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Version: 2.9.3-bp152.4.3.1
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Richard Brown <>
- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Tue Apr 02 2019 Martin Wilck <>
- Re-enabled musicbrainz, as both perl(MusicBrainz::DiscID) and
  perl(WebService::MusicBrainz) are accepted into Factory now.
  Note that abcde uses both MusicBrainz and CDDB by default.
  Build without MusicBrainz can be made by setting
  %_without_musibrainz 1 in prjconf.
* Wed Mar 06 2019 Martin Wilck <>
- Added dependency on WebService::MusicBrainz
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to 2.9.3
  * Replace non-portable sed code for generating offset list with some
    simple awk instead. Should now work on FreeBSD again.
  * Deal with bizarre cdda2wav behaviour when doing cdtext lookup - it
    writes the track information to *stdin*. Closes Issue #89:
  * Add a warning in abcde.conf about mayb needing to install recode before
    using it in mungefilename()
- Clean with spec-cleaner
- Drop fix-makefile-version-2.9.2.patch which is fixed upstream
* Sat Aug 11 2018
- Replace summary line with an actual summary. Fix broken
  sentence grammar in description.
* Wed Aug 08 2018
- Added use-cddbmethod.patch needed as factory does not provide
- Added fix-makefile-version-2.9.2.patch
- Added keyring for verification
- Update to 2.9.2:
  * Fix up lookup code to deal with spaces etc. in directory names
  * Cope with "stub" releases in Musicbrainz
  * Always call glyrc with LC_ALL=C. Thanks to Andreas Vögele for the
  report and the suggested fix.
  * Add a link to the CDDB data format in the abcde man page.
  * More fixups of track number padding. Thanks to John Straw for the
  * Allow for embedding of  album art downloaded by the getalbumart
  function. Currently this is available for flac (using metaflac),
  mp3 (using eyed3), m4a (using AtomicParsley) and
  WavPack aka wv (using wvtag).
  * Use md5 rather than md5sum under macOS.
  * Support added for encoding with
  Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF).
  * Allow selection of either cddb or musicbrainz from the command line
  * Allow for embedding with do_embedalbumart() for single track
  encodes when OUTPUTFORMAT and ONETRACKOUTPUTFORMAT are different.
  * Experimental support for embedding albumart with ogg files.
  * Massive rework of CD lookup code so support multiple sources
  better. Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for his initial idea in this
  area, and to Tomasz Goliński on irc for initial inspiration on how
  this should work better.
  There are now 3 different options for CD lookup: cddb, musicbrainz and
  cdtext. They can all be listed in a comma-separated list for
  CDDBMETHOD and the code will now call all of them in the sequence
  listed. All the results will be combined into one list at the end for
  the user to select, just like would have previously worked for one
  source only.
  * Fix Musicbrainz ID calculation in makeids()
  * Fix abcde.mkcue() when handling the --wholedisk option. Thanks to
  Nino Burini for the patch.
  * Add more comprehensive examples for filename munging in the example
  config file.
  * Add a more better fix for the year lookup problem in
  * Redirect stderr on "which" calls to clear up error noise on some
  * Add Irix support.
  * Rework abcde-musicbrainz-tool to work with WebService::MusicBrainz
  Also added a specific dependency on version 1.0.4 or newer, so
  abcde-musicbrainz-tool will abort if the version found is too old.
  Since tweaked to deal with multi-artist albums and tracks more
  * Add resume support in do_getalbumart()
  * Fix getopts setup for "P". Thanks to Alan W. Kerr for reporting this.
  * Major set of code cleanups to fix up lots of warnings found with
  shellcheck, and a few other style issues:
  + Lots of quoting fixes
  + Use $( instead of `
  + Stop using -o and -a syntax with if [ - use || or && instead
  + Wrap and shorten some very long lines
  * Wrap some output messages so they fit on a standard width console
  * Factor out repeated code and make page() more useful
  * Add version check before resuming from an old ripping run
- Dropped abcde-quote.patch
Version: 2.8.1-bp150.2.4
* Fri Aug 18 2017
- Update to version 2.8.1
  * Fix silly error introduced in abcde-musicbrainz-tool when
    fixing bug 30. Thanks to Thomas Klausner for the bug/patch.
    Closes Issue 52:
  version 2.8:
  * Make fdkaac the default for m4a encoding. Faac can still be
    selected for m4a encding via ~/.abcde.conf file but best not
    to :).
  * Split user-definable mungefilename function into
    mungetrackname, mungeartistname, and mungealbumname, each of
    which default to mungefilename Thanks to Gerald Turner for the
    patch and enhancement request. This closes Issue 39:
  * FAQs: Clarify the exit from multi-result CDDB search.
  * Fix to allow multiple output formats when aac fallback is
    triggered. Thanks to Birk Bremer for the bug report.
    This closes Issue 35:
  * Fix for some erroneous error and status logging. Thanks to
    Christian Wasem for the bug report and fix. This closes Issue
  * Add support for trying multiple CD lookup services in
    order. Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch. Closes
    Issue 42:
  * Add Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian
    packaging. Closes Debian Bug #827626
  * Fix up handling of the first few sectors when reading
    from a whole-CD flac file or using cdparanoia in one-track
    mode. Thanks to Matthias König for the patch. Closes Issue
  * Tweak the fix in musicbrainz for handling sketchy returned
    data some more. Hopefully closes Issue 30:
  * Re-enable some commented out cdparanoia/debug code in
    do_discid. Closes Issue 14:
  * Add "-a" to lots of grep calls in case of "binary" looking
    data, e.g. non-ascii text in track titles!
    Closes Issue 24:
  * Add "-L" to default curl options, to follow redirects if
    needed. Closes Issue 40:
    Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch.
  * Switch default from "cddb" to "musicbrainz" for track lookup
    Closes Debian Bug #842178
* Mon Apr 25 2016
- Update to version 2.7.2
  * When using musicbrainz, don't assume that there will be release
    events attached to a particular CD release. Bug fix for the addition
    of year information support in 2.7.1.
  * Support for output to the Matroska container (mka). Encoder
    is FFmpeg (or avconv). Typical conf file syntax would be:
    FFMPEGENCOPTS="-c:a ac3 -b:a 448k"
  * Add id3tag mp3 tagger as this is the tagger available to
    OpenBSD users.
  * Allow for cddb response 500. This closes Issue 26:
  * Fix for 'expansion of $REDIR' bug on MacOSX. This closes Issue 22:
  * Makefile adjusted to allow the sample abcde.conf file to be
    installed by default to /etc rather than $(prefix)/etc.
  * Allow getalbumart to correctly place cover image when single
    track is selected. This closes Issue 25:
- Update abcde-quote.patch
- Set BuildArch as noarch; the package doesn't contain any binary
* Mon Jan 04 2016
- add recommends to eyeD3, abcde is using it by default since 2.7
* Mon Oct 26 2015
- Update to version 2.7.1
  * Rebuild of the abcde Makefile.
  * Fix incorrect use of 'break'.
  * Make older versions of id3 happy when 'Genre' field is empty.
  * Add YEAR and GENRE variables to do_getalbumart().
  * Support added for encoding to True Audio using tta while still
    supporting the older ttaenc. Tagging is with mid3v2.
  * Support added for encoding to MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (mp2)
    with either twolame or FFmpeg / avconv. Tagging with mid3v2.
  * Encoding to WavPack with FFmpeg. Some slight changes to WavPack
    syntax with backward compatibility built in for abcde 2.7.
  * Encoding to m4a container with FFmpeg or avconv. This allows
    for alac encoding with FFmpeg's reverse engineered alac encoder.
  * AAC encoding with fhgaacenc via Wine. Tagging is provided
    by AtomicParsley which has been added back to abcde :). This
    allows encoding with HE-AAC v2, unavailable with qaac.
  * Support added for AAC encoding with qaac via Wine. This
    also allows for Apple Lossless Audio Coding (alac) using
    either qaac or refalac. This closes Issue 142.
  * Grab year information too when using musicbrainz.
- Changes from version 2.7
  * Rewrite of abcde's mungefilename function.
    This closes Issues 72 and 135.
  * TRACKTOTAL now written to flac and ogg files.
    This resolves Issue 76.
  * Support added for the downloading of album art.
    Detailed documentation added to the abcde FAQ document
    although the sane defaults in place will guarantee a good
    experience even for those who do not read documentation!
    This closes Issue 33.
  * Support added for ripping with the GNU Compact Disc
    Input and Control library (libcdio) as requested by
    both gentoo and NixOS. The utility used is cd-paranoia
    and can best be called from a conf file as follows:
    CDPARANOIAOPTS="--never-skip=40 --verbose"
    with the CD_PARANOIA variable giving the correct path
    to cd-paranoia.
  * Fix for encoding with bladeenc and usepipes.
  * Fix for broken ripping with dagrab. Closes Issue 140.
  * Fix for diskutil selecting wrong disk on OS X.
    closes Issue 139.
  * Added some error checking and documentation for
    the abcde-musicbrainz-tool. Closes issue 138.
  * New variables for m4a/aac encoding options to be
    manipulated in a users ~/.abcde.conf file:
    1. FAACENCOPTS for faac encoding options
    2. NEROAACENCOPTS for neroAacEnc options
    3. FDKAACENCOPTS for fdkaacenc options
    Note that these options replace the now obsolete AACENCOPTS.
  * Check added for neroAacTag when encoding with neroAacEnc.
  * Several additions to usepipes with the following encoders
    being added:
    1. mp3enc: mp3
    2. speexenc: Speex
    3. mpcenc: Musepack SV8
    4. wavpack: WavPack
    5. faac: aac
    6. neroAacEnc: aac
    7. fdkaac: aac
    The cd ripper cdda2wav (icedax) has also been added.
  * Ripping and encoding with 'usepipes' fixed. This fix
    closes Issue 46.
  * Suggested encoding options for mp3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Last release of mp3enc in 1998 but it still
    works flawlessly with a modern abcde!
  * Suggested encoding options for l3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Congratulations to abcde which in 2015 still
    works with l3enc which saw its final release in 1997!
  * Fix for -o option use with options and multiple outputs.
    This allows for commandline options such as the following:
    abcde -o 'flac:-8,mp3:-b 320'
    This closes Issue 136.
  * Support added for ReplayGain with WavPack encoding.
  * Fix for MusePack to allow the use of the SV8 ReplayGain
    application 'mpcgain'.
  * Monkey's Audio (ape) encoding added. Tagging is with
    Robert Muth's apetag.
  * Simplify Opus tagging.This closes Issue 133.
  * Allow 'clean' when OUTPUTTYPE=wav, broken for some time.
    This closes Issue 94.
  * Clarification that CDDBLOCALRECURSIVE=y is required for
    local CDDB search. This partially resolves Issue 121.
  * AtomicParsley removed from debian/control, WavPack added.
  * Details of abcde's handling of faac compiled with and
    without mp4v2 added as a new entry to FAQs.
  * Fix to allow display of the 'date' meta tag generated
    by eyeD3 in vlc, Audacious and friends.
    This closes Issue 126.
  * Fix for flac floating point error. closes Issue 113.
  * Formalised 3 methods of mp3 tagging using ID3TAGV:
    1.id3v2.4 using eyeD3 (set in abcde as the default)
    2.id3v2.3 using id3v2
    3.id3v1 using id3
    Fixes issue 101.
  * Support for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
  * Fix for mp3 encoding with different versions of eyeD3.
  * Major AAC encoding cleanup, including addition of the fdkaac encoder.
- Update patch abcde_2.6-quote.patch > abcde-quote.patch
* Sat Jan 24 2015
- re-add man pages, last update accidentally removed them
* Sat Dec 13 2014
- Update to version 2.6
  + Fix finding $CDROM on OS X. Closes issue 71.
  + USEID3 and USEID3V2 variables are unused now, so remove them.
    Closes issue 73.
  + Clean up movement to eyeD3, remove id3v2 remnants. Closes issue 74.
  + Fix infinite loop if cddb fails. Closes: #687038 in Debian
  + Switch from Musepack SV7 to SV8.
  + Allow aac encoding with neroAacEnc. Closes issue 8.
  + Allow opus encoding with opusenc. Closes issue 70.
  + Fix typo: s/CUEWAVEFILE/CUEWAVFILE/ so that abcde.mkcue should now
    produce working cue files. Closes issue 78.
  + Remove no-op -q option. Closes issue 106.
  + Fix issue 112: perl encoding pragma deprecation.
  + Fix option parsing for multiple output formats. Closes issue 115.
  + Fix eyeD3 tagging for cddb entries without year. Closes issue 107
  + Add mention of CD-TEXT support in the man page. Closes issue 102.
  + Make Y/N prompting more consistent. Closes issue 95
  + Remove the no-op -B option. Closes: #426531 in Debian
  + Document the need to escape parentheses in tag comments.
    Closes: #256941 in Debian.
  + Concatenate option steps on -t/-T option. Closes: #391294 in Debian
  + Try to use bsd-mailx where possible to force UTF-8 for cddb-tool mail
    submissions. If not possible, attempt to force UTF-8 via the
    environment and fall back to mail instead. Closes: #756289 in Debian,
    issue 111.
- Make cd-discid live in it's own package
- Update Urls and dowload sources
- Refresh the old abcde_2.3.99.6-quote.patch to abcde_2.6-quote.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2011
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Thu Feb 10 2011
- added recommends id3v2
* Fri Oct 31 2008
- apply patch from bnc#419800 to fix
  "abcde quotes some variables incorrectly"
* Tue Nov 27 2007
- update to tons of debian bug reports fixed, e.g.
  * Default to UNICODE (UTF8) tags and comments (Closes: #282332).
  - Added CDDBPROTO option in config file (Closes: #349951)
  * Added a missing "INDEX 01" entry for CUE sheet creation.
  * Avoid completing the encoding of files if we aborted previously.
  * Embed the CUE sheet if we have a cuesheet file and we have a single FLAC
    file, even if we are not tagging. This way we can use the file as a source
    even if it is not tagged/named properly.
  * Fails to quote filenames properly (Closes: #355296)
* Thu Sep 07 2006
- update to 2.3.3:
  * Rips done in a single track were getting tagged as Various. Corrected.
  * Possibly eliminated some bashisms from using a variable as a variable
    (Closes: #324399). Thanks to A Costa.
  * MKCUE needs to be passed some $CDROM as an option, or otherwise it will
    not read the CDROM, in case is not /dev/cdrom.
  * Also, make the CUEREADER a bit more general, since we might be using other
    CUE extractors.
  * Defining the tracknumber now resets the first track if given a number
    different than 1 (that is: abcde -T 1 2-10 creates songs 1 to 9).
  * Modified the FAQ to reflect the changes on Marillat's repo
    (Closes: #315724).
  * Should be "space" safe: works properly when the working directory contains
    a space (Closes: #147493).
  * Repared the CD query for the discid code. When failing to read a disc,
    actually report that there might be no disc in the drive.
  * Right now, walk over the different encoders we Depends: on in Debian and
    use the one available: if a user has a FLAC encoder, abcde will no install
    vorbis-tools, so it will fail to run out of the box (Closes: #321216)
  * Added CUE support. Still experimental...
  * Added FLAC on Ogg. Still not activated, since we cannot get comments added
    as a post-process action.
  * Applied patches from Fedora Core (Credit goes to Nils Philippsen
  * Added a post_read() function to be executed before ejecting the CD.
  * Typos reported by A Costa corrected (Closes: #311463)
  * Problem with abcde being run in a directory with files containing only
    numbers solved (Closes: #313628).
  * vorbiscomment uses now "-R" (Closes: #303566).
  * "-t" and "-T" use the first track as a starter for the track list.
    (Closes: #305749).
  * Added CDPARANOIACDROMBUS option to define -d in case of using IDE and SCSI
    in case of using ide-scsi emulation layer (Closes: #290768).
  * Define metaflac in abcde.conf (Closes: #303555)
  * Double quotation added to solve parsing * as a wildcard (Closes: #302904).
    Thanks to Christian Grigis for the patch. Also (Closes: #268088).
  * CDPARANOIAOUTPUT missed some quotes.
  * Removed some useless lines.
  * If BATCH is used with ONETRACK, disable BATCH.
  * Small typos with CDROM comparisons.
  * Logic for CDROM variable improved.
  * Changed the way we call flac, to adapt to the new times:
  - -import-vc-from= to --import-tags-from.
  * DOSPLAYLIST was not included in the list of options.
  * Options passed to the encoder by using <-o ogg:"-b 192"> are now
    supported. One can modify the way abcde encodes just for the current CD.
  * Unfortunatelly I forgot to add the starting number for tags in Ogg. For
    MP3 is a bit more difficult, since it needs changing the X/YY code.
  * Also, the order of the tags in metaflac is important for the utf8 names.
    Thanks to Frederik Juul Christiani (Closes: #297482)
  * Added CDROMID in the .conf file, for reader programs that need it
    (Closes: #297005)
  * Added a check for cdparanoia when encountering data-only CDs.
  * Use the default while erasing an existing playlist (Closes: #288835).
  * Does not destroy track information when a track contains "=" in the name
    (Closes: #290709).
  * Quotes missing when evaluating a value (Closes: #284018).
  * Spotted and solved a problem with the way the data tracks were detected
    (Closes: #282647).
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Wed Nov 02 2005
- make CDROM != /dev/cdrom work
* Fri Jan 21 2005
- update to 2.2.0
* Thu Aug 05 2004
- update to 2.1.19
* Fri Oct 31 2003
- build as user
* Mon Oct 13 2003
- update to 2.1.6
* Fri Aug 15 2003
- sent patch yesterday, today new version
* Wed Aug 13 2003
- update to 2.1.4
- apply diff to avoid -1 syntax to tail,head,nice