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Change Logs

Version: 1.14-bp150.2.4
* Tue Aug 01 2017
- Rectify RPM groups
* Mon Jul 17 2017
- Cleanup spec file with spec cleaner
- Provide python2 version of package to be consisten with python
* Tue Apr 23 2013
- Update to version 1.14:
  + Improve logic for reaping dead child processes.
  + Properly handle interrupted system calls while doing a restart.
  + Drop GIL when passing file descriptors.
  + Add target to build multi-architecture mod_scgi for Mac OS.
- Rebase python-scgi-newstyle-classes.patch.
- Add python-scgi-apache24.patch: Port to Apache 2.4.
* Wed Jan 25 2012
- license update: SUSE-Python-1.6
  License is the old Python license (CNRI on Fedora). Use proprietary
  SUSE-prefix until Python-1.6 is accepted upstream at
* Wed Apr 29 2009
- update to version 1.13:
  - Send Content-Length provided by client, rather than
  - Fix error message typo in passfd.c.
  - Remove duplicated text from Apache error messages.
  - Ensure that PATH_INFO is correct even with mod_rewrite
    mod_rewrite can modify r->path_info.  One way this could happen
    is if the path being served by SCGI exists on the filesystem.
    Ensure that PATH_INFO is correct.  Thanks to David Binger for
    point out the fix.
- add python-scgi-1.13_documentation_path.patch:
  fix path to documentation (bnc#482477)
- include guide.html (bnc#482477)
- move cgi2scgi.c to the main package
* Fri Mar 06 2009
- Add python-scgi-newstyle-classes.patch, converting several
  classes from oldstyle to newstyle.
* Fri Apr 13 2007
- update to version 1.12:
  - Provide a new overridable method in SCGIHandler, produce(), as
    a more user-friendly alternative to handle_connection().
    Another new alternative is produce_cgilike() which receives the
    request payload on standard input and is expected to write its
    results to standard output.
    (Jeroen T. Vermeulen <>)
  - Define the CMSG_LEN and CMSG_SPACE macros if the platform
    doesn't provide them. (Neil Schemenauer <>)
  - Add guide.html document.
    (Jeroen T. Vermeulen <>)
* Fri Sep 22 2006
- remove libapr-util1-devel from Buildrequires, since the correct
  one comes with apache2-devel
* Wed Aug 30 2006
- Update to version 1.11:
  o Allow SCGIServer to use an open socket if provided by the
    calling procedure. The existing serve() method remains the same.
  o Improve portability of the passfd module (solves at least one
    bug on AMD64 machines).
  o Fix a mod_scgi bug that caused a segfault (due to a NULL pointer
    dereference) with certain configurations.
  o Don't send duplicated headers for SCRIPT_NAME and HTTPS.
- removed apache2-mod_scgi-1.9_apache-2.2.0.patch:
  Patch was applied upstream in 1.10 (only change in 1.10)
- install docs with the apache module too
* Sat Mar 04 2006
- updated to reflect python changes due to #149809
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Jan 16 2006
- update the patch so it works with apache 2.0 again
* Sun Jan 15 2006
- added apache2-mod_scgi-1.9_apache-2.2.0.patch
* Thu Dec 15 2005
- Update to version 1.9
  + removed all patches. they are upstream now.
* Mon Nov 21 2005
- Initial package of version 1.8