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Change Logs

Version: 1.39-bp150.2.5
* Sat Jan 13 2018
- Initial import of rclone v1.39, an rsync-like utility for cloud storage.
Version: 1.47.0-bp150.3.3.1
* Sun Jun 09 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Update to version 1.47.0. boo#1137685
  - New backends
  - Backend for Koofr cloud storage service. (jaKa)
  - New Features
  - Resume downloads if the reader fails in copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Use `--fast-list` for listing operations where it won't use more memory (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make `--files-from` traverse the destination unless `--no-traverse` is set (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Make server side copy account bytes and obey `--max-transfer` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add `--create-empty-src-dirs` flag and default to not creating empty dirs (ishuah)
  - Add client side TLS/SSL flags `--ca-cert`/`--client-cert`/`--client-key` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Implement `--suffix-keep-extension` for use with `--suffix` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - serve dlna: Add connection manager service description to improve compatibility (Dan Walters)
  - lsf: Add 'e' format to show encrypted names and 'o' for original IDs (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - lsjson: Added `--files-only` and `--dirs-only` flags (calistri)
  - rc: Implement operations/publiclink the equivalent of `rclone link` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Bug Fixes
  - accounting: Fix total ETA when `--stats-unit bits` is in effect (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Bash TAB completion
  - Use private custom func to fix clash between rclone and kubectl (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix for remotes with underscores in their names (Six)
  - Fix completion of remotes (Florian Gamböck)
  - Fix autocompletion of remote paths with spaces (Danil Semelenov)
  - serve dlna: Fix root XML service descriptor (Dan Walters)
  - ncdu: Fix display corruption with Chinese characters (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Add SIGTERM to signals which run the exit handlers on unix (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - rc: Reload filter when the options are set via the rc (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - VFS / Mount
  - Fix FreeBSD: Ignore Truncate if called with no readers and already the correct size (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Read directory and check for a file before mkdir (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Shorten the locking window for vfs/refresh (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Azure Blob
  - Enable MD5 checksums when uploading files bigger than the "Cutoff" (Dr.Rx)
  - Fix SAS URL support (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - B2
  - Allow manual configuration of backblaze downloadUrl (Vince)
  - Ignore already_hidden error on remove (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Ignore malformed `src_last_modified_millis` (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Drive
  - Add `--skip-checksum-gphotos` to ignore incorrect checksums on Google Photos (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Allow server side move/copy between different remotes. (Fionera)
  - Add docs on team drives and `--fast-list` eventual consistency (Nestar47)
  - Fix imports of text files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix range requests on 0 length files (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix creation of duplicates with server side copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Dropbox
  - Retry blank errors to fix long listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - FTP
  - Add `--ftp-concurrency` to limit maximum number of connections (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Google Cloud Storage
  - Fall back to default application credentials (marcintustin)
  - Allow bucket policy only buckets (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - HTTP
  - Add `--http-no-slash` for websites with directories with no slashes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Remove duplicates from listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix socket leak on 404 errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Jottacloud
  - Fix token refresh (Sebastian Bünger)
  - Add device registration (Oliver Heyme)
  - Onedrive
  - Implement graceful cancel of multipart uploads if rclone is interrupted (Cnly)
  - Always add trailing colon to path when addressing items, (Cnly)
  - Return errors instead of panic for invalid uploads (Fabian Möller)
  - S3
  - Add support for "Glacier Deep Archive" storage class (Manu)
  - Update Dreamhost endpoint (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Note incompatibility with CEPH Jewel (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - SFTP
  - Allow custom ssh client config (Alexandru Bumbacea)
  - Swift
  - Obey Retry-After to enable OVH restore from cold storage (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Work around token expiry on CEPH (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - WebDAV
  - Allow IsCollection property to be integer or boolean (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix race when creating directories (Nick Craig-Wood)
  - Fix About/df when reading the available/total returns 0 (Nick Craig-Wood)
- Add bash-completion and zsh-completion support.
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
- bump required go to 1.11 as we are using the mod support
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
- bump required go to 1.11 as we are using the mod support
* Mon Dec 03 2018 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version v1.45
  * See for the complete changelog.
* Thu Sep 27 2018 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to version v1.43.1
  * See for the complete changelog.
- Switch to obs_scm
* Sat Jun 23 2018
- Update to rclone v1.42.
  See for changelog.
- Switch to %license macro.
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Update to rclone v1.41.
  * Too many changes to list, please see for the complete changelog.
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- Fix spec file causing build error (unresolvable) on Leap 42.3.
* Fri Apr 13 2018
- Update to rclone v1.40.