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Change Logs

Version: 1.16-bp150.2.4
* Sat Jul 09 2016
- updated to 1.16
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-File-Next/Changes
  1.16 Thu Jul  7 22:41:30 CDT 2016
    File::Next::from_file() would ignore the C<warning_handler> argument
    if it was passed in.
* Sun Jun 12 2016
- updated to 1.14
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-File-Next/Changes
  1.14 Thu Jun  9 22:33:24 CDT 2016
    No changes since 1.13_02.
  1.13_02 Sun Jun  5 23:18:10 CDT 2016
    t/follow.t would cause failures in other tests when running in
    parallel.  Now it correctly uses a temp directory.
  1.13_01 Mon May 30 21:45:42 CDT 2016
    File::Next::from_file() was incorrectly using the error_handler parm
    for both error and warning handler.
    Optimized -f/-p calls in files() to not repeat the variable.
    Use File::Temp in tests, not POSIX::tmpnam, so that it works
    on Android.  See
    Thanks, Brian Fraser.
* Wed Jun 05 2013
- license update: Artistic-2.0
* Tue Jun 04 2013
- updated to 1.12
    Fix detection of named pipes under various flavors of BSD.
    Added the warning_handler argument to File::Next::from_file().
    This is so from_file() can throw a warning if a non-existent
    file is in the file it came from.
    from_file() should return undef if the file can't be opened.
    Fixed test failures and made tests more portable.
    Added File::Next::from_file() to get the list of files to iterate
    over from a file, or from STDIN.
    Named pipes are now supported.
    Add more tests, and clean up some Perl::Critic warnings.
* Fri Nov 18 2011
- use original .tar.gz
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- switch to perl_requires macro
* Mon Nov 29 2010
- remove /var/adm/perl-modules
* Thu Nov 11 2010
- removed perl-macros
  o no perl_gen_filelist
* Thu Nov 11 2010
- recreated by cpanspec 1.78.02
- move changelog to changes file
* Wed Nov 10 2010
- update to perl-File-Next-1.06
  * Fixed closing =cut in POD.
- update to perl-File-Next-1.04
  * It's never been correct to call File::Next::files() as a
    method, as File::Next->files(). Now, if you do, files() will
    die with an error. This is also the case with dirs() and
    everything(). Thanks to Eric Lyons for reporting.
  * Tiny directory reading speedups.
  * Updated URLs for support sites.
  * Added a little note about the follow_symlinks=>0 being a
    speed hit.
* Tue Mar 25 2008
- new package 1.02