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140 total Monitoring packages in stock new updates since 2024-01-17

audit-visualize bmon bottom btop bumblebee-status bwm-ng cacti check_postgres collectd collectl cpulimit cpustat crazydiskinfo eventstat fatrace firescope fnotifystat forkstat fs-check ftop ganglia ganglia-web gkrellm golang-github-prometheus-prometheus gops grafana grafana-piechart-panel grafana-status-panel hddtemp health-check hmcfgusb i3blocks i3status icinga-l10n icinga-php-common icinga-php-library icinga-php-thirdparty icinga2 icingaweb2 icingaweb2-module-director icingaweb2-module-incubator icingaweb2-module-ipl icingaweb2-module-reactbundle iio-sensor-proxy inotify-tools iwscanner kvm_stat latencytop latrace linssid lnav logdigest logwarn logwatch loki lynis mate-system-monitor mfsm monit monitoring-plugins monitoring-plugins-apcupsd monitoring-plugins-bind monitoring-plugins-bind9 monitoring-plugins-bl monitoring-plugins-bonding monitoring-plugins-clamav monitoring-plugins-contentage monitoring-plugins-count_file monitoring-plugins-drbd9 monitoring-plugins-haproxy monitoring-plugins-http_json monitoring-plugins-ipmi-sensor1 monitoring-plugins-keepalived monitoring-plugins-mailstat monitoring-plugins-mem monitoring-plugins-mysql_health monitoring-plugins-nis monitoring-plugins-nwc_health monitoring-plugins-openvpn monitoring-plugins-qlogic_sanbox monitoring-plugins-repomd monitoring-plugins-rsync monitoring-plugins-sar-perf monitoring-plugins-sentry3 monitoring-plugins-sip monitoring-plugins-smart monitoring-plugins-tftp monitoring-plugins-traffic_limit monitoring-plugins-zypper munin nagios nagios-rpm-macros nagios-theme-switcher nagstamon netdata nrpe numatop o2locktop ovirt-guest-agent pagein pagemon powerstat powertop procmeter procmon prometheus-saptune_exporter pydf python-apache-libcloud python-halite qps radeontop rkhunter robinhood safte-monitor sassist schedtool schedtop sensors sitar sleuthkit sluice smem smemstat smictrl sysdig system-user-grafana system-user-loki telegraf tiptop ullae-veliyae upsm usbtop velociraptor velociraptor-client watchman x86info xfce4-taskmanager xosview zabbix zps