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Version: 0.11.3-bp151.1.2
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Todd R <>
- update to version 0.11.3
  * Saving files with times encoded with reference dates with timezones
    (e.g. '2000-01-01T00:00:00-05:00') no longer raises an error
  * Fixed performance regression with ``open_mfdataset``
  * Fixed supplying an explicit dimension in the ``concat_dim`` argument to
    to ``open_mfdataset``
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
- update to version 0.11.2:
  - Removes inadvertently introduced setup dependency on pytest-runner (:issue:`2641`). Otherwise, this release is exactly equivalent to 0.11.1.
  - Warning:
  - This is the last xarray release that will support Python 2.7. Future releases will be Python 3 only, but older versions of xarray will always be available for Python 2.7 users. For the more details, see:
- update to version 0.11.1:
  - Breaking changes
  - Minimum rasterio version increased from 0.36 to 1.0 (for open_rasterio)
  - Time bounds variables are now also decoded according to CF conventions (:issue:`2565`). The previous behavior was to decode them only if they had specific time attributes, now these attributes are copied automatically from the corresponding time coordinate. This might brake downstream code that was relying on these variables to be not decoded. By Fabien Maussion.
  - Enhancements
  - Ability to read and write consolidated metadata in zarr stores (:issue:`2558`). By Ryan Abernathey.
  - :py:class:`CFTimeIndex` uses slicing for string indexing when possible (like :py:class:`pandas.DatetimeIndex`), which avoids unnecessary copies. By Stephan Hoyer
  - Enable passing or rasterio.vrt.WarpedVRT to open_rasterio instead of file path string. Allows for in-memory reprojection, see (:issue:`2588`). By Scott Henderson.
  - Like :py:class:`pandas.DatetimeIndex`, :py:class:`CFTimeIndex` now supports "dayofyear" and "dayofweek" accessors (:issue:`2597`). Note this requires a version of cftime greater than 1.0.2. By Spencer Clark.
  - The option 'warn_for_unclosed_files' (False by default) has been added to allow users to enable a warning when files opened by xarray are deallocated but were not explicitly closed. This is mostly useful for debugging; we recommend enabling it in your test suites if you use xarray for IO. By Stephan Hoyer
  - Support Dask HighLevelGraphs by Matthew Rocklin.
  - :py:meth:`DataArray.resample` and :py:meth:`Dataset.resample` now supports the loffset kwarg just like Pandas. By Deepak Cherian
  - Datasets are now guaranteed to have a 'source' encoding, so the source file name is always stored (:issue:`2550`). By Tom Nicholas.
  - The apply methods for DatasetGroupBy, DataArrayGroupBy, DatasetResample and DataArrayResample now support passing positional arguments to the applied function as a tuple to the args argument. By Matti Eskelinen.
  - 0d slices of ndarrays are now obtained directly through indexing, rather than extracting and wrapping a scalar, avoiding unnecessary copying. By Daniel Wennberg.
  - Added support for fill_value with :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.shift` and :py:meth:`~xarray.Dataset.shift` By Maximilian Roos
  - Bug fixes
  - Ensure files are automatically closed, if possible, when no longer referenced by a Python variable (:issue:`2560`). By Stephan Hoyer
  - Fixed possible race conditions when reading/writing to disk in parallel (:issue:`2595`). By Stephan Hoyer
  - Fix h5netcdf saving scalars with filters or chunks (:issue:`2563`). By Martin Raspaud.
  - Fix parsing of _Unsigned attribute set by OPENDAP servers. (:issue:`2583`). By Deepak Cherian
  - Fix failure in time encoding when exporting to netCDF with versions of pandas less than 0.21.1 (:issue:`2623`). By Spencer Clark.
  - Fix MultiIndex selection to update label and level (:issue:`2619`). By Keisuke Fujii.
* Tue Nov 13 2018 Marketa Calabkova <>
- update to version 0.11.0
  * Enhancements
    + xarray.DataArray.plot.line() can now accept multidimensional
    coordinate variables as input. hue must be a dimension name
    in this case. (GH2407) By Deepak Cherian.
    + Added support for Python 3.7. (GH2271). By Joe Hamman.
    + Added support for plotting data with pandas.Interval coordinates,
    such as those created by groupby_bins() By Maximilian Maahn.
    + Added shift() for shifting the values of a CFTimeIndex by a
    specified frequency. (GH2244). By Spencer Clark.
    + Added support for using cftime.datetime coordinates with
    differentiate(), differentiate(), interp(), and interp().
    By Spencer Clark
    + There is now a global option to either always keep or always
    discard dataset and dataarray attrs upon operations. The option
    is set with xarray.set_options(keep_attrs=True), and the default
    is to use the old behaviour. By Tom Nicholas.
    + Added a new backend for the GRIB file format based on ECMWF
    cfgrib python driver and ecCodes C-library. (GH2475) By
    Alessandro Amici, sponsored by ECMWF.
    + Resample now supports a dictionary mapping from dimension to
    frequency as its first argument, e.g.,
    data.resample({'time': '1D'}).mean(). This is consistent with
    other xarray functions that accept either dictionaries or
    keyword arguments. By Stephan Hoyer.
    + The preferred way to access tutorial data is now to load it
    lazily with xarray.tutorial.open_dataset().
    xarray.tutorial.load_dataset() calls Dataset.load() prior to
    returning (and is now deprecated). This was changed in order
    to facilitate using tutorial datasets with dask. By Joe Hamman.
  * Bugfixes
    + FacetGrid now properly uses the cbar_kwargs keyword argument.
    (GH1504, GH1717) By Deepak Cherian.
    + Addition and subtraction operators used with a CFTimeIndex now
    preserve the index’s type. (GH2244). By Spencer Clark.
    + We now properly handle arrays of datetime.datetime and
    datetime.timedelta provided as coordinates. (GH2512) By
    `Deepak Cherian <`_.
    + xarray.DataArray.roll correctly handles multidimensional arrays.
    (GH2445) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + xarray.plot() now properly accepts a norm argument and does not
    override the norm’s vmin and vmax. (GH2381) By Deepak Cherian.
    + xarray.DataArray.std() now correctly accepts ddof keyword argument.
    (GH2240) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Restore matplotlib’s default of plotting dashed negative contours
    when a single color is passed to DataArray.contour() e.g.
    colors='k'. By Deepak Cherian.
    + Fix a bug that caused some indexing operations on arrays opened
    with open_rasterio to error (GH2454). By Stephan Hoyer.
    + Subtracting one CFTimeIndex from another now returns a
    pandas.TimedeltaIndex, analogous to the behavior for
    DatetimeIndexes (GH2484). By Spencer Clark.
    + Adding a TimedeltaIndex to, or subtracting a TimedeltaIndex from
    a CFTimeIndex is now allowed (GH2484). By Spencer Clark.
    + Avoid use of Dask’s deprecated get= parameter in tests by Matthew Rocklin.
    + An OverflowError is now accurately raised and caught during the
    encoding process if a reference date is used that is so distant that
    the dates must be encoded using cftime rather than NumPy (GH2272).
    By Spencer Clark.
    + Chunked datasets can now roundtrip to Zarr storage continually with
    to_zarr and open_zarr (GH2300). By Lily Wang.
* Wed Sep 26 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.10.9:
  * Enhancements
    + differentiate() and differentiate() are newly added. (GH1332) By
    Keisuke Fujii.
    + Default colormap for sequential and divergent data can now be
    set via set_options() (GH2394) By Julius Busecke.
    + min_count option is newly supported in sum(), prod() and sum(),
    and prod(). (GH2230) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + plot() now accepts the kwargs xscale, yscale, xlim, ylim,
    xticks, yticks just like Pandas. Also xincrease=False,
    yincrease=False now use matplotlib’s axis inverting methods
    instead of setting limits. By Deepak Cherian. (GH2224)
    + DataArray coordinates and Dataset coordinates and data variables
    are now displayed as a b … y z rather than a b c d …. (GH1186)
    By Seth P.
    + A new CFTimeIndex-enabled cftime_range() function for use in
    generating dates from standard or non-standard calendars. By
    Spencer Clark.
    + When interpolating over a datetime64 axis, you can now provide a
    datetime string instead of a datetime64
    object. E.g. da.interp(time='1991-02-01') (GH2284) By Deepak
    + A clear error message is now displayed if a set or dict is
    passed in place of an array (GH2331) By Maximilian Roos.
    + Applying unstack to a large DataArray or Dataset is now much
    faster if the MultiIndex has not been modified after stacking
    the indices. (GH1560) By Maximilian Maahn.
    + You can now control whether or not to offset the coordinates
    when using the roll method and the current behavior, coordinates
    rolled by default, raises a deprecation warning unless
    explicitly setting the keyword argument. (GH1875) By Andrew
    + You can now call unstack without arguments to unstack every
    MultiIndex in a DataArray or Dataset. By Julia Signell.
    + Added the ability to pass a data kwarg to copy to create a new
    object with the same metadata as the original object but using
    new values. By Julia Signell.
  * Bug fixes
    + xarray.plot.imshow() correctly uses the origin
    argument. (GH2379) By Deepak Cherian.
    + Fixed DataArray.to_iris() failure while creating DimCoord by
    falling back to creating AuxCoord. Fixed dependency on var_name
    attribute being set. (GH2201) By Thomas Voigt.
    + Fixed a bug in zarr backend which prevented use with datasets
    with invalid chunk size encoding after reading from an existing
    store (GH2278). By Joe Hamman.
    + Tests can be run in parallel with pytest-xdist By Tony Tung.
    + Follow up the renamings in dask; from dask.ghost to dask.overlap
    By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Now raises a ValueError when there is a conflict between
    dimension names and level names of MultiIndex. (GH2299) By
    Keisuke Fujii.
    + Follow up the renamings in dask; from dask.ghost to dask.overlap
    By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Now xr.apply_ufunc() raises a ValueError when the size of
    input_core_dims is inconsistent with the number of
    arguments. (GH2341) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Fixed Dataset.filter_by_attrs() behavior not matching
    netCDF4.Dataset.get_variables_by_attributes(). When more than
    one key=value is passed into Dataset.filter_by_attrs() it will
    now return a Dataset with variables which pass all the
    filters. (GH2315) By Andrew Barna.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- specfile:
  * updated dependencies according to
  * removed devel dependency (noarch)
  * be more specific in %files section
- update to version 0.10.8:
  * Xarray no longer supports python 3.4. Additionally, the minimum
    supported versions of the following dependencies has been updated
    and/or clarified:
    + Pandas: 0.18 -> 0.19
    + NumPy: 1.11 -> 1.12
    + Dask: 0.9 -> 0.16
    + Matplotlib: unspecified -> 1.5
    (:issue:`2204`). By Joe Hamman.
  * Enhancements
    + :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.interp_like` and
    :py:meth:`~xarray.Dataset.interp_like` methods are newly
    added. (:issue:`2218`) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Added support for curvilinear and unstructured generic grids to
    :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.to_cdms2` and
    :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.from_cdms2` (:issue:`2262`). By
    Stephane Raynaud.
  * Bug fixes
    + Fixed a bug in zarr backend which prevented use with datasets
    with incomplete chunks in multiple dimensions
    (:issue:`2225`). By Joe Hamman.
    + Fixed a bug in :py:meth:`~Dataset.to_netcdf` which prevented
    writing datasets when the arrays had different chunk sizes
    (:issue:`2254`). By Mike Neish.
    + Fixed masking during the conversion to cdms2 objects by
    :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.to_cdms2` (:issue:`2262`). By
    Stephane Raynaud.
    + Fixed a bug in 2D plots which incorrectly raised an error when
    2D coordinates weren't monotonic (:issue:`2250`). By Fabien
    + Fixed warning raised in :py:meth:`~Dataset.to_netcdf` due to
    deprecation of effective_get in dask (:issue:`2238`). By Joe
* Sun Jun 10 2018
- update to version 0.10.7:
  * Enhancements:
  * Plot labels now make use of metadata that follow CF conventions (:issue:`2135`). By Deepak Cherian and Ryan Abernathey.
  * Line plots now support facetting with row and col arguments (:issue:`2107`). By Yohai Bar Sinai.
  * :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.interp` and :py:meth:`~xarray.Dataset.interp` methods are newly added. See :ref:`interpolating values with interp` for the detail. (:issue:`2079`) By Keisuke Fujii.
  * Bug fixes:
  * Fixed a bug in rasterio backend which prevented use with distributed. The rasterio backend now returns pickleable objects (:issue:`2021`).
- update to version 0.10.6:
  * Enhancements:
  * New PseudoNetCDF backend for many Atmospheric data formats including GEOS-Chem, CAMx, NOAA arlpacked bit and many others. See :ref:`io.PseudoNetCDF` for more details. By Barron Henderson.
  * The :py:class:`Dataset` constructor now aligns :py:class:`DataArray` arguments in data_vars to indexes set explicitly in coords, where previously an error would be raised. (:issue:`674`) By Maximilian Roos.
  * :py:meth:`~DataArray.sel`, :py:meth:`~DataArray.isel` & :py:meth:`~DataArray.reindex`, (and their :py:class:`Dataset` counterparts) now support supplying a dict as a first argument, as an alternative to the existing approach of supplying kwargs. This allows for more robust behavior of dimension names which conflict with other keyword names, or are not strings. By Maximilian Roos.
  * :py:meth:`~DataArray.rename` now supports supplying **kwargs, as an alternative to the existing approach of supplying a dict as the first argument. By Maximilian Roos.
  * :py:meth:`~DataArray.cumsum` and :py:meth:`~DataArray.cumprod` now support aggregation over multiple dimensions at the same time. This is the default behavior when dimensions are not specified (previously this raised an error). By Stephan Hoyer
  * :py:meth:`` and :py:func:`dot` are partly supported with older dask<0.17.4. (related to :issue:`2203`) By Keisuke Fujii.
  * Xarray now uses Versioneer to manage its version strings. (:issue:`1300`). By Joe Hamman.
  * Bug fixes:
  * Fixed a regression in 0.10.4, where explicitly specifying dtype='S1' or dtype=str in encoding with to_netcdf() raised an error (:issue:`2149`). Stephan Hoyer
  * :py:func:`apply_ufunc` now directly validates output variables (:issue:`1931`). By Stephan Hoyer.
  * Fixed a bug where to_netcdf(..., unlimited_dims='bar') yielded NetCDF files with spurious 0-length dimensions (i.e. b, a, and r) (:issue:`2134`). By Joe Hamman.
  * Removed spurious warnings with Dataset.update(Dataset) (:issue:`2161`) and array.equals(array) when array contains NaT (:issue:`2162`). By Stephan Hoyer.
  * Aggregations with :py:meth:`Dataset.reduce` (including mean, sum, etc) no longer drop unrelated coordinates (:issue:`1470`). Also fixed a bug where non-scalar data-variables that did not include the aggregation dimension were improperly skipped. By Stephan Hoyer
  * Fix :meth:`~DataArray.stack` with non-unique coordinates on pandas 0.23 (:issue:`2160`). By Stephan Hoyer
  * Selecting data indexed by a length-1 CFTimeIndex with a slice of strings now behaves as it does when using a length-1 DatetimeIndex (i.e. it no longer falsely returns an empty array when the slice includes the value in the index) (:issue:`2165`). By Spencer Clark.
  * Fix DataArray.groupby().reduce() mutating coordinates on the input array when grouping over dimension coordinates with duplicated entries (:issue:`2153`). By Stephan Hoyer
  * Fix Dataset.to_netcdf() cannot create group with engine="h5netcdf" (:issue:`2177`). By Stephan Hoyer
* Mon May 21 2018
- update to version 0.10.4:
  * Documentation
    + New FAQ entry, What other projects leverage xarray?. By Deepak
    + Assigning values with indexing now includes examples on how to
    select and assign values to a DataArray with .loc. By Chiara
  * Enhancements
    + Add an option for using a CFTimeIndex for indexing times with
    non-standard calendars and/or outside the Timestamp-valid range;
    this index enables a subset of the functionality of a standard
    pandas.DatetimeIndex. See Non-standard calendars and dates
    outside the Timestamp-valid range for full details. (GH789,
    GH1084, GH1252) By Spencer Clark with help from Stephan Hoyer.
    + Allow for serialization of cftime.datetime objects (GH789,
    GH1084, GH2008, GH1252) using the standalone cftime library. By
    Spencer Clark.
    + Support writing lists of strings as netCDF attributes
    (GH2044). By Dan Nowacki.
    + to_netcdf() with engine='h5netcdf' now accepts h5py encoding
    settings compression and compression_opts, along with the
    NetCDF4-Python style settings gzip=True and complevel. This
    allows using any compression plugin installed in hdf5, e.g. LZF
    (GH1536). By Guido Imperiale.
    + dot() on dask-backed data will now call
    dask.array.einsum(). This greatly boosts speed and allows
    chunking on the core dims. The function now requires dask >=
    0.17.3 to work on dask-backed data (GH2074). By Guido Imperiale.
    + plot.line() learned new kwargs: xincrease, yincrease that change
    the direction of the respective axes. By Deepak Cherian.
    + Added the parallel option to open_mfdataset(). This option uses
    dask.delayed to parallelize the open and preprocessing steps
    within open_mfdataset. This is expected to provide performance
    improvements when opening many files, particularly when used in
    conjunction with dask’s multiprocessing or distributed
    schedulers (GH1981). By Joe Hamman.
    + New compute option in to_netcdf(), to_zarr(), and
    save_mfdataset() to allow for the lazy computation of netCDF and
    zarr stores. This feature is currently only supported by the
    netCDF4 and zarr backends. (GH1784). By Joe Hamman.
  * Bug fixes
    + ValueError is raised when coordinates with the wrong size are
    assigned to a DataArray. (GH2112) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Fixed a bug in rolling() with bottleneck. Also, fixed a bug in
    rolling an integer dask array. (GH2113) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Fixed a bug where keep_attrs=True flag was neglected if
    apply_ufunc() was used with Variable. (GH2114) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + When assigning a DataArray to Dataset, any conflicted
    non-dimensional coordinates of the DataArray are now
    dropped. (GH2068) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Better error handling in open_mfdataset (GH2077). By Stephan
    + plot.line() does not call autofmt_xdate() anymore. Instead it
    changes the rotation and horizontal alignment of labels without
    removing the x-axes of any other subplots in the figure (if
    any). By Deepak Cherian.
    + Colorbar limits are now determined by excluding ±Infs too. By
    Deepak Cherian.
    + Fixed to_iris to maintain lazy dask array after conversion
    (GH2046). By Alex Hilson and Stephan Hoyer.
- changes from version 0.10.3:
  * Enhancements
    + isin() and isin() methods, which test each value in the array
    for whether it is contained in the supplied list, returning a
    bool array. See Selecting values with isin for full
    details. Similar to the np.isin function. By Maximilian Roos.
    + Some speed improvement to construct DataArrayRolling object
    (GH1993) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Handle variables with different values for missing_value and
    _FillValue by masking values for both attributes; previously
    this resulted in a ValueError. (GH2016) By Ryan May.
  * Bug fixes
    + Fixed decode_cf function to operate lazily on dask arrays
    (GH1372). By Ryan Abernathey.
    + Fixed labeled indexing with slice bounds given by xarray objects
    with datetime64 or timedelta64 dtypes (GH1240). By Stephan
    + Attempting to convert an xarray.Dataset into a numpy array now
    raises an informative error message. By Stephan Hoyer.
    + Fixed a bug in decode_cf_datetime where int32 arrays weren’t
    parsed correctly (GH2002). By Fabien Maussion.
    + When calling xr.auto_combine() or xr.open_mfdataset() with a
    concat_dim, the resulting dataset will have that one-element
    dimension (it was silently dropped, previously) (GH1988). By Ben
* Sat Apr 14 2018
- temporarily deactivated tests because of minor issues with netCDF library
- update to version 0.10.3:
  * Enhancements
  - :py:meth:`~xarray.DataArray.isin` and :py:meth:`~xarray.Dataset.isin` methods,
    which test each value in the array for whether it is contained in the
    supplied list, returning a bool array. See :ref:`selecting values with isin`
    for full details. Similar to the ``np.isin`` function.
    By `Maximilian Roos <>`_.
  - Some speed improvement to construct :py:class:`~xarray.DataArrayRolling`
    object (:issue:`1993`)
    By `Keisuke Fujii <>`_.
  - Handle variables with different values for ``missing_value`` and
    ``_FillValue`` by masking values for both attributes; previously this
    resulted in a ``ValueError``. (:issue:`2016`)
    By `Ryan May <>`_.
  * Bug fixes
  - Fixed ``decode_cf`` function to operate lazily on dask arrays
    (:issue:`1372`). By `Ryan Abernathey <>`_.
  - Fixed labeled indexing with slice bounds given by xarray objects with
    datetime64 or timedelta64 dtypes (:issue:`1240`).
    By `Stephan Hoyer <>`_.
  - Attempting to convert an xarray.Dataset into a numpy array now raises an
    informative error message.
    By `Stephan Hoyer <>`_.
  - Fixed a bug in decode_cf_datetime where ``int32`` arrays weren't parsed
    correctly (:issue:`2002`).
    By `Fabien Maussion <>`_.
  - When calling `xr.auto_combine()` or `xr.open_mfdataset()` with a `concat_dim`,
    the resulting dataset will have that one-element dimension (it was
    silently dropped, previously) (:issue:`1988`).
    By `Ben Root <>`_.
* Sat Mar 24 2018
- update to version 0.10.2:
  * Backwards incompatible changes
    + The addition of __array_ufunc__ for xarray objects (see below)
    means that NumPy ufunc methods (e.g., np.add.reduce) that
    previously worked on xarray.DataArray objects by converting them
    into NumPy arrays will now raise NotImplementedError instead. In
    all cases, the work-around is simple: convert your objects
    explicitly into NumPy arrays before calling the ufunc (e.g.,
    with .values).
  * Enhancements
    + Added dot(), equivalent to np.einsum(). Also, dot() now supports
    dims option, which specifies the dimensions to sum
    over. (GH1951) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Support for writing xarray datasets to netCDF files (netcdf4
    backend only) when using the dask.distributed scheduler
    (GH1464). By Joe Hamman.
    + Support lazy vectorized-indexing. After this change, flexible
    indexing such as orthogonal/vectorized indexing, becomes
    possible for all the backend arrays. Also, lazy transpose is now
    also supported. (GH1897) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Implemented NumPy’s __array_ufunc__ protocol for all xarray
    objects (GH1617). This enables using NumPy ufuncs directly on
    xarray.Dataset objects with recent versions of NumPy (v1.13 and
    In [1]: ds = xr.Dataset({'a': 1})
    In [2]: np.sin(ds)
    Dimensions:  ()
    Data variables:
    a        float64 0.8415
    This obliviates the need for the xarray.ufuncs module, which
    will be deprecated in the future when xarray drops support for
    older versions of NumPy. By Stephan Hoyer.
    + Improve rolling() logic. DataArrayRolling() object now supports
    construct() method that returns a view of the DataArray /
    Dataset object with the rolling-window dimension added to the
    last axis. This enables more flexible operation, such as strided
    rolling, windowed rolling, ND-rolling, short-time FFT and
    convolution. (GH1831, GH1142, GH819) By Keisuke Fujii.
    + line() learned to make plots with data on x-axis if so
    specified. (GH575) By Deepak Cherian.
  * Bug fixes
    + Raise an informative error message when using apply_ufunc with
    numpy v1.11 (GH1956). By Stephan Hoyer.
    + Fix the precision drop after indexing datetime64 arrays
    (GH1932). By Keisuke Fujii.
    + Silenced irrelevant warnings issued by open_rasterio
    (GH1964). By Stephan Hoyer.
    + Fix kwarg colors clashing with auto-inferred cmap (GH1461) By
    Deepak Cherian.
    + Fix imshow() error when passed an RGB array with size one in a
    spatial dimension. By Zac Hatfield-Dodds.
* Sun Mar 04 2018
- Replace future goals and aims by present capabilities.
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- update to version 0.10.1:
  * please see upstream changelog at:
- remove check boundary condition
- run spec-cleaner
- use %license for license
* Tue Aug 15 2017
- Implement single-spec version
- Update to 0.9.6
  * Please see changelog at:
* Thu Jan 28 2016
- Rename package to python3-xray to match upstream naming.
- update to version 0.7.0:
  * The project formerly known as "xray" is now "xarray", pronounced "x-array"!
    This avoids a namespace conflict with the entire field of x-ray science. Renaming
    our project seemed like the right thing to do, especially because some
    scientists who work with actual x-rays are interested in using this project in
    their work. Thanks for your understanding and patience in this transition.
  * Breaking changes
  - The internal data model used by :py:class:`~xray.DataArray` has been
    rewritten to fix several outstanding issues. Internally, ``DataArray``
    is now implemented in terms of ``._variable`` and ``._coords``
    attributes instead of holding variables in a ``Dataset`` object.
  - It is no longer possible to convert a DataArray to a Dataset with
    :py:meth:`xray.DataArray.to_dataset` if it is unnamed. This will now
    raise ``ValueError``. If the array is unnamed, you need to supply the
    ``name`` argument.
  * Enhancements
  - Basic support for :py:class:`~pandas.MultiIndex` coordinates on xray objects, including
    indexing, :py:meth:`~DataArray.stack` and :py:meth:`~DataArray.unstack`:
  - Support for reading GRIB, HDF4 and other file formats via PyNIO_. See
    :ref:`io.pynio` for more details.
  - Better error message when a variable is supplied with the same name as
    one of its dimensions.
  - Plotting: more control on colormap parameters (:issue:`642`). ``vmin`` and
    ``vmax`` will not be silently ignored anymore. Setting ``center=False``
    prevents automatic selection of a divergent colormap.
  - New :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.shift` and :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.roll` methods
    for shifting/rotating datasets or arrays along a dimension
  - Assigning a ``pandas`` object directly as a ``Dataset`` variable is now permitted. Its
    index names correspond to the ``dims`` of the ``Dataset``, and its data is aligned.
  - Passing a :py:class:`pandas.DataFrame` or :py:class:`pandas.Panel` to a Dataset constructor
    is now permitted.
  - New function :py:func:`~xray.broadcast` for explicitly broadcasting
    ``DataArray`` and ``Dataset`` objects against each other.
  * Bug fixes
  - Fixes for several issues found on ``DataArray`` objects with the same name
    as one of their coordinates (see :ref:`v0.7.0.breaking` for more details).
  - ``DataArray.to_masked_array`` always returns masked array with mask being an
    array (not a scalar value) (:issue:`684`)
  - Allows for (imperfect) repr of Coords when underlying index is PeriodIndex (:issue:`645`).
  - Fixes for several issues found on ``DataArray`` objects with the same name
    as one of their coordinates (see :ref:`v0.7.0.breaking` for more details).
  - Attempting to assign a ``Dataset`` or ``DataArray`` variable/attribute using
    attribute-style syntax (e.g., `` = 42``) now raises an error rather
    than silently failing (:issue:`656`, :issue:`714`).
  - You can now pass pandas objects with non-numpy dtypes (e.g., ``categorical``
    or ``datetime64`` with a timezone) into xray without an error
- update to version 0.6.1:
  * The handling of colormaps and discrete color lists for 2D plots in
    :py:meth:`~xray.DataArray.plot` was changed to provide more
    compatibility with matplotlib's contour and contourf functions
    (:issue:`538`). Now discrete lists of colors should be specified
    using colors keyword, rather than cmap.
  * Faceted plotting through :py:class:`~xray.plot.FacetGrid` and the
    :py:meth:`~xray.plot.plot` method. See :ref:`plotting.faceting`
    for more details and examples.
  * :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.sel` and :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.reindex`
    now support the tolerance argument for controlling
    nearest-neighbor selection (:issue:`629`):
    This feature requires pandas v0.17 or newer.
  * New encoding argument in :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.to_netcdf` for
    writing netCDF files with compression, as described in the new
    documentation section on :ref:`io.netcdf.writing_encoded`.
  * Add :py:attr:`~xray.Dataset.real` and
    :py:attr:`~xray.Dataset.imag` attributes to Dataset and DataArray
  * More informative error message with
    :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.from_dataframe` if the frame has duplicate
  * xray now uses deterministic names for dask arrays it creates or
    opens from disk. This allows xray users to take advantage of
    dask's nascent support for caching intermediate computation
    results. See :issue:`555` for an example.
  * Forwards compatibility with the latest pandas release
    (v0.17.0). We were using some internal pandas routines for
    datetime conversion, which unfortunately have now changed upstream
  * Aggregation functions now correctly skip NaN for data for
    complex128 dtype (:issue:`554`).
  * Fixed indexing 0d arrays with unicode dtype (:issue:`568`).
  * :py:meth:`` and Dataset keys must be a string
    or None to be written to netCDF (:issue:`533`).
  * :py:meth:`~xray.DataArray.where` now uses dask instead of numpy if
    either the array or other is a dask array. Previously, if other
    was a numpy array the method was evaluated eagerly.
  * Global attributes are now handled more consistently when loading
    remote datasets using engine='pydap' (:issue:`574`).
  * It is now possible to assign to the .data attribute of DataArray
  * coordinates attribute is now kept in the encoding dictionary after
    decoding (:issue:`610`).
  * Compatibility with numpy 1.10 (:issue:`617
- update to version 0.6.0:
  * Plotting methods have been implemented on DataArray objects
    :py:meth:`~xray.DataArray.plot` through integration with matplotlib
    (:issue:`185`). For an introduction, see :ref:`plotting`.
  * Variables in netCDF files with multiple missing values are now decoded as
    NaN after issuing a warning if open_dataset is called with
  * We clarified our rules for when the result from an xray operation is a copy
    vs. a view (see :ref:`copies vs views` for more details).
  * Dataset variables are now written to netCDF files in order of appearance
    when using the netcdf4 backend (:issue:`479`).
  * Added :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.isel_points` and
    :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.sel_points` to support pointwise indexing of
    Datasets and DataArrays (:issue:`475`).
  * New :py:meth:`~xray.Dataset.where` method for masking xray objects
    according to some criteria. This works particularly well with
    multi-dimensional data:
  * Added new methods :py:meth:`DataArray.diff <xray.DataArray.diff>` and
    :py:meth:`Dataset.diff <xray.Dataset.diff>` for finite difference
    calculations along a given axis.
  * New :py:meth:`~xray.DataArray.to_masked_array` convenience method for
    returning a
  * Added new flag "drop_variables" to :py:meth:`~xray.open_dataset` for
    excluding variables from being parsed. This may be useful to drop variables
    with problems or inconsistent values.
  * Fixed aggregation functions (e.g., sum and mean) on big-endian arrays when
    bottleneck is installed (:issue:`489`).
  * Dataset aggregation functions dropped variables with unsigned integer dtype
  * .any() and .all() were not lazy when used on xray objects containing dask
  * Fixed an error when attempting to saving datetime64 variables to netCDF
    files when the first element is NaT (:issue:`528`).
  * Fix pickle on DataArray objects (:issue:`515`).
  * Fixed unnecessary coercion of float64 to float32 when using netcdf3 and
    netcdf4_classic formats (:issue:`526`).
* Tue Jul 14 2015
- Initial version