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aer-inject alevt android-udev-rules antimicro antimicrox atinout b43-fwcutter bluedevil5 blueproximity bluez-tools bumblebee canutils canutils-linuxcan canutils-pengutronix cc-tool ckb-next cups-airprint cups-backends cura cura-engine cura-engine-lulzbot cura-fdm-materials cura-lulzbot ddccontrol ddccontrol-db devmem2 diskmonitor diskscan disomaster dm-zoned-tools dtv-scan-tables dvbsnoop eciadsl-usermode epson-inkjet-printer-escpr evemu f3 g810-led gigaset-frontend gnokii gnome-phone-manager gphoto gphotofs gpsbabel gpsd grail gsmartcontrol gtkam gutenprint hactool heimdall hostap-utils hostapd hp-drive-guard hwdata imageburner imagewriter imwheel imx-usb-loader irda isapnp jpnevulator kbdsniffd libcec libchipcard libftdi0 libftdi1 libgphoto2 libiec61883 libirman libosmo-sccp libspnav libunicap libusb-1_0 libzbc linuxconsoletools lirc littleb lomoco manufacturer-PPDs mfoc mISDNuser mkdud mksusecd mmc-utils modem-manager-gui motion mpt-firmware mpt-status mraa mtx neard nfc-eventd nfcutils nxtvepg obex-data-server OpenPrintingPPDs osmo-bsc osmo-iuh osmo-mgw p8-platform palm-db-tools parallel-printer-support parti pbm2l7k picocom pihwm pilot-link piper pkTriggerCord pommed pps-tools primus printer-driver-brlaser psiconv pullin-bcm43xx-firmware ratslap razercfg rbutil roccat-tools rpi-imager rt2860 runvdr-extreme-systemd sane-backends sc-controller scsirastools sfftobmp sffview sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw skanlite smssend soapy-airspy soapy-bladerf soapy-hackrf soapy-osmo soapy-rtlsdr soapy-uhd solaar solo spacenavd splix srm statserial stm32flash switcheroo-control tinyb tlp touchegg tvtime u3-tool ufiformat uhd upm usbview v4l-utils vdr vdr-plugin-epgsearch vdr-plugin-femon vdr-plugin-remote vdr-plugin-streamdev vdr-plugin-xineliboutput w_scan whfc wpan-tools wxEDID xawtv xboxdrv xembed-sni-proxy xsane xstroke