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ansilove ansilove-term aseprite autotrace azote barcode bb blender cal3d camsource catimg cgal chafa colorhug-client colorpicker comix compicc converseen create-resources cuneiform darktable deepin-draw deepin-image-viewer deepin-screenshot deepin-shortcut-viewer deepin-turbo dia digikam DisplayCAL djvu2pdf djvulibre djvulibre-djview4 drawing dssim enblend-enfuse entangle eog-plugins eom ephoto exif facedetect farbfeld fbcat fbi flameshot flnews fly fotowall FreeCAD FreeCAD-test frogr fstl gbdfed gcad3d gcolor2 gcolor3 gdcm geeqie gegl gexif gifsicle gimp gimp-dds gimp-lqr-plugin gimp-save-for-web gnome-photos gocr gource goxel gpick gpicview gpxsee grabpng grafx2 GraphicsMagick graphviz-addons grim gthumb hp2xx hugin icc-examin icc-profiles-basiccolor-printing2009 icc-profiles-openicc icoutils iec16022 imagej imgp imgvtopgm imv inkscape isight-firmware-tools jasper jbigkit jhead jp2a jpegoptim kgamma5 kphotoalbum kseexpr ksnip kst lcms2 lector libansilove libemf2svg libheif libicns libmypaint libpgf librecad libresprite libvisio2svg libwmf libXcm litetran lximage-qt macrofusion maim mcomix med-tools mscgen mtpaint mypaint mypaint-brushes mypaint-brushes1 nautilus-image-converter netgen nip2 nomacs occt oce ocrad oneko OpenColorIO openexr OpenImageIO openjpeg openjpeg2 openpgl openscad OpenSceneGraph OpenSceneGraph34 OpenShadingLanguage OpenSubdiv opentoonz orthanc orthanc-dicomweb orthanc-framework orthanc-gdcm orthanc-indexer orthanc-neuro orthanc-ohif orthanc-python orthanc-tcia orthanc-volview orthanc-webviewer orthanc-wsi pagetools palette panini pantheon-photos PDAL pdf2svg pencil Photini photoqt pinta pix pixmap plotutils pngcheck pngcrush pngtoico povray pqiv Printrun python-scour QCSXCAD qgis qiv qrencode qview rapid-photo-downloader raw-thumbnailer rawstudio rawtherapee ristretto safeeyes scantailor screenkey screenshot-tool scrot shapelib shotwell shutter sk1 slop smillaenlarger smugbatch solarus-quest-editor spatialindex svg-schema svgcleaner swappy sxiv tachyon tiff tintii transfig tuimoji tumbler tupitube tuxpaint tuxpaint-config tuxpaint-stamps ufraw unpaper urbanlightscape viewnior wayshot webdot wl-clipboard wlr-randr xaos xchm xfce4-screenshooter xfig xmgrace xmlgraphics-batik xmorph xpinguin xteddy xviewer xviewer-plugins xzgv