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Change Logs

Version: 3.0.4-bp154.2.3.1
* Tue Aug 15 2023 Markéta Machová <>
- Add CVE-2021-39214.patch (bsc#1190603)
Version: 3.0.4-bp150.3.1
* Wed Aug 01 2018
- Added protect_against_DNS_rebinding.patch and
  improve_DNS_rebinding_protection_support_IPv6.patch to address
  CVE-2018-14505 (fixes boo#1102178)
- Added update_ldap3_dependency.patch for the package to work
  with python3-ldap3 2.5 (fixes boo#1101457)
- Minor spec improvements
* Thu Apr 05 2018
- Update to version 3.0.4
  * Fix an issue that caused mitmproxy to not retry HTTP requests
    on timeout.
  * Various other fixes (@kira0204, @fenilgandhi, @tran-tien-dat,
    @smonami, @luzpaz, @fristonio, @kajojify, @Oliver-Fish,
    @hcbarry, @jplochocki, @MikeShi42, @ghillu, @emilstahl)
* Thu Feb 22 2018
- Update to version 3.0.3
  * A minor release that actually includes the fix meant for 3.0.2.
  version 3.0.2
  * Fix an issue that caused mitmproxy to lose keyboard control
    after spawning an external editor.
  version 3.0.1
  * A quick point release to fix a bug that broke quoted arguments
    in the console command editor.
  version 3.0
  Major Changes:
  * Commands: A consistent, typed mechanism that allows addons to
    expose actions to users.
  * Options: A typed settings store for use by mitmproxy and
  * Shift most of mitmproxy's own functionality into addons.
  * Major improvements to mitmproxy console, including an almost
    complete rewrite of the user interface, integration of
    commands, key bindings, and multi-pane layouts.
  * Major Improvements to mitmproxy’s web interface, mitmweb.
    (Matthew Shao, Google Summer of Code 2017)
  * Major Improvements to mitmproxy’s content views and protocol
    layers (Ujjwal Verma, Google Summer of Code 2017)
  * Faster JavaScript and CSS beautifiers. (Ujjwal Verma)
  Minor Changes:
  * Vastly improved JavaScript test coverage (Matthew Shao)
  * Options editor for mitmweb (Matthew Shao)
  * Static web-based flow viewer (Matthew Shao)
  * Request streaming for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2 (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Implement more robust content views using Kaitai Struct
    (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Protobuf decoding now works without protoc being installed on
    the host system (Ujjwal Verma)
  * PNG, GIF, and JPEG can now be parsed without Pillow, which
    simplifies mitmproxy installation and moves parsing from unsafe
    C to pure Python (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Add parser for ICO files (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Migrate WebSockets implementation to wsproto. This reduces
    code size and adds WebSocket compression support.
    (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Add “split view” to split mitmproxy’s UI into two separate
  * Add key binding viewer and editor
  * Add a command to spawn a preconfigured Chrome browser instance
    from mitmproxy
  * Fully support mitmproxy under the Windows Subsystem for Linux
    (WSL), work around display errors
  * Add XSS scanner addon (@ddworken)
  * Add ability to toggle interception (@mattweidner)
  * Numerous documentation improvements (@pauloromeira, @rst0git,
    @rgerganov, @fulldecent, @zhigang1992, @F1ashhimself,
    @vinaydargar, @jonathanrfisher1, @BasThomas, @LuD1161,
    @ayamamori, @TomTasche)
  * Add filters for websocket flows (@s4chin)
  * Make it possible to create a response to CONNECT requests in
    http_connect (@mengbiping)
  * Redirect stdout in scripts to ctx.log.warn (@nikofil)
  * Fix a crash when clearing the event log (@krsoninikhil)
  * Store the generated certificate for each flow (@dlenski)
  * Add --keep-host-header to retain the host header in reverse
    proxy mode (@krsoninikhil)
  * Fix setting palette options (@JordanLoehr)
  * Fix a crash with brotli encoding (@whackashoe)
  * Provide certificate installation instructions on
  * Fix a bug where we did not properly fall back to IPv4 when
    IPv6 is unavailable (@titeuf87)
  * Fix transparent mode on IPv6-enabled macOS systems (@Ga-ryo)
  * Fix handling of HTTP messages with multiple Content-Length
    headers (@surajt97)
  * Fix IPv6 authority form parsing in CONNECT requests (@r1b)
  * Fix event log display in mitmweb (@syahn)
  * Remove private key from PKCS12 file in ~/.mitmproxy (@ograff).
  * Add LDAP as a proxy authentication backend (@charlesdhdt)
  * Use mypy to check the whole codebase (@iharsh234)
  * Fix a crash when duplicating flows (@iharsh234)
  * Fix testsuite when the path contains a “.” (@felixonmars)
  * Store proxy authentication with flows (@lymanZerga11)
  * Match ~d and ~u filters against pretty_host (@dequis)
  * Update WBXML content view (@davidpshaw)
  * Handle HEAD requests for to support Chrome in
    transparent mode on iOS (@tomlabaude)
  * Update dns spoofing example to use --keep-host-header
  * Call error handler on HTTPException (@tarnacious)
  * Make it possible to remove TLS from upstream HTTP connections
  * Update to pyOpenSSL 17.5, cryptography 2.1.4, and OpenSSL
  * Make it possible to retroactively increase log verbosity.
  * Make logging from addons thread-safe
  * Tolerate imports in user scripts that match hook names (`from
    mitmproxy import log`)
  * Update mitmweb to React 16, which brings performance
  * Fix a bug where reverting duplicated flows crashes mitmproxy
  * Fix a bug where successive requests are sent to the wrong host
    after a request has been redirected.
  * Fix a bug that binds outgoing connections to the wrong
  * Fix a bug where custom certificates are ignored in reverse
    proxy mode
  * Fix import of flows that have been created with mitmproxy 0.17
  * Fix formatting of (IPv6) IP addresses in a number of places
  * Fix replay for HTTP/2 flows
  * Decouple mitmproxy version and flow file format version
  * Fix a bug where “mitmdump -nr” does not exit automatically
  * Fix a crash when exporting flows to curl
  * Fix formatting of sticky cookies
  * Improve script reloading reliability by polling the filesystem
    instead of using watchdog
  * Fix a crash when refreshing Set-Cookie headers
  * Add connection indicator to mitmweb to alert users when the
    proxy server stops running
  * Add support for certificates with cyrillic domains
  * Simplify output of mitmproxy --version
  * Add Request.make to simplify request creation in scripts
  * Pathoc: Include a host header on CONNECT requests
  * Remove HTML outline contentview (#2572)
  * Remove Python and Locust export (#2465)
  * Remove emojis from tox.ini because flake8 cannot parse that. :(
- Dropped python-mitmproxy-no_git.patch (no longer necessary)
* Fri Apr 28 2017
- Update to version 2.0.2
  * Fix mitmweb's Content-Security-Policy to work with Chrome
    58+ (#2284)
* Wed Mar 15 2017
- Update to version 2.0.1
  * http2: fix h2 header normalization test (#2080)
* Tue Feb 21 2017
- Update to version 2.0.0
  * HTTP/2 is now enabled by default.
  * Image ContentView: Parse images with Kaitai Struct
    ( instead of Pillow.
    This simplifies installation, reduces binary size, and
    allows parsing in pure Python.
  * Web: Add missing flow filters.
  * Add transparent proxy support for OpenBSD.
  * Check the mitmproxy CA for expiration and warn the user to
    regenerate it if necessary.
  * Testing: Tremendous improvements, enforced 100% coverage
    for large parts of the  codebase, increased overall
  * Enforce individual coverage: one source file -> one test
    file with 100% coverage.
  * A myriad of other small improvements throughout the
  * Numerous bugfixes.
- Added python3-mitmproxy-no_git.patch
* Thu Feb 02 2017
- Update to version 1.0.2
  * Fix compatibility with Python 3.5.0
  * Fix compatibility with Python 3.6
* Mon Dec 26 2016
- Switched to python3 package
- Update to version  1.0
  * All mitmproxy tools are now Python 3 only! We plan to
    support Python 3.5 and higher.
  * Web-Based User Interface: Mitmproxy now offically has a
    web-based user interface called mitmweb. We consider it
    stable for all features currently exposed in the UI,
    but it still misses a lot of mitmproxy’s options.
  * Windows Compatibility: With mitmweb, mitmproxy is now
    useable on Windows.
    We are also introducing an installer (kindly sponsored
    by BitRock) that simplifies setup.
  * Configuration: The config file format is now a single
    YAML file. In most cases, converting to the new format
    should be trivial - please see the docs for more
  * Console: Significant UI improvements - including sorting
    of flows by size, type and url, status bar improvements,
    much faster indentation for HTTP views, and more.
  * HTTP/2: Significant improvements, but is temporarily
    disabled by default due to wide-spread protocol
    implementation errors on some large website
  * WebSocket: The protocol implementation is now mature,
    and is enabled by
    default. Complete UI support is coming in the next
    release. Hooks for message interception and manipulation
    are available.
  * A myriad of other small improvements throughout the
  version 0.18:
  * Python 3 Compatibility for mitmproxy and pathod (Shadab
    Zafar, GSoC 2016)
  * Major improvements to mitmweb (Clemens Brunner & Jason
    Hao, GSoC 2016)
  * Internal Core Refactor: Separation of most features into
    isolated Addons
  * Initial Support for WebSockets
  * Improved HTTP/2 Support
  * Reverse Proxy Mode now automatically adjusts host
    headers and TLS Server Name Indication
  * Improved HAR export
  * Improved export functionality for curl, python code, raw
    http etc.
  * Flow URLs are now truncated in the console for better
  * New filters for TCP, HTTP and marked flows.
  * Mitmproxy now handles comma-separated Cookie headers
  * Merge mitmproxy and pathod documentation
  * Mitmdump now sanitizes its console output to not include
    control characters
  * Improved message body handling for HTTP messages:
    .raw_content provides the message body as seen on the
    .content provides the decompressed body (e.g. un-gzipped)
    .text provides the body decompressed and decoded body
  * New HTTP Message getters/setters for cookies and form
  * Add ability to view only marked flows in mitmproxy
  * Improved Script Reloader (Always use polling, watch for
    whole directory)
  * Use tox for testing
  * Unicode support for tnetstrings
  * Add dumpfile converters for mitmproxy versions 0.11 and
    version 0.12
  * Numerous bugfixes
  version 0.17:
  * Simplify repository and release structure. mitmproxy now
    comes as a single package, including netlib and pathod.
  * Rename the Python package from libmproxy to mitmproxy.
  * New option to add server certs to client chain
    (CVE-2016-2402, John Kozyrakis)
  * Enable HTTP/2 by default (Thomas Kriechbaumer)
  * Improved HAR extractor (Shadab Zafar)
  * Add icon for OSX and Windows binaries
  * Add content view for query parameters (Will Coster)
  * Initial work on Python 3 compatibility
  * export (Zohar Lorberbaum)
  * Fix XSS vulnerability in HTTP errors (Will Coster)
  * Numerous bugfixes and minor improvements
  version 0.16:
  * Completely revised HTTP2 implementation based on
    hyper-h2 (Thomas Kriechbaumer)
  * Export flows as cURL command, Python code or raw HTTP
    (Shadab Zafar)
  * Fixed compatibility with the Android Emulator (Will
  * Script Reloader: Inline scripts are reloaded
    automatically if modified (Matthew Shao)
  * Inline script hooks for TCP mode (Michael J. Bazzinotti)
  * Add default ciphers to support iOS9 App Transport
    Security (Jorge Villacorta)
  * Basic Authentication for mitmweb (Guillem Anguera)
  * Exempt connections from interception based on TLS Server
    Name Indication (David Weinstein)
  * Provide Python Wheels for faster installation
  * Numerous bugfixes and minor improvements
  version 0.15:
  * Support for loading and converting older dumpfile
    formats (0.13 and up)
  * Content views for inline script (@chrisczub)
  * Better handling of empty header values (Benjamin
  * Fix a gnarly memory leak in mitmdump
  * A number of bugfixes and small improvements
  version 0.14:
  * Statistics: 399 commits, 13 contributors, 79 closed
    issues, 37 closed
    PRs, 103 days
  * Docs: Greatly updated docs now hosted on ReadTheDocs!
  * Docs: Fixed Typos, updated URLs etc. (Nick Badger, Ben
    Lerner, Choongwoo
    Han, onlywade, Jurriaan Bremer)
  * mitmdump: Colorized TTY output
  * mitmdump: Use mitmproxy's content views for
    human-readable output (Chris Czub)
  * mitmproxy and mitmdump: Support for displaying UTF8
  * mitmproxy: add command line switch to disable mouse
    interaction (Timothy Elliott)
  * mitmproxy: bug fixes (Choongwoo Han, sethp-jive,
  * mitmweb: bug fixes (Colin Bendell)
  * libmproxy: Add ability to fall back to TCP passthrough
    for non-HTTP connections.
  * libmproxy: Avoid double-connect in case of TLS Server
    Name Indication. This yields a massive speedup for
    TLS handshakes.
  * libmproxy: Prevent unneccessary upstream connections
  * Inline Scripts: New API for HTTP Headers:
  * Inline Scripts: Properly handle exceptions in `done` hook
  * Inline Scripts: Allow relative imports, provide
  * Examples: Add probabilistic TLS passthrough as an inline
  * netlib: Refactored HTTP protocol handling code
  * netlib: ALPN support
  * netlib: fixed a bug in the optional certificate
  * netlib: Initial Python 3.5 support (this is the first
    prerequisite for 3.x support in mitmproxy)
- Added python3-mitmproxy-rpmlintrc
* Wed Jan 27 2016
- Fix a repo in requires list
* Sun Jul 26 2015
- Update to upstream version 0.13
  * Upstream certificate validation.
  * Add HTTP transparent proxy mode.
  * Add ~src and ~dst REGEX filters
  * mitmproxy console: change g/G keyboard shortcuts to match less.
  * mitmproxy console: Flow marking and unmarking.
  * mitmproxy console: add marking of flows
  * Remove the certforward feature
* Mon Mar 09 2015
- Fixed download URL to use the one from
- Fixed group
- Year in the header
* Wed Mar 04 2015
- Fixed license.
* Thu Dec 13 2012
- Another cleanup of the .spec file
* Mon Dec 10 2012
- Cleanup .spec file
* Thu Nov 29 2012
- Ensure libmproxy is found
- Require python-netlib at runtime
* Wed Nov 28 2012
- Fix build on 12.2 x86_64.
* Wed Nov 28 2012
- update to git rev 8c976ac7f0.
* Tue Oct 16 2012
- created initial package for version 0.8