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Change Logs

* Tue Nov 28 2017
- Fix six version requirement. >= 1.4.0.
* Mon Nov 27 2017
- Futures is only required for python2.
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- Funcsigs is only required for python2.
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Clarify requirement of 'tzlocal' dependency
* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Ensure neutrality of description, and remove unspecific mention
  of Quartz' features.
* Wed Jul 12 2017
update to version 3.3.1
  * Updated the gevent test dependency to 1.1 final
  * Simplified the tox.ini structure a little
  * Zookeeper jobstore support (#144)
  * edited online with Bitbucket
  * Renamed pytest section in setup.cfg to avoid the warning
  * All test for python 2.7 are now passing.
  * Don't try to test rethinkdb on Python 3
  * Install PyQt5 when testing on Python 3.5
  * Shortened the ID column of the apscheduler_jobs table in the SQLAlchemy job store to accommodate MySQL limitations (again).
  * Moved rethinkdb to common test requirements since it now works with Python 3
  * Added time zone to the output of CronTrigger and IntervalTrigger
  * Fixed compatibility with pymongo 3.0
  * Fixed the asyncio scheduler example on Python < 3.3
  * Fixed scheduler loop breaking if the job store fails (fixes #109)
  * fix CronTrigger.get_next_fire_time() bug: calculate start_date problem
  * Fixed the MongoDB job store repr() test to work with newer versions of PyMongo
  * Fixed incorrect DateTrigger run time with run_date=None and a non-local timezone
  * Small test cleanups
  * Added the ability to pause and resume job processing in the scheduler
  * Added tox.ini to
  * All test completed
  * Set a minimum version for tzlocal to prevent CentOS related issue reports
  * Migrated to a more modern way for specifying conditional dependencies for wheels
  * Reconfigured IRC notification settings to produce less noise
  * Fixed a copy paste error in asyncio scheduler example docstring (#153)
  * Fixed @scheduled_job not playing nice with persistent job stores (fixes #150)
  * Restored backwards compatibility in the MongoDB job store and updated the version history
  * add some CronTrigger tests
  * Added an explicit note about the effects of misfire_grace_time
  * Updated tox.ini to properly work with the latest versions of dependencies
  * Re-enabled Python 3.3 testing on Travis
  * Reverted the setuptools dependency bump
  * Made "funcsigs" a mandatory dependency on Python 2
  * Fixed wrong import in the triggers documentation
  * Implemented __getstate__ and __setstate__ for trigger classes (fixes #121)
  * Added the virtualenv directory to py.test excludes
  * Fixed inconsistencies with __slots__
  * Dropped PyPy3 tests/support
  * Bumped up version to indicate development status
  * Updated the changelog
  * Store the test SQLite database in a temporary directory
  * Improved the error message that comes when the local timezone cannot be determined (only on CentOS?) (fixes #87)
  * Improved the IntervalTrigger's dst change test
  * Updated jobstore related documentation and examples
  * Added coroutine support for asyncio and Tornado executors (fixes #96, #98)
  * Renamed ZookeeperJobStore to ZooKeeperJobStore
  * Removed unnecessary port mappings for ZooKeeper
  * Disabled Travis testing on Python 3.3 due to strange RethinkDB test failures
  * Added missing py35 entry to tox's envlist
  * Fixed _run_job_error() being called with the wrong number of arguments in most executors
  * Allow unicode function references for jobs on Python 2
  * Travis now has a recent enough PyPy that failures on it should no longer be tolerated
  * Added example code for creating an RPC service around APScheduler
  * Improved the test for ref_to_obj()
  * Working on test
  * Fixed a memory leak in the base executor class (thanks Stefan Nordhausen)
  * Fixed minor issues with tests
  * Corrected date strings in the interval example
  * Changed cleanup requests in fixtures into yield_fixtures
  * Fixed wrong job sort order in some job stores and a related exception in the redis store (fixes #86)
  * Moved the connection logic in job stores to the start() method
  * Documented the migration and the scheduler states
  * Fixed BlockingScheduler, BackgroundScheduler and GeventScheduler incorrectly waiting MAX_WAIT_TIME when wait_seconds is 0
  * Rearranged .gitignore and added "virtualenv"
  * Added version history note for the MongoDB JobLookupError fix
  * Upgraded setuptools requirement (fixes #123)
  * Improve module import from ref (#149)
  * Re-enabled coverage testing
  * Use MongoDB through Docker as the mongodb service does not work as advertised
  * Fixed endless loop with CronTrigger on computers with low clock resolution
  * Initial commit for new rethinkdb jobstore for apscheduler 3.0
  * Fixed start date getting set too far in the future in IntervalTrigger (fixes #70)
  * Acquire locks before shutting down executors and job stores in shutdown()  (fixes #104)
  * Add license to
  * Added tests for the import fix in ref_to_obj()
  * Replace pytest's norecursedirs with testpaths in setup.cfg
  * Fixed CronTrigger's range expression allowing values outside of the range
  * Cleanup to fix flake8 tests
  * Migrated to setuptools_scm
  * Added rethinkdb to
  * All tests are passing on python 2.7 except for the 3 same tests.
  * Added .mailmap
  * Fixed off-by-1-hour bug in cron trigger while crossing the DST threshold (fixes #115)
  * PyPy/PyPy3 versions on Travis are very old so they should be allowed to fail
  * Further simplified tox.ini
  * Added tests and classifier for Python 3.6
  * Modified get_callable_name() to work with a wider variety of callables
  * Added Travis PyPI deploy configuration
  * Migrated code to Github
  * Added conditional dependencies to extras_require
  * Fixed timezone in debug logging when displaying the next wakeup time
  * Don't install Twisted on CPython 3.2 (needs unicode prefix support for string literals)
  * Modified tox configuration to pass through arbitrary arguments to py.test
  * Replaced custom log capture fixture with pytest-catchlog
  * Added Travis and Coveralls badges to README
  * Rethinkdb Jobstore added
  * Fixed positional weekday position expressions failing on Python 3
  * Require a new enough version of setuptools for entry points to work properly
  * Corrected contributor name
  * Improved PEP 8 and PEP 257 compliancy
  * Fixed flake8 complaints
  * Fix typo in userguide.rst
  * Removed redundant entries from tox.ini
  * Fixed ValueError when the target callable has a default keyword argument that wasn't overridden
  * Corrected the author name in
  * Removed Python 3.2 test environment
  * Fixed passing start_time and/or end_time to CronTrigger and IntervalTrigger as strings (fixes #164)
  * Fixed infinite loop in the cron trigger if an expression only contained values out of range of the target field (fixes #105)
  * Raise exception when attempting to serialize a job that doesn't have func_ref filled in
  * Cleanups and fixes for the rethinkdb job store
  * Specifying the gevent version isn't really necessary
  * Added references to the trigger types to the user guide
  * Added requirements.txt for building documentation
  * Move the wakeup() call directly to BaseScheduler.start()
  * Removed unused import
  * Removed py.test harness and the conditional dependencies in install_requires
  * Fixed wrong lock being used when removing executors
  * Moved the badges to the top of README
  * Updated tox-travis configuration syntax
  * Replaced six.u('') with u''
  * fixes add_executor while scheduler is running.
  * Removed (official) Python 2.6 support
  * Fixed next_run_time parser
  * Removed Python 2.6 from the testing matrix
  * Added pickling tests for triggers
  * Cleaned up imports
  * Finished up the pause/resume scheduler feature w/ docs
  * Added Travis configuration
  * moved to because of conflicts of rethinkdb driver
  * Fixed str(job) or unicode(job) raising an exception for pending jobs (fixes #67)
  * Moved testing dependencies to extras from tox.ini
  * Added rethinkdb to test suite
  * Backtracked on enum use
  * Skip missing interpreters when running tox
  * Fixed MongoDB job store using id() instead of job id in JobLookupError
  * Added support for rethinkdb
  * Fixed flake8 error
  * Use the official ZooKeeper image in Travis tests
  * Removed erroneous changelog entry
  * Added method chaining for some Job methods and related methods in the scheduler
  * Update super call to support Python 2.7 (#171)
  * Updated version history
* Wed Jul 12 2017
- Implement single-spec version
* Mon Sep 14 2015
- Package required in SLE12 due to fate#319400
* Sun Mar 29 2015
- Update to version 3.0.2
  + Add new upstream dependencies:
    ~ python-futures
    ~ python-pytz
    ~ python-six
    ~ python-tzlocal
  + Contains incompatible changes to previous version
  + Fixed ValueError when the target callable has a default keyword
    argument that wasn’t overridden
  + Fixed wrong job sort order in some job stores
  + Fixed exception when loading all jobs from the redis job store when
    there are paused jobs in it
  + Fixed AttributeError when printing a job list when there were pending jobs
  + Added setuptools as an explicit requirement in install requirements
  + A wider variety of target callables can now be scheduled so that the
    jobs are still serializable (static methods on Python 3.3+, unbound
    methods on all except Python 3.2)
  + Attempting to serialize a non-serializable Job now raises a helpful
    exception during serialization. Thanks to Jeremy Morgan for pointing
    this out.
  + Fixed table creation with SQLAlchemyJobStore on MySQL/InnoDB
  + Fixed start date getting set too far in the future with a timezone
    different from the local one
  + Fixed _run_job_error() being called with the incorrect number of
    arguments in most executors
  + Added support for timezones (special thanks to Curtis Vogt for help
    with this one)
  + Split the old Scheduler class into BlockingScheduler and
    BackgroundScheduler and added integration for asyncio (PEP 3156), Gevent,
    Tornado, Twisted and Qt event loops
  + Overhauled the job store system for much better scalability
  + Added the ability to modify, reschedule, pause and resume jobs
  + Dropped the Shelve job store because it could not work with the new
    job store system
  + Dropped the max_runs option and run counting of jobs since it could
    not be implemented reliably
  + Adding jobs is now done exclusively through add_job() – the shortcuts
    to triggers were removed
  + Added the end_date parameter to cron and interval triggers
  + It is now possible to add a job directly to an executor without
    scheduling, by omitting the trigger argument
  + Replaced the thread pool with a pluggable executor system
  + Added support for running jobs in subprocesses (via the processpool
  + Switched from nose to py.test for running unit tests
* Fri Jan 31 2014
- Update to version 2.1.2
  + No changelog available
* Wed Sep 25 2013
- Update to version 2.1.1
  + Fixed shutdown() in standalone mode
  + Fixed the default value of the "db" parameter in the redis job store
  + Switched to PyPy 2.0 for PyPy compatibility testing
* Tue Dec 18 2012
- Disable failing datetime tests for now
* Fri Jun 22 2012
- Update to version 2.0.3:
  + The scheduler now closes the job store that is being removed, and all job stores on shutdown() by default
  + Added the last expression in the day field of CronTrigger (thanks rcaselli)
  + Raise a TypeError when fields with invalid names are passed to CronTrigger (thanks Christy O?Reilly)
  + Fixed the example by shutting down the scheduler on Ctrl+C
  + Added PyPy 1.8 and CPython 3.3 to the test suite
  + Dropped PyPy 1.4 - 1.5 and CPython 3.1 from the test suite
  + Updated setup.cfg for compatibility with distutils2/packaging
  + Examples, documentation sources and unit tests are now packaged in the source distribution
* Tue Aug 16 2011
  * Removed the unique constraint from the "name" column in the SQLAlchemy
  job store
  * Fixed output from Scheduler.print_jobs() which did not previously output
  a line ending at the end
  * Fixed cron style jobs getting wrong default values
  * Added configurable job stores with several persistent back-ends
  (shelve, SQLAlchemy and MongoDB)
  * Added the possibility to listen for job events (execution, error, misfire,
  finish) on a scheduler
  * Added an optional start time for cron-style jobs
  * Added optional job execution coalescing for situations where several
  executions of the job are due
  * Added an option to limit the maximum number of concurrenctly executing
  instances of the job
  * Allowed configuration of misfire grace times on a per-job basis
  * Allowed jobs to be explicitly named
  * All triggers now accept dates in string form (YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS)
  * Jobs are now run in a thread pool; you can either supply your own PEP 3148
  compliant thread pool or let APScheduler create its own
  * Maximum run count can be configured for all jobs, not just those using
  interval-based scheduling
  * Fixed a v1.x design flaw that caused jobs to be executed twice when the
  scheduler thread was woken up while still within the allowable range of their
  previous execution time (issues #5, #7)
  * Changed defaults for cron-style jobs to be more intuitive -- it will now
  default to all minimum values for fields lower than the least significant
  explicitly defined field
  * Fixed time difference calculation to take into account shifts to and from
  daylight saving time
  * Added __repr__() implementations to expressions, fields, triggers, and jobs
  to help with debugging
  * Added the dump_jobs method on Scheduler, which gives a helpful listing of
  all jobs scheduled on it
  * Fixed positional weekday (3th fri etc.) expressions not working except in
  some edge cases (fixes #2)
  * Removed autogenerated API documentation for modules which are not part of
  the public API, as it might confuse some users
  .. Note:: Positional weekdays are now used with the **day** field, not
  * *weekday**.
  * Fixed regression: add_cron_job() in Scheduler was creating a CronTrigger with
  the wrong parameters (fixes #1, #3)
  * Fixed: if the scheduler is restarted, clear the "stopped" flag to allow
  jobs to be scheduled again
  * Added the ``week`` option for cron schedules
  * Added the ``daemonic`` configuration option
  * Fixed a bug in cron expression lists that could cause valid firing times
  to be missed
  * Fixed unscheduling bound methods via unschedule_func()
  * Changed CronTrigger constructor argument names to match those in Scheduler