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Collection of tools for development and testing of Libyami


This package provides decoder/encoder/vpp programs using libyami. The associated programs provides access to the following hardware functions when used with libva and intel-vaapi-driver on supported Intel hardware:

Decoders: MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV 9 (WMV3), H.264, HEVC (H.265), VP8, VP9, and JPEG

Encoders: H.264, HEVC (H.265), VP8, VP9, and JPEG

Video Processing: Sharpening, Denoise, Deinterlace, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, CSC and scaling

Hardware requirements: Intel Sandybridge, Ivybridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake Intel Baytrail, Braswell, Apollo Lake

License: Apache-2.0



Package Version Update ID Released Package Hub Version Platforms Subpackages
1.3.0-bp154.1.33 info GA Release 2022-05-09 15 SP4
  • x86-64
  • libyami-utils
  • libyami-utils-debuginfo
  • libyami-utils-debugsource
1.3.0-bp153.1.13 info GA Release 2021-03-06 15 SP3
  • x86-64
  • libyami-utils
1.3.0-bp152.3.15 info GA Release 2020-04-16 15 SP2
  • x86-64
  • libyami-utils
1.3.0-bp151.1.1 info GA Release 2019-06-18 15 SP1
  • x86-64
  • libyami-utils