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Change Logs

* Mon Nov 01 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Update to 3.8.1
  * Client: JACK support on Windows has been improved (#1718).
  (contributed by @jujudusud, @henkdegroot)
  * Client: Rewrote multiple error messages to improve UX (#1568, #1732).
  (contributed by @ann0see)
  * Client: Add custom directory servers to Connect Dialog (#1869, #1894).
  (contributed by @jp8)
  * Client: Rearrange existing UI menu bar items (#1915, #1926).
  (contributed by @jp8)
  * Bug Fix: Mute myself has been made more consistent (#1838).
  (contributed by @ngocdh)
  * Bug Fix: Fix ampersand not being shown correctly on mixer (#1886, #1893).
  (contributed by @HughePaul, @ann0see)
  * Bug Fix: A crash fix related to the way iOS handles sockets in
  idle mode (#1875).
  (contributed by @ngocdh)
  * Server: A single click on the server application in the
  systemtray now opens the Jamulus Server main window (#1722, #1731).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Server: Jam Recorder's internal locking and initialization code
  has been made more robust (#1826).
  (contributed by @cdmahoney)
  * Server: The list of servers registered on a directory can now
  be saved during directory restart. Use the new
  - -directoryfile CLI option to use this feature (#1867).
  (contributed by @pljones)
  * Server: Add link to website if a new version is available (#1980).
  (contributed by: @ann0see)
  * Bug Fix: Remove incorrect version of headless .service file (#2009).
  (contributed by @ann0see)
  * Client/Server: Add IPv6 support for direct connections (#1017, #1938).
  (contributed by @jardous, @softins)
  * CLI: Re-order and refactor help for client/server validation (#1896).
  (contributed by @pljones)
  * CLI: Jamulus now shows a link to the Website for translated
  content (#1759).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Android: Add close button on Android to enhance UX (#1763, #1876).
  (contributed by @ngocdh)
  * iOS: Sound support, feature to allow switch between external device
  and the internal mic (#1875).
  (contributed by @ngocdh)
  * MacOS: Keyboard shortcuts now also work on macOS (#1726, #1873).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Installer: Add zh_CN translation + for nsis win installer (#1922, #1954).
  (contributed by @BLumia)
  * Documentation: Move Demos, description of inputs options to
  Knowledge Base (#603, #551).
  (contributed by: @pcar75, @gilgongo)
  * Documentation: Add user experience section to (#1885).
  (contributed by: @ann0see)
  * Documentation: Create Server Admin Manual (#527).
  (contributed by: @gilgongo)
  * Documentation: Update typo on links in file (#1824).
  (contributed by @jujudusud)
  * Documentation: Number range command line error messages
  reworded accurately (#1978).
  (contributed by @DavidSavinkoff)
  * Website: switch to .po file format to make updating
  translations easier (various PRs)
  (contributed by: @ignotus666)
  * Website: Removed edit button from wiki layout file (#576).
  (contributed by: @DevRish)
  * Internal: Enable signing of macOS binaries (via build script
  and automatically via CI) (#1856, #1937).
  (contributed by @emlynmac)
  * Internal: Added Apple Appstore licence waiver (#1874)
  (contributed by @ann0see, @pljones, @gilgongo)
  * Internal: Add autobuild for Windows with JACK (#1829).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Internal: Document release process on contribute page (#1594, #592).
  (contributed by: @hoffie, @ann0see)
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- change central server to directory term
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Update to 3.8.0
  * The term "Central server" has been replaced with "Directory
  server" (#1407, #1715, #1629).
  Note that the program will still accept the --centralserver
  option for backward
  compatibility with existing system startup scripts, but its usage
  is deprecated.
  (contributed by @pljones, @softins)
  * Mac: Generate build with Qt 5.15.2 for better compatibility with
  Big Sur (#1687, #1768).
  We still build a legacy version with Qt 5.9.9 to support older
  versions of macOS:
  * Users of 10.13 (High sierra) or newer should use the standard
    build with Qt 5.15.2
  * Users of Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra should use the legacy
    build with Qt 5.9.9
    (contributed by @softins)
  * GUI: Settings window has been reorganized into tabs (#1415,
  [#1554], #1542, #1588):
  * User Profile window has been integrated into the settings
  * Input Pan has been moved to the newly created Advanced tab
    and removed from main window.
    (contributed by @dcorson-ticino-com, @pljones)
  * GUI: Moved the Ping and Delay stats from the Settings window to
  the main window (#1762):
  This was partly to work around a Mac issue with updates to the
  settings window (#1643)
  and is actually an improvement anyway, as the settings window
  does not need to remain open.
  (contributed by @dcorson-ticino-com and @softins)
  * GUI: Added "About Qt" to the help menu to display version of Qt
  (#1685, #1692).
  (contributed by @softins)
  * GUI: Corrected the operation of What's This in the settings
  dialog (#1622, #1635).
  (contributed by @dcorson-ticino-com)
  * GUI: Improved the muted speaker icon display (#1691).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Added new icons for Linux desktop use (#1672).
  (contributed by @jujudusud)
  * GUI: Corrected handling of custom directory server in the server,
  to prevent
  unintended registration with a directory server (#1624, #1627).
  (contributed by @softins)
  * GUI: Corrected alignment of Mute icon above fader (#811, #1312,
  (contributed by @vimpostor)
  * GUI: Support for more than two mixer rows has been added (#1549,
  (contributed by @pljones)
  * GUI: --clientname also works in dialog titles now (#1352, 1370).
  (contributed by @dcorson-ticino-com)
  * GUI: Translations have been updated
    Dutch, by @henkdegroot (#1562, #1623, #1714, #1557)
    French, by @jujudusud (#1648, #1708)
    German, by @rolamos (#1677, #1810)
    Italian, by @dzpex (#1620)
    Polish, by @SeeLook (#1619)
    Portuguese Brazilian, by @melcon (#1671, #1807)
    Portuguese European, by @Snayler (#1689)
    Slovak, by @jose1711 (#1647)
    Spanish, by @ignotus666 (#1621, #1730, #1808)
    Swedish, by @genesisproject2020 (#1664, #1696)
  * Network: Support for DSCP Quality of Service flags has been added
  This is supposed to lead to improved network performance.
  It is enabled by default.
  On Windows, this requires additional configuration in order to
  Please see the Tips & Tricks page on the website for a setup
  guide for Windows.
  (contributed by @DavidSavinkoff)
  * Client: Automatic channel fader adjustment simplifies mixer setup
  by using the channel level meters (#1071).
  (contributed by @JohannesBrx)
  * Client: Basic audio feedback detection has been added (#1179).
  (contributed by @JohannesBrx)
  * Client: Support for input gain boost has been added (#1222, #1030)
  (contributed by @hoffie)
  * Client: Grouping support has been extended to allow for up to
  eight groups (#1551).
  (contributed by @pljones)
  * Client: A hint regarding non-default Jack support has been added
  (#1397, #1438).
  (contributed by @djfun)
  * Server: Support for Delay Panning has been added (#332, #567,
  [#1151], #1417, #1744):
  This feature can be enabled on servers using the new --delaypan
  Enabling this feature will slightly increase server CPU usage.
  It can create a much more realistic spatial sound impression for
  that are set to Stereo or Mono-in/Stereo-out mode.
  (contributed by @DetlefHennings, @Hk1020, @softins, @henkdegroot)
  * Server: Multi-threading performance has been improved (#960).
  (contributed by @menzels, @softins)
  * Server: Half-connected clients will no longer receive audio
  (#1243, #1589):
  Note: This breaks compatibility with client versions before 3.3.0
  (Feb 2013).
  If you update your server, ensure that all clients use 3.3.0 or
  later as well.
  (contributed by @softins)
  * Server: HTML status file is now emptied on exit (#1423, #1427).
  (contributed by @hoffie, @drummer1154)
  * Server: An explicit bind address can now be specified (#141,
  This can be done by the new --serverbindip option.
  (contributed by @buv)
  * Recorder: Compatibility with third-party tools such as Audacity
  has been improved (#1384, #1424, #1437).
  Non-ASCII characters are now stripped out when creating filenames.
  (contributed by @softins, @gilgongo, @reinhardwh)
  * Recorder: Failures to start recording no longer result in crashes
  (#1163, #1289, #1463).
  (contributed by @hoffie, @softins, @pljones)
  * Recorder: Logging has been improved (#1284, #1463).
  (contributed by @hoffie, @drummer1154)
  * Bug fix: The mute indicator is now also shown in mono mode (#1074).
  (contributed by @npostavs)
  * Bug fix: Channel mapping on Windows now only resets if the sound
  card or the numbers of channels changed (#1347).
  (contributed by @ann0see)
  * Bug fix: Jamulus client should now close itself correctly if a
  non-working device was selected (#872).
  (contributed by @npostavs)
  * Bug fix: Server no longer crashes while changing the recording
  directory (#1501, #1573).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot, @hoffie, @softins)
  * Bug fix: Example systemd unit has been fixed to avoid crashing
  when sending signals (#1515, #1518).
  (contributed by @softins, @helgeerbe, @gilgongo)
  * Bug fix: The Windows installer now correctly compiles in a path
  with spaces (#864, #1319).
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
  * Performance: Opus encoding/decoding now uses machine-specific
  optimizations (#1105).
  (contributed by @npostavs)
  * Performance: Timer configuration for Windows servers has been
  improved (#1536).
  (contributed by @npostavs)
  * iOS support is being worked on (#1450).
  (contributed by @jeroenvv)
  * Github autobuild for Mac now uses Xcode 11.7 and SDK 10.15 for
  compatibility with Qt5 (#1655).
  (contributed by @softins)
  * Build: Creation of debug builds has been simplified (#1516).
  (contributed by @hoffie)
  * Internal: Constants for JACK usage have been renamed (#1429).
  (contributed by @djfun)
  * Internal: Legacy IP address variables have been cleaned up (#1400).
  (contributed by @wferi)
  * Internal: Added automatic code formatting with clang-format
  (#901, #1127, #1751).
  (contributed by @passing)
  * Internal: New pull requests will now be checked for coding style
  automatically (#1735).
  (contributed by @passing)
  * Internal: Windows deploy script has been aligned to autobuilds
  (contributed by @henkdegroot)
* Wed May 05 2021 Konstantin Voinov <>
- remove %config for firewalld's jamulus.xml
* Wed May 05 2021 Callum Farmer <>
- Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec(bsc#1174075)
Version: 3.7.0-bp153.1.1
* Tue Mar 23 2021 ecsos <>
- Update to 3.7.0
  * Server lists have been reorganized to make room for more
    servers (#875):
  - Default has been renamed to Any Genre 1.
  - Any Genre has been renamed to Any Genre 2.
  - Any Genre 3 has been added.
  - Choral/Barbershop has been added.
  - Classical/Folk/Choral has been renamed to Classical/Folk.
  * Central server addresses have been moved to the
    domain (#919).
    The addresses are deprecated.
  * GUI: If a name is provided using --clientname, that name is
    shown first in the window title, to avoid clipping in the
    Windows task bar (#789).
  * GUI: Translations have been updated:
  - Dutch, by @jerogee (#1110)
  - French, by @trebmuh & @jujudusud (#1199 & #1113)
  - German, by @rolamos (#1097)
  - Italian, by @dzpex (#1112)
  - Polish, by @SeeLook (#1099)
  - Portugese, by @melcon & @Snayler (#1141 & #1168)
  - Slovak, by @jose1711 (#1104)
  - Spanish, by @ignotus666 (#1152)
  - Swedish, by @genesisproject2020 (#1182 & #1106)
  * Active recording state is now highlighted in the mixerboard
    title (#968).
  * Client window makes it more obvious when not connected to
    a server by graying out input levels and showing a message
    (#847, #983).
  * Screensaver and screen blanking are now prevented on Macs
  * Windows installer has been improved (#792, #841).
    Note: If you are using ASIO4ALL, we strongly suggest that
    you take a screenshot of your ASIO4ALL settings before upgrading.
    The installer will try its best to migrate your settings, but
    it may fail to do so when using custom installation paths.
  * Windows installer interface now supports English, Dutch, French,
    German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
  * Windows ASIO Setup button placement has been improved to be below
    the driver selection (#977).
  * Chat dialog has gained support for auto-linking http addresses
  * Chat messages no longer allow HTML-formatted chat messages due to
    security reasons (#939). HTML formatting in Welcome messages will
    continue to work.
  * Mixerboard background image quality in the Fancy skin has been
    improved (#970).
  * MIDI controller logic has been improved to support fader, pan,
    mute and solo buttons in --ctrlmidich syntax (#945).
    Mute & solo buttons are only for toggle-type controllers and do
    not support headless operation yet.
  * Servers connected to central servers behind the same NAT can
    now be made accessible to public clients via the newly added
  - -serverpublicip option (#954).
  * External IP detection no longer generates traffic to Cloudflare
  (#633, #1092).
  * Version update detection has been improved (#1155):
  - The check now uses two servers instead of one
    ( and
  - The server version is now ignored if it is not a release, due
    to a suffix such as dev, beta or rc.
  * Official Ubuntu/Debian packages are now built and published as
    part of the release (#1100).
    The packages are compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 or later.
  * Experimental .apk installation packages for Android are now
    provided (#880).
  * Bug fix: A suspected memory leak has been solved by removing
    usage of ConsoleWriterFactory (#926).
  * Bug fix: Changing ASIO driver properties like switching
    input/outputs in ASIO4ALL now resets input/output channel
    mapping in Jamulus again (#796).
    This was done to solve a bug with ASIO4ALL introduced in the
    last version.
  * Bug fix: Fader levels, mute and solo state are now restored
    properly when reconnecting to a restarted server (#955, #1010).
    This is a server-side fix.
  * Bug fix: Multiple memory leaks in the server's recording feature
    have been fixed (#1073).
  * Bug fix: Menu accelerator keys have been fixed in multiple
    translations (#1165).
  * Bug fix: Windows sound driver lacked driverInfo initialisation
  * Internal build and release process have been re-designed,
    automated and moved to Github.
  * Internal development builds now contain a detailed version
    number (#475).
- Change to new projekt- and source-url.
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
- %pre needs to pull in "nogroup", too.
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Do not ignore errors from useradd.
- Reduce scriptlet boilerplate generated by %service_*.
- Cease removing users at package deinstallation.
* Thu Jan 14 2021 ecsos <>
- Add services for headless public and private server.
- Add services for newRecording and ToggleRecording.
- Add sysconfig for service files.
- Add firewalld for private server.
- Add user jamulus for server services.
* Sun Dec 13 2020 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Update to version 3.6.2
  * change Clear All Stored Solo Settings to clear Mute as
    well (#731)
  * avoid selecting IPv6 results from hostname lookup, coded by
    jarmar (#722)
  * added possibility to set MIDI offset for fader control to
  - -ctrlmidich (#95)
  * detect if no audio Device is selected before trying to connect
    a server (#129)
  * on MacOS if an audio device is no longer available, show a
    warning rather than switching to default automatically (#727)
  * bug fix: sliders move by themselves if fader groups are used
    on reconnect (#611)
  * bug fix: do not reset sound card channel selection on a device
    property change (#727)
  * bug fix: compiling Jamulus 3.6.1 is failing on Debian 9
    Linode (#736)
  * bug fix: on MacOS Jamulus does not always select the previous
    sound card (#680)
  * bug fix: use new server icon on Mac server bundle and Windows
    installer (#737)
  * bug fix: ping times of servers which are further down the
    server list are too high (#49)
* Sun Nov 22 2020 Konstantin Voinov <>
- Update to version 3.6.1
  * added menu entry "Set All Faders to New Client Level" (#622)
  * isolate a channel from the group temporarily with
    shift-click-drag (#695)
  * on shift-click the pan reset to 0 L/R (#707)
  * support multiple custom central server addresses (#698)
  * the Jamulus server now has a different icon, created by
    geheimerEichkater (#700)
  * support two rows for the mixer panel (#720)
  * changed RYG indicator lights with colour-blind compensation,
    created by geheimerEichkater (#57)
  * saving and loading mixer settings is now possible during an
    active connection and a mixer settings file can be loaded with
    drag'n'drop (#706)
  * menu entry Clear All Stored Solo Settings is now enabled
    during an active connection
  * bug fix: the fader group property was not correctly loaded
    from the ini file
* Sun Oct 25 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.6.0
  * handle audio packets received out of order
  * most recently connected users appear on the RH side on the
    fader panel
  * improvements for the server multithreading
  * removed Display Channel Levels setting and --servername
  * removed support for further server infos in --serverinfo
    since the preferred way of registering a server is to do it
    using the protocol messages
  * removed -g, --pingservers since all Central servers must
    activate this function, now it is activated by default and
    no command line argument is needed
  * added --mutemyown command line argument to mute my own
    signal in my personal mix, only supported in headless client
  * added "Mountain Dulcimer" instrument icon
  * added new instrument icons for "Scratching" and "Rapping"
  * replaced double types by floats for some of the signal
  * support permanent channl fader sorting (i.e., not only on
    request but always)
  * support sorting faders by channel city
  * if sorting the faders by instrument, we now sort by the name
    for the same instruments
  * bug fix: reduced server list is displayed instead of the
    normal list
* Sun Oct 04 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.5.12
  * added hyperlink support for the chat window
  * added new menu entry "Clear All Stored Solo Settings"
  * fade in all clients at the server when entering a server to
    avoid the volume is at 100% when joining a server
  * added a qmake CONFIG flag for disabling the automatic
    version check
  * avoid confusion with the Server Address field on the
    connection setup window by no longer showing the server name
    in that field since it is only intended for entering IP
    addresses or valid server URLs
  * removed the "Show Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 Licence
    Dialog" setting from the server GUI and changed the
  - L/--licence text in the licence dialog to "Do you agree
    to the text in the chat window?" so that a licence text must
    now be given in the server welcome message
  * added a protocol message for a reduced server list to
    improve the situation caused by UDP packet fragmentation
  * added translation: Slovak
  * bug fix: crash when using the jam recorder in the server
- Dropped Jamulus-disable_version_check.patch (merged upstream)
* Thu Sep 24 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.5.11
  * support a check for updates
  * added an optional server list whitelist filter
  * added a command line argument to enable multithreading in
    the server
  * added support for split protocol messages (fixes bug with
    large number of clients connected to a server)
  * store recorder settings
  * added a command line argument to disable recording on start
  * accessibility improvements
  * added Jack audio audio latency calculation
  * show the server name in the title bar
  * bug fix: crash when using the Jack backend and quickly
    reconfiguring, coded by hselasky
  * bug fix: Alt+h shortcut to open the Chat dialog did not
    work, use Alt+c instead
  * bug fix: pan is not correctly initialized in the server on a
    new connection
- Add Jamulus-disable_version_check.patch
* Sun Aug 16 2020
- Update to version 3.5.10
  * do not change the server list order if the mouse is over the
    table to avoid selecting an incorrect server on a mouse
    double click
  * if network name/address contains spaces, they are removed
    now, coded by dingodoppelt
  * improve compact skin by using smaller font size
  * improve server audio mix processing for better clipping
  * support MIDI control faders in headless build (#483)
  * option to set Mute Myself on with a command line argument
  * added a red message to indicate that Mute Myself is
  * manual clip LED reset by mouse click on the level meter
  * replacing internal history graph functionality by external
  * accessibility improvements, coded by chigkim
  * bug fix: added more mutex in the server
  * bug fix: --showallservers ping column sort is alphabetic
- Drop _service file
- Spec cleanup
* Mon Aug 03 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.5.9
  * new app icon for Jamulus, created by geheimerEichkater
  * support up to four different groups for the channels
  * support sorting faders by channel group
  * add support to change the GUI language
  * add special server list filter for filtering occupied
    servers by using "#"
  * update server UI to allow setting the jam recorder directory
    (like -R)
  * redesign of the server dialog (e.g. added welcome message
  * save and restore mixer state (like fader, mute, etc.)
    note that saving/loading of settings only works if not
  * scale channel instrument picture in Compact skin mode
  * show maximum number of clients for servers in the
    serverlist, coded by dingodoppelt
  * log the number of connected clients on each new connection
  * move the Mute Myself button up to prevent accidentally
  * bug fix: grouping faders in the client should be
  version 3.5.8:
  * bug fix: incorrect selection of UI language
  version 3.5.7:
  * add new "compact" skin, intended for large ensembles
  * support sorting faders by channel instrument, coded by
  * new group switch to change several faders in sync, coded by
  * support a clip LED, coded by fleutot
  * add server recording indicator, coded by pljones
  * support for storing/recovering the server window positions
  * add a headless build type which does not depend on
    QtGui/QtWidgets, coded by marcan
  * the local pan middle position is no longer attenuated in
    Mono-in/Stereo-out mode
  * added translation: Brazilian Portuguese by melcon
  * add send button to chat window
  * add some protections to the code, coded by atsampson
  * bug fix: server window stop updating after minimized, coded
    by AronVietti
  version 3.5.6:
  * support sorting faders by channel name
  * enable/disable recording from command line, coded by pljones
  * add Audacity "list of files" writer to jam recorder, by
  * make level meter LED black when off, by fleutot
  * added ukulele/bass ukulele instrument icons created by dos1
  * avoid showing IP address if no name in the musician profile
    is given
  * show channel numbers if --ctrlmidich is used
  * added check in acknowledge message, coded by atsampson
  * bug fix: on MacOS declare an activity to ensure the process
    doesn't get throttled by OS level Nap, Sleep, and Thread
    Priority systems, coded by AronVietti
  version 3.5.5:
  * added banjo/mandolin instrument icons created by atsampson
  * faster update of musicians list in the server list table
  * display recorder state and latest recording directory in the
    server GUI, allow a new recording to be requested, by
  * New Client Level now also applies if you enter a server
  * bug fix: honour own fader and Mute button in Mute Myself
  * bug fix: audio fader sliders cannot be moved if the main
    windows is too small
  * bug fix: server gain calculations were incorrect (introduced
    in version 3.5.4)
  version 3.5.4:
  * introduce genre-based server lists
  * implement panning for channels, coded by tarmoj
  * added an indicator that another client has muted me
  * move central server type dropdown to connection setup
  * added vocal bass/tenor/alto/soprano instrument icons created
    by Alberstein8
  * support intermediate Reaper RPP file while recording, coded
    by pljones
  * save client settings on Linux cmdline termination signal,
    coded by pljones
  * added translation: Italian by dzpex
  * bug fix: fixed misaligned tracks in recordings, coded by
    snayler, improved by pljones
  version 3.5.3:
  * correct unregister of headless server and RPP file creation
    on SIGINT/SIGTERM, coded by pljones
  * for CoreAudio and 4 channel input, support mixing channels
    1&2 with 3&4
  * added bassoon/oboe/harp instrument icons created by dszgit,
    congas/bongo created by bspeer
  * link to docs from application Help menu
  * support Mac CoreAudio aggregated devices
  * added translations: French by trebmuh, Portuguese by Snayler,
    Spanish by ignotus666, Dutch by jerogee, German by corrados
  * new design for the About dialog
  * new command line option -d to disconnect all clients on
    shutdown of the server
  * bug fix: for mono capture jack audio interface Jamulus
    complains it cannot make connections
  * bug fix: fixed that Jamulus segfaults when jackd is
  * bug fix: better handling of disconnect message in the client
  * note: Jamulus is no longer compatible to Qt4
* Mon May 11 2020
- Update to version 3.5.2:
  * use audio level meter bars for normal skin
  * store Show All Musicians setting in the ini-file
  * improved Mac installer, coded by doloopuntil
  * support to open ASIO driver setup(s) if startup failed due to incorrect driver settings (Ticket #117)
  * added -v/--version command line argument to output version information (Ticket #121)
  * added bodhran and other instrument icons, bodhran created by bomm (Ticket #131)
  * bug fix: if small network buffers are used we get much better audio quality when drop outs occur
  * bug fix: if names given with the -o option were too long, the server registration failed (Ticket #91)
  * bug fix: audio level changes if Buffer Delay is changed (Ticket #106)
  * bug fix: do not reset fader level meters if number of clients change
  * bug fix: fixed a crash with JackRouter 64 bit ASIO driver (Ticket #93, thanks to elliotclee)
- Add a source service.
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Rename source tarball
* Wed Apr 08 2020 Gustavo Pichorim Boiko <>
- Update to version 3.4.5
  The upstream maintainer announced that he will no longer publish source
  tarballs to, so fetched the tarball from github directly.
  Changes included:
  * audio fade-in at the server if a new client connects
  * added a scroll bar to the mixer board to support large numbers of
    mixer faders (a thank you to doloopuntil for his help)
  * changed the maximum number of clients supported by the server from 20 to 50
  * Windows installer now contains a 32 and 64 bit version of Jamulus (the version to
    be installed is selected automatically according to the detected operating system)
  * bug fix: server list ping times may not be accurate and client list may not be retrieved
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Rename source icon to Jamulus_icon.png to avoid troubles
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Rename source icon to Jamulus_icon.png to avoid troubles
* Sat Mar 28 2020 Stefan Dirsch <>
- Update to version 3.4.4
  * added support for controlling the audio mixer faders with a
    MIDI controller (MacOS and Linux)
  * added command line argument for disabling auto jack connection
  (Ticket #49)
  * audio recording for the server, coded by pljones
  * SVG server history graph, coded by pljones
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Richard Brown <>
- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Mon Apr 22 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.4.3
  * for ASIO and 4 channel input, support mixing channels 1&2
    with 3&4
Version: 3.4.2-bp150.2.2
* Fri Mar 16 2018
- obsolete jamulus to allow pkg migration from packman to OBS
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Update to version 3.4.2
  * removed old CELT library (minimum compatible version is now
  * show server name in the server list in bold font if it is a
    permanent server
  version  3.4.1
  * avoid a single jitter buffer for the auto detection
  * the Musicians value in the server list shows a warning if the
    server is full
  * automatic server setting for permanent server flag in the
  * bug fix: ping time measurement may be invalid for the Linux OS
  version 3.4.0
  * show the names of the connected clients in the server list
  version 3.3.11
  * added a new client fader level setting
  version 3.3.10
  * changed the default central server URL
  * added support for server disconnection
  version 3.3.9
  * another improvement of auto jitter buffer detection in very bad
    network conditions
  * support client operation without using a GUI front end
  version 3.3.8
  * improved audio quality in bad network conditions
  * more realistic overall delay estimation
  * improvement of auto jitter buffer detection in bad network
  * show info about sound card buffer size if not one of the
    standard sizes
  version 3.3.7
  * added a musician profile dialog (some settings in the main
    window were removed)
  * a tool tip for the fader tag shows the complete musician
  * the city and skill level can be set in the musician profile
  * added new instrument picture for "Guitar+Vocal"
  version 3.3.6
  * support for a country flag icon on the fader tag
  * a licence agreement dialog can be requested by the server
  version 3.3.5
  * new compile config options for disabling old CELT, use OPUS in
    a shared library and change the executable name
  * added a Linux jamulus.desktop file
  version 3.3.4
  * true stereo reverberation effect (previously it was a mono
    reverberation effect on both stereo channels)
  * added a mono-in/stereo-out mode to support special sound cards
    which have mono inputs for the instrument and a microphone but
    have stereo outputs
  * store fader solo state in the ini file
  * improved stability of the audio stream by reducing audio drop
    outs (by using a separate socket thread)
  * removed unnecessary settings and LED indicators
  * bug fix: the fader level could not be changed if the fader was
    on solo
- Switched to Qt5 build
- Use system libopus
- Added Jamulus.png as source (icon of adequate size)
* Fri Jan 03 2014
- initial version (3.3.3)