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Change Logs

Version: 4.8.4-bp151.4.3.1
* Sun Dec 15 2019 Kristyna Streitova <>
- add virtualenvwrapper-4.8.4-python_version.patch to use python3
  instead of python2 bsc#1159243
* Fri May 24 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 4.8.4:
  * various typo / docu fixes
  * Support for python 3.7
- Remove virtualenvwrapper-4.2-fix-bashisms.patch as the script
  looks posix and if it is still applicable it should be sent
* Tue Dec 04 2018 Matej Cepl <>
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package
Version: 4.8.2-bp150.2.4
* Mon Jan 08 2018
- Converted to singlespec to generate a python3 package
- Update to 4.8.2
  * Merged in jeffwidman/virtualenvwrapper-2/jeffwidman/update-rtd-url-they-now-use-io-rather-t-1505539237232 (pull request #63)
  * Merged in jeffwidman/virtualenvwrapper-1/jeffwidman/add-python-36-to-pypi-trove-classifiers-1505539102243 (pull request #62)
  * Merged in jeffwidman/virtualenvwrapper/jeffwidman/update-readme-with-current-test-status--1505538852189 (pull request #61)
  * Update RTD url
  * Add python 3.6 to Pypi trove classifiers
  * Update readme with current test status
- Update to 4.8.1
  * New PBR doesn?t like provides_dist
- Update to 4.8.0
  * Merged in fix/263 (pull request #60)
  * Merged in fix/296 (pull request #59)
  * Fixing Documentation
  * Update supported versions
  * Adding python 3.6
  * Fixing run_hook and tab_completion
  * First shot at Fixing #263
  * Adding a note about package managers
  * Merged in zmwangx/virtualenvwrapper/always-export-virtualenvwrapper_hook_dir (pull request #55)
  * Typo fix
  * Merged in lendenmc/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #51)
  * Merged in SpotlightKid/virtualenvwrapper/bugfix/distutils-sysconfig (pull request #56)
  * Merged in dougharris/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #53)
  * Merged in kk6/virtualenvwrapper/fix/wipeenv_ignore_setuptools_dependencies (pull request #57)
  * Merged in erickmk/virtualenvwrapper/erickmk/command_refrst-edited-online-with-bitbuc-1491225971803 (pull request #58)
  * Update sentence to make it more clear
  * command_ref.rst edited online with Bitbucket
  * Fixes Issue #291 wipeenv ignore setuptools?s dependencies
  * Import distutils.sysconfig properly (fixes #167)
  * Fixed case where alternate deactivate didn?t exist
  * Makes workon more selective in its search for `deactivate` #285
  * Merged in sambrightman/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #52)
  * Fix spelling mistake in error message
  * Fix .kshrc sourcing error ??&>file? is nonstandard?
  * Merged in lonetwin/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #48)
- Update to 4.7.2
  * Baseline testing to python27
  * Fixing naming in tests
  * Merged in phd/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #46)
  * Ignore *.pyo byte-code files
  * Fix docs: fix URLs whenever possible, change protocol to https
  * Add wipeenv and allvirtualenv for lazy loading
  * Remove one-time functions from the environment
  * Fix the problem with lazy completion for bash
  * Last set of docs
  * Docs fixes
  * Updating to virtualenvwrapper
  * Last set of docs
  * Docs fixes
  * Merged in fix/issue-282-link-to-virtualenvwrapper (pull request #49)
  * Updating to virtualenvwrapper
  * Unset previously defined cd function rather than redefine it
  * Merged in ismailsunni/virtualenvwrapper/ismailsunni/command_refrst-edited-online-with-bitbuc-1454377958615 (pull request #44)
  * command_ref.rst edited online with Bitbucket Adding -d for remove extra path
  * use a ref instead of hard-coded link in new tip
  * Merged in kojiromike/virtualenvwrapper/deactivate-on-logout-tip (pull request #43)
  * Add Deactivate-on-Logout Tip
  * update REAMDE with new bug tracker URL
  * more dir fixes for El Capitan
  * add testing for python 3.5
  * temporary dir fixes for OS X El Capitan (10.11)
  * update to work with tox 2.1.1
  * Merged in jveatch/virtualenvwrapper/fix-py26-logging (pull request #41)
  * Pass stream as arg rather than kwarg to avoid py26 conflict. Fixes issue #274. StreamHandler arg was named strm in python 2.6
- Rebase virtualenvwrapper-4.2-fix-bashisms.patch
* Mon Aug 15 2016
- Fix update-alternatives implementation.
* Mon May 09 2016
- Update to 4.7.1
  * enhance verbose output of hook loader
  * Merged in erilem/virtualenvwrapper/user-scheme-installation (pull request #38)
  * Change install docs to use --user
- Update to 4.7.0
  * Merged in gnawybol/virtualenvwrapper/support_MINGW64 (pull request #36
  * Detect MSYS if MSYSTEM is MINGW64
  * Merged in kdeldycke/virtualenvwrapper/kdeldycke/restore-overridden-cd-command-to-its-def-1435073839852 (pull request #34)
  * Restore overridden cd command to its default builtin behaviour
- Update to 4.6.0
  * remove some explicit tox environments
  * Merged in jessamynsmith/virtualenvwrapper/py34 (pull request #30)
  * quiet some of the lsvirtualenv tests
  * add test for previous patch
  * Merged in robsonpeixoto/virtualenvwrapper/bug/265 (pull request #33)
  * Removes empty when list all virtualenvs
  * Merged in justinabrahms/virtualenvwrapper/justinabrahms/update-links-and-name-for-venv-post-1431982402822 (pull request #32)
  * Update links and name for venv post
  * Added testing and updated docs for python 3.4
- Update to 4.5.1
  * Merged in jessamynsmith/virtualenvwrapper/env_with_space (pull request #28
  * Changes as per code review
  * Added tests to verify that cpvirtualenv, lsvirtualenv, and mkproject work with spaces in env names
  * Made rmvirtualenv work with spaces
  * Added tests for leading spaces (trailing spaces don't work in Linux, so don't test them)
  * Made lsvirtualenv and allvirtualenv work with spaces in env names
  * Made cd command work with space in virtualenv name
  * Fixed ordering in asserts for workon tests
  * Made workon fully support virtualenvs with spaces in names
- Update to 4.5.0
  * Add -c/-n options to mktmpenv
  * update mktmpenv test to assert changed directory
  * Add test for creating venv with space in name
- Update to 4.4.1
  * Touch temporary file after a name is created
  * document 'workon .' and give attribution
  * Support "workon ."
  * fix pep8 error
  * make cd after workon optional
  * fix sphinx build
  * Merged in hjwp/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #25)
  * Stop mangling the python argument to virtualenv
  * ignore -f lines in pip freeze output
  * Merged in bittner/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #22)
  * hacked attempt to get round MSYS_HOME environ dependency on windows/git-bash/msys
  * Change "distribute" to "setuptools" in docs
  * Merged in jessamynsmith/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #23)
  * Override tox's desire to install pre-releases
  * Reworded the documentation around user scripts vs plugin creation, to make it more clear which one you need. Also added a simple example of user scripts
  * do not install distribute in test environments
  * Correct spelling of "Bitbucket"
  * Update issue tracker URL
* Sat Apr 04 2015
- update to 4.3.2:
  * build universal wheels
  * Merged in das_g/virtualenvwrapper/das_g/
    removed-gratuitous-preposition-1413208408920 (pull request #19)
  * removed gratuitous preposition
  * Fix test invocation for zsh
  * add -q option to cd for zsh
  * make run_tests use the SHELL var to run test script
* Mon Dec 01 2014
- Update to 4.3.1
  * pep8 and test updates for previous commit
  * Make postmkproject use VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_HOOK_DIR
  * Tell tox it is ok to run shells not installed in the virtualenv
  * Set VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_SCRIPT correctly for different shells
  * Merged in nishikar/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #14)
  * changed phrasing of environment not found message
  * Add tests for wipenv with editable packages
  * Remove obsolete information about pip environment vars
  * Replace manually maintained history with ChangeLog
  * Update doc build to fail if there are warnings
- Update to 4.3
  * remove announce.rst; move to blogging repository
  * Merged in erikb85/virtualenvwrapper/erikb85/
    (pull request #15)
  * Run User Postactivate after changing dirs
  * add link to sublimetext extension
  * moved environment exists check below active environment check
  * added no such environment prompt to rmvirtualenv if it
    does not exist
  * updated pep8
  * clean up script mode changes
  * forgotten comment
  * trailing whitespace removed
  * tabs expanded; mode difference
  * changed comments and mode for sourced scripts
  * ignore bin, include, lib
  * mode constant for sourced-only files
  * do not specify a version for pbr
  * Merged in mjbrooks/virtualenvwrapper (pull request #12)
  * Extract basic help text from the script
  * Add list of commands as basic help output
  * update author email
  * clean up comment about zsh behavior in lazy
  * Fix syntax error (empty `if` block)
* Sun Nov 16 2014 Led <>
- fix shebang in script that contains
  bash-specific constructions
- add patches:
  * virtualenvwrapper-4.2-fix-bashisms.patch
* Sat Nov 08 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in pre script
* Sun Mar 30 2014
- Update to 4.2
  - Add ``tmp-`` prefix to temporary environment names created by
  - Fix some uses of ``cd`` that did not account for possible
    aliasing. Contributed by Ismail Badawi (:bbuser:`ibadawi`).
  - Fix documentation for :ref:`command-allvirtualenv`, contributed by
    Andy Dirnberger (:bbuser:`dirn`).
  - Add ``--force`` option to :ref:`command-mkproject`, contributed by
    Clay McClure (:bbuser:`claymcclure`).
  - Fix handling for project directory argument ``-a`` to
    :ref:`command-mkvirtualenv`, based on work by Xupeng Yun.
  - Dropped python 3.2 testing.
  - Updated test configuration so they work properly under Linux.
  - Resolve relative paths before storing the project directory
    reference in :ref:`command-setvirtualenvproject`. (:bbissue:`207`)
  - Do not create hooks for rmproject, since there is no such
    command. (:bbissue:`203`)
  - Update the tests to use a valid template for creating temporary
    directories under Linux.
* Sat Oct 12 2013
- Implement update-alternative
* Sat Oct 12 2013
- Update to version 4.1.1
  + Fix packaging issue with 4.1
- Changes between version 4.1 and 4.0
  + Ensure that all $() style commands that produce paths are quoted.
    Addresses issue 164.
  + Add wipeenv command for removing all packages installed in the virtualenv.
  + Allow users of to extend the list of API
    commands that trigger the lazy-loader by extending _VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_API.
  + Fix detection of --python option to mkvirtualenv. Resolves issue 190.
  + Add allvirtualenv command to run a command across all virtualenvs.
  + Fix lsvirtualenv when there are spaces in WORKON_HOME.
    Resolves issue 194.
  + Switch to pbr for packaging
- Add documentation from tarball and generated documentation
- Add python-pbr BuildRequirement; new build requirement needed to build
- Replace python-distribute with python-setuptools BuildRequires
- Use download URL as source
* Tue Apr 30 2013
- Update to 4.0:
  - All tests pass under Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3.
  - Fix the name of the script in an error message produced by (Contributed by scottstvnsn.)
* Mon Apr 08 2013
- Update to 3.7.1:
  - Rename functions for generating help so they do not pollute the
    global namespace, and especially so they do not interfere with
    tab completion. Contributed by davidszotten.
  - Fix an issue with listing project templates if none are
    installed. (#179)
  - Fix an issue with the --python option to mkvirtualenv becoming
  * sticky* for future calls that do not explicitly specify the
    option. (#178)
* Sat Mar 16 2013
- Update to 3.7:
  - Improve tab-completion support for users of the lazy-loading
    mode. (upsuper)
  - Add --help option to mkproject.
  - Add --help option to workon.
  - Turn off logging from the hook loader by default, and replace
    VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_LOG_DIR environment variable with
    VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_LOG_FILE. The rotating log behavior remains
    the same. The motivation for this change is the race condition
    caused by that rotating behavior, especially when the wrappers are
    being used by users with different permissions and
    umasks. (152)
  - Use flake8 for style checking.
* Fri Mar 08 2013
- Update to 3.6.1:
  - Sorry, no changelog entry yet.
* Sat Nov 03 2012
- Fix bnc#787875, added python-virtualenv-clone as Requires in spec
* Sun Aug 19 2012
- Update to 3.6:
  - Switch to stevedore for plugin management
  - mkvirtualenv_help should use $VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON instead
    of calling virtualenv directly (issue 148).
  - Fix issue with lazy-loader code under zsh (issue 144).
  - Fix issue with noclobber option under zsh (issue 137). Fix based
    on patch from rob_b.
  - Fix documentation for add2virtualenv to show the correct name for
    the file containing the new path entry. (contributed by rvoicilas)
  - Fix problem with virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options under zsh
    with chpwd functions that produce output. (issue 153)
* Mon Jun 11 2012
- Update to 3.5:
  - Rewrite cpvirtualenv to use virtualenv-clone instead of making
    the new environment relocatable. Contributed by Justin Barber
    (barberj). This also resolves a problem with cpvirtualenv not
    honoring the --no-site-packages flag (issue 102).
  - Update docs with link to virtualenvwrapper-win port by David
  - Use command to avoid functions named the same as common
    utilities. (issue 119)
* Mon May 21 2012
- Update to 3.4:
  - Add install-lazy-loader option.
* Sat May 12 2012
- Update to 3.3:
  - Clean up file permissions and remove shebangs from scripts not
    intended to be executed on the command line. (contributed by
  - Worked on some brittle tests.
  - Received updates to Japanese translation of the documentation
    from t2y.
  - Fix the test script and runner so the user?s $WORKON_HOME is not
    erased if they do not have some test shells installed. (big thanks
    to agriffis).
  - If the hook loader is told to list plugins but is not given a
    hook name, it prints the list of core hooks.
  - Merge several fixes for path and variable handling for MSYS users
    from bwanamarko. Includes a fix for issue 138.
  - Change mkvirtualenv so it catches both -h and --help.
  - Fix some issues with the way temporary files are used for hook
    scripts. (contributed by agriffis)
  - Allow relative path to requirements file with mkvirtualenv and
  - r option. (barberj)
  - Make whitespace consistent. (agriffis)
* Thu Apr 12 2012
- license update: HPND
  License most akin to SPDX HPND license