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Change Logs

* Sat Apr 29 2017
- call gzip -n to make build fully reproducible
* Thu Apr 20 2017
- Remove redundant %clean section, replace %__-type macro
  indirections, and use %_smp_mflags over %jobs.
* Thu Apr 06 2017
- Disable jbigkit for SLE11.
* Wed Apr 05 2017
- Change of conditional to build with jbigkit by default.
* Thu Nov 24 2016
- Update to latest SVN revision 315 of Splix. That version -- which
  was unfortunately never released -- brings support for many new
  printers and solves bsc#1007864. The update obsoletes
  splix-2.0.0-gcc45.patch, which was applied upstream. Also,
  splix-add-debuginfo.patch has been partially applied upstream and
  could be simplified. Note that the new version of SpliX has
  bumped an internal version number and therefore requires users to
  re-register their printer in CUPS. If this is not done, then CUPS
  will complain about a version number mismatch.
* Fri Mar 20 2015
- For SLE12 build it with traditional CUPS 1.5.4 to ensure
  it works on SLE12 both with CUPS 1.7.5 and CUPS 1.5.4.
* Mon Mar 16 2015
- Make it build on SLE11 x86_64 by using %_libdir/cups/ in the
  files section on SLE11 because there with CUPS 1.3.9 there is
  still /usr/lib64/cups/ used on x86_64 and /usr/lib/cups/ on x86
  and it installs automatically into /usr/lib64/cups/ on x86_64
  and into /usr/lib/cups/ on x86.
* Mon Aug 25 2014
- splix-add-debuginfo.patch (from lets build
  make also the missing debuginfo packages (bnc#890843).
* Tue Jun 24 2014
- Make Splix working also for Ghostscript version >= 9.02:
  In /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoqpdl there is a hardcoded
  call for /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster.
  Since Ghostscript 9.02 /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster
  is replaced by /usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster.
  Accordingly when no /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster exists,
  an appropriate symlink is created (bnc#803005).
- Require ghostscript because all Splix driver PPDs either
  call /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoqpdl that calls Ghostscript
  or /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoqpdl that needs raster data
  from the Ghostscript cups device.
* Wed Mar 12 2014
- Provide the license source file COPYING in the binary RPM
  (fix declined IBS submitrequest 33545).
* Fri Feb 22 2013
- Added "BuildRequires: python-cups" to get special
  RPM Provides tags for the printers supported by
  this package (see SUSE Bugzilla bnc#735865).
* Wed Mar 28 2012
- Replace the oversophisticated _libexecdir which evaluates
  to "...lib64..." on x86_64 and use instead a plain simple
  fixed /usr/lib/cups/filter/ according to what is actually
  used by CUPS on all platforms. Additionally this hopefully
  makes it more obvious that a fixed /usr/lib/cups/filter/
  is intentionally used.
* Tue Mar 27 2012
- Fix build, add missing -lpthread.
- Cleanup spec file.
* Mon Feb 13 2012
- patch license to follow standard
* Tue Jan 25 2011
- A rename of a RPM binary package by chaging the name value
  in the spec file and the spec file name also to "splix.spec"
  is currently not possible whith the openSUSE toolset
  (see why submitrequest 56905 was declined).
  Therefore a new package "splix" was created and
  the old package "cups-drivers-splix" was removed (bnc#659579).
* Wed Dec 15 2010
- rename package from cups-drivers-splix to splix according to
* Fri Aug 06 2010
- exclude from the package ppd files that requires JBIG when
  JBIG is disabled bnc#628698
- use upstream manufacturer subfolders
* Tue Apr 06 2010
- fixed gcc 4.5 build failure
* Fri Oct 09 2009
- use bcond again
* Sun Oct 04 2009
- re-enabled JBIG since i need it, it's possible to disable it
  with "%%define with_jbigkit 0"