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Change Logs

* Fri May 22 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Updated to 20.02.3 which fixes CVE-2020-12693 (bsc#1172004).
- Other changes are:
  * Factor in ntasks-per-core=1 with cons_tres.
  * Fix formatting in error message in cons_tres.
  * Fix calling stat on a NULL variable.
  * Fix minor memory leak when using reservations with flags=first_cores.
  * Fix gpu bind issue when CPUs=Cores and ThreadsPerCore > 1 on a node.
  * Fix --mem-per-gpu for heterogenous --gres requests.
  * Fix slurmctld load order in load_all_part_state().
  * Fix race condition not finding jobacct gather task cgroup entry.
  * Suppress error message when selecting nodes on disjoint topologies.
  * Improve performance of _pack_default_job_details() with large number of job
  * arguments.
  * Fix archive loading previous to 17.11 jobs per-node req_mem.
  * Fix regresion validating that --gpus-per-socket requires --sockets-per-node
  * for steps. Should only validate allocation requests.
  * error() instead of fatal() when parsing an invalid hostlist.
  * nss_slurm - fix potential deadlock in slurmstepd on overloaded systems.
  * cons_tres - fix --gres-flags=enforce-binding and related --cpus-per-gres.
  * cons_tres - Allocate lowest numbered cores when filtering cores with gres.
  * Fix getting system counts for named GRES/TRES.
  * MySQL - Fix for handing typed GRES for association rollups.
  * Fix step allocations when tasks_per_core > 1.
  * Fix allocating more GRES than requested when asking for multiple GRES types.
* Fri Mar 27 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Updated to 20.02.1 with following changes"
  * Improve job state reason for jobs hitting partition_job_depth.
  * Speed up testing of singleton dependencies.
  * Fix negative loop bound in cons_tres.
  * srun - capture the MPI plugin return code from mpi_hook_client_fini() and
  use as final return code for step failure.
  * Fix segfault in cli_filter/lua.
  * Fix --gpu-bind=map_gpu reusability if tasks > elements.
  * Make sure config_flags on a gres are sent to the slurmctld on node
  * Prolog/Epilog - Fix missing GPU information.
  * Fix segfault when using config parser for expanded lines.
  * Fix bit overlap test function.
  * Don't accrue time if job begin time is in the future.
  * Remove accrue time when updating a job start/eligible time to the future.
  * Fix regression in 20.02.0 that broke --depend=expand.
  * Reset begin time on job release if it's not in the future.
  * Fix for recovering burst buffers when using high-availability.
  * Fix invalid read due to freeing an incorrectly allocated env array.
  * Update slurmctld -i message to warn about losing data.
  * Fix scontrol cancel_reboot so it clears the DRAIN flag and node reason for a
  pending ASAP reboot.
* Sun Mar 08 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Remove legacy_cray: with 20.02 the special treatment for
  cray-specific plugins on SLE version prior to 15SP2 is
  no longer required.
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Christian Goll <>
- slurm-plugins will now also require pmix not only libpmix
* Fri Feb 28 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Removed autopatch as it doesn't work for the SLE-11-SP4 build.
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Kasimir _ <>
- Disable %arm builds as this is no longer supported.
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Christian Goll <>
- pmix searches now also for so that there is no dependency
  for devel package (bsc#1164386)
  * added patch file
  * reworded patch file Remove-rpath-from-build.patch to use %autopatch
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 20.02.0 (jsc#SLE-8491)
  * Fix minor memory leak in slurmd on reconfig.
  * Fix invalid ptr reference when rolling up data in the database.
  * Change to require python3 for RHEL8 support, and match
  * slurm.spec - override "hardening" linker flags to ensure RHEL8 builds
    in a usable manner.
  * Fix type mismatches in the perl API.
  * Prevent use of uninitialized slurmctld_diag_stats.
  * Fixed various Coverity issues.
  * Only show warning about root-less topology in daemons.
  * Fix accounting of jobs in IGNORE_JOBS reservations.
  * Fix issue with batch steps state not loading correctly when upgrading from
  * Deprecate max_depend_depth in SchedulerParameters and move it to
  * Silence erroneous error on slurmctld upgrade when loading federation state.
  * Break infinite loop in cons_tres dealing with incorrect tasks per tres
    request resulting in slurmctld hang.
  * Improve handling of --gpus-per-task to make sure appropriate number of GPUs
    is assigned to job.
  * Fix seg fault on cons_res when requesting --spread-job.
- Move to python3 for everything but SLE-11-SP4
  * For SLE-11-SP4 add a workaround to handle a python3 script (python2.7
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Add explicit version dependency to libpmix as well.
  'slurm-devel' has a tight version dependency on libpmix -
  allowing multiple libpmix versions in one package repository
  is therefore essential.
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 20.02.0-rc1
  * sbatch - fix segfault when no newline at the end of a burst buffer file.
  * Change scancel to only check job's base state when matching -t options.
  * Save job dependency list in state files.
  * cons_tres - allow jobs to be run on systems with root-less topologies.
  * Restore pre-20.02pre1 PrologSlurmctld synchonization behavior to avoid
    various race conditions, and ensure proper batch job launch.
  * Add new slurmrestd command/daemon which implements the Slurm REST API.
* Tue Feb 11 2020 Christian Goll <>
- Update to version 20.02.0-0pre1, highlights are
  * Exclusive behavior of a node includes all GRES on a node as well
  as the cpus.
  * Use python3 instead of python for internal build/test scripts.
  The slurm.spec file has been updated to depend on python3 as well.
  * Added new NodeSet configuration option to help simplify partition
  configuration sections for heterogeneous / condo*style clusters.
  * Added slurm.conf option MaxDBDMsgs to control how many messages will be
  stored in the slurmctld before throwing them away when the slurmdbd is down.
  * The checkpoint plugin interface and all associated API calls have been
  * slurm_init_job_desc_msg() initializes mail_type as uint16_t. This allows
  mail_type to be set to NONE with scontrol.
  * Add new slurm_spank_log() function to print messages back to the user from
  within a SPANK plugin without prepending "error: " from slurm_error().
  * Enforce having partition name and nodelist=ALL when creating reservations
  with flags=PART_NODES.
  * SPANK - removed never-implemented slurm_spank_slurmd_init() interface. This
  hook has always been accessible through slurm_spank_init() in the
  S_CTX_SLURMD context instead.
  * sbcast - add new BcastAddr option to NodeName lines to allow sbcast traffic
  to flow over an alternate network path.
  * Added auth/jwt plugin, and 'scontrol token' subcommand.  PMIx - improve
  * performance of proc map generation.  Deprecate kill_invalid_depend in
  * SchedulerParameters and move it to a new
  option called DependencyParameters.
  * Enable job dependencies for any job on any cluster in the same federation.
  * Allow clusters to be added automatically to db at startup of ctld.  Add
  * AccountingStorageExternalHost slurm.conf parameter.  The
  * "ConditionPathExists" condition in slurmd.service has been disabled by
  default to permit simpler installation of a "configless" Slurm cluster.
  * In SchedulerParameters remove deprecated max_job_bf and replace with
  * Disable sbatch, salloc, srun --reboot for non-admins.  SPANK - added support
  * for S_JOB_GID in the job script context with
  * Prolog/Epilog - add SLURM_JOB_GID environment variable.
  configuration file changes:
  * The mpi/openmpi plugin has been removed as it does nothing.
    MpiDefault=openmpi will be translated to the functionally-equivalent
  command changes (see man pages for details)
  * Display StepId=<jobid>.batch instead of StepId=<jobid>.4294967294 in output
  of "scontrol show step". (slurm_sprint_job_step_info())
  * MPMD in srun will now defer PATH resolution for the commands to launch to
  slurmstepd. Previously it would handle resolution client*side, but with
  a non*standard approach that walked PATH in reverse.
  * squeue - added "--me" option, equivalent to --user=$USER.
  * The LicensesUsed line has been removed from 'scontrol show config'.
  Please see the 'scontrol show licenses' command as an alternative.
  * sbatch - adjusted backoff times for "--wait" option to reduce load on
  slurmctld. This results in a steady*state delay of 32s between queries,
  instead of the prior 10s delay.
- Removed following deprecated patches:
  * removed patch slurmctld-rerun-agent_init-when-backup-controller-takes-over.patch
  * removed patch split-xdaemon-in-xdaemon_init-and-xdaemon_finish-for.patch
  * removed patch slurmctld-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmdbd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch slurmsmwd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed patch removed-deprecated-xdaemon.patch
* Wed Feb 05 2020 Christian Goll <>
- standard slurm.conf uses now also SlurmctldHost on all build
  targets (bsc#1162377)
* Mon Jan 27 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix a missed systemd_requires -> systemd_ordering conversion.
* Fri Jan 24 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Remove special OHPC compatibility macro: these settings should
  be applied univerally.
- Add a Recommends for mariadb to slurm-slurmdbd: it is recommened
  to run the database on the same machine as the daemon.
* Fri Jan 24 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut through the -mini flavors.
- Use systemd_ordering instead of systemd_requires: systemd is
  never a strict requirement; but in case the system is scheduled
  for installation together with systemd, we want systemd to be
  installed prior to slurm.
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Christian Goll <>
- start slurmdbd after mariadb (bsc#1161716)
* Mon Jan 13 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Fix base_ver for SLE 15 SP2.
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to version 19.05.5 (jsc#SLE-8491)
  * Check %docdir/NEWS for details.
  * Includes security fixes CVE-2019-19727, CVE-2019-19728,
  * Disable i586 builds as this is no longer supported.
  * Create libnss_slurm package to support user and group resolution
    thru slurmstepd.
  * slurm-2.4.4-rpath.patch -> Remove-rpath-from-build.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-avoid-running-outside-of-the-sshd-PA.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-send_user_msg-don-t-copy-undefined-d.patch
  - pam_slurm_adopt-use-uid-to-determine-whether-root-is.patch
* Thu Jan 02 2020 Egbert Eich <>
- Deprecate "ControlMachine" only for SLURM version upgrades and
  products newer than 1501. This ensures that the original setting
  is retained for the SLURM version shipped origianlly with SLE-15-SP1
  or Leap 15.1.
* Sat Dec 21 2019 Egbert Eich <>
- Update to v18.08.9 for fixing CVE-2019-19728 (bsc#1159692).
  * Wrap END_TIMER{,2,3} macro definition in "do {} while (0)" block.
  * Make sview work with glib2 v2.62.
  * Make Slurm compile on linux after sys/sysctl.h was deprecated.
  * Install slurmdbd.conf.example with 0600 permissions to encourage secure
    use. CVE-2019-19727.
  * srun - do not continue with job launch if --uid fails. CVE-2019-19728.