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ant-junit5 apache-ivy asterisk-sounds-devel autoconf-testsuite autoconf213 automake-testsuite automoc4 bam bazel-compilation-database bazel-rules-cc bazel-rules-go bazel-rules-java bazel-rules-proto bazel-skylib bazel-skylib1.0.3 bazel-toolchains bazel-workspaces bazel0.19 bazel0.24 bazel0.29 bazel1.2 bazel2.0 bazel3.4 bazel3.7 binutils bmake bmkdep buildstream capstone catcodec colormake cross-aarch64-binutils cross-arm-binutils cross-avr-binutils cross-epiphany-binutils cross-hppa-binutils cross-hppa64-binutils cross-i386-binutils cross-ia64-binutils cross-m68k-binutils cross-mips-binutils cross-ppc-binutils cross-ppc64-binutils cross-ppc64le-binutils cross-riscv64-binutils cross-rx-binutils cross-s390-binutils cross-s390x-binutils cross-sparc-binutils cross-sparc64-binutils cross-spu-binutils cross-x86_64-binutils cross-xtensa-binutils crosstool-ng cxref debhelper disorderfs distcc elftoaout erlang-rebar erlang-rebar-testsuite fakechroot grfcodec grpc gyp hex2bin icecream icecream-monitor icmake kbuild leiningen libtool libtool-testsuite mate-common memory-constraints mingw64-cross-pkgconf mingw64-pkgconf mk-configure mkelfImage nant ninja nml obs-service-download_url obs-service-extract_file obs-service-format_spec_file obs-service-go_modules obs-service-kiwi_label_helper obs-service-kiwi_metainfo_helper obs-service-product_converter obs-service-recompress obs-service-refresh_patches obs-service-replace_using_package_version obs-service-set_version obs-service-source_validator obs-service-tar_scm obs-service-verify_file pbuilder php-cs-fixer php7-phpunit php7-phpunit7_0 php7-phpunit8 php8-phpunit pkgconf plexus-ant-factory premake4 qactus qbs qm remake scons setconf site-config smatch sparse udpa unsermake update-bootloader-rpm-macros wadptr xmvn-parent zdbsp