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Change Logs

Version: 3.6.3-bp152.2.8
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix build wihtout python2
* Mon Jan 13 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
- update to version 3.6.3
  * just pytest4 compatibility
- drop obsolete patch compat-pytest4+.patch
* Mon Nov 04 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Update to 3.6.2, which fixes (together with the patch
  compat-pytest4+.patch, which replaces pytest4.patch)
  incompatibility with pytest 4+. gh#agronholm/apscheduler#401
* Mon Nov 04 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Add pytest4.patch to make test suite work even with pytest 4.
* Thu Sep 05 2019 Todd R <>
- Set pytest maximum version.
* Mon Jul 22 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.6.1:
  * Fixed OverflowError on Qt scheduler when the wait time is very long
  * Fixed methods inherited from base class could not be executed by processpool executor (PR by Yang Jian)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.6.0:
  * Adapted RedisJobStore to v3.0 of the redis library
  * Adapted RethinkDBJobStore to v2.4 of the rethink library
  * Fixed DeprecationWarnings about on Python 3.7 (PR by Roman Levin)
- Remove merged patches:
  * fix-tests.patch
  * 0001-Correct-update_job-to-raise-with-job-id.patch
* Sun Feb 03 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
- update to 3.5.3
  * Fixed regression introduced in 3.5.2: Class methods were mistaken
    for instance methods and thus were broken during serialization
  * Fixed callable name detection for methods in old style classes
- update to 3.5.2
  * Fixed scheduling of bound methods on persistent job stores (the
    workaround of scheduling YourClass.methodname along with an
    explicit self argument is no longer necessary as this is now done
    automatically for you)
  * Added the FAQ section to the docs
  * Made BaseScheduler.start() raise a RuntimeError if running under
    uWSGI with threads disabled
- Add fix-tests.patch to fix tests that fail with python 3.7
- Add 0001-Correct-update_job-to-raise-with-job-id.patch from upstream
  to fix a wrong variable being used.
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Use license from the archive
- Enable tests
- Add all the recommended packages as suggests (databases)
* Wed Oct 17 2018
- update to 3.5.1
  - (tag: v3.5.1) Compare next_date to start_date, not previous_fire_time
  - Removed one leftover parameter annotation
  - Fixed DST behavior for CronTrigger
  - Added support for UTC offsets in datetime parsing
  - Fixed erroneous changelog entry about month names in ``CronTrigger``
  - Prevent deadlocks in scheduler shutdown (#268)
  - Fixed CronTrigger with jitter producing fire times beyond end_date
  - Fixed OverflowError on Windows when wait_seconds was too large
  - Fixed DeprecationWarning for get_jobs()
  - (tag: v3.5.0) Bumped up the fallback version
  - Fixed Python 2.7 compatibility in trigger tests
  - Added jitter support to combining triggers
  - Fixed ineffective pickle tests for And/OrTrigger
  - Renamed the base class for the combining triggers
  - Added combining triggers (AndTrigger + OrTrigger)
  - Added a troubleshooting section
  - Allow multiple spaces in crontab format (#260)
  - Cancel all pending futures on AsyncIOExecutor shutdown
  - Fixed passing "wait" as keyword argument to AsyncIOScheduler.shutdown()
  - Allow spaces around commas in CronTrigger fields
  - Don't display empty jitter in the repr() of cron/interval triggers
  - Added support for creating cron triggers from crontab expressions
  - Added support for named months
  - Added better validation for cron trigger expressions
  - Added version history entry for PR #258
  - Implement random jitter option for CronTrigger and IntervalTrigger (#258)
  - Increased timeout to avoid test failure on pypy3
  - Removed pytest-catchlog from test requirements
  - Fixed traceback or its frames not being available for logger.exception()
  - Fixed memory leak when scheduled jobs raise exceptions
  - Fixed the maximum value for CronTrigger's "year" field
  - Switched to using .readthedocs.yml for RTD configuration
  - Fixed flake8's "Don't use bare except:" errors
  - Don't require sudo where it's not needed
  - Added the engine_options option to SQLAlchemyJobStore
  - Fixed syntax highlighting and indentation issues
  - (tag: v3.4.0) Added Gitter webhook
  - Mentioned the Gitter room in README
  - Formatted list items in changelog to be consistent with previous ones
  - Moved the PyPy test jobs to the top
  - Made the deploy stage conditional
  - Test against PyQT5 on Python 3.6 too
  - Added docker-compose configuration to facilitate testing
  - Updated the docs to conform to the 99 column limit
  - Added a workaround for import troubles with PyInstaller et al
  - Added documentation and changelog entry for the "tableschema" argument
  - Moved coverage configuration to setup.cfg
  - Fixed minor error in Travis deployment configuration
  - Fixed PyPy3 test failure
  - Adding optional schema argument to SQLAlchemy (#224)
  - Fixed asyncio tests on Python 3.4
  - Updated Travis/tox configuration and the supported Python interpreters
  - Added missing single quote in documentation
  - Use getfixturevalue() instead of the deprecated getfuncargvalue()
  - Renamed ZookeeperJobStore to ZooKeeperJobStore in  (#199)
  - Use tuple in catching exceptions (#196)
  - Fixed case where both Qt4 and Qt5 are installed, but Qt4 is already imported (#195)
  - Fixed description in removed event (#188)
  - Updated version history
Version: 3.3.1-bp150.2.4
* Tue Nov 28 2017
- Fix six version requirement. >= 1.4.0.
* Mon Nov 27 2017
- Futures is only required for python2.
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- Funcsigs is only required for python2.
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Clarify requirement of 'tzlocal' dependency
* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Ensure neutrality of description, and remove unspecific mention
  of Quartz' features.
* Wed Jul 12 2017
update to version 3.3.1
  * Updated the gevent test dependency to 1.1 final
  * Simplified the tox.ini structure a little
  * Zookeeper jobstore support (#144)
  * edited online with Bitbucket
  * Renamed pytest section in setup.cfg to avoid the warning
  * All test for python 2.7 are now passing.
  * Don't try to test rethinkdb on Python 3
  * Install PyQt5 when testing on Python 3.5
  * Shortened the ID column of the apscheduler_jobs table in the SQLAlchemy job store to accommodate MySQL limitations (again).
  * Moved rethinkdb to common test requirements since it now works with Python 3
  * Added time zone to the output of CronTrigger and IntervalTrigger
  * Fixed compatibility with pymongo 3.0
  * Fixed the asyncio scheduler example on Python < 3.3
  * Fixed scheduler loop breaking if the job store fails (fixes #109)
  * fix CronTrigger.get_next_fire_time() bug: calculate start_date problem
  * Fixed the MongoDB job store repr() test to work with newer versions of PyMongo
  * Fixed incorrect DateTrigger run time with run_date=None and a non-local timezone
  * Small test cleanups
  * Added the ability to pause and resume job processing in the scheduler
  * Added tox.ini to
  * All test completed
  * Set a minimum version for tzlocal to prevent CentOS related issue reports
  * Migrated to a more modern way for specifying conditional dependencies for wheels
  * Reconfigured IRC notification settings to produce less noise
  * Fixed a copy paste error in asyncio scheduler example docstring (#153)
  * Fixed @scheduled_job not playing nice with persistent job stores (fixes #150)
  * Restored backwards compatibility in the MongoDB job store and updated the version history
  * add some CronTrigger tests
  * Added an explicit note about the effects of misfire_grace_time
  * Updated tox.ini to properly work with the latest versions of dependencies
  * Re-enabled Python 3.3 testing on Travis
  * Reverted the setuptools dependency bump
  * Made "funcsigs" a mandatory dependency on Python 2
  * Fixed wrong import in the triggers documentation
  * Implemented __getstate__ and __setstate__ for trigger classes (fixes #121)
  * Added the virtualenv directory to py.test excludes
  * Fixed inconsistencies with __slots__
  * Dropped PyPy3 tests/support
  * Bumped up version to indicate development status
  * Updated the changelog
  * Store the test SQLite database in a temporary directory
  * Improved the error message that comes when the local timezone cannot be determined (only on CentOS?) (fixes #87)
  * Improved the IntervalTrigger's dst change test
  * Updated jobstore related documentation and examples
  * Added coroutine support for asyncio and Tornado executors (fixes #96, #98)
  * Renamed ZookeeperJobStore to ZooKeeperJobStore
  * Removed unnecessary port mappings for ZooKeeper
  * Disabled Travis testing on Python 3.3 due to strange RethinkDB test failures
  * Added missing py35 entry to tox's envlist
  * Fixed _run_job_error() being called with the wrong number of arguments in most executors
  * Allow unicode function references for jobs on Python 2
  * Travis now has a recent enough PyPy that failures on it should no longer be tolerated
  * Added example code for creating an RPC service around APScheduler
  * Improved the test for ref_to_obj()
  * Working on test
  * Fixed a memory leak in the base executor class (thanks Stefan Nordhausen)
  * Fixed minor issues with tests
  * Corrected date strings in the interval example
  * Changed cleanup requests in fixtures into yield_fixtures
  * Fixed wrong job sort order in some job stores and a related exception in the redis store (fixes #86)
  * Moved the connection logic in job stores to the start() method
  * Documented the migration and the scheduler states
  * Fixed BlockingScheduler, BackgroundScheduler and GeventScheduler incorrectly waiting MAX_WAIT_TIME when wait_seconds is 0
  * Rearranged .gitignore and added "virtualenv"
  * Added version history note for the MongoDB JobLookupError fix
  * Upgraded setuptools requirement (fixes #123)
  * Improve module import from ref (#149)
  * Re-enabled coverage testing
  * Use MongoDB through Docker as the mongodb service does not work as advertised
  * Fixed endless loop with CronTrigger on computers with low clock resolution
  * Initial commit for new rethinkdb jobstore for apscheduler 3.0
  * Fixed start date getting set too far in the future in IntervalTrigger (fixes #70)
  * Acquire locks before shutting down executors and job stores in shutdown()  (fixes #104)
  * Add license to
  * Added tests for the import fix in ref_to_obj()
  * Replace pytest's norecursedirs with testpaths in setup.cfg
  * Fixed CronTrigger's range expression allowing values outside of the range
  * Cleanup to fix flake8 tests
  * Migrated to setuptools_scm
  * Added rethinkdb to
  * All tests are passing on python 2.7 except for the 3 same tests.
  * Added .mailmap
  * Fixed off-by-1-hour bug in cron trigger while crossing the DST threshold (fixes #115)
  * PyPy/PyPy3 versions on Travis are very old so they should be allowed to fail
  * Further simplified tox.ini
  * Added tests and classifier for Python 3.6
  * Modified get_callable_name() to work with a wider variety of callables
  * Added Travis PyPI deploy configuration
  * Migrated code to Github
  * Added conditional dependencies to extras_require
  * Fixed timezone in debug logging when displaying the next wakeup time
  * Don't install Twisted on CPython 3.2 (needs unicode prefix support for string literals)
  * Modified tox configuration to pass through arbitrary arguments to py.test
  * Replaced custom log capture fixture with pytest-catchlog
  * Added Travis and Coveralls badges to README
  * Rethinkdb Jobstore added
  * Fixed positional weekday position expressions failing on Python 3
  * Require a new enough version of setuptools for entry points to work properly
  * Corrected contributor name
  * Improved PEP 8 and PEP 257 compliancy
  * Fixed flake8 complaints
  * Fix typo in userguide.rst
  * Removed redundant entries from tox.ini
  * Fixed ValueError when the target callable has a default keyword argument that wasn't overridden
  * Corrected the author name in
  * Removed Python 3.2 test environment
  * Fixed passing start_time and/or end_time to CronTrigger and IntervalTrigger as strings (fixes #164)
  * Fixed infinite loop in the cron trigger if an expression only contained values out of range of the target field (fixes #105)
  * Raise exception when attempting to serialize a job that doesn't have func_ref filled in
  * Cleanups and fixes for the rethinkdb job store
  * Specifying the gevent version isn't really necessary
  * Added references to the trigger types to the user guide
  * Added requirements.txt for building documentation
  * Move the wakeup() call directly to BaseScheduler.start()
  * Removed unused import
  * Removed py.test harness and the conditional dependencies in install_requires
  * Fixed wrong lock being used when removing executors
  * Moved the badges to the top of README
  * Updated tox-travis configuration syntax
  * Replaced six.u('') with u''
  * fixes add_executor while scheduler is running.
  * Removed (official) Python 2.6 support
  * Fixed next_run_time parser
  * Removed Python 2.6 from the testing matrix
  * Added pickling tests for triggers
  * Cleaned up imports
  * Finished up the pause/resume scheduler feature w/ docs
  * Added Travis configuration
  * moved to because of conflicts of rethinkdb driver
  * Fixed str(job) or unicode(job) raising an exception for pending jobs (fixes #67)
  * Moved testing dependencies to extras from tox.ini
  * Added rethinkdb to test suite
  * Backtracked on enum use
  * Skip missing interpreters when running tox
  * Fixed MongoDB job store using id() instead of job id in JobLookupError
  * Added support for rethinkdb
  * Fixed flake8 error
  * Use the official ZooKeeper image in Travis tests
  * Removed erroneous changelog entry
  * Added method chaining for some Job methods and related methods in the scheduler
  * Update super call to support Python 2.7 (#171)
  * Updated version history
* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Implement single-spec version
* Mon Sep 14 2015
- Package required in SLE12 due to fate#319400
* Sun Mar 29 2015
- Update to version 3.0.2
  + Add new upstream dependencies:
    ~ python-futures
    ~ python-pytz
    ~ python-six
    ~ python-tzlocal
  + Contains incompatible changes to previous version
  + Fixed ValueError when the target callable has a default keyword
    argument that wasn’t overridden
  + Fixed wrong job sort order in some job stores
  + Fixed exception when loading all jobs from the redis job store when
    there are paused jobs in it
  + Fixed AttributeError when printing a job list when there were pending jobs
  + Added setuptools as an explicit requirement in install requirements
  + A wider variety of target callables can now be scheduled so that the
    jobs are still serializable (static methods on Python 3.3+, unbound
    methods on all except Python 3.2)
  + Attempting to serialize a non-serializable Job now raises a helpful
    exception during serialization. Thanks to Jeremy Morgan for pointing
    this out.
  + Fixed table creation with SQLAlchemyJobStore on MySQL/InnoDB
  + Fixed start date getting set too far in the future with a timezone
    different from the local one
  + Fixed _run_job_error() being called with the incorrect number of
    arguments in most executors
  + Added support for timezones (special thanks to Curtis Vogt for help
    with this one)
  + Split the old Scheduler class into BlockingScheduler and
    BackgroundScheduler and added integration for asyncio (PEP 3156), Gevent,
    Tornado, Twisted and Qt event loops
  + Overhauled the job store system for much better scalability
  + Added the ability to modify, reschedule, pause and resume jobs
  + Dropped the Shelve job store because it could not work with the new
    job store system
  + Dropped the max_runs option and run counting of jobs since it could
    not be implemented reliably
  + Adding jobs is now done exclusively through add_job() – the shortcuts
    to triggers were removed
  + Added the end_date parameter to cron and interval triggers
  + It is now possible to add a job directly to an executor without
    scheduling, by omitting the trigger argument
  + Replaced the thread pool with a pluggable executor system
  + Added support for running jobs in subprocesses (via the processpool
  + Switched from nose to py.test for running unit tests
* Fri Jan 31 2014
- Update to version 2.1.2
  + No changelog available
* Wed Sep 25 2013
- Update to version 2.1.1
  + Fixed shutdown() in standalone mode
  + Fixed the default value of the "db" parameter in the redis job store
  + Switched to PyPy 2.0 for PyPy compatibility testing
* Tue Dec 18 2012
- Disable failing datetime tests for now
* Fri Jun 22 2012
- Update to version 2.0.3:
  + The scheduler now closes the job store that is being removed, and all job stores on shutdown() by default
  + Added the last expression in the day field of CronTrigger (thanks rcaselli)
  + Raise a TypeError when fields with invalid names are passed to CronTrigger (thanks Christy O?Reilly)
  + Fixed the example by shutting down the scheduler on Ctrl+C
  + Added PyPy 1.8 and CPython 3.3 to the test suite
  + Dropped PyPy 1.4 - 1.5 and CPython 3.1 from the test suite
  + Updated setup.cfg for compatibility with distutils2/packaging
  + Examples, documentation sources and unit tests are now packaged in the source distribution
* Tue Aug 16 2011
  * Removed the unique constraint from the "name" column in the SQLAlchemy
  job store
  * Fixed output from Scheduler.print_jobs() which did not previously output
  a line ending at the end
  * Fixed cron style jobs getting wrong default values
  * Added configurable job stores with several persistent back-ends
  (shelve, SQLAlchemy and MongoDB)
  * Added the possibility to listen for job events (execution, error, misfire,
  finish) on a scheduler
  * Added an optional start time for cron-style jobs
  * Added optional job execution coalescing for situations where several
  executions of the job are due
  * Added an option to limit the maximum number of concurrenctly executing
  instances of the job
  * Allowed configuration of misfire grace times on a per-job basis
  * Allowed jobs to be explicitly named
  * All triggers now accept dates in string form (YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS)
  * Jobs are now run in a thread pool; you can either supply your own PEP 3148
  compliant thread pool or let APScheduler create its own
  * Maximum run count can be configured for all jobs, not just those using
  interval-based scheduling
  * Fixed a v1.x design flaw that caused jobs to be executed twice when the
  scheduler thread was woken up while still within the allowable range of their
  previous execution time (issues #5, #7)
  * Changed defaults for cron-style jobs to be more intuitive -- it will now
  default to all minimum values for fields lower than the least significant
  explicitly defined field
  * Fixed time difference calculation to take into account shifts to and from
  daylight saving time
  * Added __repr__() implementations to expressions, fields, triggers, and jobs
  to help with debugging
  * Added the dump_jobs method on Scheduler, which gives a helpful listing of
  all jobs scheduled on it
  * Fixed positional weekday (3th fri etc.) expressions not working except in
  some edge cases (fixes #2)
  * Removed autogenerated API documentation for modules which are not part of
  the public API, as it might confuse some users
  .. Note:: Positional weekdays are now used with the **day** field, not
  * *weekday**.
  * Fixed regression: add_cron_job() in Scheduler was creating a CronTrigger with
  the wrong parameters (fixes #1, #3)
  * Fixed: if the scheduler is restarted, clear the "stopped" flag to allow
  jobs to be scheduled again
  * Added the ``week`` option for cron schedules
  * Added the ``daemonic`` configuration option
  * Fixed a bug in cron expression lists that could cause valid firing times
  to be missed
  * Fixed unscheduling bound methods via unschedule_func()
  * Changed CronTrigger constructor argument names to match those in Scheduler