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Change Logs

* Sat Jun 05 2021 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.1.3
  * No longer close stdin and stdout on worker processes as they
    are already closed in main process.
  * Advertise X-CSTP-Session-Timeout.
  * No longer recommend building with system's libpcl but rather
    the bundled as it is not a very common shared library.
  * Corrected busyloop on failed DTLS handshakes.
  * Emit OWASP best practice headers for HTTP.
* Mon Dec 07 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.1.2
  * Allow setup of new DTLS session concurrent with old session.
  * Fixed an infinite loop on sec-mod crash when server-drain-ms
    is set.
  * Don't apply BanIP checks to clients on the same subnet.
  * Don't attempt TLS if the client closes the connection with
    zero data sent.
  * Increased the maximum configuration line; this allows banner
    messages longer than 200 characters.
  * Removed the listen-clear-file config option. This option was
    incompatible with several clients, and thus is unusable for a
    generic server.
* Mon Sep 21 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.1.1:
  * Improved rate-limit-ms and made it dependent on secmod backlog.
    This makes the server more resilient (and prevents connection
    failures) on multiple concurrent connections
  - Added namespace support for listen address by introducing the
    listen-netns option.
  - Disable TLS1.3 when cisco client compatibility is enabled. New
    anyconnect clients seem to supporting TLS1.3 but are unable to
    handle a client with an RSA key.
  - Enable a race free user disconnection via occtl.
  - Added the config option of a pre-login-banner.
  - Ocserv siwtched to using multiple ocserv-sm processes to
    improve scale, with the number of ocserv-sm process dependent
    on maximum clients and number of CPUs. Configuration option
    sec-mod-scale can be used to override the heuristics.
  - Fixed issue with group selection on radius servers sending
    multiple group class attribute.
- Update patch:
  * ocserv-enable-systemd.patch
  * ocserv.config.patch
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Callum Farmer <>
- Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec (bsc#1174075)
* Fri Jul 03 2020 Michael Du <>
- Update to version 1.1.0:
  * Switch from fork to fork/exec model to achieve better scaling
    and ASLR protection. This introduces an ocserv-worker application
    which should be installed at the same path as ocserv (#285).
  * When Linux OOM takes control kill ocserv workers before
    ocserv-main or ocserv-secmod (#283).
  * Disable TCP queuing on the TLS port.
  * Fix leak of GnuTLS session when DTLS connection is
    re-established (#293).
- Verify source with keyring before build.
* Tue Apr 21 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Add signature and keyring for source verification
- Build with support for maxminddb
- Build with support for OATH
- Update to version 1.0.1
  * Prevent clients that use broken versions of gnutls from
    connecting using DTLS.
  * occtl: added machine-readable fields in json output.
  * occtl: IPs in ban list value is now reflecting the actual
    banned IPs rather than the database size.
- Update to version 1.0.0
  * Avoid crash on invalid configuration values.
  * Updated manpage generation to work with newer versions of ronn.
  * Ensure scripts have all the information on all disconnection
  * Several updates to further restrict the control that worker
    processes have on the main process.
  * Add support for RFC6750 bearer tokens. This adds the "auth=oidc"
    config option. See doc/ for more information.
    variables when connect/disconnect scripts execute.
  * Corrected issue with DTLS-PSK negotiation which prevented it
    from being enabled.
  * Improved IPv6 handling of AnyConnect client for Apple ios.
  * Fixed issue with Radius accounting.
- Update to version 0.12.6
  * Improved IPv6 support for anyconnect clients.
  * The 'split-dns' configuration directive can be used per-user.
  * The max-same-clients=1 configuration option no longer refuses
    the reconnection of an already connected user.
  * Added openat() to the accepted list of seccomp calls. This
    allows ocserv to run under certain libcs.
- Update to version 0.12.5
  * Added configuration option udp-listen-host. This option
    supports different listen addresses for tcp and udp such as
    haproxy for tcp, but support dtls at the same time.
  * occtl: fixed json output of show status command. Introduced
    tests for checking its json output using yajl.
  * occtl: use maxminddb when available.
- Update to version 0.12.4
  * Added support for radius access-challenge (multifactor)
  * Fixed race condition when connect-script and disconnect-script
    are set, which could potentially cause a crash.
  * Perform quicker cleanup of sessions which their user explicitly
* Thu Dec 19 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(libsystemd) instead of systemd-devel:
  Allow OBS to shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Wed Jul 24 2019
- removal of SuSEfirewall2 service, since SuSEfirewall2 has been replaced by
  firewalld, see [1].
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Michael Du <>
- Update to version 0.12.3:
  * Fixed crash when no DTLS ciphersuite is negotiated.
  * Fixed crash happening arbitrarily depending on handled string
    sizes (#197).
  * Fixed compatibility issue with GnuTLS 3.3.x (#201).
  * occtl: print the TLS session information, even if the DTLS
    channel is not established.
* Fri Jan 25 2019 Michael Du <>
- Update to version 0.12.2:
  * Added support for AES256-SHA legacy cipher. This allows the
    anyconnect clients to use AES256.
  * Added support for the DTLS1.2 protocol hack used by new
    Anyconnect clients.
* Thu May 17 2018
- Update to version 0.12.1:
  * Fixed crash on initialization when server was running on background
  * Work around issues with GnuTLS 3.4.x on ubuntu 16.04, at the cost of a memory leak on key reload
* Fri May 11 2018
- Update to version 0.12.0
  * Allow DTLS stream to come from different IP from TLS stream. There are situations where internet providers send the UDP stream from different IP.
  * Increased possibilities of allowed combinations of authentication methods.
  * Corrected regression since 0.11.8 with OTP authentication.
  * Added support for hostname-based virtual hosts, utilizing TLS SNI. With that change it is possible to configure multiple servers running over the same port.
  * Rename the tun device on BSD systems which support SIOCSIFNAME ioctl.
  * Correctly handle proxy-protocol’s health commands. That eliminates few connection drops when proxy protocol is in use.
  * Corrected crash on certain cases when proxy protocol is in use.
- Update ocserv.config.patch due to upstream changes
Version: 0.11.10-bp150.1.3
* Tue Feb 27 2018
- add firewalld service
* Sat Feb 24 2018
- update version 0.11.10
  * see NEWS
- drop boo1021353-ocserv-doc-racing-in-parallel-build.patch
  * upstreamed
- add ocserv-LZ4_compress_default.patch
  * leap doesn't have LZ4_compress_default
* Thu May 11 2017
- Use readline (current) instead of readline5:
  + Replace readline5-devel BuildRequires with readline-devel.
* Mon Jan 23 2017
- fix boo#1021353: ocserv randomly misbuilds man pages
- add patch: boo1021353-ocserv-doc-racing-in-parallel-build.patch
  * occtl and ocpasswd are both built from args.def, which
    will cause a racing problem in parallel builds that autogen
    write contents randomly. fixed by adding a prefix to make
    them different in filename.
* Wed Dec 21 2016
- update version 0.11.6
  * cserv: Improved detection of mobile clients
  * ocserv: Update the worker's ID on Radius accounting messages.
    That is, even if we initially advertize the ID of the worker
    handling the client as NAS-Port, the client may eventually end-up
    being served by another process with different ID. In that case we make
    sure that the radius server is notified on the next accounting message.
    If you are using radius see doc/ about NAS-Port, since
    that behavior may cause issues in freeradius installations.
  * ocserv: Added config option 'switch-to-tcp-timeout'. That allows an
    automatic switch to TCP in case of no received UDP traffic for
    certain time
  * ocserv: Pre-load the OCSP response file; that way worker processes can
    serve it, even if they have no access to it.
  * ocserv: When compiled with GnuTLS 3.5.6 automatically set DH
    parameters from the known set.
* Fri Feb 12 2016
- update version 0.10.11
  * Corrected the reporting of keepalive to occtl.
  * Handle clients which send the first request to /VPN
  * Prevent a crash in per-user config dir is not available if
    expose-iroutes is set to true.
- update license: GPL-2.0
- open ports using ocserv.SuSEfirewall
- enable ip forwarding using ocserv.sysctl
* Thu Jan 07 2016
- update version 0.10.10
  * Increase the number of log messages logged in the default level.
    That is added messages that could be of use to administrators.
  * Introduced ipv6-subnet-prefix config option. That option allows
    to specify the IPv6 subnet prefix to be given to client. That is,
    allow providing the clients networks larger than /128. The default
    setting is 128 to keep backwards compatibility.
  * Introduced the expose-iroutes config option. That option allows
    the server to advertise routes offered by some clients to all of
    them. This requires the config-per-user option.
  * When a client has assigned iroutes which cannot be applied, he
    will be denied access.
  * Added restrict-user-to-routes configuration option which will
    execute ocserv-fw script on user connection. The script will
    set firewall rules which deny the user access to any other
    networks than the routes set for the user. This is added as a
    tech preview; details of this option may change on later releases.
  * When banning IPv6 addresses treat a /64 network as a single address.
  * Fixed conflict with isolate-workers and user-profile.
  * occtl: Allow disabling the pager functionality on compile time
    using --with-pager="".
* Wed Oct 21 2015
- update version 0.10.9
  * When compiled with GnuTLS 3.4 automatically sort the certificate
    list to be imported
  * Reload the CRL during periodic maintaince if its modification
    time changes
  * Address issue with duplicate check failing on IPv6 addresses
  * Added the ability to specify a UsersFile in plain auth for using
    an OTP
    This allows to use an OTP 2nd factor authentication without having
    to rely on PAM. This change, also enables the usage of an empty
    password field in the password file if an OTP file is present
  * Allow loading DER-encoded CRLs
  * Re-added the PAM accounting method. That accounting method can
    be combined with any authentication method, and can be used to
    check for a valid system account
- changes in 0.10.8
  * Pass the proxy protocol information at earlier stage to main
    process, to allow the correct information to be passed at the
    connect script and occtl
  * Added the IP_REAL_LOCAL environment variable to scripts. This
    passes the local IP the client connected to
  * The PAM accounting method was dropped as there was no practical
    usage of it, the way it was implemented
  * When assigning IPv6 addresses use the whole available netmask
  * occtl: Print the local IP the client connected to, with the
    client information
  * occtl: Print the configured for the client split-dns domains
- changes in 0.10.7
  * Added a fuzzying factor to CPU intensive, or radius communication
    tasks when initiated by worker process. That avoids a very
    high load periodically, e.g., when multiple clients connect
    at the same time
  * Added support for haproxy's protocol v2 format. That allows
    to report the correct client IP even on proxied sessions.
    It introduces the configuration option listen-proxy-proto
  * occtl: added -n/--no-pager option. That allows to disable
    pager explicitly
  * occtl: fixed several cases of invalid JSON output
- changes in 0.10.6
  * Transmit packets to the last incoming source, allowing faster
    switch of the communication channel
  * The worker processes will utilize the UDP socket address
    (if any), when reporting peer's address if the listen-clear-file
    option is set
  * Lifted the limit on the number of configuration options. That
    allows to add an "unlimited" number of 'route' options
  * Support encrypted key files. That adds the key-pin and srk-pin
    configuration options
  * The dbus communication option has been dropped
  * Radius: depend on radcli radius library
  * occtl: added -j/--json option. That allows to output in a
    JSON format
* Mon Jun 08 2015
- set isolated-workers to false since we didn't build w/ seccomp yet
- change systemd socket ports as well
* Sun Jun 07 2015
- update version 0.10.5
  * Added tgt-freshness-time option for gssapi/Kerberos authentication
    option. That allows to specify the maximum number of seconds after
    which a reauthentication with Kerberos is required to login to VPN.
  * main/sec-mod: impose long timeouts on reads from sec-mod. That
    would prevent issues when reading in a blocked in authentication
  * radius: When using radius accounting with certificate
    authentication, properly notify of user session termination.
  * radius: On definitely terminated sessions contact the radius server
    as soon as possible. For sessions that can still be resumed the
    radius server is contacted periodically after the cookies expire.
  * radius: consider Acct-Interim-Interval when seen by the server.
    That will be taken into account if groupconfig=true in radius
  * Added configuration options persistent-cookies and session-timeout.
  * radius: added support for Route-IPv6-Information,
    Delegated-IPv6-Prefix, NAS-IPv6-Address, NAS-IP-Address,
  * Corrected desync of main and sec-mod by introducing a synchronous
    communication socket. Reported by Mani Behrouz.
  * PAM: forward the actual prompt to worker process, and not only
    informational messages.
- drop ocserv-str_init.patch, upstream fixed.
* Fri Feb 13 2015
- add user.tmpl, for certificate login
- tweak default config more
- add README.SUSE as setup instructions
* Mon Feb 02 2015
- initial version
  * Added native support for radius. That adds the new auth
    configuration option "radius", which has as parameters
    the freeradius-client configuration file and optionally
    the groupconfig option which instructs to read
    configuration from radius; the stats-report-time option
    enables interim-updates. That adds the dependency to
    freeradius-client (see doc/README.radius).
  * Reply using the same address that received UDP packets
    are sent.
  * Simplify the input of IPv6 network addresses.
  * Use a separate IPC and PID namespace in Linux systems
    for worker processes. That effectively puts each worker
    process in a separate container. This can be enabled at
    compile time using --enable-linux-namespaces.
  * Configuration option 'use-seccomp' was replaced by
    'isolate-workers', which in addition to seccomp it enables
    the Linux namespaces restrictions.
  * Added support for stateless compression using LZ4 and LZS.
    This is disabled by default.
- disable dbus interface because currently it provides less
  function than unix socket
- add patch: ocserv-str_init.patch
- add patch: ocserv-enable-systemd.patch
- add patch: ocserv.config.patch