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Change Logs

* Tue Oct 12 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Backport change from pyside6:
  * 0001-Backport-LLVM-13-fix-from-shiboken6.patch
* Sun Jun 27 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Drop the QtWebKit build dependency.
* Fri Apr 23 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Exclude internal imports detected by qml-autoreqprov.
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- avoid repackaging the pkgconfig and cmake directories - they are
  provided by the filesystem package
* Tue Mar 30 2021 John Vandenberg <>
- Enable test suite, ignoring two extra test failures
- Update to v5.15.2
  * Projects generating bindings for Qt-based code no longer need to include
    pyside2_global.h for the property and signal/slot annotations to work.
  * [PYSIDE-487] Some missing enumerations and classes were added.
  * [PYSIDE-644] QNetworkCookie was added to WebEngineCore.
  * [PYSIDE-665] A crash when reimplementing QLayout.takeAt() was fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-807] was rewritten to properly show options
    the in command help.
  * [PYSIDE-972] Launching PySide2 from paths with non-ASCII Latin1
    characters was fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-1019] feature_select: Qt Properties are now represented as
    Python properties.
  * [PYSIDE-1070] A crash when overriding QUiLoader::createWidget()
    in QUiLoader was fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-1082] A crash when creating QMimeData from
    Q(Plain)TextEdit::createMimeDataFromSelection() was fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-1202] More classes from QtConcurrent were added.
  * [PYSIDE-1224] The namespace QColorConstants was added.
  * [PYSIDE-1326] Operators for QFlags on hidden top level namespace
    are now generated.
  * [PYSIDE-1354] Slots being invoked from the wrong thread were fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-1381] The dependency of the QtQml module header on
    internal header pysideqmlregistertype.h was removed.
  * [PYSIDE-1385] Deprecated wheel.pep425tags imports were removed.
  * [PYSIDE-1390] The build_rst_docs command was added to
    build rst documentation only
  * [PYSIDE-1397] Functions taking a smart pointer now accept smart
    pointers to base classes.
  * [PYSIDE-1410] QAxBase::dynamicCall() was fixed.
  * [PYSIDE-841] The documentation on modifications was restructured.
  * [PYSIDE-904]  An attribute for generating "using namespace" was added.
  * [PYSIDE-1019] A way of specifying properties for non-Qt classes
    in typesystem XML was added.
  * [PYSIDE-1075] Functions from invisible namespaces are now generated
    into their parent namespaces.
  * [PYSIDE-1224] Variables in namespaces are now generated.
  * [PYSIDE-1366] The order of overloads may now be specified to work
    around problems with the order generated by the overload decisor.
  * [PYSIDE-1388] Final classes with protected methods when disabling
    the protected hack are now correctly generated.
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.15.1
  * [PYSIDE-74] Implement default __ne__ and __eq__ for all PySide types
  * [PYSIDE-198] Add compatibility with Nuitka
  * [PYSIDE-829] signature: Avoid non-existent attributes in compiled code (Nuitka)
  * [PYSIDE-841] doc: Add widget styling tutorial
  * [PYSIDE-841] add quick painteditem example
  * [PYSIDE-904] Add QObject.findChildren(QRegularExpression)
  * [PYSIDE-904] Add an configuration key for the CMake generator
  * [PYSIDE-904] Port some examples from QRegExp to QRegularExpression
  * [PYSIDE-904] Fix libsample/photon test for Qt 6 / Windows
  * [PYSIDE-904] Enable adding  operators ==, != as functions without code injection
  * [PYSIDE-957] Implement the QEnum/QFlag decorator, V2
  * [PYSIDE-981] Return QVariantList when using list as Signal argument
  * [PYSIDE-1019] feature-select: Implement a selectable feature framework
  * [PYSIDE-1019] feature-select: allow snake_case instead of camelCase for methods
  * [PYSIDE-1019] feature-select: delay the feature switching
  * [PYSIDE-1223] Use pyside2-uic instead of uic for the loadUiType
  * [PYSIDE-1257] Potential fix for deploying with cx_freeze using zip_include_packages
  * [PYSIDE-1282] pthreads: Try to abandon the GIL in case a thread was terminated
  * [PYSIDE-1292] Doc: Enable doc builds using the offline template
  * [PYSIDE-1313] basewrapper.cpp: add PyErr_Fetch/Restore in SbkDeallocWrapperCommon()
  * [PYSIDE-1317] Add QSocketDescriptor class
  * [PYSIDE-1321] Fix leaking reference in PySide2 property getter
  * [PYSIDE-1321] Fix some leaks in enumeration creation
  * [PYSIDE-1323] Add missing Win runtime dll into win wheels
  * [PYSIDE-1323] Update vcredist binaries for MSVC 2019
  * [PYSIDE-1332] Fix crashes in QThread::wait(), QWaitCondition::wait()
  * [PYSIDE-1349] QQmlComponent: allow thread in constructors
  * [PYSIDE-1353] doc: fix Property indentation
  * [PYSIDE-1355] Add Qt3DExtras.QNormalDiffuseMapAlphaMaterial
  * [PYSIDE-1368] __feature__: ignore if `__name__` does not exist in a module
  * [PYSIDE-1372] QDomElement: remove unnecesary setAttribute overloads
  * [PYSIDE-1374] Add the QWidget *-based overloads of the QtWinExtras functions
  * shiboken now accepts multiple headers on the command line.
  * A number of error and warning messages have been prefixed by file name
    and line for better tooling.
  * [PYSIDE-841] Add custom widget shiboken example
  * [PYSIDE-904] shiboken2: Handle virtual methods returning a reference
  * [PYSIDE-1019] shiboken2: Re-add support for parsing Q_PROPERTY
  * [PYSIDE-1177] shiboken: Fix __doc__ setter for derived types
  * [PYSIDE-1325] shiboken: Fix default-initialized function arguments
  * [PYSIDE-1327] shiboken: Resolve typedef'ed base classes
- Add patch to fix doc generation:
  * 0001-cmake-Don-t-assume-qhelpgenerator-is-in-PATH.patch
* Wed May 27 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.15.0
  * [PYSIDE-487] Add API of Qt 5.15
  * [PYSIDE-487] Add support for QSerialPort
  * [PYSIDE-487] Add QtQuickControls2
  * [PYSIDE-841] example: add systray example
  * [PYSIDE-841] doc: add more videos from Qt events
  * [PYSIDE-841] doc: add tutorial for using qrc files
  * [PYSIDE-904] libpyside: Remove deprecated API
  * [PYSIDE-904] Add support for template type aliases
  * [PYSIDE-957] Add a tool to dump meta objects of QObject-derived classes
  * [PYSIDE-1280] Enable injecting raw code for setattro/getattro
  * [PYSIDE-1309] Rename and update some snippets
  * [PYSIDE-454] shiboken: Add a way of specifying system includes to be parsed
  * [PYSIDE-454] shiboken: Handle smart pointers with const pointees
  * [PYSIDE-904] libshiboken: Remove deprecated API
  * [PYSIDE-957] shiboken: Fix refcounts of sbkenum
  * [PYSIDE-990] shiboken: Handle inline namespaces
  * [PYSIDE-1024] shiboken: Make it possible to specify smartpointer instantiations
  * [PYSIDE-1074] shiboken: Fix classes in hidden namespaces
  * [PYSIDE-1188] shiboken: Fix shared pointer return value in virtual function
  * [PYSIDE-1265] shiboken: Introduce a separate logging category for documentation generation
  * [PYSIDE-1265] shiboken: Change debug messages to use qCInfo and remove some messages
  * [PYSIDE-1267] shiboken: Allow for parsing headers under system include paths
  * [PYSIDE-1296] shiboken: Support non-type template parameters in functions
- Drop 0001-shiboken-Support-Clang-version-10.patch. Fixed upstream
- Rebase 0001-Don-t-try-to-install-or-use-uic-rcc-designer-copies.patch
- Rebase lib64.patch
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add patch to support clang 10:
  * 0001-shiboken-Support-Clang-version-10.patch
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.14.1
  * [PYSIDE-841] Add example for Threads and Signals
  * [PYSIDE-1135] qApp: Ensure QtCore import when embedded QApplication subclass is used
  * [PYSIDE-1158] Let qApp be noApp instead of pretending to be None
  * [PYSIDE-1164] qApp: make sure to create the right instance when embedding
  * [PYSIDE-1165] designer: patch rpath for unix
  * [PYSIDE-1192] libpyside: Set default signal name only if previously assigned
  * [PYSIDE-1201] docs: Fix pre overlap and improve reading
  * [PYSIDE-1205] libpyside: avoid freeing char*
  * [PYSIDE-1207] Fix ownership of QTextDocument::createObject
  * [PYSIDE-1191] shiboken: Introduce "until" version attribute as opposite of "since"
* Mon Dec 30 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.14.0:
  * [PYSIDE-990] It is no longer possible to nest types in typesystem files by
    by qualifying the namespace components with "::". The elements need to be
    properly nested.
  * [PYSIDE-487] Add bindings for Qt 5.14
  * [PYSIDE-785] Release ownership in QAbstractVideoFilterWrapper::createFilterRunnable
  * [PYSIDE-795] Create a framework for deprecated functions
  * [PYSIDE-795] Make the function registry more usable in Python modules
  * [PYSIDE-795] Improve the NumPy Support by iterables
  * [PYSIDE-820] Fix booleans and empty list cases in QSettings
  * [PYSIDE-849] Add inject-code for QVideoFrame::bits()
  * [PYSIDE-939] Add support for Python 3.8
  * [PYSIDE-939] Fix refcount issues with QSettings glue code
  * [PYSIDE-939] Finalize the Python 3.8 refcount fix
  * [PYSIDE-951] Support Pointer Primitive Types by Arrays or Result Tuples
  * [PYSIDE-1007] Remove extra ref on QDataStream::setDevice
  * [PYSIDE-1033] CMake modularization: macros creation
  * [PYSIDE-1041] Enable multimedia classes after API fixup
  * [PYSIDE-1047] QtWinExtras: Add QtWin namespace
  * [PYSIDE-1051] Fix heaptype conflict with QtCore.QObject.__new__in Python 2.7
  * [PYSIDE-1052] Add QtCore.Slot.__signature__ and much more manually
  * [PYSIDE-1059] Documentation: update QInputDialog snippets
  * [PYSIDE-1066] Fix Xcode sdk value embedded into PySide2 binaries
  * [PYSIDE-1067] Update docs style
  * [PYSIDE-1067] New documentation structure
  * [PYSIDE-1068] Add designer to the pyside tools
  * [PYSIDE-1073] Fix a typing bug in Python 2.7 and update
  * [PYSIDE-1077] Fix wrong Python init return codes
  * [PYSIDE-1079] signature: Support typing.Optional[T] and refine a bit
  * [PYSIDE-1089] Fix formatting of the deployment documentation
  * [PYSIDE-1093] Fix bad shutdown effect on QApplication.instance()
  * [PYSIDE-1098] Replace pyside2-uic/pyside2-rcc by uic/rcc which now have an
    option to generate Python
  * [PYSIDE-1101] Remove QGraphicsItem::scroll from QtChart
  * [PYSIDE-1140] Add python_requires to the python setup
  * [QTBUG-66304] Blacklist failing QtPositioning test
  * [PYSIDE-454] Fix crash when smartptr template class cannot be found
  * [PYSIDE-1037] Allow for "auto" as target of type for CONVERTTOCPP in injected code
  * [PYSIDE-1095] Fix handling of modified default expressions
- Drop pyside2uic is gone
- Add patches:
  * 0001-Don-t-try-to-install-or-use-uic-rcc-designer-copies.patch to prevent file conflicts
  * 0002-Fix-the-openSUSE-executable-names.patch to use the -qt5 suffix
* Thu Dec 19 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update the license tags.
* Thu Dec 12 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update the minimum Qt version to 5.14
* Sat Dec 07 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.13.2
  * [PYSIDE-785] Release ownership in QAbstractVideoFilterWrapper::createFilterRunnable
  * [PYSIDE-820] Fix booleans and empty list cases in QSettings
  * [PYSIDE-849] Add inject-code for QVideoFrame::bits()
  * [PYSIDE-1007] Remove extra ref on QDataStream::setDevice
  * [PYSIDE-1019] libpyside: Fix compiler warning
  * [PYSIDE-1049] Split build instructions to build and packaging
  * [PYSIDE-1051] Fix heaptype conflict with QtCore.QObject.__new__in Python 2.7
  * [PYSIDE-1089] Fix formatting of the deployment documentation
  * [PYSIDE-1093] Fix bad shutdown effect on QApplication.instance()
  * [PYSIDE-1095] shiboken: Fix handling of modified default expressions
* Sun Sep 08 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.13.1
  * [Fixes] Fix RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
  * [PYSIDE-634] Add support for parameterNames in Signals
  * [PYSIDE-951] Cleanup signature module before substantial change
  * [PYSIDE-951] correct QtPrintSupport dependency
  * [PYSIDE-1010] Add optional support for types in QSettings::value
  * [PYSIDE-1020] Fix pyside2-uic to generate correct code for QWebview and QQuickWidget
  * [PYSIDE-1028] Leave QVariantMap as a name, not a type
  * [PYSIDE-1033] CMake modularization: macros creation
  * [PYSIDE-1035] Fix pyside2-uic to generate correct code for QTableWidget
  * [PYSIDE-1051] Fix heaptype conflict with QtCore.QObject.__new__in Python 2.7
  * [PYSIDE-1052] Add QtCore.Slot.__signature__ and much more manually
  * [PYSIDE-1059] Documentation: update QInputDialog snippets
  * [PYSIDE-1066] Fix Xcode sdk value embedded into PySide2 binaries
  * [PYSIDE-1067] Update docs style
  * [PYSIDE-1073] Fix a typing bug in Python 2.7 and update
  * [PYSIDE-1077] Fix wrong Python init return codes
  * [PYSIDE-1079] signature: Support typing.Optional[T] and refine a bit
  * [PYSIDE-1024] shiboken: Generate code for smart pointers only within declaring package
  * [PYSIDE-1037] shiboken: Allow for "auto" as target of type for CONVERTTOCPP in injected code
- Drop patches, now upstream:
  * 0002-Fix-qApp-import-of-QCoreApplication.patch
  * 0003-PySide2-QtCore-Remove-duplicated-type-entry-for-bool.patch
- Refresh lib64.patch
* Wed Jul 10 2019 Tuukka Pasanen <>
- Add patches to make FreeCAD not crash at start
  * 0002-Fix-qApp-import-of-QCoreApplication.patch
  * 0003-PySide2-QtCore-Remove-duplicated-type-entry-for-bool.patch
* Mon Jul 01 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
- Remove "CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/linux" export, otherwise pthreads.h
  includes linux/time.h instead of time.h. As a result CMake no longer
  finds a valid pthreads.h and aborts.
- Drop "docs", which included building and installing instructions only,
  as done upstream. See and for developer documentation.
* Thu Jun 27 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.13.0
  * Add bindings for 5.13
  * Support the qApp macro in "scriptable application"
  * Doc: Add QML Integration tutorial
  * Docs: Add Expenses tool tutorial
  * Regenerate all example forms using the python-extended rcc of 5.14
  * Fix type name for lookup of QFlags<> converters
  Check the changes-* files for older changes.
Version: 5.12.3-bp153.2.3.9
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
- Backport fix to parse clang versions >= 10 correctly
  (PYSIDE-1259), add pyside1259.diff
Version: 5.12.3-bp152.2.47
* Mon May 06 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.12.3. No changelog available for this version.
- Fix the license tag, the shiboken2 subdir uses a different license.
* Sat Apr 06 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.12.2
  * Added binding for QWebEngineUrlScheme
  * Fixed a crash related to multiple inheritance
  * Fixed wrong METADATA for generated wheels
  * Prevent Python 3.5 from crashing the build
  Check the changes-* files for the complete list of changes.
- Drop fix-cmake.patch
- Drop 0001-Avoid-creation-of-empty-build-directories-in-install.patch
- Refresh lib64.patch
- Drop the unused _service file.
* Fri Dec 28 2018 Fabian Vogt <>
- Use %python_sitearch instead of %py_sitedir
* Mon Dec 24 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Avoid repeating the name in the summary.
* Wed Dec 19 2018 Stefan Brüns <>
- Update to version 5.12
- Package examples
- Include PEP484 type hints
- Use parallel make
- Rebase lib64.patch
- Drop fix_build.patch, obsoleted by upstream changes
- Add 0001-Avoid-creation-of-empty-build-directories-in-install.patch
- Add
* Wed Oct 24 2018 Adrian Schröter <>
- enable support for Qt5Scxml
- cleanup python2 deps
- enable doc generation
* Tue Oct 23 2018 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add fix_build.patch to fix an error reported by the post build checks.
* Mon Oct 22 2018 Adrian Schröter <>
- update to version 5.11.2 tag
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Update license to LGPL-3.0-only OR (GPL-2.0-only OR GPL-3.0-or-later)
* Fri Apr 27 2018
- build against Qt 5.11
Version: 2.0~pre.1519723362.e621f811-bp150.1.5
* Wed May 09 2018
- Build Qt version >= 5.9, 5.9 is minimal supported Qt version
- Do not build with WebEngine on PowerPC and s390(x)
- Do not build version dependent with QtWebEngine
- Do not build with QtWebKit, QtWebKit is officilly deprecated, openSUSE
  had 5.212 version which is not Qt upstream officilly supported
- Remove duplicated build requires
- Add 0001-Remove-5.10-API-in-Qt-5.9.patch fixes build error in Leap 15
  * Files is listed in CMakeLists.txt but version 5.9 haven't those files
* Tue Mar 13 2018
- disable python2 build
  No one needs it atm and it is conflicting at installation time
  with python3 variant
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- update to current snapshot from dev branch for Qt 5.10
- make test optional
- fix-cmake.patch lib64.patch for fixing build and installation
* Sat Mar 03 2018
- build fix
* Thu Sep 14 2017
- add Qt5-svg support
* Wed Jun 28 2017
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Mon Jun 12 2017
- initial package of PySide2 for Qt5.9
- includes also shiboken