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a52dec aegisub alsa-tools amarok audacity audex audience audio-recorder babe beets bpm-tools broadvoice16 buzztrax byzanz Cadence cantata carla cava ccd2cue cd-discid cdio-utils cecilia ciano clementine clipgrab cmus cozy csound cutmp3 cutterff dav1d deadbeef deadbeef-plugin-mpris2 deepin-movie deepin-music-player deepin-screen-recorder deepin-voice-note dirac dleyna-core dleyna-server dragonplayer drc drumstick dumb dvbcut dvdauthor dvdisaster easytag elisa epymc ezstream farstream ffado ffado-mixer ffmpeg ffmpeg-2 ffmpeg-3 ffmpeg-4 ffmpeg2 fIcy filter_audio flac flacon fluid-soundfont fluidsynth fluidsynth-dssi frei0r-plugins frescobaldi gaupol gimp-gap girl glava gmusicbrowser gnome-dvb-daemon gnome-internet-radio-locator gnome-mpv gnome-music gnome-sound-recorder gnome-subtitles gnome-video-effects goobox gradio gramofile grilo-plugins gsequencer gst123 gstreamer gstreamer-devtools gstreamer-editing-services gstreamer-plugins-base gstreamer-plugins-libav gstreamer-plugins-qt gstreamer-plugins-qt5 gstreamer-plugins-vaapi gstreamer-rtsp-server gstreamer-transcoder gstreamer-validate gtick gtk-recordMyDesktop gtkpod guitarix guvcview guvcview-qt5 hexter hydrogen ices id3v2 ivtv jack-rack jack_capture jackEQ jacktrip jamin Jamulus jconvolver juk k3b kaffeine kamoso kawaii-player kdenlive kid3 kmix kradio kscd kwave ladish ladspa ladspa-alienwah ladspa-AMB ladspa-blepvco ladspa-blop ladspa-cmt ladspa-FIL ladspa-matched ladspa-MCP ladspa-preamp ladspa-pvoc ladspa-REV ladspa-sooperlooper ladspa-super-60 ladspa-swh-plugins ladspa-vcf ladspa-VCO ladspa-vlevel ladspa-vocoder lame lash ldacBT libaom libcdaudio libcddb libcddb-utils libcdio-paranoia libdmapsharing libdmapsharing3 libdvbpsi libdvbpsi-0 libdvdnav libdvdread libgig libgsm libjackasyn libmad libopenshot libopenshot-audio libshine libshout libvpx libvpx-1_6 lightmediascanner lmms lollypop lollypop-portal lrcShow-X lsdvd lsp-plugins luvcview lv2-swh-plugins lxmusic madplay mda-lv2 mediainfo meterbridge metronome minidlna minitube mjpg-streamer moc mp3_check mp3gain mpDris2 mpg123 mpv mpv-mpris mumble museic musescore musique ncmpcpp noise non noson-app nulloy ogmtools openshot-qt opus-tools orion osdlyrics paman pamix pamixer paprefs parlatype parole pavucontrol pavumeter pfstools pianobar picard pithos pitivi playerctl pmidi portmidi postfish pragha projectM projectM-qt5 psgplay puddletag python-etude qjackctl qloud QMPlay2 qnapi qsynth QtAV qtractor quimup quvi r128gain radiotray recordmydesktop resample rhythmbox ripit rosegarden rtmidi rygel scdl schismtracker screencast seq24 shairport-sync shntool shotcut simple-mtpfs smilutils smtube snap-photobooth snd snd_sf2 sndio solfege sonic-visualiser sound-juicer soundconverter sox spotify-easyrpm strawberry subtitlecomposer subtitleeditor taglib tcd timidity tomahawk totem transmageddon tuxguitar tvbrowser tvheadend twolame vamp-plugin-sdk vapoursynth variety vbrfix vcdimager vdr-plugin-satip vidcutter vkeybd vlc vmaf vocal vokoscreen vokoscreenNG vorbisgain webvfx whipper wildmidi wxmp3gain xfburn xfce4-mixer xfce4-panel-plugin-pulseaudio xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin xfce4-volumed xfce4-volumed-pulse xfmpc xine-lib xine-ui xjadeo xmms2 xmp xnoise xplayer xplayer-plparser xsynth-dssi zvbi zynaddsubfx