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* Mon May 03 2021 Egbert Eich <>
- Ship REST API version and auth plugins with slurmrestd.
- Add YAML support for REST API to build (bsc#1185603).
* Wed Mar 17 2021 Christian Goll <>
- Udpate to 20.11.5:
- New features:
  * New job_container/tmpfs plugin developed by NERSC that can be used to
  create per-job filesystem namespaces.  Documentaiion and configuration
  can be found in the respecting man page.
- Bug fixes:
  * Fix main scheduler bug where bf_hetjob_prio truncates SchedulerParameters.
  * Fix sacct not displaying UserCPU, SystemCPU and TotalCPU for large times.
  * scrontab - fix to return the correct index for a bad #SCRON option.
  * scrontab - fix memory leak when invalid option found in #SCRON line.
  * Add errno for when a user requests multiple partitions and they are using
  partition based associations.
  * Fix issue where a job could run in a wrong partition when using
  EnforcePartLimits=any and partition based associations.
  * Remove possible deadlock when adding associations/wckeys in multiple
  * When using PrologFlags=alloc make sure the correct Slurm version is set
  in the credential.
  * When sending a job a warning signal make sure we always send SIGCONT
  * Fix issue where a batch job would continue running if a prolog failed on a
  node that wasn't the batch host and requeuing was disabled.
  * Fix issue where sometimes salloc/srun wouldn't get a message about a prolog
  failure in the job's stdout.
  * Requeue or kill job on a prolog failure when PrologFlags is not set.
  * Fix race condition causing node reboots to get requeued before
  ResumeTimeout expires.
  * Preserve node boot_req_time on reconfigure.
  * Preserve node power_save_req_time on reconfigure.
  * Fix node reboots being queued and issued multiple times and preventing the
  reboot to time out.
  * Fix run_command to exit correctly if track_script kills the calling thread.
  * Only requeue a job when the PrologSlurmctld returns nonzero.
  * When a job is signaled with SIGKILL make sure we flush all
  prologs/setup scripts.
  * Handle burst buffer scripts if the job is canceled while stage_in is
  * When shutting down the slurmctld make note to ignore error message when
  we have to kill a prolog/setup script we are tracking.
  * scrontab - add support for the --open-mode option.
  * acct_gather_profile/influxdb - avoid segfault on plugin shutdown if setup
  has not completed successfully.
  * Reduce delay in starting salloc allocations when running with prologs.
  * Alter AllocNodes check to work if the allocating node's domain doesn't
  match the slurmctld's. This restores the pre*20.11 behavior.
  * Fix slurmctld segfault if jobs from a prior version had the now-removed
  INVALID_DEPEND state flag set and were allowed to run in 20.11.
  * Add job_container/tmpfs plugin to give a method to provide a private /tmp
  per job.
  * Set the correct core affinity when using AutoDetect.
  * slurmrestd - mark "environment" as required for job submissions in schema.
* Tue Feb 23 2021 Christian Goll <>
- Udpate to 20.11.04
  * Fix node selection for advanced reservations with features.
  * mpi/pmix: Handle pipe failure better when using ucx.
  * mpi/pmix: include PMIX_NODEID for each process entry.
  * Fix job getting rejected after being requeued on same node that died.
  * job_submit/lua - add "network" field.
  * Fix situations when a reoccuring reservation could erroneously skip a
  * Ensure that a reservations [pro|epi]log are ran on reoccuring reservations.
  * Fix threads-per-core memory allocation issue when using CR_CPU_MEMORY.
  * Fix scheduling issue with --gpus.
  * Fix gpu allocations that request --cpus-per-task.
  * mpi/pmix: fixed print messages for all PMIXP_* macros
  * Add mapping for XCPU to --signal option.
  * Fix regression in 20.11 that prevented a full pass of the main scheduler
  from ever executing.
  * Work around a glibc bug in which "0" is incorrectly printed as "nan"
  which will result in corrupted association state on restart.
  * Fix regression in 20.11 which made slurmd incorrectly attempt to find the
  parent slurmd address when not applicable and send incorrect reverse*tree
  info to the slurmstepd.
  * Fix cgroup ns detection when using containers (e.g. LXC or Docker).
  * scrontab - change temporary file handling to work with emacs.
- Removed
- Added: load-pmix-major-version.patch
* Wed Jan 20 2021 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to 20.11.03
- This release includes a major functional change to how job step launch is
  handled compared to the previous 20.11 releases. This affects srun as
  well as MPI stacks - such as Open MPI - which may use srun internally as
  part of the process launch.
  One of the changes made in the Slurm 20.11 release was to the semantics
  for job steps launched through the 'srun' command. This also
  inadvertently impacts many MPI releases that use srun underneath their
  own mpiexec/mpirun command.
  For 20.11.{0,1,2} releases, the default behavior for srun was changed
  such that each step was allocated exactly what was requested by the
  options given to srun, and did not have access to all resources assigned
  to the job on the node by default. This change was equivalent to Slurm
  setting the --exclusive option by default on all job steps. Job steps
  desiring all resources on the node needed to explicitly request them
  through the new '--whole' option.
  In the 20.11.3 release, we have reverted to the 20.02 and older behavior
  of assigning all resources on a node to the job step by default.
  This reversion is a major behavioral change which we would not generally
  do on a maintenance release, but is being done in the interest of
  restoring compatibility with the large number of existing Open MPI (and
  other MPI flavors) and job scripts that exist in production, and to
  remove what has proven to be a significant hurdle in moving to the new
  Please note that one change to step launch remains - by default, in
  20.11 steps are no longer permitted to overlap on the resources they
  have been assigned. If that behavior is desired, all steps must
  explicitly opt-in through the newly added '--overlap' option.
  Further details and a full explanation of the issue can be found at:
- Other changes from 20.11.03
  * Fix segfault when parsing bad "#SBATCH hetjob" directive.
  * Allow countless gpu:<typenode GRES specifications in slurm.conf.
  * PMIx - Don't set UCX_MEM_MMAP_RELOC for older version of UCX (pre 1.5).
  * Don't green-light any GPU validation when core conversion fails.
  * Allow updates to a reservation in the database that starts in the future.
  * Better check/handling of primary key collision in reservation table.
  * Improve reported error and logging in _build_node_list().
  * Fix uninitialized variable in _rpc_file_bcast() which could lead to an
    incorrect error return from sbcast / srun --bcast.
  * mpi/cray_shasta - fix use-after-free on error in _multi_prog_parse().
  * Cray - Handle setting correct prefix for cpuset cgroup with respects to
    expected_usage_in_bytes.  This fixes Cray's OOM killer.
  * mpi/pmix: Fix PMIx_Abort support.
  * Don't reject jobs allocating more cores than tasks with MaxMemPerCPU.
  * Fix false error message complaining about oversubscribe in cons_tres.
  * scrontab - fix parsing of empty lines.
  * Fix regression causing spank_process_option errors to be ignored.
  * Avoid making multiple interactive steps.
  * Fix corner case issues where step creation should fail.
  * Fix job rejection when --gres is less than --gpus.
  * Fix regression causing spank prolog/epilog not to be called unless the
    spank plugin was loaded in slurmd context.
  * Fix regression preventing SLURM_HINT=nomultithread from being used
    to set defaults for salloc->srun, sbatch->srun sequence.
  * Reject job credential if non-superuser sets the LAUNCH_NO_ALLOC flag.
  * Make it so srun --no-allocate works again.
  * jobacct_gather/linux - Don't count memory on tasks that have already
  * Fix 19.05/20.02 batch steps talking with a 20.11 slurmctld.
  * jobacct_gather/common - Do not process jobacct's with same taskid when
    calling prec_extra.
  * Cleanup all tracked jobacct tasks when extern step child process finishes.
  * slurmrestd/dbv0.0.36 - Correct structure of dbv0.0.36_tres_list.
  * Fix regression causing task/affinity and task/cgroup to be out of sync when
    configured ThreadsPerCore is different than the physical threads per core.
  * Fix situation when --gpus is given but not max nodes (-N1-1) in a job
  * Interactive step - ignore cpu bind and mem bind options, and do not set
    the associated environment variables which lead to unexpected behavior
    from srun commands launched within the interactive step.
  * Handle exit code from pipe when using UCX with PMIx.
* Fri Jan 08 2021 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix fallout introduced by:
  "Replace  '%service_del_postun -n' with '%service_del_postun_without_restart'"
  for older Leap/SLE versions.
* Fri Jan 08 2021 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix Provides:/Conflicts: for libnss_slurm.
* Tue Jan 05 2021 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Add support for configuration files from external plugins.
  While built-in plugins have their configuration added in slurm.conf,
  external SPANK plugins add their configuration to plugstack.conf
  To allow packaging easily spank plugins, their configuration files
  should be added independently at /etc/spack/plugstack.conf.d and
  plugstack.conf should be left with an oneliner including all the
  files under /etc/spack/plugstack.conf.d
* Mon Dec 28 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Update to 20.11.02
  * Fix older versions of sacct not working with 20.11.
  * Fix slurmctld crash when using a pre-20.11 srun in a job allocation.
  * Correct logic problem in _validate_user_access.
  * Fix libpmi to initialize Slurm configuration correctly.
- Update to 20.11.01
  * Fix spelling of "overcomited" to "overcomitted" in sreport's cluster
    utilization report.
  * Silence debug message about shutting down backup controllers if none are
  * Don't create interactive srun until PrologSlurmctld is done.
  * Fix fd symlink path resolution.
  * Fix slurmctld segfault on subnode reservation restore after node
    configuration change.
  * Fix resource allocation response message environment allocation size.
  * Ensure that details->env_sup is NULL terminated.
  * select/cray_aries - Correctly remove jobs/steps from blades using NPC.
  * cons_tres - Avoid max_node_gres when entire node is allocated with
  - -ntasks-per-gpu.
  * Allow NULL arg to data_get_type().
  * In sreport have usage for a reservation contain all jobs that ran in the
    reservation instead of just the ones that ran in the time specified. This
    matches the report for the reservation is not truncated for a time period.
  * Fix issue with sending wrong batch step id to a < 20.11 slurmd.
  * Add a job's alloc_node to lua for job modification and completion.
  * Fix regression getting a slurmdbd connection through the perl API.
  * Stop the extern step terminate monitor right after proctrack_g_wait().
  * Fix removing the normalized priority of assocs.
  * slurmrestd/v0.0.36 - Use correct name for partition field:
    "min nodes per job" -"min_nodes_per_job".
  * slurmrestd/v0.0.36 - Add node comment field.
  * Fix regression marking cloud nodes as "unexpectedly rebooted" after
    multiple boots.
  * Fix slurmctld segfault in _slurm_rpc_job_step_create().
  * slurmrestd/v0.0.36 - Filter node states against NODE_STATE_BASE to avoid
    the extended states all being reported as "invalid".
  * Fix race that can prevent the prolog for a requeued job from running.
  * cli_filter - add "type" to readily distinguish between the CLI command in
  * smail - reduce sleep before seff to 5 seconds.
  * Ensure SPANK prolog and epilog run without an explicit PlugStackConfig.
  * Disable MySQL automatic reconnection.
  * Fix allowing "b" after memory unit suffixes.
  * Fix slurmctld segfault with reservations without licenses.
  * Due to internal restructuring ahead of the 20.11 release, applications
    calling libslurm MUST call slurm_init(NULL) before any API calls.
    Otherwise the API call is likely to fail due to libslurm's internal
    configuration not being available.
  * slurm.spec - allow custom paths for PMIx and UCX install locations.
  * Use rpath if enabled when testing for Mellanox's UCX libraries.
  * slurmrestd/dbv0.0.36 - Change user query for associations to optional.
  * slurmrestd/dbv0.0.36 - Change account query for associations to optional.
  * mpi/pmix - change the error handler error message to be more useful.
  * Add missing connection in acct_storage_p_{clear_stats, reconfig, shutdown}.
  * Perl API - fix issue when running in configless mode.
  * nss_slurm - avoid deadlock when stray sockets are found.
  * Display correct value for ScronParameters in 'scontrol show config'
* Mon Nov 30 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 20.11.0
  Slurm 20.11 includes a number of new features including:
  * Overhaul of the job step management and launch code, alongside improved
    GPU task placement support.
  * A new "Interactive Step" mode of operation for salloc.
  * A new "scrontab" command that can be used to submit and manage
    periodically repeating jobs.
  * IPv6 support.
  * Changes to the reservation logic, with new options allowing users
    to delete reservations, allowing admins to skip the next occurance of a
    repeated reservation, and allowing for a job to be submitted and eligible
    to run within multiple reservations.
  * Dynamic Future Nodes - automatically associate a dynamically
    provisioned (or "cloud") node against a NodeName definition with matching
  * An experimental new RPC queuing mode for slurmctld to reduce thread
    contention on heavily loaded clusters.
  * SlurmDBD integration with the Slurm REST API.
  Also check
* Wed Nov 18 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Updated to 20.02.6, addresses two security fixes:
  * PMIx - fix potential buffer overflows from use of unpackmem().
    CVE-2020-27745 (bsc#1178890)
  * X11 forwarding - fix potential leak of the magic cookie when sent as an
    argument to the xauth command. CVE-2020-27746 (bsc#1178891)
- And many other bugfixes, full log and details available at:
* Tue Nov 03 2020 Franck Bui <>
- Replace  '%service_del_postun -n' with '%service_del_postun_without_restart'
  '-n' is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
* Thu Oct 29 2020 Ana Guerrero Lopez <>
- Updated to 20.02.5, changes:
  * Fix leak of TRESRunMins when job time is changed with --time-min
  * pam_slurm - explicitly initialize slurm config to support configless mode.
  * scontrol - Fix exit code when creating/updating reservations with wrong
  * When a GRES has a no_consume flag, report 0 for allocated.
  * Fix cgroup cleanup by jobacct_gather/cgroup.
  * When creating reservations/jobs don't allow counts on a feature unless
  using an XOR.
  * Improve number of boards discovery
  * Fix updating a reservation NodeCnt on a zero-count reservation.
  * slurmrestd - provide an explicit error messages when PSK auth fails.
  * cons_tres - fix job requesting single gres per-node getting two or more
  nodes with less CPUs than requested per-task.
  * cons_tres - fix calculation of cores when using gres and cpus-per-task.
  * cons_tres - fix job not getting access to socket without GPU or with less
  than --gpus-per-socket when not enough cpus available on required socket
  and not using --gres-flags=enforce binding.
  * Fix HDF5 type version build error.
  * Fix creation of CoreCnt only reservations when the first node isn't
  * Fix wrong DBD Agent queue size in sdiag when using accounting_storage/none.
  * Improve job constraints XOR option logic.
  * Fix preemption of hetjobs when needed nodes not in leader component.
  * Fix wrong bit_or() messing potential preemptor jobs node bitmap, causing
  bad node deallocations and even allocation of nodes from other partitions.
  * Fix double-deallocation of preempted non-leader hetjob components.
  * slurmdbd - prevent truncation of the step nodelists over 4095.
  * Fix nodes remaining in drain state state after rebooting with ASAP option.
  - changes from 20.02.4:
  * srun - suppress job step creation warning message when waiting on
  * slurmrestd - fix incorrect return values in data_list_for_each() functions.
  * mpi/pmix - fix issue where HetJobs could fail to launch.
  * slurmrestd - set content-type header in responses.
  * Fix cons_res GRES overallocation for --gres-flags=disable-binding.
  * Fix cons_res incorrectly filtering cores with respect to GRES locality for
  - -gres-flags=disable-binding requests.
  * Fix regression where a dependency on multiple jobs in a single array using
  underscores would only add the first job.
  * slurmrestd - fix corrupted output due to incorrect use of memcpy().
  * slurmrestd - address a number of minor Coverity warnings.
  * Handle retry failure when slurmstepd is communicating with srun correctly.
  * Fix jobacct_gather possibly duplicate stats when _is_a_lwp error shows up.
  * Fix tasks binding to GRES which are closest to the allocated CPUs.
  * Fix AMD GPU ROCM 3.5 support.
  * Fix handling of job arrays in sacct when querying specific steps.
  * slurmrestd - avoid fallback to local socket authentication if JWT
  authentication is ill-formed.
  * slurmrestd - restrict ability of requests to use different authentication
  * slurmrestd - unlink named unix sockets before closing.
  * slurmrestd - fix invalid formatting in openapi.json.
  * Fix batch jobs stuck in CF state on FrontEnd mode.
  * Add a separate explicit error message when rejecting changes to active node
  * cons_common/job_test - fix slurmctld SIGABRT due to double-free.
  * Fix updating reservations to set the duration correctly if updating the
  start time.
  * Fix update reservation to promiscuous mode.
  * Fix override of job tasks count to max when ntasks-per-node present.
  * Fix min CPUs per node not being at least CPUs per task requested.
  * Fix CPUs allocated to match CPUs requested when requesting GRES and
  threads per core equal to one.
  * Fix NodeName config parsing with Boards and without CPUs.
  * Ensure SLURM_JOB_USER and SLURM_JOB_UID are set in SrunProlog/Epilog.
  * Fix error messages for certain invalid salloc/sbatch/srun options.
  * pmi2 - clean up sockets at step termination.
  * Fix 'scontrol hold' to work with 'JobName'.
  * sbatch - handle --uid/--gid in #SBATCH directives properly.
  * Fix race condition in job termination on slurmd.
  * Print specific error messages if trying to run use certain
  priority/multifactor factors that cannot work without SlurmDBD.
  * Avoid partial GRES allocation when --gpus-per-job is not satisfied.
  * Cray - Avoid referencing a variable outside of it's correct scope when
  dealing with creating steps within a het job.
  * slurmrestd - correctly handle larger addresses from accept().
  * Avoid freeing wrong pointer with SlurmctldParameters=max_dbd_msg_action
  with another option after that.
  * Restore MCS label when suspended job is resumed.
  * Fix insufficient lock levels.
  * slurmrestd - use errno from job submission.
  * Fix "user" filter for sacctmgr show transactions.
  * Fix preemption logic.
  * Fix no_consume GRES for exclusive (whole node) requests.
  * Fix regression in 20.02 that caused an infinite loop in slurmctld when
  requesting --distribution=plane for the job.
  * Fix parsing of the --distribution option.
  * Add CONF READ_LOCK to _handle_fed_send_job_sync.
  * prep/script - always call slurmctld PrEp callback in _run_script().
  * Fix node estimation for jobs that use GPUs or --cpus-per-task.
  * Fix jobcomp, job_submit and cli_filter Lua implementation plugins causing
  slurmctld and/or job submission CLI tools segfaults due to bad return
  handling when the respective Lua script failed to load.
  * Fix propagation of gpu options through hetjob components.
  * Add SLURM_CLUSTERS environment variable to scancel.
  * Fix packing/unpacking of "unlinked" jobs.
  * Connect slurmstepd's stderr to srun for steps launched with --pty.
  * Handle MPS correctly when doing exclusive allocations.
  * slurmrestd - fix compiling against libhttpparser in a non-default path.
  * slurmrestd - avoid compilation issues with libhttpparser < 2.6.
  * Fix compile issues when compiling slurmrestd without --enable-debug.
  * Reset idle time on a reservation that is getting purged.
  * Fix reoccurring reservations that have Purge_comp= to keep correct
  duration if they are purged.
  * scontrol - changed the "PROMISCUOUS" flag to "MAGNETIC"
  * Early return from epilog_set_env in case of no_consume.
  * Fix cons_common/job_test start time discovery logic to prevent skewed
  results between "will run test" executions.
  * Ensure TRESRunMins limits are maintained during "scontrol reconfigure".
  * Improve error message when host lookup fails.
- Refresh patch: pam_slurm-Initialize-arrays-and-pass-sizes.patch
* Tue Jul 07 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Add support for openPMIx also for Leap/SLE 15.0/1 (bsc#1173805).
- Do not run %check on SLE-12-SP2: Some incompatibility in tcl
  makes this fail.
- Remove unneeded build dependency to postgresql-devel.
- Disable build on s390 (requires 64bit).
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Bring QA to the package build: add %%check stage.
- Remove cruft that isn't needed any longer.
- Add 'ghosted' run-file.
- Add rpmlint filter to handle issues with library packages
  for Leap and enterprise upgrade versions.
* Wed May 06 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Treat libnss_slurm like any other package: add version string to
  upgrade package.
Version: 20.02.3-bp152.1.1
* Fri May 22 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Updated to 20.02.3 which fixes CVE-2020-12693 (bsc#1172004).
- Other changes are:
  * Factor in ntasks-per-core=1 with cons_tres.
  * Fix formatting in error message in cons_tres.
  * Fix calling stat on a NULL variable.
  * Fix minor memory leak when using reservations with flags=first_cores.
  * Fix gpu bind issue when CPUs=Cores and ThreadsPerCore > 1 on a node.
  * Fix --mem-per-gpu for heterogenous --gres requests.
  * Fix slurmctld load order in load_all_part_state().
  * Fix race condition not finding jobacct gather task cgroup entry.
  * Suppress error message when selecting nodes on disjoint topologies.
  * Improve performance of _pack_default_job_details() with large number of job
  * arguments.
  * Fix archive loading previous to 17.11 jobs per-node req_mem.
  * Fix regresion validating that --gpus-per-socket requires --sockets-per-node
  * for steps. Should only validate allocation requests.
  * error() instead of fatal() when parsing an invalid hostlist.
  * nss_slurm - fix potential deadlock in slurmstepd on overloaded systems.
  * cons_tres - fix --gres-flags=enforce-binding and related --cpus-per-gres.
  * cons_tres - Allocate lowest numbered cores when filtering cores with gres.
  * Fix getting system counts for named GRES/TRES.
  * MySQL - Fix for handing typed GRES for association rollups.
  * Fix step allocations when tasks_per_core > 1.
  * Fix allocating more GRES than requested when asking for multiple GRES types.
* Fri Mar 27 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Updated to 20.02.1 with following changes"
  * Improve job state reason for jobs hitting partition_job_depth.
  * Speed up testing of singleton dependencies.
  * Fix negative loop bound in cons_tres.
  * srun - capture the MPI plugin return code from mpi_hook_client_fini() and
  use as final return code for step failure.
  * Fix segfault in cli_filter/lua.
  * Fix --gpu-bind=map_gpu reusability if tasks > elements.
  * Make sure config_flags on a gres are sent to the slurmctld on node
  * Prolog/Epilog - Fix missing GPU information.
  * Fix segfault when using config parser for expanded lines.
  * Fix bit overlap test function.
  * Don't accrue time if job begin time is in the future.
  * Remove accrue time when updating a job start/eligible time to the future.
  * Fix regression in 20.02.0 that broke --depend=expand.
  * Reset begin time on job release if it's not in the future.
  * Fix for recovering burst buffers when using high-availability.
  * Fix invalid read due to freeing an incorrectly allocated env array.
  * Update slurmctld -i message to warn about losing data.
  * Fix scontrol cancel_reboot so it clears the DRAIN flag and node reason for a
  pending ASAP reboot.
* Sun Mar 08 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Remove legacy_cray: with 20.02 the special treatment for
  cray-specific plugins on SLE version prior to 15SP2 is
  no longer required.
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Christian Goll <>
- slurm-plugins will now also require pmix not only libpmix
* Fri Feb 28 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Removed autopatch as it doesn't work for the SLE-11-SP4 build.
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Kasimir _ <>
- Disable %arm builds as this is no longer supported.
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Christian Goll <>
- pmix searches now also for so that there is no dependency
  for devel package (bsc#1164386)
  * added patch file
  * reworded patch file Remove-rpath-from-build.patch to use %autopatch
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 20.02.0 (jsc#SLE-8491)
  * Fix minor memory leak in slurmd on reconfig.
  * Fix invalid ptr reference when rolling up data in the database.
  * Change to require python3 for RHEL8 support, and match
  * slurm.spec - override "hardening" linker flags to ensure RHEL8 builds
    in a usable manner.
  * Fix type mismatches in the perl API.
  * Prevent use of uninitialized slurmctld_diag_stats.
  * Fixed various Coverity issues.
  * Only show warning about root-less topology in daemons.
  * Fix accounting of jobs in IGNORE_JOBS reservations.
  * Fix issue with batch steps state not loading correctly when upgrading from
  * Deprecate max_depend_depth in SchedulerParameters and move it to
  * Silence erroneous error on slurmctld upgrade when loading federation state.
  * Break infinite loop in cons_tres dealing with incorrect tasks per tres
    request resulting in slurmctld hang.
  * Improve handling of --gpus-per-task to make sure appropriate number of GPUs
    is assigned to job.
  * Fix seg fault on cons_res when requesting --spread-job.
- Move to python3 for everything but SLE-11-SP4
  * For SLE-11-SP4 add a workaround to handle a python3 script (python2.7
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Add explicit version dependency to libpmix as well.
  'slurm-devel' has a tight version dependency on libpmix -
  allowing multiple libpmix versions in one package repository
  is therefore essential.
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 20.02.0-rc1
  * sbatch - fix segfault when no newline at the end of a burst buffer file.
  * Change scancel to only check job's base state when matching -t options.
  * Save job dependency list in state files.
  * cons_tres - allow jobs to be run on systems with root-less topologies.
  * Restore pre-20.02pre1 PrologSlurmctld synchonization behavior to avoid
    various race conditions, and ensure proper batch job launch.
  * Add new slurmrestd command/daemon which implements the Slurm REST API.
* Tue Feb 11 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Update to version 20.02.0-0pre1, highlights are
  * Exclusive behavior of a node includes all GRES on a node as well
  as the cpus.
  * Use python3 instead of python for internal build/test scripts.
  The slurm.spec file has been updated to depend on python3 as well.
  * Added new NodeSet configuration option to help simplify partition
  configuration sections for heterogeneous / condo*style clusters.
  * Added slurm.conf option MaxDBDMsgs to control how many messages will be
  stored in the slurmctld before throwing them away when the slurmdbd is down.
  * The checkpoint plugin interface and all associated API calls have been
  * slurm_init_job_desc_msg() initializes mail_type as uint16_t. This allows
  mail_type to be set to NONE with scontrol.
  * Add new slurm_spank_log() function to print messages back to the user from
  within a SPANK plugin without prepending "error: " from slurm_error().
  * Enforce having partition name and nodelist=ALL when creating reservations
  with flags=PART_NODES.
  * SPANK - removed never-implemented slurm_spank_slurmd_init() interface. This
  hook has always been accessible through slurm_spank_init() in the
  S_CTX_SLURMD context instead.
  * sbcast - add new BcastAddr option to NodeName lines to allow sbcast traffic
  to flow over an alternate network path.
  * Added auth/jwt plugin, and 'scontrol token' subcommand.  PMIx - improve
  * performance of proc map generation.  Deprecate kill_invalid_depend in
  * SchedulerParameters and move it to a new
  option called DependencyParameters.
  * Enable job dependencies for any job on any cluster in the same federation.
  * Allow clusters to be added automatically to db at startup of ctld.  Add
  * AccountingStorageExternalHost slurm.conf parameter.  The
  * "ConditionPathExists" condition in slurmd.service has been disabled by
  default to permit simpler installation of a "configless" Slurm cluster.
  * In SchedulerParameters remove deprecated max_job_bf and replace with
  * Disable sbatch, salloc, srun --reboot for non-admins.  SPANK - added support
  * for S_JOB_GID in the job script context with
  * Prolog/Epilog - add SLURM_JOB_GID environment variable.
  configuration file changes:
  * The mpi/openmpi plugin has been removed as it does nothing.
    MpiDefault=openmpi will be translated to the functionally-equivalent
  command changes (see man pages for details)
  * Display StepId=<jobid>.batch instead of StepId=<jobid>.4294967294 in output
  of "scontrol show step". (slurm_sprint_job_step_info())
  * MPMD in srun will now defer PATH resolution for the commands to launch to
  slurmstepd. Previously it would handle resolution client*side, but with
  a non*standard approach that walked PATH in reverse.
  * squeue - added "--me" option, equivalent to --user=$USER.
  * The LicensesUsed line has been removed from 'scontrol show config'.
  Please see the 'scontrol show licenses' command as an alternative.
  * sbatch - adjusted backoff times for "--wait" option to reduce load on
  slurmctld. This results in a steady*state delay of 32s between queries,
  instead of the prior 10s delay.
- Removed following deprecated patches:
  * removed patch slurmctld-rerun-agent_init-when-backup-controller-takes-over.patch
  * removed patch split-xdaemon-in-xdaemon_init-and-xdaemon_finish-for.patch
  * removed patch slurmctld-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmdbd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmsmwd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch removed-deprecated-xdaemon.patch
* Wed Feb 05 2020 Christian Goll <>
- standard slurm.conf uses now also SlurmctldHost on all build
  targets (bsc#1162377)
* Mon Jan 27 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix a missed systemd_requires -> systemd_ordering conversion.
* Fri Jan 24 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Remove special OHPC compatibility macro: these settings should
  be applied univerally.
- Add a Recommends for mariadb to slurm-slurmdbd: it is recommened
  to run the database on the same machine as the daemon.
* Fri Jan 24 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut through the -mini flavors.
- Use systemd_ordering instead of systemd_requires: systemd is
  never a strict requirement; but in case the system is scheduled
  for installation together with systemd, we want systemd to be
  installed prior to slurm.
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Christian Goll <>
- start slurmdbd after mariadb (bsc#1161716)
* Mon Jan 13 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix base_ver for SLE 15 SP2.
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 19.05.5 (jsc#SLE-8491)
  * Check %docdir/NEWS for details.
  * Includes security fixes CVE-2019-19727, CVE-2019-19728,
  * Disable i586 builds as this is no longer supported.
  * Create libnss_slurm package to support user and group resolution
    thru slurmstepd.
  * slurm-2.4.4-rpath.patch -> Remove-rpath-from-build.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-avoid-running-outside-of-the-sshd-PA.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-send_user_msg-don-t-copy-undefined-d.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-use-uid-to-determine-whether-root-is.patch
* Thu Jan 02 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Deprecate "ControlMachine" only for SLURM version upgrades and
  products newer than 1501. This ensures that the original setting
  is retained for the SLURM version shipped origianlly with SLE-15-SP1
  or Leap 15.1.
* Sat Dec 21 2019 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to v18.08.9 for fixing CVE-2019-19728 (bsc#1159692).
  * Wrap END_TIMER{,2,3} macro definition in "do {} while (0)" block.
  * Make sview work with glib2 v2.62.
  * Make Slurm compile on linux after sys/sysctl.h was deprecated.
  * Install slurmdbd.conf.example with 0600 permissions to encourage secure
    use. CVE-2019-19727.
  * srun - do not continue with job launch if --uid fails. CVE-2019-19728.