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Change Logs

* Tue Apr 20 2021 Mia Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.25
  * default size for all spin controls on DTD_Constructor panel.
    Looks ugly, but works with wxWidgets compiled against GTK3.
  * <various functions> :: in case of error, always return error
    message, not just the rcode. Some function were returning the
    message only if "Ignore Errors" mode was enabled.
  * Build fails with Clang: unlike GCC, Clang does not support
    static initialization of flexible arrays in C++ mode:
    removed flex arrays from all field groups descriptors.
- Changes in v0.0.24
  * VID: Video Input Descriptor: support for field definitions
    introduced in EDID v1.4
  * wxEDID_Frame::ImportEDID_hex(): report source file byte offset
    if conversion fails.
  * EDID base block: UNK: Unknown Descriptor, unk_cl::init():
    insert unknown byte fields instead of single byte string
    (easier to view and edit).
  * EDID_class.h: CEA-specific classes moved to dedicated headers:
    CEA_class.h, CEA_EXT_class.h
  * EDID_class.h: shared declarations moved to EDID_shared.h
  * (BUG::regression) wxEDID_Frame::UpdateBlockTree():
    the BlockTree was not expanded automatically when opened file
    contains only the base EDID block (no extensions).
  * (BUG::regression): edi_grp_cl::init_fields(): a call to
    FieldsAr.Empty() is necessary for ForcedGroupRefresh()
  * (old mislooked BUG): STI: Standard Timing Information: NU flag
    was not set for unused fields.
  * Menu "Options": "Reparse EDID buffer" and "AssembleEDID"
    options are disabled until EDID data is loaded/imported.
  * wxEDID_Frame::UpdateDataGrid(): missing auto-resizing of row
    labels width: BlkDataGrid->SetRowLabelSize(wxGRID_AUTOSIZE).
* Sun Mar 14 2021 Mia Herkt <>
- Drop wxedid-no-implicit-string-conversion.patch
- Update to v0.0.23
  * (BUG in GCC v8.3.0): broken array bounds checking with
    optimizations enabled, f.e: "src/CEA_EXT_class.cpp:1512:13:
    warning: ?void* memcpy(void*, const void*, size_t)? forming
    offset [49, 560] is out of the bounds [0, 48] of object
    ?slocd_cl::SLOCD_subg? with type ?const subgrp_dsc_t?
    {aka ?const subgrp_dsc_s?} [-Warray-bounds]" Disabled
    diagnostic for [-Warray-bounds] in CEA_EXT_class.cpp
  * (BUG) EDID_cl::ParseEDID_CEA(): checking of padding bytes after
    last DTD did not allow to ignore errors (bad rcode on exit).
  * (BUG) IFDB::VSIFD: incorrect offset for ieee_id field.
  * (BUG) RMCD: several bugs in field offsets, incorrect max values
  * (BUG) SAB: Speaker Allocation Block: used ID_VSD as typeID,
    instead of (missing) ID_SAB.
  * (BUG) SLOCD fields: incorrect offset for channel index byte.
  * (BUG) VSD: Vendor Specific Data Block: cea_vsd_cl::init()
    display unspecified payload data as unknown bytes (previously
  * (BUG::LEAK): GroupAr_cl: Delete()/Paste(): call Detach() then
    delete the object: RemoveAt() only removes the pointer.
  * (BUG::typo) HDRD: HDR Dynamic Metadata Data Block: incorrect
    pointer used to read HDRD metadata lenght: base DBC pointer
    (inst) used instead of p_mtd.
  * (partially): VSD: dynamic data layout, depending on block
    length (currently only 00-0C-03 ID is supported)
  * BlkDataGrid: don't use fixed Row/Column sizes: problems on
    HDPI (thanks to Jat).
  * BlockTree menu: show group free space if no subgroups are
  * BlockTree menu: show info about free space even if there's no
    source block available.
  * CEA header: corrected description of dtd_offs field.
  * Calc. relative offsets of top level data groups (relative to
    the begin of EDID blocks)
  * HDRD: fixed field descriptions, fixed min/max values for
    mtd_ver and resvd47.
  * InsertInto() could insert 32th DBC byte: blk_len overflow.
    CanInsInto(): missing checking of sub-group free space
  * VID: Video Input Descriptor fields were referencing EDID buffer
    instead local instance data.
  * Y24C: incorrect total data length: missing DBC header
  * groups which have subgroups must call subgroups.CalcDataSZ()
    on init().
  * removed ForceRefresh (EF_FGR) flag from unknown byte.
  * All T_EDID_FIXED data groups are now operating on local data
    buffers. Reparse() restores the loaded EDID state, reverting
    all the changes - unless AssembleEDID() or Save/Export is
    executed. From this point Reparse() restores the
    saved/assembled state.
  * Base EDID block: movable blocks are now using
    edi_grp_cl::CopyInstData() to create local data instances.
  * BlockTree: blocked auto-repeating of all keys except up/down
  * CEA_BlkHdr_fields[]: removed EF_FGR flags: dedicated handlers
    are used.
  * CEA_class.cpp: all blocks (excluding the CEA_header) are now
    using edi_grp_cl::CopyInstData() to create local data instances
  * DTD panel: increased H-size of pix_clk and V-refresh controls -
    big values didn't fit. txc_hfreq: reduced fractional part
    accuracy to 2 digits, to fit the control size.
  * EDID_cl::ParseEDID_CEA(): search DTDs after DBC end, not at
    declared DTD offset
  * Menu Options->"Recalc Checksum" changed to "Assemble EDID"
  * Remapped group IDs, so subgroups IDs can be individually masked
  * UpdateEDID_Tree(): only main EDID blocks are automatically
    expanded (data sub-groups are not).
  * Y42C: removed cea_y42c_cl::gen_data_layout(): no longer needed.
  * edi_grp_cl::base_clone() return also the rcode for reporting
    errors. Non-critical errors can be now ignored.
  * wxEDID_App::CmdLineArgs(): now uses wxCmdLineParser.
  * wxEDID_Frame::ClearAll(): clear BlockTree, so if Re-OpenEDID()
    fails, the tree stays empty.
  * wxEDID_Frame::DTD_Ctor_WriteInt() and WriteField(): log old
    field values.
  * Auto-reparse DBC group on Tag Code/Extended Tag Code change.
  * Basic copy/paste functionality for blocks of the same type.
  * Block type ID: T_EDID_FIXED: fixed, single instance block.
    Instance data held in EDID buffer. Blocks without the flag set
    will keep instance data in local buffers.
  * BlockTree context menu: "Insert Into": insert subgroup
    @idx == 0.
  * BlockTree context menu: "Reparse Group": reparse single group
    (root groups only). This allows to re-interpret the group f.e.
    after manual editing of "unknown" bytes.
  * BlockTree context menu: display additional details in a
    sub-menu: abs/relative offsets and block/group free space.
  * BlockTree key bindings for Copy/Paste/Cut/Move(Up/Down)
  * CEA-DBC header: (Extended) Tag Code selector menus.
  * CanPaste/CanInsert: checking parent block free space.
  * Checking free space after manual editing of DBC block length.
  * Clone() method for all data classes which can be copied.
  * DBC_GrpAr_cl: array of DBC sub-groups.
  * DBC_GrpAr_cl: paste/insert/move methods specialized for DBC.
  * Data Grid: option for showing field details: base offset, shift
    and size. Added: menu "Options"->"Block Data: show field
    details" Added: config.b_dta_grid_details
  * Dynamic data layout support for groups: ADB, VDB, VSD, SAB.
  * EDID_cl::AssembleEDID()->CEA_Set_DTD_Offset(): check & update
    DTD offset in CEA block.
  * EDID_cl::AssembleEDID(): copy local data from movable blocks
    back to the main EDID buffer.
  * EDID_cl::AssembleEDID(): update block length in DBC headers.
    This means that manual changes to the block length are
    ignored -> only insert/delete/cut operations can change the
    block size.
  * GroupAr_cl: specialized derived classes: EDID_GrpAr_cl and
    CEA_GrpAr_cl: block-specific implementations of
    paste/insert/move methods.
  * IFDB: edi_grp_cl::IFDB_Init_SubGrp(): shared init function
    for sub-groups.
  * Log operations:
  * New array class for holding EDID groups: GroupAr_cl: implements
    the copy/paste/move operations.
  * New data group cea_unkdat_cl: UNK-DAT Unknown Data bytes, used
    as a subgroup for representing undefined bytes.
  * New field flag: EF_INIT: forced re-initialization of the group.
    Flag name is "FR", same as for Forced Group Refresh.
  * Saving/restoring AUI layout, window position and size. NOTE:
    changed token delimiters, old cfg files have to be re-created.
  * Sub-group type ID: T_DBC_FIXED: fixed within DBC, instance data
    held in local buffer.
  * Subgroups have the same type ID as parent groups + T_DBC_SUBGRP
  * Support for manual editing of DBC block length and Tag Codes:
    Editing group trees: ADB, VDB, RMCD
  * Support for manual editing of DBC block length and Tag Codes:
    SLDB, VDDD, IFDB, HDRD (+ metadata length)
  * Y42C, SLOCD: support for handling invalid block lengths.
  * cea_sad_cl::byte2_afc2_8: EDID_cl::SAD_BitRate(): handling
    values of bitrate in 8kHz units.
  * edi_grp_cl::CodeName: code name is now separated from GroupName
  * edi_grp_cl::base_DBC_Init_FlatGrp(): update field offsets if
    TG_FLEX_OFFS flag is set in group descriptor.
  * edi_grp_cl::parent_grp: parent group pointer: needed to update
    group data size after inserting/deleting of sub-groups.
  * wxEDID_App::CmdLineArgs() new cmd line switches:
  - e --ignore-errors, -w --all-writeable.
  * wxEDID_Frame::BlkTreeUpdateGrp() try to restore sub-group
  * wxEDID_Frame::ClearAll(): clear edigrp_src ptr and change
    mnu_BlkTree info item to miInfoNOK.
  * wxEDID_Frame::evt_blktree_rmb(): handler for RMB actions.
  * wxEDID_Frame::mnu_BlkTree: RMB menu for selecting block actions
  * Update: manpage: added new cmd line options.
  * Update: rcd_autogen v2.3
* Fri Jan 08 2021 Mia Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.22
  * (BUG) (Thanks to Matthew Evanson): EDID_cl::ParseEDID_CEA():
    the number of included DTDs can be greater than the number of
    mandatory *native* DTDs specified in
    cea_hdr_t.info_blk.num_dtd. Those additional DTDs were silently
    ignored in previous wxEDID versions. Additionally, the padding
    area after last DTD is now checked (all bytes have to be
  * Desription of cea_hdr_t.info_blk.num_dtd field: it should be
    explicitly stated, that this is a number of *native* DTDs,
    and not the total number of DTDs in the CEA block.
  * wxEDID_App::CmdLineArgs(): using wxLogStderr for printing
    messages to stderr.
  * EDID_cl::ParseDetDtor(): error msg needs EDID block number,
    passed by the caller.
  * all references to GPLv3 replaced with GPLv3+, to match the
    declarations in COPYING.
  * strict control of what goes to the 'dist' target.
  * don't distribute src/config.h -> this requires a workaround in
    wxEDID_Main.h, i.e. defining dummy VERSION symbol when
    rcd_autogen is running.
  * (BUG) EDID_cl::VSD_ltncy(): unsupported IEEE-OUI codes: don't
    overflow if the latency value is zero: mark the field as
    unused. Added EF_FGR flags: editing the latency value removes
    "unused" flag.
  * (BUG) cea_vsd_cl::fields[] max latency value is 500ms, not 251=(500/2)+1.
  * wxEDID_Frame::SaveRep_SubGrps(): export offset values in both
    decimal and hex format.
  * single top-level
  * cea_vsd_cl::fields[]: Latency: Added info about 2ms granularity
    of values.
  * cea_vsd_cl: Updated group description (new IEEE-OUI codes).
  * man/wxedid.1 manpage written by Felix Lechner.
  * rcode.h v1.1.0, rcd_autogen v2.1
* Tue Jul 14 2020 Mia Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.21
  * (BUG): BlockTree: root node was not showing EDID file name if
    the file path was provided as an cmd line argument
    (both binary and --text).
  * (BUG) cea_hdrs_cl::init(): Incorrect min size for
    "HDR Static Metadata Data Block" (TagCode=7, ExtTagCode=6):
    the min. block size is 3, not 6 bytes. Fields for bytes 4..6
    are marked as unused, depending on the block size.
  * (BUG) cea_hdrs_cl: incorrect bitfield definitions for reserved
    fields: "ET6-7" & "SM1-7"
  * Wrong evt ID for importing HEX-text EDID from cmd line arg:
    should be id_mnu_imphex, not id_mnu_exphex.
  * (Regression) if config file doen't exist, the
    config.b_dtd_keep_aspect is set to OFF, but by default it
    should be set to ON.
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Mia Herkt <>
- Add wxedid-no-implicit-string-conversion.patch
  Works around compilation issues with openSUSE?s wxWidgets
  packages, which do not enable implicit string type conversion.
- Update to v0.0.20
  * Added: Loading/Importing EDID files from path passed as cmd
    line argument.
  * Added: Save settings: last used directory + last opened file,
  * lower-case name for the final executable: wxEDID -> wxedid
  * (BUG) cea_y42c_cl::gen_data_layout() never tested: buggy code,
    memory corruption. Program crash if EDID data contains
    "YCBCR 4:2:0 Capability Map Data Block"
    (TagCode=7, ExtTagCode=15)
* Sun Jan 05 2020 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.19
  * evt_blktree_sel(): the cell editor must be closed before
    switching to newly selected data block. Otherwise the cell
    editor can be "orphaned" and its window stays opened until
    another cell editor is activated. This problem was visible
    only when the cell editor was activated from Value Selector
    Menu event and if evt_blktree_sel() was invoked with opened
    cell editor.
  * EDID_cl::ProdWk(): wxString::operator<<() requires type casting
    to <int> when appending a byte -> otherwise <u8_t> is
    interpreted as <char>
  * menu Options::"Ignore EDID errors" must be always enabled,
    because otherwise the option will be unavailable until a valid
    EDID structure is loaded.
  * Menu Help::Flags & Types: info about flags displayed in the
    block data grid.
* Wed Jul 24 2019 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.18
  * Removed unused "Hex View" menu item
  * Menu Options: "DTD preview: keep aspect ratio": keep aspect
    ratio of the DTD preview screen.
  * DTD_Constructor: active screen area size is now displayed on
    the DTD screen preview. H/V borders are excluded from active
Version: 0.0.17-bp151.1.1
* Sun Dec 23 2018 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.17
  * Increased default Log Window size from 400x300 to 500x400.
  * All panels & controls are now using default system font instead
    of fixed one.
  * (BUG::wxSmith) Menu "Quit" and "About" handlers were connected
    dynamically in the frame constructor, even though they were
    already present in the static event table.
  * Options menu: all menu items except "Log window" should stay
    disabled until edid data is loaded/imported.
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.16
  * support for wxWidgets v3.1.x : *experimental*
  * DTD panel: all the controls are now configured to use default
    min sizes - this is rather a disadventage, because f.e. the
    default controls in gtk3 are ridiculously big. However,
    the minimal App frame size is now re-calculated dynamically,
    basing on the min. size reported by the DTD sizer - so this
    is a more flexible solution.
  * Dropped support for old wxWidgets versions (<3.0.0).
  * Changed proportions of AUI panes.
  * DTD panel: dtd_screen: background was erased twice on resize
    event ? now the refreshing is performed in a single call to
    the paint event.
  * wxWidgets v3.1.x wxGrid::SetCellValue(wxString&, int, int)
    is deprecated, new version is wxGrid::SetCellValue(int, int,
  * wxWidgets v3.1.x: wxEVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGE is no longer
    supported ? renamed to wxEVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGED
  * wxEDID_Frame::evt_frame_size() missing call to sizer->Layout()
    ? quick resizing of the frame could cause incorrect placement
    of child windows on the DTD panel.
  * (BUG::old): DTD_Ctor_WriteInt(): value change event log:
    missing field names. Only the first letter of field name was
    printed due to missing conversion from ASCII to wxString.
  * (BUG::old): EDID_class.cpp: wxString AltDesc wasn't really
    initializing the alternative desriptors' "Desc" fields.
    Now the AltDesc is just a char string, and the "Desc" fields
    are proprly initialized by calling wxString::FromUTF8(AltDesc).
  * DTD_Ctor_WriteInt(), WriteField(): value change event log:
    print the whole message string in a single call to
    guilog::DoLog() - eliminates printing of multiple timestamps
    per event.
  * Corrected few textual descriptions of EDID fields.
* Tue Nov 28 2017
- update to v0.0.15
  * Fixed: (BUG) RCD_RETURN_FALSE() returns RCD_TRUE
* Mon Oct 30 2017
- update to v0.0.14
  * Update: guilog.h v0.2
  * Fixed: Info panel: BG & FG colors were theme-dependent, which
    could make the panel look "ugly" or even completely unreadable.
    Now the FG is forced to black and the BG is white.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- update to v0.0.13
  * Fixed: (GCC 6.x): silenced some warnings (false-positives)
    regarding "possibly unitialized variables" in EDID_class.cpp
  * Fixed: (GCC 6.x, C11 mode): wxEDID_Main.h: C11 requires a space
    between literal and string macro [-Wliteral-suffix].
  * Update: returncode.h v0.8.3
* Sat Apr 01 2017
- Initial commit