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Change Logs

Version: 1.5.3-bp152.1.1
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix build without python2
* Wed Jan 15 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
- Update to 1.5.3
  * Remove usage of deprecated collections API
* Tue Sep 24 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 1.5.2:
  * Added support for asyncio and contextvars
* Sat Sep 14 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Use python_expand in %build to allow building only a single flavour
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to version 1.4.3:
  * Use correct record delimiters (null for UNIX, newline for network) in SyslogHandler (thanks Jonathan Kamens)
  * Try to reconnect to SyslogHandler TCP sockets when they are disconnected (thanks Jonathan Kamens)
  * Use RFC 5424 format for networking logging in SyslogHandler (thanks Jonathan Kamens)
  * Fixed deprecated regular expression pattern (thanks Tsuyoshi Hombashi)
  * Fixed TimedRotatingFileHandler rotation (thanks Tucker Beck)
* Fri Aug 10 2018
- Update to Version 1.4.0
  * Added support for checking if trace logs have been emitted in TestHandler (thanks @thedrow)
  * Added support for controlling rotating file names -- Logbook now allows users to
    customize the formatting of rollover/rotating files (thanks Tucker Beck)
  * Added support for compressed log files, supporting both gzip and brotli compression
    methods (thanks Maor Marcus)
  * Fixed CPU usage for queuing handlers (thanks Adam Urbańczyk)
- Remove cleanup of tests/*.pyc files and tests/__pycache__ from downloaded source code
- Fully enable tests
- Add cython build of _speedups.c for each python version
Version: 1.1.0-bp150.2.4
* Fri Sep 08 2017
- Implement single-spec version
- Update to Version 1.1.0
  * Added a handler for Riemann (thanks Šarūnas Navickas)
  * Added a handler for Slack (thanks @jonathanng)
  * Colorizing mixin can now force coloring on or off (thanks @ayalash)
- Update to Version 1.0.1
  * Fix PushOver handler cropping (thanks Sébastien Celles)
* Fri Jan 06 2017
- Added support for timezones for log timestamp formatting (thanks Mattijs Ugen)
- Logbook has been a 0.x long enough to earn its 1.0.0 bump!
- Logbook now uses SemVer for its versioning scheme
- Various improvements to MailHandler and the usage of TLS/SMTP SSL (thanks Frazer McLean)
- Fix log colorizing on Windows (thanks Frazer McLean)
- Coverage reports using
- Dropped compatibility for Python 3.2. At this point we did not actually
  remove any code that supports it, but the continuous integration tests
  no longer check against it, and we will no longer fix compatibility issues with 3.2.
- Better coverage and tests on Windows (thanks Frazer McLean)
- Added enable() and disable() methods for loggers (thanks Frazer McLean)
- Many cleanups and overall project improvements (thanks Frazer McLean)
- Added logbook.utils.deprecated to automatically emit warnings when
  certain functions are called (Thanks Ayala Shachar)
- Added logbook.utils.suppressed_deprecations context to temporarily
  suppress deprecations (Thanks Ayala Shachar)
- Added logbook.utils.logged_if_slow to emit logs when certain operations
  exceed a time threshold (Thanks Ayala Shachar)
- Many PEP8 fixes and code cleanups (thanks Taranjeet Singh and Frazer McLean)
- TestHandler constructor now receives an optional force_heavy_init=True,
  forcing all records to heavy-initialize
- Windows-specific fixes and CI configuration (Thanks Frazer McLean)
- Several Unicode-specific fixes (Thanks Frazer McLean)
- Documentation cleanups
- Fix importing issue with SQLAlchemy ticketing handler
- Added TRACE log level for enabling logs below DEBUG
- Improved SQLAlchemy session management (thanks @fintan)
- Removed the bubble argument from NullHandler, preventing many future confusions
- Small bugfix supporting exc_info=False without breaking formatting
- Removed the global handler which was installed by default so far.
  The rationale is to ease adoption for 3rd party libraries who don’t want
  output to go to stderr by default. The old behavior can still be restored
  by setting the LOGBOOK_INSTALL_DEFAULT_HANDLER environment variable
- Added frame correction option, to properly mark log record origins (Thanks Roey Darwish)
- Fixed MailHandler infinite recursion bug (Thanks Tal Yalon)
- Fix support for gevent, along with various other fixes (Thanks Tal Yalon)
- Added Pushover handler (thanks @owo)
- Default logging format now includes seconds and microseconds (#110)
- Several fixes regarding possible deadlocks in log formatting (thanks Guy Rozendorn)
- Fixed packaging so that the speedups module now gets packaged by default (#122)
- ThreadedWrapperHandler now supports maxsize (#121) (thanks Ken Jung)
- Fixes in rotating handlers (thanks zhangliyong)
- Added Pushover handler (thanks Ossama W. Obeid)
- RedisHandler now supports lpush as an option (thanks Bruno Rocha)
- Restored Python 3.2 support (thanks @rnortman)
- NullHandlers now respect filters - allows to only drop/mute certain records (#73)
- redirect_logging now sets the legacy root logger’s level
  to DEBUG by default. This can be changed by specifying set_root_logger_level=False (#96)
- Added Redis handler (Thanks a lot @guillermo-carrasco for this PR)
- Fixed email encoding bug (Thanks Raphaël Vinot)
- Drop 2.5, 3.2 support, code cleanup
- The exc_info argument now accepts True, like in the standard logging modul
- Fixed Python 3.x compatibility, including speedups
- Dropped Python 2.4 support. Python 2.4 support caused a lot of
  hacks in the code and introduced duplication to the test code.
  In addition, it is impossible to cover 2.4-3.x with a single
  tox installation, which may introduce unwitting code breakage.
  Travis also does not support Python 2.4 so the chances of
  accidentally breaking this support were very high as it was...
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Mon Apr 29 2013
- Package README and CHANGES
* Thu Apr 25 2013
- created package (version 0.4.1)