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Change Logs

* Fri Jun 12 2020 Kyrill Detinov <>
- Add qpdfview-qt5.15.patch: fix build with Qt 5.15.
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Kyrill Detinov <>
- Update to 0.4.18.
  * Fixed encoding issues w.r.t. CUPS names.
  * Fixed not overwriting page ranges CUPS option when set already
    by Qt's print dialog.
  * Fixed refreshing modified documents from disk.
  * Added support for nested splitting of document views.
  * Added support for transparent decompression of document files.
  * Added restoring of tab order and of current tab.
  * Added action to open current file in new window.
  * Updated support for MuPDF to version 1.12 and later.
  * Added support for EPUB, XPS, CBZ and FB2 via MuPDF.
  * Imported various new and updated translations.
- Changes in 0.4.17.
  * Fixed query to populate the instance list for the choose
    instance dialog.
  * Fixed selecting the complete text upon opening a page number
  * Fixed computation of tile sub rect w.r.t. non-unit device pixel
  * Moved loading of interactive elements out of the main event loop.
  * Optimize tile rendering event handling by centralizing dispatch.
  * The results of the current tab are now automatically expanded
    in the extended search dock.
  * Added support for external document links to the outline view.
  * Added optional page-parallel execution of text search.
  * Added triggering SyncTeX reverse search using a keyboard modifier.
  * Keyboard modifiers for mouse interaction can be disabled.
  * Optimizations of the search dock layout w.r.t.
    vertical/horizontal positioning.
  * Added context menu action to move document to a different
  * Changed cache size tracking from byte to kilobyte granularity
    to support more than 2 GB cache.
  * Added a save in addition to the save-as action to simplify
    modifying documents in-place.
  * Added Japanese translations.
  * Updated British English, Russian, French, Lithunian
* Thu Feb 07 2019
- Split plugins to separate packages. (bsc# 1122801)
- Removed obsolete Qt4 build.
- Run spec-cleaner.
Version: 0.4.16-bp150.2.4
* Fri Nov 20 2015
- Update to 0.4.16:
  * Fix an incompatibility with FDo's shared MIME type database
    that broke opening DjVu documents.
  * Add function to dynamically fit thumbnails into the viewport.
  * Add support to use system SyncTeX parser library.
  * Add support to open image formats supported by Qt.
  * SyncTeX is now available and discoverable with the main view's
    context menu.
  * Update Czech, Malay, Brazilian, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese,
    Lithunian, Spanish, and French translations.
* Sun Jun 07 2015
- Update to 0.4.15:
  * Fix compatibility with MuPDF version 1.7.
  * Add keeping the page-relative position upon page change.
  * Add document properties on PDF version, encryption and
  * Add keyboard navigation to the outline view.
  * Add configurable document and tab context menus.
  * Add composition modes to adjust the background of scanned
  * Extend the default movement keyboard shortcuts to include the
    numpad keys.
  * Made the trim-margins setting a per-tab property.
  * Add Hungarian translation.
  * Update Polish, Italian, Czech, British English, Malay,
    Ukrainian, French translations.
* Sat May 23 2015
- Fix build with latest Qt5-related RPM macros.
- Add GPG signature.
- Add SQL backend requiring.
- Build with Qt4 for openSUSE 13.2 and older.
* Sun Feb 22 2015
- Update to 0.4.14:
  * Fix keyboard movement not working in annotations and form
  * Fix display of warning dialog upon restoring tabs.
  * Fixed compilation using LLVM Clang.
  * Fixed crash upon middle-clicking into empty part of tab bar.
  * Fixed a race condition in text extraction within the extended search dock.
  * Fixed losing rendering hints after unlocking encrypted PDF documents.
  * Improve user interaction of the extended search dock.
  * Improve the speed of text extraction within the extended search
  * Improve performance at very large scale factors by dynamically
    adjusting tile size.
  * Add restoring of expanded outline items after refresh.
  * Add various smaller user interface enhancements.
  * Add whole-words-only search option (depends on Poppler
    version 0.31 or higher).
  * Add optionally searchable tabs and bookmarks menus.
  * Improve flexibility of searching DjVu documents.
  * Add Finnish translation of online help.
  * Update settings section of the online help.
  * Update Czech, Ukrainian, Polish, British Englis, Slovak,
    Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Catalan, Russian, Galician,
    Malay, French translations.
* Tue Oct 21 2014
- Update to 0.4.13:
  * Fix a memory leak when processing meta-data in the DjVu
  * Fix a crash when loading corrupted DjVu documents
  * Remove the dialog warning about unknown file type to fix the
    '--quiet' option.
  * Add optional extended search dock displaying results from all
    open tabs.
  * Add per-tab setting to convert pages to grayscale after
  * Update British English, Czech, Malay, Galician, Kazakh,
    Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Polish translations.
* Fri Oct 10 2014
- Initial build.