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Change Logs

* Sun Jun 26 2022 Berthold Gunreben <>
- HashFunction.cpp:25:9: error: #error Hashing not yet implemented for big endian
  Disable s390x builds.
* Sat Feb 19 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
- update to 11.4:
  * Added a variant of love.filesystem.newFileData which accepts
    a Data object.
  * Added Body:getLocalPoints.
  * Added Font:getKerning.
  * Added support for r16, rg16, and rgba16 pixel formats in
  * Added Shader:send(name, matrixlayout, data, ...) variant,
    whose argument order is more consistent than
    Shader:send(name, data, matrixlayout, ...).
  * Changed all builds and platforms where LOVE provides LuaJIT
    to use LuaJIT 2.1 instead of 2.0.
  * Changed love.timer.getTime to start at 0 when the module is
    first loaded.
  * Changed certain out-of-Lua-memory situations to show a
    message box instead of instantly crashing.
  * Changed the naming scheme of LOVE's embedded Lua files for
    improved integration with Lua chunkname APIs.
  * Fixed build-time compatibility with Lua 5.4.
  * Fixed code compatibility with math.mod and string.gfind when
    LuaJIT 2.1 is used.
  * Fixed errors on some systems related to > 53 bit pointer
    addresses, when recent versions of LuaJIT 2.1 are used.
  * Fixed File:isEOF when called on a dropped file.
  * Fixed support for > 2GB dropped files on desktops.
  * Fixed ByteData and DataView missing Data:clone
  * Fixed love.physics meter scale value persisting after
  * Fixed audio to resume properly after interruption on iOS.
  * Fixed to error instead of crash when
    an invalid video file is given.
  * Fixed initial window creation to set the window's title
    during creation instead of after.
  * Fixed the window's screen position when exiting fullscreen
    via love.window.setFullscreen.
  * Fixed love.displayrotated being given a boolean instead of
    an enum string.
  * Fixed memory corruption and a crash when drawing smooth
  * Fixed a crash in Canvas:newImageData when the pixel format's
    pixel byte size multiplied by its width isn't a multiple of 4.
  * Fixed when explicit mipmaps
    are provided.
  * Fixed freezes and crashes in automatic batching when an
    AMD GPU is used.
  * Fixed and Image:replacePixels on more
  * Fixed Font:setFallbacks to account for different DPI scales
    in each fallback font.
  * Fixed Font:getWrap to not remove trailing newlines.
  * Fixed Text:getWidth when the Text's string only contains
  * Fixed a crash with some Intel graphics drivers on Linux.
  * Fixed texture memory reported by when
    a volume or array Canvas is created.
  * Fixed DXT1 textures which use 1 bit alpha-cutout.
  * Fixed rare issues where textures were not sent to shaders
  * Fixed Shader:send(name, data, matrixlayout, ...).
  * Fixed quad offsets in ParticleSystems when
    ParticleSystem:setOffset is not used.
  * Fixed a performance issue with setting a small subrange of
    data in non-stream Meshes and SpriteBatches.
  * Fixed rounded rectangles breaking if the rx or ry parameters
    are negative.
  * Fixed rounded rectangle automatic points calculation when
    rx or ry are more than half the rectangle's size.
Version: 11.3-bp154.1.53
* Wed Jul 28 2021 Dirk Stoecker <>
- Drop remove-duplicate-typedef.patch as it causes build failure for i586 now
* Mon Aug 24 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 11.3:
  * Added support for FLAC audio files.
  * Added support for microphone recording on Android.
  * Added (false by default). On Android, setting it to true requests microphone recording permission from the user.
  * Added Decoder:clone.
  * Added Data:getFFIPointer.
  * Added Joystick:getDeviceInfo.
  * Added Joystick:getGamepadMappingString and love.joystick.getGamepadMappingString(guid).
  * Added love.math.colorToBytes and love.math.colorFromBytes.
  * Added 'usedpiscale' boolean (true by default) to love.window.setMode and love.conf. Disables automatic DPI scaling when false.
  * Added love.window.getDisplayOrientation and a love.displayrotated callback.
  * Added love.window.get/setVSync, to allow setting vsync without recreating the window.
  * Added love.window.getSafeArea.
  * Added an optional vertex count parameter to Mesh:setVertices.
  * Added support for rgba4, rgb5a1, rgb565, rgb10a2, rg11b10f, r8, rg8, r16, rg16, r16f, rg16f, r32f, and rg32f formats in ImageData and Images.
  * Added support for loading .dds files that contain uncompressed pixel data.
  * Changed audio file type detection, so it probes all supported backends for unrecognized extensions.
  * Fixed "bad lightuserdata" errors when running love on some arm64 devices.
  * Fixed boot.lua's line numbers in stack traces to match its source code.
  * Fixed the deprecation system not fully restarting when love.event.quit("restart") is used.
  * Fixed love.isVersionCompatible.
  * Fixed named Channels persisting across love.event.quit("restart") occurrences.
  * Fixed race conditions when different love.physics Worlds are used in different threads.
  * Fixed World:getJoints to return the fully resolved type of the Joint, instead of the base type.
  * Fixed love.timer.sleep(0) to return control to the OS scheduler instead of being a no-op.
  * Fixed love.math.randomNormal incorrectly using cached state after love.math.setRandomSeed or setRandomState.
  * Fixed returning an incorrect hash for certain input sizes.
  * Fixed to cause a Lua error instead of crashing when invalid arguments are used.
  * Fixed the Data-returning variant of and File:read to return the number of bytes that were read.
  * Fixed love.filesystem's require loaders to error instead of crashing when no argument is given.
  * Fixed love.filesystem.mount(Data).
  * Fixed a memory leak when loading files in some situations.
  * Fixed
  * Fixed audio clicks immediately after playing a Source on iOS.
  * Fixed Source:play + Source:stop + Source:play looping the first few ms of sound for streaming Sources on iOS.
  * Fixed Source:play + Source:seek looping the first few ms of sound for streaming Sources on iOS.
  * Fixed occasional pops in streaming sources on iOS.
  * Fixed to use previously set playback positions on stopped Sources.
  * Fixed Source:setEffect(name, true) and Source:getEffect(name) when the effect has no associated Filter.
  * Fixed, "queue") to cause a Lua error.
  * Fixed Source:setPitch to error if the given pitch is <= 0, NaN, or infinity.
  * Fixed video seeking and pausing in various scenarios.
  * Fixed an audio Source memory leak when a Video gets garbage collected after playing it.
  * Fixed video playback support on some Adreno-based Android devices.
  * Fixed black fringes around text in some situations.
  * Fixed extreme flickering when text moves along non-integer coordinates.
  * Fixed the first character in a string sometimes not being processed during text vertex generation.
  * Fixed Text:set(" ") not clearing any previously set text in a Text object.
  * Fixed to return a table with boolean values in its fields instead of number values.
  * Fixed lines not rendering properly if a single line has more than 65,000 vertices.
  * Fixed a pixel shader performance regression on some graphics drivers when OpenGL 3 or OpenGL ES 3 is used.
  * Fixed text not showing up on Radeon HD 3000-series graphics cards on Windows.
  * Fixed non-integer DPI scale values being truncated to integers in
  * Fixed creating depth canvases on Windows systems when using an Intel HD 3000 GPU.
  * Fixed automatic batching performance to be more consistent on all operating systems.
  * Fixed gammaToLinearPrecise in shaders not being as precise as it should be.
  * Fixed ImageData:paste and ImageData:setPixel to have more consistent clamping and rounding of color values when different formats are used.
- remove love-11.2-return.patch: upstream
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Max Mitschke <>
- Added remove-duplicate-typedef.patch to fix i586 build
* Wed Nov 28 2018
- Update to 11.2:
  * Added Source:setAirAbsorption and Source:getAirAbsorption.
  * Added Body:setTransform and Body:getTransform.
  Performance Improvements:
  * Improved performance of slightly on iOS and Android.
  * Fixed love.filesystem initialization on Windows 10 update 1809.
  * Fixed various issues with running on macOS 10.14.
  * Fixed compatibility with Lua 5.2 and 5.3.
  * Fixed the explicit format + Data argument variant of
  * Fixed love.joystick.setGamepadMapping not being able to change existing mappings.
  * Fixed a crash on quit on Linux if a custom Cursor is active when quitting.
  * Fixed a crash in the Data variant of Shader:send when it's called after love.window.setMode.
  * Fixed a error message to be less confusing.
- Add love-11.2-return.patch: to make compiler happy
- Remove love.mpg123.patch: don't see why needed anymore
- Remove update-luasocket.patch: upstreamed
- Run spec-cleaner
Version: 0.10.2-bp150.1.3
* Sat Jun 24 2017
- Added update-luasocket.patch from upstream  to fix build with lua53
* Mon Apr 17 2017
- Build with mpg123 unconditionally, add love.mpg123.patch
- Run autoreconf
- Add Requires(pre) as needed
* Sat Jan 21 2017
- Update to version 0.10.2
* Thu Jul 28 2016
- Dropped unneeded devel package
- Removed now unneeded love-modplug.patch
* Thu Jul 28 2016
- Update to version 0.10.1
* Thu Mar 05 2015
- update to version 0.9.2
* Sun Sep 14 2014
- update to version 0.9.1
- added -devel package to solve the rpmlint error
- added post script macros for desktop, icon and mime
* Sun Dec 15 2013
- updated to 0.9.0
  * Added three new modules: love.window, love.math, and love.system.
  * Reworked the love.joystick and love.thread modules.
  * Added new features to, including polygon meshes and vertex shaders.
  * Integrated the ENet networking library via lua-enet.
  * Renamed many functions to be more consistent with the rest of the API.
  * Improved the performance of several APIs in
  * And a lot more!
- dropped remove-mpg123.patch (applied upstream)
* Sun Feb 17 2013
- Sanitize description to not read like an ad. Use project's
  actual name with diacritic marks.
- Use more robust make install call.
* Sun Apr 15 2012
- updated to 0.8.0 release
- removed unneeded_deps.patch (applied upstream)
* Thu Mar 22 2012
- make MP3 support optional
- change licence to follow SPDX
- remove unneded libmng-devel and libtiff-devel build dependencies
- use pkgconfig() style build dependencies
- remove love-modplug.patch for >= 12.1
- force lua 5.1 and add autotools BT to fix Factory build
* Sun Mar 11 2012
- update to mercurial tip (upcoming 0.8.0)
* Tue Sep 13 2011
- build fix - added devel dependencies for DevIL
- standard group name
* Wed Jun 22 2011
- created package (version 0.7.2)