SUSE Package Hub Updates

Update ID Severity Type Issued Description Packages
openSUSE-2021-1497 moderate recommended 2021-11-22 This update for strawberry fixes the following issues: Update to version 1.0.0 + Bugfixes: + Fix updating temporary metadata when reloading songs outside of the collection. + Don't strip off "Live" ...
  • strawberry-1.0.0-bp153.2.3.3
openSUSE-2021-1495 low recommended 2021-11-21 This update for 2ping fixes the following issues: Update to version 4.5.1 * 2ping.bash_completion: Make more resilient to failure / missing features. * Minimum Python version changed from 3.5 to 3. ...
  • 2ping-4.5.1-bp153.2.3.1
openSUSE-2021-1494 moderate security 2021-11-21 hylafax+ was updated to version 7.0.4: * README.SUSE renamed * hylafax.diff added for boo#1191571 (pre-correction) * Dependencies on systemd-services adjusted * retry training twice at the same bit ...
  • hylafax+-7.0.4-bp153.2.3.1
openSUSE-2021-1493 moderate recommended 2021-11-21 This update for xdotool fixes the following issues: xdotool was updated to 3.20160805.1 * Fix release tool problem. was missing from the previous two releases. * `make test-package-buil ...
  • xdotool-3.20160805.1-2.1
openSUSE-2021-1492 moderate recommended 2021-11-20 This update for pgaudit fixes the following issues: - version update [boo#1192709] - 1.2.3: - 1.4.2: ...
  • postgresql10-pgaudit-1.2.3-bp153.4.3.1
  • postgresql12-pgaudit-1.4.2-bp153.4.3.1
  • postgresql13-pgaudit-1.5.1-bp153.4.3.1
openSUSE-2021-1487 moderate recommended 2021-11-19 This update for trytond fixes the following issues: - Added to force update of XML files This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.
  • trytond-5.0.36-bp153.2.6.1
openSUSE-2021-1486 low recommended 2021-11-19 spotify-easyrpm was updated to fix: - Rebase the dependencies of the generated spotify-client rpm from the debian package
  • spotify-easyrpm-3.0.2-bp153.2.3.1
openSUSE-2021-1484 low recommended 2021-11-18 subtitlecomposer was updated to fix the following issues: - fixed empty lines crash (fixes boo#1192342 boo#1171768) Update to version 0.7.1 * Fixed theme/icons/look outside KDE environment * Fixed ...
  • subtitlecomposer-0.7.1-bp152.4.3.1
openSUSE-2021-1483 moderate recommended 2021-11-18 This update for cacti, cacti-spine fixes the following issues: cacti-spine was updated to 1.2.19: * Fix 1ssues with polling loop may skip some datasources * Fix ping no longer works due to hostname ...
  • cacti-1.2.19-bp152.2.16.1
  • cacti-spine-1.2.19-bp152.2.13.1
openSUSE-2021-1482 low recommended 2021-11-18 - Fix renaming files on the desktop via the keyboard shortcut (boo#1174487, kde#425436)
  • plasma5-desktop-5.18.6-bp152.3.15.3