SUSE Package Hub Updates

Update ID Severity Type Issued Description Packages
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1955 moderate recommended 2023-04-24 This update for mariadb fixes the following issues: - Update to 10.6.12:
  • mariadb-10.6.12-150400.3.20.5
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1954 low recommended 2023-04-24 This update for xmlsec1 fixes the following issue: - Ship missing xmlsec1 to synchronize its version across different products (bsc#1201617)
  • xmlsec1-1.2.28-150100.7.13.4
openSUSE-2023-93 important security 2023-04-24 This update for chromium fixes the following issues: Chromium 112.0.5615.165 (boo#1210618): * CVE-2023-2133: Out of bounds memory access in Service Worker API * CVE-2023-2134: Out of bounds memory a ...
  • chromium-112.0.5615.165-bp154.2.84.1
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1904 important security 2023-04-19 This version update from 8.5.20 to 8.5.22 for grafana fixes the following issues: - Security issues fixed: * CVE-2023-1410: Fix XSS in Graphite functions tooltip (bsc#1209645) * CVE-2023-0507: Ap ...
  • grafana-8.5.22-150200.3.38.1
openSUSE-2023-92 important security 2023-04-19 This update for chromium fixes the following issues: - Chromium 112.0.5615.121: * CVE-2023-2033: Type Confusion in V8 (boo#1210478) - Chromium 112.0.5615.49 * CSS now supports nesting rules. ...
  • chromium-112.0.5615.121-bp154.2.79.1
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1901 moderate security 2023-04-18 This update for helm fixes the following issues: Update to version 3.11.2: * chore(deps): bump from 1.2.0 to 1.3.1 * the linter varcheck and deadcode are deprecated (si ...
  • helm-3.11.2-150000.1.19.1
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1881 low recommended 2023-04-18 This update for Mesa fixes the following issues: -Fixes blackscreen in Return To Monkey Island on Intel graphics (bsc#1208145)
  • Mesa-21.2.4-150400.68.12.1
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1846 moderate security 2023-04-14 This update for php7 fixes the following issues: - CVE-2022-4900: Fixed potential buffer overflow via PHP_CLI_SERVER_WORKERS environment variable. (bsc#1209537)
  • php7-embed-7.4.33-150400.4.22.1
openSUSE-2023-91 moderate recommended 2023-04-14 This update for fwts fixes the following issues: fwts was updated to version 23.03.00: * auto-packager: mkpackage: add build depend dh-dkms for lunar * dmicheck: fix the print format * dmicheck: upd ...
  • fwts-23.03.00-bp154.2.15.1
SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP4-2023-1834 moderate security 2023-04-13 This update for cmark fixes the following issues: - CVE-2023-22486: Fixed quadratic complexity in handle_close_bracket may lead to a denial of service (bsc#1207674).
  • cmark-0.30.2-150400.3.3.1