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Change Logs

Version: 3.39.0-bp152.1.1
* Mon Apr 01 2019
- version update to 3.39.0
  see NEWS.rst
- deleted patches
  - 349cd94d171cf4e1e7541884df0d12bb6d4e841a.patch (upstreamed)
  - fix-missing-sys.patch (upstreamed)
- run the testsuite
- do not provide extra subpackage for tools
- do not require python-munkres, it is suprefluous when scipy is
* Thu Sep 06 2018 Mat?j Cepl <>
- Upstream provided fix for the issue with big endian machines. Remove
  fonttools-disable_failing_tests_bigendian.patch and replace with
- Upstream fix has a missing import; thus fix-missing-sys.patch
* Tue Sep 04 2018 Mat?j Cepl <>
- Update to 3.29.0:
    too many changes to enlist here, complete list is on
* Thu Mar 15 2018
- add fonttools-disable_failing_tests_bigendian.patch
  disable two tests currently failing on bigendian archs
Version: 3.24.1-bp150.1.3
* Thu Mar 08 2018
- Update to version 3.24.1
  * [varLib] Don’t remap the same DeviceTable twice in VarStore
    optimizer (#1206).
  * [varLib] Add --disable-iup option to fonttools varLib script,
    and a optimize=True keyword argument to function,
    to optionally disable IUP optimization while building varfonts.
  * [ttCollection] Fixed issue while decompiling ttc with python3
- Update to version 3.24.0
  * [ttGlyphPen] Decompose composite glyphs if any components’
    transform is too large to fit a F2Dot14 value, or clamp
    transform values that are (almost) equal to +2.0 to make them
    fit and avoid decomposing (#1200, #1204, #1205).
  * [ttx] Added new -g option to dump glyphs from the glyf table
    splitted as individual ttx files (#153, #1035, #1132, #1202).
  * Copied ufoLib.filenames module to fontTools.misc.filenames,
    used for the ttx split-glyphs option (#1202).
  * [feaLib] Added support for cvParameters blocks in Character
    Variant feautures cv01-cv99 (#860, #1169).
  * [Snippets] Added script to generate/check SHA1
    hash of ttx files (#1197).
  * [varLib.mutator] Fixed issue while instantiating some variable
    fonts whereby the horizontal advance width computed from gvar
    phantom points could turn up to be negative (#1198).
  * [varLib/subset] Fixed issue with subsetting GPOS variation
    data not picking up ValueRecord Device objects (54fd71f).
  * [feaLib/voltLib] In all AST elements, the location is no
    longer a required positional argument, but an optional
    kewyord argument (defaults to None). This will make it easier
    to construct feature AST from code (#1201).
- Update to version 3.23.0
  * [designspaceLib] Added an optional lib element to the
    designspace as a whole, as well as to the instance elements,
    to store arbitrary data in a property list dictionary, similar
    to the UFO’s lib. Added an optional font attribute to the
    SourceDescriptor, to allow operating on in-memory font objects
  * [cffLib] Fixed issue with lazy-loading of attributes when
    attempting to set the CFF TopDict.Encoding (#1177, #1187).
  * [ttx] Fixed regression introduced in 3.22.0 that affected
    the split tables -s option (#1188).
  * [feaLib] Added IncludedFeaNotFound custom exception subclass,
    raised when an included feature file cannot be found (#1186).
  * [otTables] Changed VarIdxMap to use glyph names internally
    instead of glyph indexes. The old ttx dumps of HVAR/VVAR
    tables that contain indexes can still be imported
    (21cbab8, 38a0ffb).
  * [varLib] Implemented VarStore optimizer (#1184).
  * [subset] Implemented pruning of GDEF VarStore, HVAR and
    MVAR (#1179).
  * [sfnt] Restore backward compatiblity with numFonts attribute
    of SFNTReader object (#1181).
  * [merge] Initial support for merging LangSysRecords (#1180).
  * [ttCollection] don’t seek(0) when writing to possibly
    unseekable strems.
  * [subset] Keep all --name-IDs from 0 to 6 by default
    (#1170, #605, #114).
  * [cffLib] Added width module to calculate optimal CFF default
    and nominal glyph widths.
  * [varLib] Don’t fail if STAT already in the master fonts
- Fix conflict with old single-package version
* Mon Feb 26 2018
- Fix building on tumbleweed
* Tue Feb 20 2018
- Initial version