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KDevelop plugin to support static analysis


A KDevelop plugin to support static analysis. It uses the KDevelop5 Problem Checker Framework, parsing clang-tidy's output and showing the issues on the Problems Viewer, allowing review of the code.

The plugin provides some very basic features for the start:

  • running clang-tidy on a single file, subdirectories or the whole project, with the result shown in the Problems tool view, invokable from file context menus and main menu (Analyzer section)
  • per-project config UI:
    • free field for additional command line parameters to clang-tidy
    • checkbox whether to include system headers in the check
    • toggle between using .clang-tidy files or options in the config UI:
      • header filter regular expression
      • opt-in list of checks

License: GPL-2.0-or-later



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0.3.3-bp151.1.2 info GA Release 2019-07-17 15 SP1
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