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a52dec ack adns alsa-tools anki archivemail argyllcms asusfan audio-recorder bat beforelight belle-sip bibview bitmap blogc bogofilter bpm-tools broadvoice16 broadvoice32 buzztrax bzrtp cadaver Cadence calamaris carla cd-discid clamz cmark coccinelle compiz-manager compton cpu-x csindex csound dateutils davix ddgr dex diff-so-fancy dkimproxy dns24-update dnscrypt-proxy dnsmeter dnstracer doh drc driconf dvgt easytag emil epub2txt2 ez-ipupdate fastfetch figlet flac flashfocus florence fmit foma fontweak froxlor fslsfonts fstobdf funkload fx fzy gammu getmail girl glmark2 glyr gmime2_6 gnome-internet-radio-locator gnome-sound-recorder goaccess googler grepcidr grepmail gron gtick gtkpod guilt guitarix gup hicolor-icon-theme-branding-openSUSE hourglass hsetroot htdig httperf httpie httrack ibus-typing-booster ico id3v2 idutils ikiwiki ikona ilbc imapfilter jack-rack jack_capture jacktrip jc jconvolver jgmenu jing-trang jless jo jq jshon karim kbibtex kid3 kupfer ladish ladspa ladspa-alienwah ladspa-AMB ladspa-blepvco ladspa-blop ladspa-cmt ladspa-FIL ladspa-matched ladspa-MCP ladspa-preamp ladspa-pvoc ladspa-REV ladspa-sooperlooper ladspa-super-60 ladspa-swh-plugins ladspa-vcf ladspa-VCO ladspa-vlevel ladspa-vocoder lash LaTeXML lbdb lbxproxy ldacBT ldapvi libgig libjackasyn libosmo-abis libosmo-netif libosmocore libpst libshout linkchecker listres logtop lsp-plugins lswt lv lxqt-sudo macchina maildir-utils mailnag mailprocessing mailsync mairix mate-media mate-utils matomo mbuffer mcds mediastreamer2 metamail mftrace mgdiff miller mkcomposecache most mp3_check mpop multiload-ng mumble neofetch nextcloud nfoview nitrogen nvdock oclock offlineimap ofono onboard openbsc opensuse-welcome ortp osmo-e1d osmo-smlc otrs paman paprefs parlatype pdfgrep pianobar picard picom plasma-browser-integration plowshare postgrey presage proxymngr prozgui pspg puddletag putty pybugz python-buku python-pybtex python-vdirsyncer qjackctl qlipper qloud qputty-qt5 razor-agents rclone read-edid redshift remontoire rfb rfbplaymacro rfbproxy ripgrep root-tail rrep rspamd rsstail rstart rtmidi rubber runawk sarg sawfish-pager sax3 scat screen-message screengrab sgrep sgtk-menu shairport-sync shared-desktop-ontologies shellementary showfont siege simplescreenrecorder simtrace2 sipsak sisctrl sitecopy sleuth smenu smproxy sngrep solfege sonic-visualiser spek spotify-easyrpm suck suse-prime sway-launcher-desktop synergy t-prot tbsm tdiff termrec teseq texamator tint2 tkdiff tkfont tkxcd torbrowser-launcher transifex-client transset ttynvt tuxguitar twilio-utils twm twolame uchardet ucm udns uget uget-integrator unclutter urlwatch urxvt-font-size urxvt-perls usbauth-notifier uudeview vale vamp-plugin-sdk vgrep vkd3d vmtouch vorbisgain w3c-markup-validator w3mir wammu wayland-utils wdiff webalizer wget2 wiggle wmctrl wmutils wob wrk wtype x11vnc x2x xautolock xautomation xbanish xbiff xbindkeys xcalc xcalib xcape xcb xclip xclipboard xcm xcmsdb xcolors xcompmgr xcwd xdbedizzy xdiskusage xditview xdmsc xdo xdotool xdriinfo xedit xf86dga xfce4-volumed xfce4-volumed-pulse xfindproxy xfs xfsinfo xfwp xgc xgrabsc xiccd xindy xkb-switch xkeycaps xless xload xlockmore xman xmh xmore xorg-scripts xosd xplsprinters xpr xprehashprinterlist xprintidle xprompt xrx xsel xselection xsession xsettingsd xsm xsnow xstdcmap xsv xterm-console xtexit xtrap xvfb-run xvidtune xwallpaper xwud xxkb youtube-dl youtube-dl-gui yt-dlp