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* Fri Aug 18 2017
- Update to version 2.8.1
  * Fix silly error introduced in abcde-musicbrainz-tool when
    fixing bug 30. Thanks to Thomas Klausner for the bug/patch.
    Closes Issue 52:
  version 2.8:
  * Make fdkaac the default for m4a encoding. Faac can still be
    selected for m4a encding via ~/.abcde.conf file but best not
    to :).
  * Split user-definable mungefilename function into
    mungetrackname, mungeartistname, and mungealbumname, each of
    which default to mungefilename Thanks to Gerald Turner for the
    patch and enhancement request. This closes Issue 39:
  * FAQs: Clarify the exit from multi-result CDDB search.
  * Fix to allow multiple output formats when aac fallback is
    triggered. Thanks to Birk Bremer for the bug report.
    This closes Issue 35:
  * Fix for some erroneous error and status logging. Thanks to
    Christian Wasem for the bug report and fix. This closes Issue
  * Add support for trying multiple CD lookup services in
    order. Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch. Closes
    Issue 42:
  * Add Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian
    packaging. Closes Debian Bug #827626
  * Fix up handling of the first few sectors when reading
    from a whole-CD flac file or using cdparanoia in one-track
    mode. Thanks to Matthias K├Ânig for the patch. Closes Issue
  * Tweak the fix in musicbrainz for handling sketchy returned
    data some more. Hopefully closes Issue 30:
  * Re-enable some commented out cdparanoia/debug code in
    do_discid. Closes Issue 14:
  * Add "-a" to lots of grep calls in case of "binary" looking
    data, e.g. non-ascii text in track titles!
    Closes Issue 24:
  * Add "-L" to default curl options, to follow redirects if
    needed. Closes Issue 40:
    Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch.
  * Switch default from "cddb" to "musicbrainz" for track lookup
    Closes Debian Bug #842178
* Mon Apr 25 2016
- Update to version 2.7.2
  * When using musicbrainz, don't assume that there will be release
    events attached to a particular CD release. Bug fix for the addition
    of year information support in 2.7.1.
  * Support for output to the Matroska container (mka). Encoder
    is FFmpeg (or avconv). Typical conf file syntax would be:
    FFMPEGENCOPTS="-c:a ac3 -b:a 448k"
  * Add id3tag mp3 tagger as this is the tagger available to
    OpenBSD users.
  * Allow for cddb response 500. This closes Issue 26:
  * Fix for 'expansion of $REDIR' bug on MacOSX. This closes Issue 22:
  * Makefile adjusted to allow the sample abcde.conf file to be
    installed by default to /etc rather than $(prefix)/etc.
  * Allow getalbumart to correctly place cover image when single
    track is selected. This closes Issue 25:
- Update abcde-quote.patch
- Set BuildArch as noarch; the package doesn't contain any binary
* Mon Jan 04 2016
- add recommends to eyeD3, abcde is using it by default since 2.7
* Mon Oct 26 2015
- Update to version 2.7.1
  * Rebuild of the abcde Makefile.
  * Fix incorrect use of 'break'.
  * Make older versions of id3 happy when 'Genre' field is empty.
  * Add YEAR and GENRE variables to do_getalbumart().
  * Support added for encoding to True Audio using tta while still
    supporting the older ttaenc. Tagging is with mid3v2.
  * Support added for encoding to MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (mp2)
    with either twolame or FFmpeg / avconv. Tagging with mid3v2.
  * Encoding to WavPack with FFmpeg. Some slight changes to WavPack
    syntax with backward compatibility built in for abcde 2.7.
  * Encoding to m4a container with FFmpeg or avconv. This allows
    for alac encoding with FFmpeg's reverse engineered alac encoder.
  * AAC encoding with fhgaacenc via Wine. Tagging is provided
    by AtomicParsley which has been added back to abcde :). This
    allows encoding with HE-AAC v2, unavailable with qaac.
  * Support added for AAC encoding with qaac via Wine. This
    also allows for Apple Lossless Audio Coding (alac) using
    either qaac or refalac. This closes Issue 142.
  * Grab year information too when using musicbrainz.
- Changes from version 2.7
  * Rewrite of abcde's mungefilename function.
    This closes Issues 72 and 135.
  * TRACKTOTAL now written to flac and ogg files.
    This resolves Issue 76.
  * Support added for the downloading of album art.
    Detailed documentation added to the abcde FAQ document
    although the sane defaults in place will guarantee a good
    experience even for those who do not read documentation!
    This closes Issue 33.
  * Support added for ripping with the GNU Compact Disc
    Input and Control library (libcdio) as requested by
    both gentoo and NixOS. The utility used is cd-paranoia
    and can best be called from a conf file as follows:
    CDPARANOIAOPTS="--never-skip=40 --verbose"
    with the CD_PARANOIA variable giving the correct path
    to cd-paranoia.
  * Fix for encoding with bladeenc and usepipes.
  * Fix for broken ripping with dagrab. Closes Issue 140.
  * Fix for diskutil selecting wrong disk on OS X.
    closes Issue 139.
  * Added some error checking and documentation for
    the abcde-musicbrainz-tool. Closes issue 138.
  * New variables for m4a/aac encoding options to be
    manipulated in a users ~/.abcde.conf file:
    1. FAACENCOPTS for faac encoding options
    2. NEROAACENCOPTS for neroAacEnc options
    3. FDKAACENCOPTS for fdkaacenc options
    Note that these options replace the now obsolete AACENCOPTS.
  * Check added for neroAacTag when encoding with neroAacEnc.
  * Several additions to usepipes with the following encoders
    being added:
    1. mp3enc: mp3
    2. speexenc: Speex
    3. mpcenc: Musepack SV8
    4. wavpack: WavPack
    5. faac: aac
    6. neroAacEnc: aac
    7. fdkaac: aac
    The cd ripper cdda2wav (icedax) has also been added.
  * Ripping and encoding with 'usepipes' fixed. This fix
    closes Issue 46.
  * Suggested encoding options for mp3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Last release of mp3enc in 1998 but it still
    works flawlessly with a modern abcde!
  * Suggested encoding options for l3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Congratulations to abcde which in 2015 still
    works with l3enc which saw its final release in 1997!
  * Fix for -o option use with options and multiple outputs.
    This allows for commandline options such as the following:
    abcde -o 'flac:-8,mp3:-b 320'
    This closes Issue 136.
  * Support added for ReplayGain with WavPack encoding.
  * Fix for MusePack to allow the use of the SV8 ReplayGain
    application 'mpcgain'.
  * Monkey's Audio (ape) encoding added. Tagging is with
    Robert Muth's apetag.
  * Simplify Opus tagging.This closes Issue 133.
  * Allow 'clean' when OUTPUTTYPE=wav, broken for some time.
    This closes Issue 94.
  * Clarification that CDDBLOCALRECURSIVE=y is required for
    local CDDB search. This partially resolves Issue 121.
  * AtomicParsley removed from debian/control, WavPack added.
  * Details of abcde's handling of faac compiled with and
    without mp4v2 added as a new entry to FAQs.
  * Fix to allow display of the 'date' meta tag generated
    by eyeD3 in vlc, Audacious and friends.
    This closes Issue 126.
  * Fix for flac floating point error. closes Issue 113.
  * Formalised 3 methods of mp3 tagging using ID3TAGV:
    1.id3v2.4 using eyeD3 (set in abcde as the default)
    2.id3v2.3 using id3v2
    3.id3v1 using id3
    Fixes issue 101.
  * Support for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
  * Fix for mp3 encoding with different versions of eyeD3.
  * Major AAC encoding cleanup, including addition of the fdkaac encoder.
- Update patch abcde_2.6-quote.patch > abcde-quote.patch
* Sat Jan 24 2015
- re-add man pages, last update accidentally removed them
* Sat Dec 13 2014
- Update to version 2.6
  + Fix finding $CDROM on OS X. Closes issue 71.
  + USEID3 and USEID3V2 variables are unused now, so remove them.
    Closes issue 73.
  + Clean up movement to eyeD3, remove id3v2 remnants. Closes issue 74.
  + Fix infinite loop if cddb fails. Closes: #687038 in Debian
  + Switch from Musepack SV7 to SV8.
  + Allow aac encoding with neroAacEnc. Closes issue 8.
  + Allow opus encoding with opusenc. Closes issue 70.
  + Fix typo: s/CUEWAVEFILE/CUEWAVFILE/ so that abcde.mkcue should now
    produce working cue files. Closes issue 78.
  + Remove no-op -q option. Closes issue 106.
  + Fix issue 112: perl encoding pragma deprecation.
  + Fix option parsing for multiple output formats. Closes issue 115.
  + Fix eyeD3 tagging for cddb entries without year. Closes issue 107
  + Add mention of CD-TEXT support in the man page. Closes issue 102.
  + Make Y/N prompting more consistent. Closes issue 95
  + Remove the no-op -B option. Closes: #426531 in Debian
  + Document the need to escape parentheses in tag comments.
    Closes: #256941 in Debian.
  + Concatenate option steps on -t/-T option. Closes: #391294 in Debian
  + Try to use bsd-mailx where possible to force UTF-8 for cddb-tool mail
    submissions. If not possible, attempt to force UTF-8 via the
    environment and fall back to mail instead. Closes: #756289 in Debian,
    issue 111.
- Make cd-discid live in it's own package
- Update Urls and dowload sources
- Refresh the old abcde_2.3.99.6-quote.patch to abcde_2.6-quote.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2011
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Thu Feb 10 2011
- added recommends id3v2
* Fri Oct 31 2008
- apply patch from bnc#419800 to fix
  "abcde quotes some variables incorrectly"
* Tue Nov 27 2007
- update to tons of debian bug reports fixed, e.g.
  * Default to UNICODE (UTF8) tags and comments (Closes: #282332).
  - Added CDDBPROTO option in config file (Closes: #349951)
  * Added a missing "INDEX 01" entry for CUE sheet creation.
  * Avoid completing the encoding of files if we aborted previously.
  * Embed the CUE sheet if we have a cuesheet file and we have a single FLAC
    file, even if we are not tagging. This way we can use the file as a source
    even if it is not tagged/named properly.
  * Fails to quote filenames properly (Closes: #355296)
* Thu Sep 07 2006
- update to 2.3.3:
  * Rips done in a single track were getting tagged as Various. Corrected.
  * Possibly eliminated some bashisms from using a variable as a variable
    (Closes: #324399). Thanks to A Costa.
  * MKCUE needs to be passed some $CDROM as an option, or otherwise it will
    not read the CDROM, in case is not /dev/cdrom.
  * Also, make the CUEREADER a bit more general, since we might be using other
    CUE extractors.
  * Defining the tracknumber now resets the first track if given a number
    different than 1 (that is: abcde -T 1 2-10 creates songs 1 to 9).
  * Modified the FAQ to reflect the changes on Marillat's repo
    (Closes: #315724).
  * Should be "space" safe: works properly when the working directory contains
    a space (Closes: #147493).
  * Repared the CD query for the discid code. When failing to read a disc,
    actually report that there might be no disc in the drive.
  * Right now, walk over the different encoders we Depends: on in Debian and
    use the one available: if a user has a FLAC encoder, abcde will no install
    vorbis-tools, so it will fail to run out of the box (Closes: #321216)
  * Added CUE support. Still experimental...
  * Added FLAC on Ogg. Still not activated, since we cannot get comments added
    as a post-process action.
  * Applied patches from Fedora Core (Credit goes to Nils Philippsen
  * Added a post_read() function to be executed before ejecting the CD.
  * Typos reported by A Costa corrected (Closes: #311463)
  * Problem with abcde being run in a directory with files containing only
    numbers solved (Closes: #313628).
  * vorbiscomment uses now "-R" (Closes: #303566).
  * "-t" and "-T" use the first track as a starter for the track list.
    (Closes: #305749).
  * Added CDPARANOIACDROMBUS option to define -d in case of using IDE and SCSI
    in case of using ide-scsi emulation layer (Closes: #290768).
  * Define metaflac in abcde.conf (Closes: #303555)
  * Double quotation added to solve parsing * as a wildcard (Closes: #302904).
    Thanks to Christian Grigis for the patch. Also (Closes: #268088).
  * CDPARANOIAOUTPUT missed some quotes.
  * Removed some useless lines.
  * If BATCH is used with ONETRACK, disable BATCH.
  * Small typos with CDROM comparisons.
  * Logic for CDROM variable improved.
  * Changed the way we call flac, to adapt to the new times:
  - -import-vc-from= to --import-tags-from.
  * DOSPLAYLIST was not included in the list of options.
  * Options passed to the encoder by using <-o ogg:"-b 192"> are now
    supported. One can modify the way abcde encodes just for the current CD.
  * Unfortunatelly I forgot to add the starting number for tags in Ogg. For
    MP3 is a bit more difficult, since it needs changing the X/YY code.
  * Also, the order of the tags in metaflac is important for the utf8 names.
    Thanks to Frederik Juul Christiani (Closes: #297482)
  * Added CDROMID in the .conf file, for reader programs that need it
    (Closes: #297005)
  * Added a check for cdparanoia when encountering data-only CDs.
  * Use the default while erasing an existing playlist (Closes: #288835).
  * Does not destroy track information when a track contains "=" in the name
    (Closes: #290709).
  * Quotes missing when evaluating a value (Closes: #284018).
  * Spotted and solved a problem with the way the data tracks were detected
    (Closes: #282647).
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Wed Nov 02 2005
- make CDROM != /dev/cdrom work
* Fri Jan 21 2005
- update to 2.2.0
* Thu Aug 05 2004
- update to 2.1.19
* Fri Oct 31 2003
- build as user
* Mon Oct 13 2003
- update to 2.1.6
* Fri Aug 15 2003
- sent patch yesterday, today new version
* Wed Aug 13 2003
- update to 2.1.4
- apply diff to avoid -1 syntax to tail,head,nice