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283 total KDE packages in stock new updates since 2023-03-08

akonadi-calendar akonadi-calendar-tools akonadi-contact akonadi-import-wizard akonadi-mime akonadi-notes akonadi-runtime akonadi-search akonadi-server akonadiconsole analitza applet-window-appmenu applet-window-buttons appmenu-qt attica attica-qt5 avahi-qt4 baloo5 baloo5-widgets bluez-qt breeze breeze-gtk breeze4-style breeze5-icons calendarsupport colord-kde discover dolphin-plugins ffmpegthumbs filelight frameworkintegration gpgmepp5 grantlee-editor incidenceeditor itinerary jovie kaccessible kaccounts-integration kaccounts-providers kactivities4 kactivities5 kactivitymanagerd kalarmcal kamerka kapidox kapman karchive kauth kbackup kblog kbookmarks kcalcore kcalendarcore kcalutils kcm_sddm kcm_tablet kcmutils kcodecs kcompletion kconfig kconfigwidgets kcontacts kcoreaddons kcrash kdbusaddons kde-cli-tools5 kde-dev-utils kde-gtk-config5 kde-odf-thumbnail kde-print-manager kde-user-manager kdebase4 kdebase4-runtime kdebase4-workspace kdebugsettings kdeclarative kded kdeedu-data kdelibs4 kdelibs4-apidocs kdelibs4support kdepim kdepim-runtime kdepimlibs kdepimlibs4 kdesdk-kioslaves kdesdk-scripts kdesdk4-scripts kdesignerplugin kdesu kdewebdev4 kdewebkit kdgantt2 kdiagram kdialog kdnssd-framework kdoctools keditbookmarks kemoticons kepas kfilemetadata5 kfloppy kglobalaccel kguiaddons kholidays khotkeys5 khtml ki18n kiconthemes kidentitymanagement kidletime killbots kimageformats kimap kinfocenter5 kinit kio kio-extras5 kio-fuse kio-gdrive kio-stash kio_audiocd kio_audiocd4 kio_mtp kirigami kirigami2 kitemmodels kitemviews kitinerary kjobwidgets kjots kjs kjsembed kldap kleopatra kleopatra5 kmag kmail-account-wizard kmailtransport kmbox kmediaplayer kmenuedit5 kmime kmousetool kmouth kmozillahelper knemo knewstuff knotifications knotifyconfig kolor-manager konqueror kontactinterface kpackage kparts kpeople5 kpeoplevcard kpimtextedit kpkpass kplotting kpty kquickcharts kquickimageeditor kross kross-interpreters krunner kscreen5 kscreenlocker kservice kshutdown ksmtp ksshaskpass5 ksysguard5 ksystemstats5 ktexteditor ktextwidgets ktnef kubernetes-pause kunitconversion kup-backup kuserfeedback kvkbd kwallet kwalletmanager kwalletmanager5 kwayland kwayland-integration kwayland-server kwebkitpart kwidgetsaddons kwin5 kwindowsystem kwrited5 kxmlgui kxmlrpcclient5 latte-dock layer-shell-qt libkcddb libkcddb4 libkcompactdisc libkcompactdisc4 libkdcraw libkdecoration2 libkdegames libkdegames4 libkeduvocdocument libkexiv2 libKF5ModemManagerQt libKF5NetworkManagerQt libkface libkgapi libkgeomap libkipi libkleo libkmahjongg libkmahjongg4 libkomparediff2 libksane libkscreen libkscreen2 libmediawiki libqaccessibilityclient-qt5 lokalize mbox-importer milou5 oxygen-gtk2 oxygen5 oxygen5-icon-theme pam_kwallet phonon phonon-backend-gstreamer phonon-backend-vlc phonon4qt5 phonon4qt5-backend-gstreamer phonon4qt5-backend-vlc pim-data-exporter pim-sieve-editor plasma-applet-weather-widget plasma-framework plasma-nm5 plasma-pass plasma-wayland-protocols plasma5-addons plasma5-applet-suse-prime plasma5-desktop plasma5-disks plasma5-firewall plasma5-integration plasma5-nano plasma5-pa plasma5-phone-components plasma5-sdk plasma5-session plasma5-SLE plasma5-systemmonitor plasma5-workspace plasma5-workspace-wallpapers plasmoid-active-window-control polkit-kde-agent-1 polkit-kde-agent-5 polkit-qt-1 polkit-qt5-1 powerdevil5 poxml prison-qt5 pulseaudio-qt purpose python-kde4 qqc2-desktop-style qt4-qtscript qtcurve sddm signon-kwallet-extension solid sonnet svgpart sweeper syndication syntax-highlighting systemsettings5 threadweaver webcamoid yakuake