmlcxx htmldoc htscodecs httperf httpie httrack hugin hydrogen hylafax+ hypre hypre-mpich hypre-mvapich2 hypre-openmpi hypre-openmpi2 hypre-openmpi3 hypre-openmpi4 hypre_2_15_1-gnu-mpich-hpc hypre_2_15_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc hypre_2_15_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc hypre_2_15_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hypre_2_15_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc hypre_2_18_2-gnu-mpich-hpc hypre_2_18_2-gnu-mvapich2-hpc hypre_2_18_2-gnu-openmpi2-hpc hypre_2_18_2-gnu-openmpi3-hpc hypre_2_20_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc i2pd icc-examin icc-profiles-basiccolor-printing2009 icc-profiles-openicc icecast ices icmptunnel icoutils id3v2 idutils idzebra iec16022 ifplugd igerman98 ikiwiki ilbc imagej imap imapfilter imgp imgvtopgm iml impressive imv inarpd indi influxdb info2html inkscape inn innoextract innotop inspectrum inwee iodine ipcalc iperf iprange iptraf iptraf-ng ipv6gen ipv6toolkit ipxrip irc-otr irssi isatapd ispell ispell-bulgarian ispell-hungarian ispell-slovak istgt iverilog ivtv iwatch jack-rack jack_capture jackEQ jacktrip jaero jameica jamin Jamulus jasper jaxodraw jbig2dec jbigkit jc jconvolver jdupes jedit jhead jigdo jing-trang jless jmol jo joe john jondo jondofox jpegoptim jq jshon json-table k4dirstat kadu kaffeine kafka kakasi kakoune karim kate4-parts kawaii-player kbfs kbibtex kchmviewer kdav kdb kdeconnect-kde5 kdenetwork4-filesharing keepalived keepass keepass-plugin-HIBPOfflineCheck keepassx keepassxc kexi keybase-client keychain kfilereplace kgamma5 kicad kicad-footprints kicad-library kicad-packages3D kicad-symbols kicad-templates kid3 kile kile5 killswitch-applet kim-api kismet klatexformula klinkstatus kmymoney knock knot kochmorse kopano kopano-python-services kopano-webapp kpassgen kphotoalbum kppp kproperty kradio kraft krb5-appl krb5-auth-dialog kremotecontrol krename kreport kristall kronometer kronosnet kscd kseexpr ksnip kst kstars ktimetracker ktoblzcheck ktp-call-ui kubo kvirc kvpnc labplot-kf5 ladish ladspa ladspa-alienwah ladspa-AMB ladspa-blepvco ladspa-blop ladspa-cmt ladspa-FIL ladspa-matched ladspa-MCP ladspa-preamp ladspa-pvoc ladspa-REV ladspa-sooperlooper ladspa-super-60 ladspa-swh-plugins ladspa-vcf ladspa-VCO ladspa-vlevel ladspa-vocoder lal lal-test lalburst lalframe lalmetaio lame lammps lapdog lash lastpass-cli latex2rtf latexila LaTeXML lbdb lbzip2 lcab lcms2 ldacBT ldapvi ldas-tools-al ldas-tools-cmake ldas-tools-framecpp ldtp leafpad lector ledger leechcraft legion lekha lepton lha lhasa libabw libaec libansilove libaom libbde libbluray libbraiding libcdatetime libcdaudio libcddb libcddb-utils libcdio libcdio-paranoia libcdirectory libcdr libcreg libcsv libdb_java-4_8 libdbi-drivers libdlm libdmapsharing libdmapsharing3 libdvbpsi libdvbpsi-0 libdvdnav libdvdread libe-book libemf2svg libeot libepubgen libesedb libetonyek libevt libevtx libewf libexe libexmdbpp libeXosip2 libexttextcat libfcache libfdata libfmos libfole libfreehand libfsext libfshfs libfsntfs libfvalue libfvde libfwevt libfwnt libfwsi libgap libgda libgig libgltf libgsm libharu libhdhomerun libheif libheimdal libhomfly libhts libicns libindi libinsane libint libjackasyn liblangtag liblightgrep liblnk libluksde libm4ri libm4rie libmad libmediaart libmirisdr libmsiecf libmspub libmwaw libmypaint libnetfilter_acct libnetfilter_log libodfgen libodraw libolecf libopenmpt libopenshot libopenshot-audio liboqs libosip2 libosmo-abis libosmo-dsp libosmo-netif libosmocore libp11 libpagemaker libperseus-sdr libpff libpgeasy libpgf libprelude libpreludedb libpst libqcow librecad libregf libreoffice libreoffice-share-linker libreoffice-voikko libresprite librsb librvngabw libscca libsemigroups libserialport libshout libsigrok libsigrok4DSL libsigrokdecode libsigscan libsmdev libsmraw libstaroffice libtcnative-1-0 libtins libtorrent libvhdi libvisio libvisio2svg libvmdk libvoikko libvpx libvpx-1_6 libvslvm libwmf libwpd libwpg libwrc libxc libXcm libyubikey libyuv libzeitgeist libzmf LiE lifelines liferea lightmediascanner lighttpd lilypond lime limesuite linbox link-grammar linkchecker linkloop links linphone linphoneqt linstor-client linux_pcnfsd2 lite-xl litetran livedtd lmdb lmms logtop lollypop lollypop-portal lonote loook loudmouth lout lpe lpsolve lrcShow-X lrslib lsdvd lsp-plugins lsyncd lttoolbox ltxml lua51-luadbi lua51-luaexpat lua51-luasec lua51-zlib lua53-luadbi lua53-luaexpat lua53-luasec lua53-zlib luckybackup luvcview lv lv2-swh-plugins lximage-qt lxmusic lynx lyx lz4 lzfse lzip lziprecover lzma-sdk mac-robber macchanger macchina macrofusion madplay maildir-utils mailgraph mailman mailnag mailprocessing mailsync maim mairix makeself malaga-suomi mangler mapi-header-php mapserver mariadb markmywords mate-polkit mate-user-share mathml-dtd mathmod mathomatic matio matomo matrix-quaternion matrix-synapse maya-calendar mayavi mbuffer mc mcabber mccs mcds mcjoin mcomix mcqd mda-lv2 mdbtools med-tools mediainfo mediastreamer2 medit meep megatools metaio metamail metamath meteo meterbridge metis metis_5_1_0-gnu-hpc metronome mftrace mg mgdiff mgp micro-editor midori miller mimic minder mined mingw64-zlib minidlna minimodem mininet minitube miniupnpc mipv6d miredo MirrorCache mjpegtools mjpg-streamer mktorrent mlmmj mmtf-cpp mmv mobidict moc modsecurity moe moinmoin-wiki molsketch monero mongodb mopac7 moreutils mosh mosquitto most mousepad mozaddon-bugmenot MozillaThunderbird mp mp3_check mp3gain mpDris2 mpfi mpfrcx mpibash mpir mpop mpv mpv-mpris mpvpaper mrsh mscgen msoak mtpaint mtr mtree MultiMarkdown-5 multimon-ng mumble mumps mumps-mvapich2 mumps-openmpi mumps-openmpi2 mumps-openmpi3 mumps-openmpi4 mumps-ptscotch-openmpi mumps-ptscotch-openmpi2 mumps-scotch mumps_5_1_2-gnu-mpich-hpc mumps_5_1_2-gnu-mvapich2-hpc mumps_5_1_2-gnu-openmpi1-hpc mumps_5_1_2-gnu-openmpi2-hpc mumps_5_1_2-gnu-openmpi3-hpc mumps_5_2_1-gnu-mpich-hpc mumps_5_2_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc mumps_5_2_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc mumps_5_2_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc mumps_5_3_5-gnu-openmpi2-hpc munge muparser mupdf museic musescore musique mwic mygnuhealth mylvmbackup mypaint mypaint-brushes mypaint-brushes1 mysql-workbench mysql-xml-to-csv mytop nano nasc nast nautilus-dropbox nautilus-image-converter nautilus-search-tool nautilus-sendto nauty nbd ncftp ncmpcpp nco ncompress ncspot ndpmon ndppd nedit neix nemesis neochat neofetch neomutt neovim neovim-gtk nested net-snmp netcdf netcdf-cxx4 netcdf-cxx4_4_3_0-gnu-hpc netcdf-cxx4_4_3_1-gnu-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_4_4-gnu-mpich-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_4_4-gnu-openmpi1-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_4_4-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_4_4-gnu-openmpi3-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_2-gnu-mpich-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_2-gnu-mvapich2-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_2-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_2-gnu-openmpi3-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_3-gnu-hpc netcdf-fortran_4_5_3-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netcdf-openmpi netcdf-openmpi2 netcdf-openmpi3 netcdf-openmpi4 netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-hpc netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-mpich-hpc netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netcdf_4_6_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc netcdf_4_7_3-gnu-hpc netcdf_4_7_3-gnu-mpich-hpc netcdf_4_7_3-gnu-mvapich2-hpc netcdf_4_7_3-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netcdf_4_7_3-gnu-openmpi3-hpc netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-openmpi2-hpc netdiscover netease-cloud-music-gtk netgen netperfmeter netsniff-ng NetworkManager-dns-bind NetworkManager-dns-dnsmasq NetworkManager-fortisslvpn NetworkManager-iodine NetworkManager-l2tp NetworkManager-libreswan NetworkManager-openconnect NetworkManager-openswan NetworkManager-openvpn NetworkManager-pptp NetworkManager-strongswan NetworkManager-vpnc newsboat nextcloud nextcloud-client nextcloud-desktop nf3d nfacct nfdump nfoview nfs-ganesha nfswatch nftlb nginx nginx-geolite-asn nginx-geolite-city nginx-geolite-country nginx-ingress-controller nginx-module-brotli nginx-module-cookie-flag nginx-module-devel-kit nginx-module-http-auth-digest nginx-module-http-substitutions-filter nginx-module-modsecurity nginx-module-set-misc nginx-module-sticky-ng nginx-module-vts ngrep ngspice ngspice-shared nh2ps nip2 nitroshare nload nmap nmap-parse-output nmapsi4 nmcli-dmenu nmh nmtree nnn nodejs-electron noise nomacs non normaliz noson-app notejot notepadqq novprog nsd nss-pam-ldapd ntl ntp2chrony nulloy nuspell nvimpager o2scl oath-toolkit obby obexftp obfs4 occt oce ocli ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc ocrad ocserv octave octave-forge-bim octave-forge-cgi octave-forge-communications octave-forge-control octave-forge-data-smoothing octave-forge-database octave-forge-dataframe octave-forge-divand octave-forge-doctest octave-forge-econometrics octave-forge-financial octave-forge-fits octave-forge-fl-core octave-forge-fpl octave-forge-fuzzy-logic-toolkit octave-forge-ga octave-forge-general octave-forge-generate_html octave-forge-geometry octave-forge-gsl octave-forge-image octave-forge-image-acquisition octave-forge-instrument-control octave-forge-interval octave-forge-io octave-forge-level-set octave-forge-linear-algebra octave-forge-lssa octave-forge-ltfat octave-forge-mapping octave-forge-matgeom octave-forge-mechanics octave-forge-miscellaneous octave-forge-msh octave-forge-mvn octave-forge-nan octave-forge-ncarray octave-forge-netcdf octave-forge-nurbs octave-forge-octclip octave-forge-octproj octave-forge-optics octave-forge-optim octave-forge-parallel octave-forge-quaternion octave-forge-queueing octave-forge-secs1d octave-forge-secs2d octave-forge-secs3d octave-forge-signal octave-forge-sockets octave-forge-specfun octave-forge-splines octave-forge-statistics octave-forge-stk octave-forge-strings octave-forge-struct octave-forge-symbolic octave-forge-tisean octave-forge-tsa octave-forge-vrml odt2txt offlineimap ofono ogmtools oidentd omemo-utils omping onedrive openblas-pthreads_0_2_20-gnu-hpc openblas-pthreads_0_3_13-gnu-hpc openblas-pthreads_0_3_7-gnu-hpc openblas_0_2_20-gnu-hpc openblas_0_3_13-gnu-hpc openblas_0_3_7-gnu-hpc openblas_openmp openbsc OpenColorIO openconnect opendchub opendkim openEMS openexr openfortivpn OpenImageIO openjpeg openjpeg2 openkim-models openpgl openrdate openscad OpenSceneGraph OpenSceneGraph34 OpenShadingLanguage openshot-qt opensp-doc openssh-askpass openssl_tpm2_engine OpenSubdiv opentoonz openvswitch opmsg optipng opus-tools oqs-provider orage orc orion orthanc orthanc-dicomweb orthanc-framework orthanc-gdcm orthanc-indexer orthanc-mysql orthanc-neuro orthanc-ohif orthanc-postgresql orthanc-python orthanc-tcia orthanc-volview orthanc-webviewer orthanc-wsi orthos-client ortp osdlyrics osm-gps-map osmo-bts osmo-e1d osmo-fl2k osmo-ggsn osmo-hlr osmo-msc osmo-pcap osmo-pcu osmo-remsim osmo-sgsn osmo-sip-connector osmo-smlc osmo-trx osmosdr otrs otter-browser owasp-modsecurity-crs owncloud-client p0f packETH packit paexec pagetools palaura palette pam-python pam_ccreds pam_dbus pam_script paman pamix pamixer pan panini pantheon-calculator pantheon-files pantheon-photos paperkey paprefs par par2cmdline parallel-netcdf parallel-netcdf-mvapich2 parallel-netcdf-openmpi parallel-netcdf-openmpi2 parallel-netcdf-openmpi3 paraview paraviewdata parcellite pari pari-elldata pari-galdata pari-galpol pari-nflistdata pari-nftables pari-seadata parlatype parole parzip pass-otp patool pavucontrol pavumeter pax-utils pbzip2 pcapplusplus pcb pcmanfm pcmanx-gtk2 pcsc-acr38 pcsc-acsccid pcsc-asedriveiiie-serial pcsc-asedriveiiie-usb pcsc-asekey pcsc-cyberjack pcsc-eco5000 pcsc-gempc pcsc-reflex60 pcsc-towitoko PDAL pdf2djvu pdf2svg pdfcompare pdfgrep pdfmixtool pdfquirk pdfshuffler pdftk pdns pdns-common pdns-recursor pdnsd pdsh peazip pen pencil percona-toolkit permlib pfstools pgaccess pgbackrest pgloader phodav Photini photoqt php-pear-Auth_SASL php-pear-MDB2 php-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli php-pear-Net_Socket php5-redis php7-APCu php7-geoip php7-gmagick php7-imagick php7-lzf php7-maxminddb php7-memcached php7-pear-Auth_SASL php7-pear-MDB2 php7-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli php7-pear-Net_Socket php7-smbclient php7-ssh2 php7-uuid php7-xdebug php72-redis php74-APCu php74-redis php8-APCu php8-imagick php8-ssh2 php8-xdebug php81-APCu php81-imagick php81-memcached php81-xdebug phpMyAdmin phpPgAdmin pianobar picard pidgin pidgin-advanced-sound-notification pidgin-birthday-reminder pidgin-gnome-keyring pidgin-guifications pidgin-indicator pidgin-libnotify pidgin-mrim pidgin-otr pidgin-privacy-please pidgin-prpltwtr pidgin-sipe pidgin-xmpp-receipts pinentry pinfo pingtunnel pinpoint pinta pithos pitivi pix pixmap plantri plantuml plasma-browser-integration plasma-vault plasma5-thunderbolt platformsh-cli playerctl plotutils plowshare plplot pluma plzip pmacct pmidi pngcheck pngcrush pngtoico pocketsphinx pocketsphinx5 podofo poezio polari portmidi poster postfish postfixadmin postgresql postgresql10 postgresql10-pgagent postgresql10-pgaudit postgresql10-plr 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ptscotch_6_0_6-gnu-openmpi2-hpc ptscotch_6_0_6-gnu-openmpi3-hpc ptscotch_6_1_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc puddletag pulseview pure-ftpd purple-bot-sentry purple-carbons purple-facebook purple-import-empathy purple-libsteam purple-mattermost purple-plugin-pack purple-rocketchat pwgen py-fishcrypt pybugz PyGreSQL pymol pypoppler python-buku python-dfVFS python-espressopp python-etude python-jrnl python-linstor python-neovim python-OWSLib python-pass_python_keyring python-pybtex python-pymol python-PyWebDAV python-PyWebDAV3-GNUHealth python-relatorio python-scour python-tinydb python-txsocksx python-vdirsyncer python3-espressomd python3-tomate qalculate QCSXCAD qelectrotech qemacs qgis qimgv qiv qjackctl qlipper qloud qmmp QMPlay2 qnapi qolibri qpdfview qpid-cpp qpid-proton qpid-tools qpress qprint qpwgraph qrencode qrupdate qsapecng qsyncthingtray qsynth QTalarm QtAV qtfm qtodotxt qtox QtPass qtractor quantum-espresso quassel qucs quilter quimup qutebrowser quvi qview r128gain Radicale radiotray ranger rapid-photo-downloader rasmol rasqal raw-thumbnailer rawstudio rawtherapee razor-agents rclone rcm rdesktop rdiff-backup rear recode recordmydesktop redfishtool rednotebook redsea remind remmina resample resource-agents restic restund retext revelation rfcat rhythmbox rinetd ripgrep ripit ristretto ritchie-cli Rivet rkward rlwrap rocket.term rosegarden roundcubemail rox-filer rp-pppoe rrdtool rrep rsibreak rsign2 rsnapshot rspamd rsstail rtl-sdr rtl_433 rtmidi rtorrent rubber runawk ruqola rustscan rxp rygel rzip sablot safeeyes samba samplicator samtools sarg sbd sc scamper scantailor scap-workbench scat scdl schemaspy schismtracker scidavis scilab scotch scratch screencast screenkey screenshot-tool scribus scrot scrub scrypt scsires sdcv seahorse seahorse-nautilus seahorse-sharing seamonkey semantik semi-emacs semi-xemacs sendmail sendxmpp seq24 ser2net sethdlc sgmltool sgmltools-lite sgrep sha3sum shadowsocks-libev shadowsocks-v2ray-plugin shairport-sync shapelib shorewall shotcut shotwell shutter siege sigil signify signing-party sigrok-cli silan simple-mtpfs simple-multicast simple-obfs simtrace2 singular singularity sipcalc sipp siproxd sipsak siril sirocco sitecopy sk1 skrooge skype4pidgin slapi-nis sleuth slop slrn slurm smcroute smenu smillaenlarger smilutils smtpping smtube smugbatch smuxi snap-photobooth snd snd_sf2 sndio sngrep soapy-remote soci solanum solarus-quest-editor solfege sonic-visualiser sops sord sound-juicer soundconverter source-highlight sox spacefm spatialindex spawn-fcgi spectator speedcrunch spek spglib sphinx sphinxbase sphinxbase5 spice-html5 spice-up splinter spotify-easyrpm spotify-qt sqlcipher sqlitebrowser sqliteman sqtop squidGuard squidview src_vipa sscep ssdp-responder ssh-audit ssh-contact ssh-tools sshguard ssl-cert-check ssldump sslh sslscan stardict stardict-dic-enru-engcom stardict-dic-enru-mueller7 stardict-sounds-wyabdcrealpeopletts stardict-tools stellarium stellarsolver stoken storeBackup strawberry strongswan stuntman subnetcalc subtitlecomposer subtitleeditor suck sunwait superlu superlu_5_2_1-gnu-hpc Supybot surfraw suse-xsl-stylesheets SuSEfirewall2 susefirewall2-to-firewalld susepaste sushi svg-schema svgcleaner SVT-AV1 svxlink swaks swappy swift-im sxiv sympol syncthing syncthing-gtk t-prot t1utils t38modem tachyon taglib tagsoup tardy tarix taskwarrior tasque tayga tcd tcpflow tcping tcpreplay tcpser tcptraceroute tdiff tealdeer tei-roma tei-xsl-stylesheets tei_4 telegram-desktop telegram-purple telepathy-accounts-signon telepathy-gabble telepathy-haze telepathy-idle telepathy-logger-qt5 telepathy-rakia tellico tepl termrec teseq texamator texi2html texi2roff texinfo4 texlive-cjk-latex-extras texmaker texstudio texworks the_silver_searcher thinkfan thunar thunar-sendto-clamtk tiff tilde timewarrior timidity tinc tintii tinyca2 tinyfecvpn tinyproxy tinyssh tkdiff tkinfo tkirc tkxcd tlswrap tmate tmpwatch tn5250 tnef tnftp tomahawk torbrowser-launcher torrentinfo torsocks totem transconnect transfig transifex-client translate-shell translator transmageddon transmission transporter treeline trello-full-backup trilinos trilinos-openmpi2 trilinos-openmpi4 trilinos_12_10_1-gnu-mpich-hpc trilinos_12_10_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc trilinos_12_10_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc trilinos_12_10_1-hpc trilinos_12_14_1-gnu-mpich-hpc trilinos_12_14_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc trilinos_12_14_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc trilinos_12_14_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc trilinos_12_14_1-hpc trilinos_13_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc tripwire trojan trojita tryton trytond trytond_account trytond_account_invoice trytond_account_invoice_stock trytond_account_product trytond_calendar trytond_company trytond_country trytond_currency trytond_party trytond_product trytond_purchase trytond_purchase_request trytond_stock trytond_stock_lot trytond_stock_supply tsctp tsung ttf2pt1 tudu tuimoji tumbler tuner tupitube tut tuxguitar tuxpaint tuxpaint-config tuxpaint-stamps tvbrowser tvheadend twilio-utils twinkle twolame txt2tags uacme ubridge uchardet udns udp2raw-tunnel udpspeeder udunits2 ufraw ufw uget uget-integrator ugrep ulogd unbound unicode-blocks unique-factory unison units unmass unoconv unpack-install-jammer unpaper unshield unzix uperf urbanlightscape urh urlscan urlview urlwatch usbauth ushare usnic_tools usrsctp utox uucp uudeview uwsgi v2ray-core vacuum-im vacuum-im-plugins-dbusnotifications vacuum-im-plugins-gmailnotify vacuum-im-plugins-usermood vacuum-im-plugins-usertune vale vamp-plugin-sdk vapoursynth variety varnish vbrfix vcdimager vdr-plugin-satip verilator vgrep vidcutter viewnior vifm vim-plugins vimb vinagre virt-bootstrap VirtualGL vis vit ViTables vkeybd vlc vmaf vnote vnstat vocal vokoscreen vokoscreenNG vorbisgain voro++ vorta votca-csg votca-csgapps votca-tools vpnc vpp vtk vtk-m vtk-m-mpich vtk-m-openmpi3 vtk-m-openmpi4 vtk-openmpi vtk-openmpi2 vtk-openmpi3 vtk-openmpi4 vtkdata vym w3c-markup-validator w3mir wammu warewulf warewulf-nhc warewulf4 watchexec wavemon wayshot wcd wdiff webalizer webdot 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