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Version: 3.04-bp150.2.4
* Fri Aug 18 2017
- updated to 3.04
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-JSON-XS/Changes
  TODO: move json_xs to types::serialiser
  3.04 Thu Aug 17 04:30:47 CEST 2017
  - change exponential realloc algorithm on encoding and string decoding to be
    really exponential (this helps slow/debugging allocators such as libumem)
    (reported by Matthew Horsfall).
  - string encoding would needlessly overallocate output space
    (testcase by Matthew Horsfall).
  - be very paranoid about extending buffer lengths and croak if buffers get too large,
    which might (or might not) improve security.
  - add cbor-packed type to json_xs.
  - switch from YAML to YAML::XS in json_xs, as YAML is way too buggy and outdated.
* Thu Nov 17 2016
- updated to 3.03
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-JSON-XS/Changes
  TODO: rfc7464
  TODO: Victor Efimov
  3.03 Wed Nov 16 20:20:59 CET 2016
  - fix a bug introduced by a perl bug workaround that would cause
    incremental parsing to fail with a sv_chop panic.
  - json_xs: toformat failure error message fixed.
  - json_xs: allow cyclic data structures in CBOR.
* Fri Mar 11 2016
- updated to 3.02
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-JSON-XS/Changes
  TODO: how to cope with tagged values and standard json decoders
  TODO: investigate magic (Eric Brine)
* Mon Nov 25 2013
- updated to 3.01
  - backport to perls < 5.18 (reported by Paul Howarth).
  - implemented an object tagging extension (using the
    Types::Serialiser serialisation protocol).
  - reworked the documentation regarding object serialisation,
    add a new OBJECT SERIALISATION section that explains the
    whole process.
  - new setting: allow_tags.
  - switch to Types::Serialiser booleans.
  - remove to_json/from_json.
  - other minor improvements to the documentation.
* Wed Jun 05 2013
- updated to 2.34
  - work around bugs in perl 5.18 breaking more than 100
    widely used modules, without a fix in sight because
    p5pers don't care about CPAN anymore.
  - when canonicalising, only allocate up to 64 hash key
    pointers on the stack. for larger hashes, use the heap,
    to avoid using too much stackspace.
  - discuss the problem with setlocale (reported by a few victims).
  - internal encode/decode XS wrappers did not expect stack
    moves caused by callbacks (analyzed and testcase by Jesse Luehrs).
  - add bencode as to/from option in bin/json_xs.
  - add -e option to json_xs, and none and string in/out formats.
* Fri Nov 18 2011
- use original .tar.gz
* Sat Aug 13 2011
- update to 2.32:
  * fix a bug in the initial whitespace accumulation
- changes from 2.31:
  * don't accumulate initial whitespace in the incremental buffer (this can be
    useful to allow whitespace-keepalive on a tcp connection without triggering
    the max_size limit)
  * properly croak on some invalid inputs that are not strings (e.g. undef)
    when trying to decode a json text
* Mon Jan 17 2011
- update to 2.3(0)
  - make sure decoder doesn't change the decoding in the incremental
    parser (testcase provided by Hendrik Schumacher).
  - applied patch by DaTa for Data::Dumper support in json_xs.
  - added -t dump support to json_xs, using Data::Dump.
  - added -f eval support to json_xs.
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- switch to perl_requires macro
* Wed Sep 08 2010
- update to 2.29
  - fix a memory leak when callbacks set using filter_json_object
    or filter_json_single_key_object were called (great testcase
    by Eric Wilhelm).
  2.28  Thu Mar 11 20:30:46 CET 2010
  - implement our own atof function - perl's can be orders of
    magnitudes slower than even the system one. on the positive
    side, ours seems to be more exact in general than perl's.
    (testcase provided by Tim Meadowcroft).
  - clarify floating point conversion issues a bit.
  - update jpsykes csrf article url.
  - updated benchmark section - JSON::PP became much faster!
- recreated by cpanspec 1.78
- fix deps
  o missing Req perl(common::sense)
- changelog to changes file
* Wed Jan 13 2010
- 2.27  Thu Jan  7 07:35:08 CET 2010
  - support relaxed option inside the incremental parser
    (testcase provided by IKEGAMI via Makamaka).
- 2.26  Sat Oct 10 03:26:19 CEST 2009
  - big integers could become truncated (based on patch
    by Strobl Anton).
  - output format change: indent now adds a final newline, which is
    more expected and more true to the documentation.
- 2.25  Sat Aug  8 12:04:41 CEST 2009
  - the perl debugger completely breaks lvalue subs - try to work
    around the issue.
  - ignore RMAGICAL hashes w.r.t. CANONICAL.
  - try to work around a possible char signedness issue on aix.
  - require common sense.
* Sat Jul 25 2009
- spec mods
  * removed ^----------
  * removed ^#---------
* Sat Jun 20 2009
- update to 2.24
- added perl-macros
  o autogen filelist with perl_gen_filelist
- spec mods
  o added header
  o fixed deps
* Sun Oct 26 2008
- first release 2.23