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accerciser anjuta anjuta-extras ansifilter ant-junit5 apache-ivy asterisk-sounds-devel autoconf-testsuite autoconf213 automake-testsuite automoc4 avocado avrdude bam bats bazel-compilation-database bazel-rules-cc bazel-rules-go bazel-rules-java bazel-rules-proto bazel-skylib bazel-skylib1.0.3 bazel-toolchains bazel-workspaces bazel0.19 bazel0.24 bazel0.29 bazel1.2 bazel2.0 bazel3.4 bazel3.7 Bear belr binutils bless bloaty bmake bmkdep bootchart bpftool bpftrace brickv brlemu bs-update bugreporter bugzilla buildstream bumpversion c_count cabal-rpm capstone catcodec cervisia cflow cgdb cgit clazy codelite codespell colormake complexity coreboot-utils cross-aarch64-binutils cross-arm-binutils cross-arm-none-newlib-devel cross-avr-binutils cross-epiphany-binutils cross-epiphany-newlib-devel cross-hppa-binutils cross-hppa64-binutils cross-i386-binutils cross-ia64-binutils cross-m68k-binutils cross-mips-binutils cross-ppc-binutils cross-ppc64-binutils cross-ppc64le-binutils cross-riscv64-binutils cross-rx-binutils cross-rx-newlib-devel cross-s390-binutils cross-s390x-binutils cross-sparc-binutils cross-sparc64-binutils cross-spu-binutils cross-x86_64-binutils cross-xtensa-binutils crosstool-ng csmith cvs2svn cxref d-feet datefudge dbview ddd debhelper deepin-gettext-tools delta deutex dfu-programmer disorderfs distcc docparser doxywizard drkonqi5 dwarves eaglemode eatmydata elementary-cmake-modules elftoaout entr eric eric5 erlang-rebar erlang-rebar-testsuite extra-cmake-modules fakechroot fakeroot flamerobin flashrom flawfinder fossil fwts galera-4 gambas3 gammaray gcovr geany geany-plugins gettext-csharp gettext-java ghex giggle git-bz git-cola git-filter-repo git-lfs git-merge-changelog git-pw git-remote-gcrypt git-sync git-test gitg gitolite gitslave global gnome-code-assistance gnu-compilers-hpc gnu-recutils gnu8-compilers-hpc gnu9-compilers-hpc gob2 gpp gputils gradle grfcodec grpc gtkparasite gtranslator gyp haserl heaptrack hello hevea hex hex2bin hexd hfst hg-fast-export hg-git highlight hindent holodev honggfuzz hotspot ht html-dtd html2ps html2text htmldoc hub i18nspector i2c-tools icecream icecream-monitor icmake icon-naming-utils ikvm imb-mpich imb-mvapich2 imb-openmpi imb-openmpi2 imb-openmpi3 imb-openmpi4 imb_2019_1-gnu-mpich-hpc imb_2019_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc imb_2019_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc imb_2019_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc imb_2019_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc imb_2019_3-gnu-mpich-hpc imb_2019_3-gnu-mvapich2-hpc imb_2019_3-gnu-openmpi2-hpc imb_2019_3-gnu-openmpi3-hpc imb_2019_6-gnu-openmpi2-hpc innotop intelhex kapptemplate kbuild kcachegrind kColorPicker kcov kdbg kdedesktopcheck kdesvn kdevelop4 kdevelop4-pg-qt kdevelop4-plugin-python kdevelop4-plugins kdevelop5 kdevelop5-pg-qt kdevelop5-plugin-clang-tidy kdevelop5-plugin-php kdevelop5-plugin-python3 kdevplatform kdiff3 kelbt ketchup kImageAnnotator kirigami-gallery klinkstatus kmscube kompare kompose kup lcov leiningen libjaylink libqt5-creator libtool libtool-testsuite libva-utils libyami-utils linuxrc-devtools lit littlewizard littlewizard-examples live-kiwi-hook lmdb lua51-luadbi lua53-luadbi manpageeditor mate-common mdbtools memory-constraints memprof microos-tools mingw64-cross-pkgconf mingw64-pkgconf minisat mk-configure mkelfImage mozaddon-devel mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-mpich-hpc mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc mr MyGUI mytop nant nemiver newlib ninja nml nvidia-texture-tools obs-service-download_url obs-service-extract_file obs-service-format_spec_file obs-service-go_modules obs-service-kiwi_label_helper obs-service-kiwi_metainfo_helper obs-service-product_converter obs-service-recompress obs-service-refresh_patches obs-service-replace_using_package_version obs-service-set_version obs-service-source_validator obs-service-tar_scm obs-service-verify_file ohcount okteta openocd openQA openSUSE-release-tools orthanc-mysql orthanc-postgresql os-autoinst os-autoinst-distri-opensuse-deps osc-plugin-collab osc-plugin-install osc-plugin-install-test pagure pbuilder pepper percona-toolkit pgaccess pgloader php-cs-fixer php7-phpunit php7-phpunit7_0 php7-phpunit8 php8-phpunit phpPgAdmin pijul pixd pkgconf pkgdiff plexus-ant-factory po-utils po4a poedit pology postgresql postgresql10 postgresql10-pgagent postgresql10-pgaudit postgresql10-timescaledb postgresql12 postgresql12-orafce postgresql12-pgaudit postgresql12-timescaledb postgresql13 postgresql13-orafce postgresql13-pgaudit postgresql13-timescaledb postgresql14 postgresql14-orafce postgresql14-timescaledb postgresql15 postgresql15-orafce postgresql15-timescaledb postgresql96 postgresql96-pgagent postgresql96-timescaledb premake4 ptools python-avocado python-pudb python-pyxb qactus qbs qconf qgit qhexedit2 qm quickbench radamsa ragel ragel-6 recidivm redminecli remake reveng rfcdiff rpmdevtools rsvndump rtags sassc scdoc schemaspy scons sd-mux-ctrl segv_handler setconf shlomif-cmake-modules site-config smatch soci sparse spectcl spi-tools sqliteman srecord ssdeep stgit stlink submin subversion-doc sunxi-tools svn2git syzkaller telepathy-qt5 tig tipcutils tomoyo-tools translate-toolkit translate-toolkit-test txt2man udpa udtrace UEFITool uhttpmock uhubctl uisp umbrello universal-ctags unsermake update-bootloader-rpm-macros update-checker upx usbprog vboot viewvc vim-bootstrap virtme vtable-dumper wadptr wine-gecko wxhexeditor xbase xfce4-dev-tools xhtml-dtd xmltoman xmvn-parent yelp-tools yodl zdbsp zeal zerobranestudio