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Firefox browser forensic tool


Extract all forensic interesting information from Firefox, Iceweasel and Seamonkey browsers. Works in command line interface, so information dumps could be redirected by pipes with tools such as grep, awk, cut, sed... Dumpzilla allows to visualize following sections, search customization and extract certain content.


  • Cookies + DOM Storage (HTML 5).
  • User preferences (Domain permissions, Proxy settings...).
  • Downloads.
  • Web forms (Searches, emails, comments..).
  • Historial.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Cache HTML5 Visualization / Extraction (Offline cache).
  • visited sites "thumbnails" Visualization / Extraction .
  • Addons / Extensions and used paths or urls.
  • Browser saved passwords.
  • SSL Certificates added as a exception.
  • Session data (Webs, reference URLs and text used in forms).
  • Visualize live user surfing, Url used in each tab or window and use of forms.

License: GPL-3.0-or-later



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0.0.0+git.20210311-bp155.1.5 info GA Release 2023-05-22 15 SP5
  • AArch64
  • ppc64le
  • s390x
  • x86-64
  • dumpzilla
  • dumpzilla-bash-completion