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Change Logs

* Sun May 09 2021 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.9.3
  * New configuration option: "DicomTlsRemoteCertificateRequired" to allow secure DICOM TLS
  connections without certificate
  * "ETag" headers for metadata and attachments now allow strong comparison (MD5 is included)
  * New CMake option: "ORTHANC_LUA_VERSION" to use a specific version of system-wide Lua
  * Fix the lifetime of temporary files associated with jobs that create ZIP archive/media:
  - In synchronous mode, their number could grow up to "JobsHistorySize" in Orthanc <= 1.9.2
  - In asynchronous mode, the temporary files are removed as soon as their job gets canceled
  * Fix regression in the handling of "DicomCheckModalityHost" configuration option
  introduced by changeset 4182 in Orthanc 1.7.4
  * Reduced memory consumption of "OrthancPluginHttpClient()", "OrthancPluginHttpClient2()" and
  "OrthancPluginCallPeerApi()" on POST/PUT if chunked transfer is disabled
  * Fix issue #195 (No need for BulkDataURI when Data Element is empty)
- from version 1.9.2:
  * New configuration options related to multiple readers/writers:
  - "DatabaseServerIdentifier" identifies the server in the DB among a pool of Orthanc servers
  - "CheckRevisions" to protect against concurrent modifications of metadata and attachments
  * API version upgraded to 12
  * "/system" reports the value of the "CheckRevisions" global option
  * "/.../{id}/metadata/{name}" and "/.../{id}/attachments/{name}/..." URIs handle the
  HTTP headers "If-Match", "If-None-Match" and "ETag" to cope with revisions
  * New function in the SDK: OrthancPluginCallRestApi()
  * Full refactoring of the database plugin SDK to handle multiple readers/writers,
  which notably implies the handling of retries in the case of collisions
  * Use the local timezone for query/retrieve in the Orthanc Explorer interface (was UTC before)
  * Fix "OrthancServer/Resources/Samples/Python/" for Python 3.x
  * Fix issue #83 (ServerIndex shall implement retries for DB temporary errors)
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds (notably on Windows and LSB):
  - civetweb 1.14
  - openssl 1.1.1k
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.9.1
  * The "dicom-as-json" attachments are not explicitly stored anymore to improve performance
  * If the storage area doesn't support range reading, or if "StorageCompression"
  is enabled, a new type of attachment "dicom-until-pixel-data" is generated
  * New metadata automatically computed at the instance level: "PixelDataOffset"
  * New configuration option related to networking:
  - "Timeout" in "DicomModalities" to set DICOM SCU timeout on a per-modality basis
  - "Timeout" in "OrthancPeers" to set HTTP client timeout on a per-peer basis
  * API version upgraded to 11
  - External applications should not call "/instances/.../attachments/dicom-as-json" anymore,
    and should use "/instances/.../tags" instead
  - "/instances/.../tags" route does not report the tags after "Pixel Data" (7fe0,0010) anymore
  * "/peers/{id}/store-straight": Synchronously send the DICOM instance in POST body to the peer
  * New arguments in the REST API:
  - "Timeout" in "/modalities/.../query"
  - "Timeout" in "/modalities/.../storage-commitment"
  - "Timeout" in "/queries/.../answers/.../query-{studies|series|instances}"
  * New value in enumeration: OrthancPluginDicomToJsonFlags_StopAfterPixelData
  * New value in enumeration: OrthancPluginDicomToJsonFlags_SkipGroupLengths
  * Improved precision of floating-point numbers in DICOM-as-JSON and DICOM summary
  * Optimization in C-STORE SCP by avoiding an unnecessary DICOM parsing
  * Fix build on big-endian architectures
  * Handle public tags with "UN" value representation and containing a string (cf. DICOM CP 246)
  * The numbering of sequences in Orthanc Explorer now uses the DICOM convention (starts at 1)
  * Possibility to generate a static library containing the Orthanc Framework
* Fri Jan 29 2021 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.9.0
  * Support of DICOM TLS
  * New configuration options related to DICOM networking:
  - "DicomTlsEnabled" to enable DICOM TLS in Orthanc SCP
  - "DicomTlsCertificate" to provide the TLS certificate to be used in both Orthanc SCU and SCP
  - "DicomTlsPrivateKey" to provide the private key of the TLS certificate
  - "DicomTlsTrustedCertificates" to provide the list of TLS certificates to be trusted by Orthanc
  - "UseDicomTls" in "DicomModalities" to enable DICOM TLS in outgoing SCU on a per-modality basis
  - "MaximumPduLength" to tune the maximum PDU length (Protocol Data Unit)
  - "LocalAet" in "DicomModalities" to overwrite global "DicomAet" for SCU on a per-modality basis
  - "AcceptedTransferSyntaxes" to set the transfer syntax UIDs accepted by Orthanc C-STORE SCP
  - "H265TransferSyntaxAccepted" to enable/disable all the transfer syntaxes related to H.265
  - "DicomAlwaysAllowFind" to disable verification of the remote modality in C-FIND SCP
  - "DicomAlwaysAllowGet" to disable verification of the remote modality in C-GET SCP
  * New configuration option: "DicomScuPreferredTransferSyntax" to control transcoding in C-STORE SCU
  * New command-line option: "--openapi" to write the OpenAPI documentation of the REST API to a file
  * New metadata automatically computed at the series level: "RemoteAET"
  * The DICOM meta-header and the transfer syntax are displayed at the "Instance" level
  * API version upgraded to 10
  * "/tools/accepted-transfer-syntaxes": Get/set transfer syntaxes accepted by Orthanc C-STORE SCP
  * "/tools/unknown-sop-class-accepted": Get/set whether C-STORE SCP accepts unknown SOP class UID
  * "/modalities/{...}/query": New string argument "LocalAet"
  * "/tools/create-dicom": New flag "Force" to bypass consistency checks for the DICOM tags
  * BREAKING CHANGE: All the Lua callbacks "IsXXXTransferSyntaxAccepted()" and
  "IsUnknownSopClassAccepted()" have been removed
  * New functions in the SDK:
  - OrthancPluginCreateMemoryBuffer64()
  - OrthancPluginRegisterStorageArea2()
  - OrthancPluginCreateDicom2()
  * Refactoring and improvements to the cache of DICOM files (it can now hold many files)
  * New Prometheus metrics "orthanc_dicom_cache_count" and "orthanc_dicom_cache_size"
  * Fix upload of multiple DICOM files using one single POST call to "multipart/form-data"
  Could be the final resolution of issue #21 (DICOM files missing after uploading with Firefox)
  * Partial fix of issue #48 (Windows service not stopped properly), cf. comments 4 and 5
  * Explicitly use little-endian to encode uncompressed file size with zlib compression
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds (notably on Windows):
  - dcmtk 3.6.6
  - jsoncpp 1.9.4
* Wed Dec 30 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Workaround for boo#1180359
* Sat Dec 19 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.8.2
  * ZIP archives containing DICOM files can be uploaded using WebDAV
  * New config option "MallocArenaMax" to control memory usage on GNU/Linux
  * Explicit error log if trying to load a 32bit (resp. 64bit) plugin into
  a 64bit (resp. 32bit) version of Orthanc
  * New configuration options contributed by Varian Medical Systems:
  - "DeidentifyLogs" to remove patient identification from the logs (C-GET, C-MOVE, C-FIND)
  - "DeidentifyLogsDicomVersion" to specify the deidentification rules for the logs
  - "OrthancExplorerEnabled" to enable/disable the Orthanc Explorer Web user interface
  - "SslMinimumProtocolVersion" to set the minimal SSL protocol version (now defaults to SSL 1.2)
  - "SslCiphersAccepted" to set the accepted ciphers over SSL (now defaults to FIPS 140-2)
  * New configuration options related to ingest transcoding:
  - "IngestTranscodingOfUncompressed" to control whether uncompressed transfer syntaxes are transcoded
  - "IngestTranscodingOfCompressed" to control whether compressed transfer syntaxes are transcoded
  * "/instances" can be used to import ZIP archives provided in the POST body
  * Allow concurrency on the OrthancPluginRegisterIncomingHttpRequestFilter() callbacks
  * Allow empty request body in "/modalities/{id}/echo"
  * If meta-header is missing, best-effort to extract "TransferSyntax" in "/instances/{id}/metadata"
* Tue Dec 08 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.8.1
  * adaption to new systemd-macros (OBS)
  * New sample tool "" to easily import compressed archives (ZIP) into Orthanc
  * Logging categories (cf. command-line options starting with "--verbose-" and "--trace=")
  * New command-line option "--trace-dicom" to access full debug information from DCMTK
  * New config option "DicomEchoChecksFind" to automatically complement C-GET SCU with C-FIND SCU
  * API version upgraded to 9
  * "/tools/dicom-echo": Execute C-Echo SCU to a modality that is not registered in "/modalities"
  * "/tools/log-level-*": Dynamically access and/or change the verbosity of logging categories
  * "/peers/{id}/configuration": Get the configuration of one peer (cf. "/peers?expand")
  * "/modalities/{id}/configuration": Get the configuration of one modality (cf. "/modalities?expand")
  * "/tools/dicom-echo" and "/modalities/{id}/echo" now accept the field "CheckFind" in their JSON
  body to complement C-GET SCU with C-FIND SCU ("DicomEchoChecksFind" on a per-connection basis)
  * Archive/media jobs report the size of the created ZIP file in content field "ArchiveSizeMB"
  * New function in the SDK: OrthancPluginGenerateRestApiAuthorizationToken()
  * C-GET SCP: Fix responses and handling of cancel
  * Fix decoding sequence if "BuiltinDecoderTranscoderOrder" is "Before"
  * Fix keep-alive in the embedded HTTP server by setting the "Keep-Alive" HTTP header
  * Fix access to videos as a single raw frame (feature broken since Orthanc 1.6.0)
  * REST API now returns 404 error if deleting an inexistent peer or modality
  * Improved forward ABI compatibility of Orthanc Framework (notably, no inline methods anymore)
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds (notably on Windows and LSB):
  - civetweb 1.13
* Fri Oct 16 2020 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.8.0
  * Serving the content of Orthanc as a WebDAV network share
  * New config options: "WebDavEnabled", "WebDavDeleteAllowed" and "WebDavUploadAllowed"
* Fri Sep 18 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.7.4
  * New configuration options to enable HTTP peers identification through certificates:
  "SslVerifyPeers" and "SslTrustedClientCertificates"
  * New configuration option "SyncStorageArea" to immediately commit the files onto the disk
  (through fsync()), so as to avoid discrepencies between DB and filesystem in case of hard
  shutdown of the machine running Orthanc. This slows down adding new files into Orthanc.
  * Underscores are now allowed in peers/modalities symbolic names
  * Fix compatibility with C-MOVE SCU requests issued by Ambra
  * Fix transcoding in C-MOVE SCP, in the case where "SynchronousCMove" is "true"
  * When checking DICOM allowed methods, if there are multiple modalities with the same AET,
  differentiate them from the calling IP
  * Enable the access to raw frames in Philips ELSCINT1 proprietary compression
  * Support empty key passwords when using HTTP client certificates
  * Fix handling of "ModalitiesInStudy" (0008,0061) in C-FIND and "/tools/find"
* Tue Aug 25 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.7.3
  * API version upgraded to 8
  * "/peers/{id}/store": New option "Compress" to compress DICOM data using gzip
  * "OrthancPeerStore" jobs now report the transmitted size in their public content
  * New config option "Worklist.LimitAnswers" for the sample modality worklist plugin
  * Add missing tag "Retrieve AE Title (0008,0054)" in C-FIND SCP responses
  * Fix DICOM SCP filters if some query tag has > 256 characters (list of UIDs matching)
  * "/series/.../ordered-slices" supports spaces in Image Position/Orientation Patient tags
  * Fix possible crash in HttpClient if sending multipart body (can occur in STOW-RS)
  * Support receiving multipart messages larger than 2GB in the embedded HTTP server
* Sun Aug 02 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.7.2
  * C-FIND SCP now returns private tags (cf. option "DefaultPrivateCreator")
  * Packaging of the Orthanc framework as a shared library
  * New change types in the SDK: JobSubmitted, JobSuccess, JobFailure
  * Issue #182: Better reporting of errors in plugins reading chunked HTTP body
  * Fix issue #183 (C-ECHO always fails in Orthanc Explorer, regression from 1.6.1 to 1.7.0)
Version: 1.12.1-bp155.2.3.1
* Wed Jul 05 2023 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.12.1
  * Orthanc now anonymizes according to Basic Profile of PS 3.15-2023b Table E.1-1
  * Added metrics:
  - "orthanc_storage_read_bytes"
  - "orthanc_storage_written_bytes"
  - "orthanc_memory_trimming_duration_ms"
  * API version upgraded to 21
  * "/tools/create-dicom" can now be used to create Encapsulated 3D
    Manufacturing Model IODs (MTL, OBJ, or STL)
  * Added a route to delete the output of an asynchronous job (right now
    only for archive jobs): e.g. DELETE /jobs/../archive
  * Added "OrthancPluginLoadDicomInstance()" to load DICOM instances from the database
  * Added "OrthancPluginSetMetricsIntegerValue()" to track metrics with integer values
  * Fix decoding of YBR_FULL RLE images for which the "Planar Configuration"
    tag (0028,0006) equals 1
  * Made Orthanc more resilient to common spelling errors in SpecificCharacterSet
  * Modality worklists plugin: Allow searching on private tags (exact match only)
  * Fix orphan files remaining in storage when working with MaximumStorageSize
  * When deleting a resource, the "LastUpdate" metadata of its parents are now updated
  * Reduced the memory usage when downloading archives when "ZipLoaderThreads" > 0
  * Metrics can be stored either as floating-point numbers, or as integers
  * Reduce the frequency of memory trimming from 100ms to 30s to avoid high idle
    CPU load (
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds:
  - boost 1.82.0
Version: 1.12.0-bp154.2.6.1
* Sun Apr 16 2023 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.12.0
  * Support for labels associated with patients, studies, series, and instances
  * Added a sample plugin bringing multitenant DICOM support through labels
  * Many other fixes and improvements, see NEWS
* Fri Apr 14 2023 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.11.3
  * cmake.diff removed (included in source)
  * install_cmd.diff removed (included in source)
  * Many improvements, for detailed log see NEWS
* Tue Oct 25 2022 Axel Braun <>
- Build fixed for new plugins
  cmake.diff added
  install_cmd.diff added
Version: 1.7.1-bp152.1.1
* Wed May 27 2020 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.7.1
  * Fix decoding of DICOM images for plugins (for compatibility with
  Orthanc Web Viewer 2.6)
* Fri May 22 2020 Axel Braun <>
- new version 1.7.0
  * Support of DICOM C-GET SCP (contribution by Varian)
  * DICOM transcoding over the REST API
  * Transcoding from compressed to uncompressed transfer syntaxes over DICOM
  C-STORE SCU (if the remote modality doesn't support compressed syntaxes)
  * New configuration options related to transcoding:
  "TranscodeDicomProtocol", "BuiltinDecoderTranscoderOrder",
  "IngestTranscoding" and "DicomLossyTranscodingQuality"
  * See NEWS for details
* Wed Apr 22 2020 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.6.1
  sqlitewrapper.patch removed (included in 1.6.1)
* Sun Apr 05 2020 Axel Braun <>
- sqlitewrapper.patch (boo#1167431)
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Axel Braun <>
- various security hardenings (boo#1167431)
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Axel Braun <>
- ConnectivityCheck Plugin enabled in build
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.6.0
  bugfixes and improvements (see /usr/share/doc/packages/orthanc/NEWS
  rpmlintrc for some rpmlint warnings
* Tue Dec 17 2019 Axel Braun <>
- for i586, one test disabled (fail due to rounding issues)
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.8
  * various bugfixes, see NEWS for details
* Tue Aug 13 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.7
  * Documentation added
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.5
* Fri Feb 08 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.4
  civetweb.patch removed
  various bugfixes
* Wed Jan 30 2019
- civetweb.patch added
* Tue Jan 29 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.3
  * New configuration option: "SaveJobs" to specify whether jobs are stored in the database
  * Don't return tags whose group is below 0x0008 in C-FIND SCP answers
  * Fix compatibility with DICOMweb plugin (allow multipart answers over HTTP Keep-Alive)
  * Fix issue #73 (/modalities/{modalityId}/store raises 500 errors instead of 404)
  * Fix issue #90 (C-Find shall match missing tags to null/empty string)
  * Fix issue #119 (/patients/.../archive returns a 500 when JobsHistorySize is 0)
  * Fix issue #128 (Asynchronous C-MOVE: invalid number of remaining sub-operations)
* Tue Jan 22 2019 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.5.2
  temporary fixes for civetweb 1.11 removed
* Sat Dec 22 2018 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.5.1
  Initial OBS build
  spec file adapted from Fedora project <>
Version: 1.11.2-bp153.2.13.1
* Tue Sep 27 2022 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.11.2
  * Added support for RGBA64 images in tools/create-dicom and /preview
  * New configuration "MaximumStorageMode" to choose between recyling of
    old patients (default behavior) and rejection of new incoming data when
    the MaximumStorageSize has been reached.
  * New sample plugin: "DelayedDeletion" that will delete files from disk
    asynchronously to speed up deletion of large studies.
  * Lua: new "SetHttpTimeout" function
  * Lua: new "OnHeartBeat" callback called at regular interval provided that
    you have configured "LuaHeartBeatPeriod" > 0.
  * "ExtraMainDicomTags" configuration now accepts Dicom Sequences.  Sequences are
    stored in a dedicated new metadata "MainDicomSequences".  This should improve
    DicomWeb QIDO-RS and avoid warnings like "Accessing Dicom tags from storage when
    accessing series : 0040,0275".
    Main dicom sequences can now be returned in "MainDicomTags" and in "RequestedTags".
  * Fix the "Never" option of the "StorageAccessOnFind" that was sill accessing
    files (bug introduced in 1.11.0).
  * Fix the Storage Cache for compressed files (bug introduced in 1.11.1).
  * Fix the storage cache that was not used by the Plugin SDK.  This fixes the
    DicomWeb plugin "/rendered" route performance issues.
  * DelayedDeletion plugin: Fix leaking of symbols
  * SQLite now closes and deletes WAL and SHM files on exit.  This should improve
    handling of SQLite DB over network drives.
  * Fix static compilation of boost 1.69 on Ubuntu 22.04
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds:
  - boost 1.80.0
  - dcmtk 3.6.7  (fixes CVE-2022-2119 and CVE-2022-2120)
  - openssl 3.0.5
  * Housekeeper plugin: Fix resume of previous processing
  * Added missing MOVEPatientRootQueryRetrieveInformationModel in
  * Improved HttpClient error logging (add method + url)
  * API version upgraded to 18
  * /system is now reporting "DatabaseServerIdentifier"
  * Added an Asynchronous mode to /modalities/../move.
  * "RequestedTags" option can now include DICOM sequences.
  * New function in the SDK: "OrthancPluginGetDatabaseServerIdentifier"
  * DicomMap::ParseMainDicomTags has been deprecated -> retrieve "full" tags
    and use DicomMap::FromDicomAsJson instead
Version: 1.11.0-bp154.1.1
* Tue May 10 2022 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.11.0
  * new API version 1.7
  * new configuration parameter
  * for detailed changelog see NEWS
* Fri May 06 2022 Marcus Meissner <>
- switched source urls to https
* Fri Mar 25 2022 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.10.1
  * for detailed changelog see NEWS
* Wed Oct 13 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
- Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
  * orthanc.service
* Sun Sep 26 2021 Axel Braun <>
- Test for SharedLibrary.Basic disabled (fails with new glibc)
* Wed Sep 01 2021 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.9.7
  * New configuration option "DicomAlwaysAllowMove" to disable verification of
  the remote modality in C-MOVE SCP
  * API version upgraded to 15
  * Added "Level" option to POST /tools/bulk-modify
  * Added missing OpenAPI documentation of "KeepSource" in ".../modify" and ".../anonymize"
  * Added file CITATION.cff
  * Linux Standard Base (LSB) builds of Orthanc can load non-LSB builds of plugins
  * Fix upload of ZIP archives containing a DICOMDIR file
  * Fix computation of the estimated time of arrival in jobs
  * Support detection of windowing and rescale in Philips multiframe images