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Change Logs

Version: 0.0.17-bp151.1.1
* Sun Dec 23 2018 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.17
  * Increased default Log Window size from 400x300 to 500x400.
  * All panels & controls are now using default system font instead
    of fixed one.
  * (BUG::wxSmith) Menu "Quit" and "About" handlers were connected
    dynamically in the frame constructor, even though they were
    already present in the static event table.
  * Options menu: all menu items except "Log window" should stay
    disabled until edid data is loaded/imported.
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to v0.0.16
  * support for wxWidgets v3.1.x : *experimental*
  * DTD panel: all the controls are now configured to use default
    min sizes - this is rather a disadventage, because f.e. the
    default controls in gtk3 are ridiculously big. However,
    the minimal App frame size is now re-calculated dynamically,
    basing on the min. size reported by the DTD sizer - so this
    is a more flexible solution.
  * Dropped support for old wxWidgets versions (<3.0.0).
  * Changed proportions of AUI panes.
  * DTD panel: dtd_screen: background was erased twice on resize
    event ? now the refreshing is performed in a single call to
    the paint event.
  * wxWidgets v3.1.x wxGrid::SetCellValue(wxString&, int, int)
    is deprecated, new version is wxGrid::SetCellValue(int, int,
  * wxWidgets v3.1.x: wxEVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGE is no longer
    supported ? renamed to wxEVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGED
  * wxEDID_Frame::evt_frame_size() missing call to sizer->Layout()
    ? quick resizing of the frame could cause incorrect placement
    of child windows on the DTD panel.
  * (BUG::old): DTD_Ctor_WriteInt(): value change event log:
    missing field names. Only the first letter of field name was
    printed due to missing conversion from ASCII to wxString.
  * (BUG::old): EDID_class.cpp: wxString AltDesc wasn't really
    initializing the alternative desriptors' "Desc" fields.
    Now the AltDesc is just a char string, and the "Desc" fields
    are proprly initialized by calling wxString::FromUTF8(AltDesc).
  * DTD_Ctor_WriteInt(), WriteField(): value change event log:
    print the whole message string in a single call to
    guilog::DoLog() - eliminates printing of multiple timestamps
    per event.
  * Corrected few textual descriptions of EDID fields.
* Tue Nov 28 2017
- update to v0.0.15
  * Fixed: (BUG) RCD_RETURN_FALSE() returns RCD_TRUE
* Mon Oct 30 2017
- update to v0.0.14
  * Update: guilog.h v0.2
  * Fixed: Info panel: BG & FG colors were theme-dependent, which
    could make the panel look "ugly" or even completely unreadable.
    Now the FG is forced to black and the BG is white.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- update to v0.0.13
  * Fixed: (GCC 6.x): silenced some warnings (false-positives)
    regarding "possibly unitialized variables" in EDID_class.cpp
  * Fixed: (GCC 6.x, C11 mode): wxEDID_Main.h: C11 requires a space
    between literal and string macro [-Wliteral-suffix].
  * Update: returncode.h v0.8.3
* Sat Apr 01 2017
- Initial commit