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Change Logs

* Sat Feb 01 2020 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.51.0
  * See for the
    complete changelog.
* Tue Nov 19 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.50.2
  * Bug Fixes
  - accounting: Fix memory leak on retries operations (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
  - Fix listing of the root directory with drive.files scope (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix --drive-root-folder-id with team/shared drives (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Sat Nov 02 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.50.1
  * Bug Fixes
  - hash: Fix accidentally changed hash names for DropboxHash and CRC-32 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - fshttp: Fix error reporting on tpslimit token bucket errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - fshttp: Don?t print token bucket errors on context cancelled (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Local
  - Fix listings of . on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Onedrive
  - Fix DirMove/Move after Onedrive change (Xiaoxing Ye)
* Sat Oct 26 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.50.0
  * New backends
  - Citrix Sharefile (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Chunker - an overlay backend to split files into smaller parts (Ivan Andreev)
  - Cloud (Ivan Andreev)
  * New Features
  - encodings (Fabian Möller & Nick Craig-Wood)
  + All backends now use file name encoding to ensure any file name can be written to any backend.
  + See the restricted file name docs for more info and the local backend docs.
  + Some file names may look different in rclone if you are using any control characters in names or unicode FULLWIDTH symbols.
  - build
  + Update to use go1.13 for the build (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Drop support for go1.9 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Build rclone with GitHub actions (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Convert python scripts to python3 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Swap Azure/go-ansiterm for mattn/go-colorable (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Dockerfile fixes (Matei David)
  + Add plugin support for backends and commands (Richard Patel)
  - config
  + Use alternating Red/Green in config to make more obvious (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - contrib
  + Add sample DLNA server Docker Compose manifest. (pataquets)
  + Add sample WebDAV server Docker Compose manifest. (pataquets)
  - copyurl
  + Add --auto-filename flag for using file name from URL in destination path (Denis)
  - serve dlna:
  + Many compatability improvements (Dan Walters)
  + Support for external srt subtitles (Dan Walters)
  - rc
  + Added command core/quit (Saksham Khanna)
  * Bug Fixes
  - sync
  + Make --update/-u not transfer files that haven?t changed (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Free objects after they come out of the transfer pipe to save memory (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Fix --files-from without --no-traverse doing a recursive scan (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - operations
  + Fix accounting for server side copies (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Display ?All duplicates removed? only if dedupe successful (Sezal Agrawal)
  + Display ?Deleted X extra copies? only if dedupe successful (Sezal Agrawal)
  - accounting
  + Only allow up to 100 completed transfers in the accounting list to save memory (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Cull the old time ranges when possible to save memory (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Fix panic due to server-side copy fallback (Ivan Andreev)
  + Fix memory leak noticeable for transfers of large numbers of objects (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Fix total duration calculation (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - cmd
  + Fix environment variables not setting command line flags (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Make autocomplete compatible with bash?s posix mode for macOS (Danil Semelenov)
  + Make --progress work in git bash on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Fix ?compopt: command not found? on autocomplete on macOS (Danil Semelenov)
  - config
  + Fix setting of non top level flags from environment variables (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Check config names more carefully and report errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + Remove error: can?t use --size-only and --ignore-size together. (Nick Craig-Wood)
  + filter: Prevent mixing options when --files-from is in use (Michele Caci)
  + serve sftp: Fix crash on unsupported operations (eg Readlink) (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Mount
  - Allow files of unkown size to be read properly (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Skip tests on <= 2 CPUs to avoid lockup (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix panic on File.Open (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix ?mount_fusefs: -o timeout=: option not supported? on FreeBSD (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Don?t pass huge filenames (>4k) to FUSE as it can?t cope (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * VFS
  - Add flag --vfs-case-insensitive for windows/macOS mounts (Ivan Andreev)
  - Make objects of unknown size readable through the VFS (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Move writeback of dirty data out of close() method into its own method (FlushWrites) and remove close() call from Flush() (Brett Dutro)
  - Stop empty dirs disappearing when renamed on bucket based remotes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Stop change notify polling clearing so much of the directory cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Azure Blob
  - Disable logging to the Windows event log (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * B2
  - Remove unverified: prefix on sha1 to improve interop (eg with CyberDuck) (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Box
  - Add options to get access token via JWT auth (David)
  * Drive
  - Disable HTTP/2 by default to work around INTERNAL_ERROR problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make sure that drive root ID is always canonical (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix --drive-shared-with-me from the root with lsand --fast-list (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix ChangeNotify polling for shared drives (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix change notify polling when using appDataFolder (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Dropbox
  - Make disallowed filenames errors not retry (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix nil pointer exception on restricted files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Fichier
  - Fix accessing files > 2GB on 32 bit systems (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * FTP
  - Allow disabling EPSV mode (Jon Fautley)
  * HTTP
  - HEAD directory entries in parallel to speedup (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add --http-no-head to stop rclone doing HEAD in listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Putio
  - Add ability to resume uploads (Cenk Alti)
  * S3
  - Fix signature v2_auth headers (Anthony Rusdi)
  - Fix encoding for control characters (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Only ask for URL encoded directory listings if we need them on Ceph (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add option for multipart failiure behaviour (Aleksandar Jankovic)
  - Support for multipart copy (???)
  - Fix nil pointer reference if no metadata returned for object (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * SFTP
  - Fix --sftp-ask-password trying to contact the ssh agent (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix hashes of files with backslashes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Include more ciphers with --sftp-use-insecure-cipher (Carlos Ferreyra)
  * WebDAV
  - Parse and return Sharepoint error response (Henning Surmeier)
* Sun Sep 29 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.49.4
  * Bug Fixes
  - cmd/rcd: Address ZipSlip vulnerability (Richard Patel)
  - accounting: Fix file handle leak on errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - oauthutil: Fix security problem when running with two users on the same machine (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * FTP
  - Fix listing of an empty root returning: error dir not found (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * S3
  - Fix SetModTime on GLACIER/ARCHIVE objects and implement set/get tier (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Sun Sep 15 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.49.3
  * Bug Fixes
  - accounting
    + Fix total duration calculation (Aleksandar Jankovic)
    + Fix ?file already closed? on transfer retries (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Sun Sep 08 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.49.2
  * New Features
  - build: Add Docker workflow support (Alfonso Montero)
  * Bug Fixes
  - accounting: Fix locking in Transfer to avoid deadlock with --progress (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - docs: Fix template argument for mktemp in (Cnly)
  - operations: Fix -u/--update with google photos / files of unknown size (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rc: Fix docs for config/create /update /password (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Google Cloud Storage
  - Fix need for elevated permissions on SetModTime (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.49.1
  * Bug Fixes
  - config: Fix generated passwords being stored as empty password (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rcd: Added missing parameter for web-gui info logs. (Chaitanya)
  * Googlephotos
  - Fix crash on error response (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Onedrive
  - Fix crash on error response (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version 1.49.0
  * New backends
  - 1fichier (Laura Hausmann)
  - Google Photos (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Putio (Cenk Alti)
  - (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * New Features
  - Experimental web GUI (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
  - Implement --compare-dest & --copy-dest (yparitcher)
  - Implement --suffix without --backup-dir for backup to current dir (yparitcher)
  - config reconnect to re-login (re-run the oauth login) for the backend. (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - config userinfo to discover which user you are logged in as. (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - config disconnect to disconnect you (log out) from the backend. (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add --use-json-log for JSON logging (justinalin)
  - Add context propagation to rclone (Aleksandar Jankovic)
  - Reworking internal statistics interfaces so they work with rc jobs (Aleksandar Jankovic)
  - Add Higher units for ETA (AbelThar)
  - Update rclone logos to new design (Andreas Chlupka)
  - hash: Add CRC-32 support (Cenk Alti)
  - help showbackend: Fixed advanced option category when there are no standard options (buengese)
  - ncdu: Display/Copy to Clipboard Current Path (Gary Kim)
  - operations:
    + Run hashing operations in parallel (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Don?t calculate checksums when using --ignore-checksum (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Check transfer hashes when using --size-only mode (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Disable multi thread copy for local to local copies (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Debug successful hashes as well as failures (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rc
    + Add ability to stop async jobs (Aleksandar Jankovic)
    + Return current settings if core/bwlimit called without parameters (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Rclone-WebUI integration with rclone (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
    + Added command line parameter to control the cross origin resource sharing (CORS) in the rcd. (Security Improvement) (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
    + Add anchor tags to the docs so links are consistent (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Remove _async key from input parameters after parsing so later operations won?t get confused (buengese)
    + Add call to clear stats (Aleksandar Jankovic)
  - rcd
    + Auto-login for web-gui (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
    + Implement --baseurl for rcd and web-gui (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
  - serve dlna
    + Only select interfaces which can multicast for SSDP (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Add more builtin mime types to cover standard audio/video (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Fix missing mime types on Android causing missing videos (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve ftp
    + Refactor to bring into line with other serve commands (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Implement --auth-proxy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve http: Implement --baseurl (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve restic: Implement --baseurl (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve sftp
    + Implement auth proxy (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Fix detection of whether server is authorized (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve webdav
    + Implement --baseurl (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Support --auth-proxy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Bug Fixes
  - Make ?bad record MAC? a retriable error (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - copyurl: Fix copying files that return HTTP errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - march: Fix checking sub-directories when using --no-traverse (buengese)
  - rc
    + Fix unmarshalable http.AuthFn in options and put in test for marshalability (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Move job expire flags to rc to fix initalization problem (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Fix --loopback with rc/list and others (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rcat: Fix slowdown on systems with multiple hashes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rcd: Fix permissions problems on cache directory with web gui download (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Mount
  - Default --deamon-timout to 15 minutes on macOS and FreeBSD (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Update docs to show mounting from root OK for bucket based (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Remove nonseekable flag from write files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * VFS
  - Make write without cache more efficient (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix --vfs-cache-mode minimal and writes ignoring cached files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Local
  - Add --local-case-sensitive and --local-case-insensitive (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Avoid polluting page cache when uploading local files to remote backends (Micha? Matczuk)
  - Don?t calculate any hashes by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fadvise run syscall on a dedicated go routine (Micha? Matczuk)
  * Azure Blob
  - Azure Storage Emulator support (Sandeep)
  - Updated config help details to remove connection string references (Sandeep)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * B2
  - Implement link sharing (yparitcher)
  - Enable server side copy to copy between buckets (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
  - Fix server side copy of big files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Update API for teamdrive use (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add error for purge with --drive-trashed-only (ginvine)
  * Fichier
  - Make FolderID int and adjust related code (buengese)
  * Google Cloud Storage
  - Reduce oauth scope requested as suggested by Google (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * HTTP
  - Add --http-headers flag for setting arbitrary headers (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Jottacloud
  - Use new api for retrieving internal username (buengese)
  - Refactor configuration and minor cleanup (buengese)
  * Koofr
  - Support setting modification times on Koofr backend. (jaKa)
  * Opendrive
  - Refactor to use existing lib/rest facilities for uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Qingstor
  - Upgrade to v3 SDK and fix listing loop (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * S3
  - Add INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class (Matti Niemenmaa)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * SFTP
  - Add missing interface check and fix About (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Completely ignore all modtime checks if SetModTime=false (Jon Fautley)
  - Support md5/sha1 with (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Save the md5/sha1 command in use to the config file for efficiency (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Opt-in support for diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 (Yi FU)
  * Swift
  - Use FixRangeOption to fix 0 length files via the VFS (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix upload when using no_chunk to return the correct size (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make all operations work from the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix segments leak during failed large file uploads. (nguyenhuuluan434)
  * WebDAV
  - Add --webdav-bearer-token-command (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Refresh token when it expires with --webdav-bearer-token-command (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add docs for using bearer_token_command with oidc-agent (Paul Millar)
* Thu Jun 20 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Fix executable permission
- Update to version 1.48.0
  * New commands
  - serve sftp: Serve an rclone remote over SFTP (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * New Features
  - Multi threaded downloads to local storage (Nick Craig-Wood)
    controlled with --multi-thread-cutoff and --multi-thread-streams
  - Use rclone.conf from rclone executable directory to enable portable use (albertony)
  - Allow sync of a file and a directory with the same name (forgems)
    this is common on bucket based remotes, eg s3, gcs
  - Add --ignore-case-sync for forced case insensitivity (garry415)
  - Implement --stats-one-line-date and --stats-one-line-date-format (Peter Berbec)
  - Log an ERROR for all commands which exit with non-zero status (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Use go-homedir to read the home directory more reliably (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Enable creating encrypted config through external script invocation (Wojciech Smigielski)
  - build: Drop support for go1.8 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - config: Make config create/update encrypt passwords where necessary (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - copyurl: Honor --no-check-certificate (Stefan Breunig)
  - install: Linux skip man pages if no mandb (didil)
  - lsf: Support showing the Tier of the object (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - lsjson
    + Added EncryptedPath to output (calisro)
    + Support showing the Tier of the object (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Add IsBucket field for bucket based remote listing of the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rc
    + Add --loopback flag to run commands directly without a server (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Add operations/fsinfo: Return information about the remote (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + Skip auth for OPTIONS request (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + cmd/providers: Add DefaultStr, ValueStr and Type fields (Nick Craig-Wood)
    + jobs: Make job expiry timeouts configurable (Aleksandar Jankovic)
  - serve dlna reworked and improved (Dan Walters)
  - serve ftp: add --ftp-public-ip flag to specify public IP (calistri)
  - serve restic: Add support for --private-repos in serve restic (Florian Apolloner)
  - serve webdav: Combine serve webdav and serve http (Gary Kim)
  - size: Ignore negative sizes when calculating total (Garry McNulty)
  * Bug Fixes
  - Make move and copy individual files obey --backup-dir (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - If --ignore-checksum is in effect, don?t calculate checksum (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - moveto: Fix case-insensitive same remote move (Gary Kim)
  - rc: Fix serving bucket based objects with --rc-serve (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve webdav: Fix serveDir not being updated with changes from webdav (Gary Kim)
  * Mount
  - Fix poll interval documentation (Animosity022)
  * VFS
  - Make WriteAt for non cached files work with non-sequential writes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Local
  - Only calculate the required hashes for big speedup (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Log errors when listing instead of returning an error (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix preallocate warning on Linux with ZFS (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Crypt
  - Make rclone dedupe work through crypt (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix wrapping of ChangeNotify to decrypt directories properly (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Support PublicLink (rclone link) of underlying backend (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Implement Optional methods SetTier, GetTier (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * B2
  - Implement server side copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Implement SetModTime (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
  - Fix move and copy from TeamDrive to GDrive (Fionera)
  - Add notes that cleanup works in the background on drive (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add --drive-server-side-across-configs to default back to old server side copy semantics by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add --drive-size-as-quota to show storage quota usage for file size (Garry McNulty)
  * FTP
  - Add FTP List timeout (Jeff Quinn)
  - Add FTP over TLS support (Gary Kim)
  - Add --ftp-no-check-certificate option for FTPS (Gary Kim)
  * Google Cloud Storage
  - Fix upload errors when uploading pre 1970 files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Jottacloud
  - Add support for selecting device and mountpoint. (buengese)
  * Mega
  - Add cleanup support (Gary Kim)
  * Onedrive
  - More accurately check if root is found (Cnly)
  * S3
  - Suppport S3 Accelerated endpoints with --s3-use-accelerate-endpoint (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add config info for Wasabi?s EU Central endpoint (Robert Marko)
  - Make SetModTime work for GLACIER while syncing (Philip Harvey)
  * SFTP
  - Add About support (Gary Kim)
  - Fix about parsing of df results so it can cope with -ve results (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Send custom client version and debug server version (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * WebDAV
  - Retry on 423 Locked errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
Version: 1.39-bp150.2.5
* Sat Jan 13 2018
- Initial import of rclone v1.39, an rsync-like utility for cloud storage.
Version: 1.47.0-bp150.3.3.1
* Sun Jun 09 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to version 1.47.0. boo#1137685
  - New backends
  - Backend for Koofr cloud storage service. (jaKa)
  - New Features
  - Resume downloads if the reader fails in copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Use `--fast-list` for listing operations where it won't use more memory (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make `--files-from` traverse the destination unless `--no-traverse` is set (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make server side copy account bytes and obey `--max-transfer` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add `--create-empty-src-dirs` flag and default to not creating empty dirs (ishuah)
  - Add client side TLS/SSL flags `--ca-cert`/`--client-cert`/`--client-key` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Implement `--suffix-keep-extension` for use with `--suffix` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve dlna: Add connection manager service description to improve compatibility (Dan Walters)
  - lsf: Add 'e' format to show encrypted names and 'o' for original IDs (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - lsjson: Added `--files-only` and `--dirs-only` flags (calistri)
  - rc: Implement operations/publiclink the equivalent of `rclone link` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Bug Fixes
  - accounting: Fix total ETA when `--stats-unit bits` is in effect (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Bash TAB completion
  - Use private custom func to fix clash between rclone and kubectl (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix for remotes with underscores in their names (Six)
  - Fix completion of remotes (Florian Gamböck)
  - Fix autocompletion of remote paths with spaces (Danil Semelenov)
  - serve dlna: Fix root XML service descriptor (Dan Walters)
  - ncdu: Fix display corruption with Chinese characters (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add SIGTERM to signals which run the exit handlers on unix (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rc: Reload filter when the options are set via the rc (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - VFS / Mount
  - Fix FreeBSD: Ignore Truncate if called with no readers and already the correct size (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Read directory and check for a file before mkdir (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Shorten the locking window for vfs/refresh (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Azure Blob
  - Enable MD5 checksums when uploading files bigger than the "Cutoff" (Dr.Rx)
  - Fix SAS URL support (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - B2
  - Allow manual configuration of backblaze downloadUrl (Vince)
  - Ignore already_hidden error on remove (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Ignore malformed `src_last_modified_millis` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Drive
  - Add `--skip-checksum-gphotos` to ignore incorrect checksums on Google Photos (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Allow server side move/copy between different remotes. (Fionera)
  - Add docs on team drives and `--fast-list` eventual consistency (Nestar47)
  - Fix imports of text files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix range requests on 0 length files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix creation of duplicates with server side copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Dropbox
  - Retry blank errors to fix long listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - FTP
  - Add `--ftp-concurrency` to limit maximum number of connections (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Google Cloud Storage
  - Fall back to default application credentials (marcintustin)
  - Allow bucket policy only buckets (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - HTTP
  - Add `--http-no-slash` for websites with directories with no slashes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Remove duplicates from listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix socket leak on 404 errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Jottacloud
  - Fix token refresh (Sebastian Bünger)
  - Add device registration (Oliver Heyme)
  - Onedrive
  - Implement graceful cancel of multipart uploads if rclone is interrupted (Cnly)
  - Always add trailing colon to path when addressing items, (Cnly)
  - Return errors instead of panic for invalid uploads (Fabian Möller)
  - S3
  - Add support for "Glacier Deep Archive" storage class (Manu)
  - Update Dreamhost endpoint (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Note incompatibility with CEPH Jewel (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - SFTP
  - Allow custom ssh client config (Alexandru Bumbacea)
  - Swift
  - Obey Retry-After to enable OVH restore from cold storage (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Work around token expiry on CEPH (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - WebDAV
  - Allow IsCollection property to be integer or boolean (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix race when creating directories (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix About/df when reading the available/total returns 0 (Nick Craig-Wood)
- Add bash-completion and zsh-completion support.
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
- bump required go to 1.11 as we are using the mod support
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
- bump required go to 1.11 as we are using the mod support
* Mon Dec 03 2018 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version v1.45
  * See for the complete changelog.
* Thu Sep 27 2018 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version v1.43.1
  * See for the complete changelog.
- Switch to obs_scm
* Sat Jun 23 2018
- Update to rclone v1.42.
  See for changelog.
- Switch to %license macro.
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Update to rclone v1.41.
  * Too many changes to list, please see for the complete changelog.
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Fix spec file causing build error (unresolvable) on Leap 42.3.
* Fri Apr 13 2018
- Update to rclone v1.40.