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Change Logs

* Fri Jan 14 2022 Marcus Rueckert <>
- convert the conflicts to recommends as we now have a working
  krita-plugin-gmic package again
* Fri Jan 14 2022 Marcus Rueckert <>
- Actually install the devel files as we need them for gmic
* Fri Jan 07 2022 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 5.0.2
  * See
  * Fix a crash when changing the Instant Preview setting of a
    brush preset
  * Fix a crash when there are ABR brush libraries present with an
    uppercase ABR extension (kde#447454)
  * Fix a similar issue with Krita resource bundles with an upper
    case .BUNDLE extension
  * Fix a crash when undoing multiple layer operations too quickly
  * Workaround a crash when a transform mask is applied to a
    passthrough group (kde#447506)
  * Fix toolbox arrow buttons not visible on starting Krita
  * Fix the photoshop compatibilty shortcut profile (kde#447771)
  * Restore the QImageIO fallback for loading WebP images
  * Make the dock widget titlebars so they can be smaller
  * Disable all accelerator keys for dockers
  * Fix a race condition in the image metadata system
  * Fix the tool option widget's layout sporadically going wrong
  * Update fill layers correctly when changing the options from a
    Python script (kde#447807)
  * Fix the built-in file dialog's image preview (kde#447806)
  * Fix the slowness opening and closing documents if there are
    many resource bundles present (kde#447298)
- Drop redundant recommendation of the -lang package
- Add signature file and keyring
* Thu Dec 23 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
- Update to 5.0.0
  * See
- drop 0001-Support-building-with-OpenEXR-3.patch:
  included in update
- add BR to mypaint to enable the new brushes
- add BR for OpenColorIO and WebP to enable both features as well
* Wed Aug 25 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.8:
  * See
  * Disable fractional DPI scaling by default
  * Fix loading and saving of document palettes (kde#440812)
- Remove BuildConflicts: python3-sip-devel >= 6, it builds fine
  with sip6 meanwhile
* Wed Aug 11 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add patch to allow building krita with OpenEXR 3 (boo#1189327):
  * 0001-Support-building-with-OpenEXR-3.patch
* Sun Aug 08 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.7:
  * See
  * Fix for a performance regression in Krita 4.4.5
  * Fix a crash on exit with certain versions of Qt and PyQt
  * Fix moving selection with the magnetic selection tool
  * Fix crashes in the magnetic selection tool when deleting nodes
  * Fix an assert when converting the image color space from Python
  * Fix a crash when closing a gamut mask document (kde#438914)
  * Fix drag and drop of clone layers between images (kde#414699)
  * Fix crash when saving the image with trimming enabled
* Sat Jul 24 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Remove the OpenColorIO build dependency for openSUSE Tumbleweed.
  krita doesn't support OCIO 2.0 yet (kde#435474)
* Thu Jun 10 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.5:
  * See
  * Set ElideRight for the tabs in the mdiarea (kde#433640)
  * If loading the image fails too often, stop retrying
  * Use QVersionNumber to compare versions
  * Fix oilpaint filter's tiling artifacts
  * Only open the bug dialog when Krita is in alpha or beta
  * Fix crash on popup palette on 125% scale (kde#431944)
  * Fix compilation for GCC11 (kde#434150)
  * Use opengl ES on Arm Linux (kde#421136)
  * Fix crash on importing a broken icc profile (kde#434273)
  * Remove the hello world demo plugin (kde#422380)
  * Bugfix: Crash with crop tool (kde#433770)
  * Bugfix: Transform (Shear) tool doesn't use pivot (kde#427462)
  * Fix angle range in the angle selector in status bar and
    overview docker (kde#434993)
  * Implement "Scale handles proportionally" feature for the mesh
  * Bugfix: Crop tool doesn't respond to some events (kde#435201)
  * Remove JPG from the list of supported clipboard image formats
  * Don't set the menu text on the action if it's empty
  * Expose the node's unique id to libkis
  * Fix quicklook generator (kde#436224)
  * Fix data corruption on pressing Ctrl+Z while crop action is
    active (kde#433770)
  * Fix zooming of the palette in Lazy Fill Tool (kde#410997)
  * Fix outline-selection precision when shift-modifier is pressed
  * Fix crash when closing Krita too quickly while some stroke is
    still rendering (kde#419021)
  * Fix incorrect memory access in KisCanvas2::setProofingOptions()
  * Fix a race condition when starting spontaneous jobs
  * Fix display color management in Overview docker (kde#428605)
  * Fix Nearest Neighbour filter of the perspective transform mode
  * Fix drift of the transformed image when moving mouse too
    quickly (kde#416899)
  * Fix smoothness of Free Transform mode (kde#416899)
  * Fix input method not working on popup widgets (kde#395598)
  * Fix export in Krita using CLI
  * Fix order of arguments in OverviewThumbnailStrokeStrategy
    (CID 310957)
  * Do not rely on endianness in psd_image_data (CID 35080)
  * Widen variables before making calculations (CID 248925)
  * Override patchWidth and patchHeight being 0 with defaults
    (CID 248441, CID 248622)
  * Check value after dynamic cast in ConvertColorSpacePr.Vis.
    (CID 304985)
  * Properly bound values on conversions (CID 248629, CID 248458)
  * Initialize propertyType in KisMetaData::TypeInfo::Private
    (CID 35498)
  * Initialize variables in KoRuler and KisFullRefreshWalker
    (CID 35523, CID 35612)
  * Initialize members of KisImagePyramid (CID 36041)
  * Initialize members of DlgOffsetImage and DeformBrush
    (CID 36144, CID 36265)
  * Initialize members in KCanvasPreview (CID 36395)
  * Initialize members in DlgClonesArray (CID 248509)
  * Initialize members in KisShadeSelectorLine (CID 36338)
  * Initialize members of assistant classes (CID 248502,
    CID 248916)
  * Initialize members in spin box related classes (CID 248555,
    CID 248871)
  * Fix xyYtoXYZ color conversion formula
  * Make the code in the triangle color selector cleaner
  * Fix updates in Channels docker
  * Fix updates in Histogram docker
  * Fix multithreading in Histogram widget
  * Change typedef to using in HistogramDockerWidget
  * Fix referencing of null value in SvgStyleWriter (CID 329512)
  * Fix uninitialized values in HistogramDockerWidget (CID 329509)
  * Fix High DPI for canvas previews in Undo History docker
  * Fix crash on saving a huge image to .kra (kde#432182)
  * Ensure that transform worker won't try to scale to 0
  * Fix KoQuaZipStore error checking
  * Show country in language list for disambiguation (kde#437994)
  * Fix failing update when transforming a shape layer with a
    Transform Tool (kde#437886)
  * Do not append country name to zh_CN and zh_TW (kde#437994)
  * Add more checks on saving to kra
  * Fix non-float results in expressions for float values
    (CID 329390, CID 329448, CID 329482)
  * Fix uninitialized values in various classes (CID 329508,
    CID 329504, CID 329503, CID 329502, CID 329501)
  * Don't assert on invalid 0-bytes palettes
  * Initialize members of SVG Symbols classes (CID 304987)
  * Initialize members of KisColorSelector classes (CID 36349,
    CID 248848, CID 248452, CID 248707)
  * Bugfix: Artifact with more than one active assitant
  * Bugfix: Inconsistent stroke fill and shape fill (kde#399127,
    kde#422204, kde#434828)
* Mon Mar 29 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 4.4.3
  * See
  * Fix crash in halftone filter due to an access to an invalid pointer
  * Fix crash when reapplying a filter with reprompting
  * Fix crash when painting on a filter mask created from a vector
    selection (kde#432329)
  * Fix handling the channel flags (kde#432226)
  * Fix synchronization of zoom level between canvas and the scratchpad
  * Fix normalization in Smart Patch Tool (kde#430953)
  * Fix performance issues in the foreground/background color
    button (kde#432936)
  * Fix saving incremental backups (kde#432701)
  * Fix a problem where the scratchpad could be unresponsive (kde#431708)
  * Fix Color as Alpha and Preserve Alpha in Custom and Clipboard
    brushes (kde#432274)
  * Fix the RGBA_brushes bundle so Krita doesn't try to recreate it
    on startup (kde#431832)
  * Fix handling of style in KisAngleSelector when the spin box must be
    shown flat and use the new angle selector everywhere
- Drop 0001-Use-opengl-es-on-Arm-Linux.patch. Merged upstream.
* Wed Mar 10 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add patch to fix build on ARM:
  * 0001-Use-opengl-es-on-Arm-Linux.patch
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Ben Greiner <>
- BuildConflict on python3-sip-devel >= 6 because the build expects
  the sip5 executable (or even older sip from SIP v4), which was
  removed in SIP v6. A simple BuildRequire python3-sip-devel < 6
  would result in a parallel install of SIPv4 and SIPv6, which do
  not conflict per se.  Because CMake sees the SIPv6 modules, it
  assumes sip5 to be present, does not look for the old sip command
  and fails.
Version: 4.4.2-bp153.2.1
* Thu May 20 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Enable HEIF plugin also on Leap 15.3 now that libheif was added
* Tue Jan 19 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.2:
  * See
  * New implementation of SVG Mesh Gradients and Mesh transforms
  * New gradient fill layer type and new Gradient Editor
  * Improved Halftone Filter
  * New Paste Shape Style Action
  * A Toolbar Button for Wraparound Mode
  * Six new brushes meant to show off the new RGBA brush tip
  * Improved HiDPI rendering (kde#411118)
  * Files with names starting with a number are now autosaved
  * Make it possible to load EXR files with non-ascii characters in
    the path
  * Disable making the background black for a semi-transparent EXR
    file (kde#427720)
  * The PressureIn sensor now works correctly in combination with
    the Hue color expression (kde#426234)
  * The speed smoothing algorithm no longer creates blobby lines
    (kde#363364, kde#375360)
  * The colorsmudge brush now blends when there is a selection
    active (kde#423851)
  * The brush outline no longer snaps when switching between two
    images with a different zoom level (kde#427094)
  * Onion skins are hidden when playing an animation (kde#426246)
  * Fix converting an animated transparency mask to a paint layer
  * The default shortcuts for changing the mode in the selection
    tools have been removed: they are replaced by ctrl/shift/alt
    modifiers. The actions still exist, so you can configure
    single-key shortcuts in Krita's shortcut settings dialog.
  * The magnetic selection tool now has buttons to confirm or
    discard a selection
  * An issue where moving a selection would jump was fixed
  * A Fit to Height zoom shortcut was added (kde#410929)
  * The screentone generator's defaults were improved
  * File layers that are dragged and dropped now have a proper name
  * The popup palette now has a clear color history button
  * The report bug dialog now provides the system information and
    usage logs in an easy to copy/paste manner
  * Blacklisted resources that contain a \ in the filename were
    ignored (kde#421575)
  * Displays are shown by name in the color management settings page
  * Fix showing custom icons for user-defined templates (kde#395894)
  * The fill layer dialog and seexpr widgets were polished
  * The x/y position spin boxes in the move tool options were fixed
    (kde#420329, kde#423452)
  * Add default letter spacing for the text shape
  * Add support for user-installed color schemes
  * All dialogs and message boxes are now correctly parented to the
    main window
  * Make it possible to export groups as merged layers
  * Fix kerning handling in the text editor
  * Add support for color opacity in the text editor (kde#342303)
  * Fix cropping the transform mask when moving the masked layer
  * Improve switching between SVG source and rich text editor
  * Fix issues with the brush outline getting stuck when the brush
    size is smaller than 0 (kde#427751)
  * Improve the Python plugin importer so action files get imported
    correctly (kde#429262)
  * Fix tearing of patterns when scrolling in the resource chooser
  * The rectangle and ellipse tool now have default shortcuts:
    Shift+R and Shift+J, respectively
  * Allow the Select Similar Color selection tool to pick from a
    set of layers, make it work correctly with image bounds and
    handle transparent layers correctly (kde#428441)
  * Fix the isometric grid so it is drawn correctly
  * The outline selection tool was renamed to freehand selection tool
  * The gradient map filter was improved and made faster
  * Fix a lot of memory leaks
  * Improve performance by removing a bottleneck when transforming
    internal colors to and from QColor
  * Fix a race condition in the Comics Manager plugin (kde#426701)
  * Fix the fill layers updating too many times
  * Fix random crashes when changing screentone fill layer parameters
  * Fix a crash in the Square Gradient strategy
  * Fix a crash when converting SVG source to rich text or back
  * Fix an assert when trying to liquify transform an empty layer
  * Fix an assert when creating a new layer from the visible layers
    while the active layer is hidden (kde#428683)
  * Make the Select Similar selection tool multithreaded
- Drop Upgrade-C++-standard-to-14-if-Boost-ge-1.75.patch, merged
- Build with kseexpr-devel to enable the integration of Disney
  Animation's SeExpr expression language
- Drop python-sip-devel BuildRequires and rely on python-qt5-devel
  pulling it in, to avoid a possible version mismatch (SIP4 vs.
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Add Upgrade-C++-standard-to-14-if-Boost-ge-1.75.patch to fix
  build with boost 1.75 (kde#430331)
* Fri Oct 30 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.1:
  * See
  * Fix a crash when loading a file with a pattern fill layer
  * Fix loading masks with vector selections (kde#428332)
  * Fix a crash in the text tool when opening the editor by
    double-clicking the text (kde#427858)
  * Fix a crash when using the move tool on a pixel selection
- Add libheif-devel BuildRequires on Tumbleweed to enable HEIF
  import/export filter
* Tue Oct 13 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Increase the minimum disk size for all archs.
* Tue Oct 13 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.4.0:
  * See
  * Fill layers can now make use of multi-threading
  * The patterns of fill layers can now be transformed
  * A new Screentone fill layer option specialized in filling the
    whole screen with dots, squares, lines, waves or more
  * Multigrid - a fill layer that generates, among others, Penrose
    tilings, as well as Quasicrystal structures
  * Integration of Disney Animation's SeExpr expression language
  * Gradient Map mode for Brush-tips
  * Brushes now have the ability to use lightness and the gradients
    for textures as well
  * Diagonal lines in MyPaint color selector allow modifying
    lightness and saturation of the currently active color at the
    same time
  * Support for dynamic use of currently selected colors in
  * New WebM/VP9 preset for Animation Rendering
  * Compositions Docker now allows for the exporting of Animations
  * New GDQUEST Batch Exporter add-on
  * New Python plugin Channels to Layers
  * Python API changes:
    + Return list of available dockers for application in python
    + Add signal to notify when theme changed
    + Add signal when active view changes in python
    + Add showFloatingMessage to View API
    + New widget bindings: scratchpad
  * Make Ctrl+C/X/V shortcut work with layers when there is nothing
    else to copy
  * Basic Reapply Filter with Prompt
  * Update default layer name to show type
  * Add 'selection as a border' option to the Fill Tool
  * Bug fixes
- Drop Support-quazip-1.0.patch, merged upstream
* Sun Oct 11 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update Support-quazip-1.0.patch to support quazip 1.1 as well
* Sat Oct 10 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Add Support-quazip-1.0.patch to fix build with quazip 1.0
* Thu Jul 09 2020 Michel Normand <>
- increase disk size from 4 to 9GB for ppc64/ppc64le
* Sat Jun 20 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Set minimum disk size for ppc64/ppc64le in _constraints to
  prevent "no space left on device" errors during build
- Fix build on ARM
* Thu Jun 18 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 4.3.0:
  * See
  * The "Render Animation" dialog has a new option for exporting
    only the unique frames of an animation
  * New hotkey bind-able actions for selecting the previous/next
    sibling layer
  * General animation caching improvements
  * Hidden layers can now be properly edited and scrubbed in active
    isolation mode
  * Timeline now correctly highlights the current frame when
    loading a new document
  * Onion skins no longer become misaligned after cropping
  * Presence of transform masks on the layer tree no longer glitch
    animation playback
  * The "Render Animation" dialog's image settings are now
    independent and no longer conflict with the image "Export"
    dialog's settings
  * The "Render Animation" dialog now correctly synchronizes HDR
    settings between the video and image sequence options
  * Added small headers to multiple animation context menus to
    mitigate accidental selections
  * The error message that's shown when Krita can't find FFMPEG now
    provides helpful information and a link to the official
  * The "Isolate Layer" feature is now called "Isolate Active
    Layer" to better reflect how it works
  * New set of watercolor effect brush presets
  * Bundles now properly handle timezones and show dates in the
    user's preferred format
  * New patterns that are good for usage with the new Palettize
  * New Color Mode in the Gradient Map filter
  * New Palettize and High Pass filters
  * Memory leaks in the gradient map filter were fixed
  * The edge detection and height to normal map filters no longer
    show staircase-like artifacts
  * All convolution filters (like sharpen, blur) now work correctly
    on images with an opaque background
  * The HSV filter now works more correctly on grayscale images
  * The blur filter now calculates the aspect ratio correctly
  * The motion blur filter now produces fewer artifacts
  * The performance of layer styles has been improved
  * The separate channels function works again
  * The split image dialog now supports splitting along guides
    dragged out of the rulers and has a nice preview as well
  * Clone layers now perform much better and are much more stable
  * New Dialog to change the source of clone layers
  * Python:
    + ManagedColor now can also be initialized with a QColor
    + Added a setDocument method to the View class
    + Actions creating in Python extensions are loaded before the
    menus and toolbars are constructed
  * RGBA brushes:  Krita now allows setting the opacity and
    lightness on colored brush tips separately
  * The pixel brush engine is about 20% faster
  * Multi-dimension export for GIH (GIMP image hose format)
  * It's now possible to take the central canvas area out of the
    window and put it in its own window
  * Rendering the Lab channels is now done correctly both in the
    channels docker and on the canvas
  * The color chooser no longer loses contrast when adjusting the
    saturation of the the HSL slider, while changing the lightness
    compensates better for keeping the saturation correct
  * Krita now tries to recognize the broken ICC profiles that
    Photoshop installs and doesn't try to load them
  * Palettes with more than 4096 columns are now loaded and shown
  * The color selectors not only perform much better but are also
    more correct and easier to use
  * New Snapshot docker
  * Some tools come with "actions" - like increasing/decreasing the
    brush tip size
  * New Magnetic Selection Tool
  * New Modes for the Gradient Tool: Spiral, Reverse Spiral and
    Bilinear mode have been added
  * The Fill Tool and Contiguous Selection Tool ("magic wand") have
    been extended: you can choose between All Layers, Current Layer
    and Color Labeled Layers to indicate what area the tool needs
    to fill or select
  * Creating selections is now much faster
  * Krita now tries much, much harder to make sure a file really is
    saved correctly
  * A really nasty bug was fixed: selections that are entirely
    outside the image could be saved and on loading would make it
    seemingly impossible to paint
  * Added an option to open an image as a file layer in an already
    loaded image
  * New option to save images to .kra with all layers trimmed to
    the image size, off by default
- Add openjpeg2-devel BuildRequires to enable the revived JPEG2000
  import/export filter
- Drop 0001-Fix-build-with-Qt-5.15.patch, merged upstream
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add patch to fix build with Qt 5.15:
  * 0001-Fix-build-with-Qt-5.15.patch
Version: 4.2.9-bp152.1.41
* Thu Mar 26 2020
- Update to 4.2.9:
  * See
  * Brush outline no longer flickers when you hover over the canvas
  * Added "Airbrush" and "Airbrush Rate" to the Color Smudge brush,
    and a new Ratio setting
  * Added a "Split Layer into Selection Mask" feature
  * Fix transparency checkers looked white on HDR display
  * Several fixes to file dialogs for overwriting and jpg files
  * Fix Grow Selection expanding in one direction (kde#414647)
  * Fix crash using onion skins on non-animated layers (kde#414668)
  * Increase the limit in Layer Offset to 100k (kde#414625)
  * Fix crash opening .kra with incorrect clone source (related to
  * Prevent crash on addition of color to deleted palette with
    colorpicker (kde#413548)
  * Make Add subbrush off on changing multibrush tool's type from
    Copy Translate (kde#415651)
  * Improve rendering of predefined default Rect dab
  * Set the default location for restored files to
    QStandardPaths::PicturesLocation (kde#415810)
  * Don't crash if remoteArguments is called when there isn't a
    mainwindow (kde#415794)
  * Delay initialization of brush paintop widget state (kde#415033)
  * Reenable breeze: with the latest release, the bug with
    comboboxes has been fixed
  * Show the hand cursor if there is no colorize mask yet
  * Fix logic for enabling/disabling options in stroke selection
    dialog (kde#415896)
  * ORA export, write entire layers instead of cropping them
  * Fix endless recursion when assigning a profile (kde#414818)
  * Fix a crash when cancelling Transform Tool action (kde#414672)
  * Fix an obviously wrong assert in the gradients (kde#414550)
  * Fix 1px brush offset in line tool (kde#407405)
  * Fix Layer Filter Combobox with Breeze theme (kde#406595)
  * Fix comparison of double spin box
  * Fix PaletteDocker not showing palettes (kde#414890)
  * Fix undo of replacing vector selection (kde#412808)
  * Separate krita log dialog from system information
  * Resource bundle: turn assert into check (kde#399008)
  * Fix the python Canvas.setRotation method (kde#416126)
  * Store and restore the geometry of the svg editor window
  * Fix number of asserts with continued transform (kde#415625)
  * Fix Touch Docker save button not working on new files
  * Fix blur Filter inconsistencies (kde#416241)
  * Fix border artifacts in layer styles (kde#414582)
  * Use Qt::Popup for color selectors popup widgets (kde#410959)
  * Always show color popup below the cursor (kde#394139)
  * Remove the strength compatibility with older paintop presets
  * Fixed unneeded error message in Render Animation (kde#412599)
  * Fix canvas offset calculation (kde#416352)
  * Layers with alpha channel disabled correctly export as
    "svg:src-atop" for ORA
  * Add icon to Close button of "About Krita" dialog box
  * Fix memory leak in preset history docker
  * Warn that Krita needs to be restarted after enabling/disabling
    plugins (kde#416575)
  * Workaround Qt 5.14's colormanagement preventing png files from
    being saved (kde#416515)
  * Fixes with last used filter command (kde#416706)
  * Fix Increase/Decrease Brush Size and Switch To Previous Preset
  * Fix Warp and Cage transform in master (kde#416505)
  * Fix crazy snapping when resizing shapes (kde#414336)
  * Fix hiccups when doing canvas actions (kde#414576, kde#415773)
  * Fix animation rendering problem on small images (< 100px in
    size) (kde#415367)
  * Fix display of vector shapes when transformed with transform
    tool (kde#417016)
  * Fix hangup when loading image with generator/file layers
  * Fix slowdown associated with the quick hide function of
    Shift+click on layer visibility icons
  * Fix canvas border color issue
  * Fix issue when saving preferences
  * A number of fixes with L*A*B* and CMYK thanks to L.E Segovia's
    Season of KDE work
  * Set setRedirectPolicy as per discussion on KDE mailing lists
  * Fix crash when loading asl with tdta OSType
  * Make "Save Incremental Version" update recently used files
  * Correct logic for determining whether there are multiple
    backups requested (kde#417914)
  * Fix incorrect common curve in very old presets (kde#417748)
  * Fix layout issue in the history docker
  * Fix strobbing of the brush outline because of subpixel
    precision (kde#374551)
  * Make local selection outline visible on layer converted to
    selection mask
  * Fix freeze on vector layers (kde#412746)
  * Fix artifacts on filter masks applied to adjustment layers
  * Fix ratio option on lower precision brushes
  * Set image as modified after a legacy action (fix Channels
    docker not updating in some cases) (kde#417992)
* Wed Nov 27 2019
- Update to
  * See
  * Fix the sliders in the performance settings page (kde#414092)
  * Fix the color space of the onion skin cache (kde#407251)
  * Fix transforming layers that have onion skins enabled
  * Also save the preferences when closing the preferences dialog
    with the titlebar close button
  * Fix a bug in the polygon tool that adds an extra point
  * Save the last used export settings (kde#409044)
  * Make it possible to save the "All" tag as the current tag
  * Show the correct blending mode in the brush preset editor
  * Fix saving color profiles that are not sRGB to PNG files
  * Make the transform tool work correctly with the selection
    mask's overlay
  * Fix a crash when editing the global selection mask (kde#412747)
  * Remove the "Show Decorations" option from the transform tool
  * Remove the CSV export filter (it hasn't worked for ages)
  * Fix slowdown in the Warp transform tool (kde#413157)
  * Fix possible data loss when pressing the escape key multiple
    times (kde#412561)
  * Fix a crash when opening an image with a clone layer when
    instant preview is active (kde#412278)
  * Fix a crash when editing vector shapes (kde#413932)
  * Fix visibility of Reference Layer and Global Selection Mask in
    Timeline (kde#412905)
  * Fix random crashes when converting image color space
  * Rewrite the "auto precision" option in the brush preset editor
  * Fix legacy convolution filters on images with non-transparent
    background (kde#411159)
  * Fix an assert when force-autosaving the image right during the
    stroke (kde#412835)
  * Fix crash when using Contiguous Selection tool with Feather
    option (kde#412622)
  * Fix an issue where temporary files were created in the folder
    above the current folder
  * Improve the rendering of the transform tool handles while
    actually making a transformation
  * Use the actual mimetype instead of the extension to identify
    files when creating thumbnails for the recent files display
  * Improve the logging to detect whether Krita has closed
  * Fix exporting compositions from the compositions docker
    (kde#412953, kde#412470)
  * Fix Color Adjustment Curves not processing (kde#412491)
  * Fix artifacts on layers with colorize mask *and* disabled
    layer styles
  * Make Separate Channels work (kde#336694, kde#412624)
  * Make it possible to create vector shapes on images that are
    bigger than QImage's limits (kde#408936)
  * Disable adjustmentlayer support on the raindrop filter
  * Make it possible to use .kra files as file layers
  * Fix Crop tool loosing aspect ratio on move (kde#343586)
  * Fix Rec2020 display format (kde#410918)
  * Improve error messages when loading and saving fails
  * Fix jumping of vector shapes when resizing them
  * Add hi-res input events for pan, zoom and rotate (kde#409460)
  * Fix crash when using Pencil Tool with a tablet (kde#412530)
  * Fix wrong aspect ratio on loading SVG files (kde#407425)
* Fri Oct 04 2019
- Update to
  * See
  * Improve the layout and functionality of the color selector
    dialog and make it perform much better (kde#381529)
  * Do not crash when trying to merge an invisible group layer
  * Make it possible to save group layers to file layers even if
    they are empty (kde#411101)
  * Make the initial location of the OCIO profile selector sensible
  * Fix possible crashes when a broken file ends up in the Recent
    Documents List (kde#411416)
  * Use locale-based formatting of numbers in the measure tool and
    other places
  * Make HTML markup in the Search Field tooltips work
  * Fix a crash when moving multiple vector shapes (kde#409872)
  * Fix the sort order of images imported as frames if they are not
    numbered with prefix 0's (kde#375885)
  * Make it possible again to run the Python Scripting Debugger on
    Linux (kde#410807)
  * Cache ICC profiles when loading layers: this speeds up loading
    images with thousands of layers (kde#411532)
  * Use LittleCMS' copy alpha channel flag to speed up color
  * Fix outline move mode (kde#411057)
  * Fix a hang in the text shape if an UTF-8 Line Break character
    is used (kde#410402)
  * Fix a random crash if there is not enough space in the swapfile
    location for AMD Ryzen 3500 CPU's (kde#411081)
  * Fix another random crash when painting (kde#411280)
  * Fix artifacts when moving control points of a path shape
  * Fix a crash when cropping a particular image (kde#411536)
  * Fix move action in the bezier selection tool (kde#398294)
  * Fix artifacts in Gaussian Blur on transparent layers
  * Fix a crash when the Liquify Transform is started too quickly
  * Fix a bad memory leak in the jpeg converter (kde#410864)
  * Fix a crash when loading a JPEG image with a broken color
    profile (kde#410864)
  * Fix problems when zooming with a touchpad (kde#410940)
  * Fix issues when using the calculation capabilities of the
    specific color selector's spin boxes (kde#409818)
  * Make sure all layers are shown in the animation timeline by
  * Fix a crash when the colorize tool is active on closing Krita
  * Fix a crash when converting a colorspace with OCIO enabled
  * Fix the Strength parameter not being used in Rotation ? Fuzzy
    Dab (kde#376179)
  * Fix a crash when using the mouse wheel while an image is
  * Re-add error messages lost when refactoring the error messages
    for loading images
  * Do not crash if libjpeg encounters any kind of error
  * Fix presets with random offset of texture being marked dirty
    all the time (kde#406427)
  * Fix curves changing randomly with sensors with Use Same Curve
    enabled (kde#383909)
  * Add a simple progress bar when saving .kra files
  * Ensure that the temporary folder isn't suggested as a
    save-location as this can result in lost work
  * Make sure toolbars don't get enabled after editing the toolbar
    buttons (kde#402679)
  * Do not crash when loading a tiled TIFF file with planar color
    data (kde#407171)
  * Fix freezes when changing some brush properties or curves
  * Fix wrong borders in the Edge Detection and Height To Normal
    Map Filters (kde#411922)
  * Fix outline of Group Layers in Move Tool and Transform Tool
  * Fix preview of shape layers in Transform Tool and Move Tool
  * Raise the maximum FPS limit to 300 fps from 100 fps
  * Do not allow clone layers from pass-through group layers
  * Fix the color of a selected shape being synchronized with the
    color selectors (kde#381784)
  * Fix updating the current shape color when doing undo/redo
  * Fix the broken TestKisSwatchGroup test (kde#410387)
  * Make the splash render pixel-perfect on fractionally scaled
  * Fix a crash in Feather Selection, Wavelets, Blur and Edge
    Detection (kde#412057)
  * Include reference images in the screen color picker
  * Clean up the SVG files used for icons and license the SVG files
  * Fix updating the assistants when moving the handles
  * Fix a bad memory corruption error color handling
* Tue Sep 10 2019
- Update to 4.2.6:
  * See
  * Add new layer from visible to layer right-click context menu
  * Allow selection overlay to be reset to default (kde#410470)
  * Set date for bundle creation to use ISO-Date (kde#410490)
  * Fix freeze with 32bit float tiff by using our own tiff reader
    for the thumbnails (kde#408731)
  * Ensure filter mask button is disabled appropriately depending
    on whether the filter supports it (kde#410374)
  * Enable the small color selector if opengles is available as
    well (kde#410602)
  * Ensure that checkboxes are shown in menus even when using the
    fusion theme
  * Isolate Layer Crash (kde#408785)
  * Properly fix font resetting when all the text in the editor
    removed (kde#409243)
  * Fix lags in Move Tool when using tablet device (kde#410838)
  * Fix Shift and Alt modifiers in Outline Selection Tool
  * Ensure Convert group to Animated Layer shows text in the
    toolbar (kde#410500)
  * Allow 'Add Clone Layer' to Work on Multiple Layers (kde#373338)
  * Fix saving animated transparency masks created through
    conversion (kde#409895)
  * Partially fix the curve change despite 'Share curve across all
    settings' checked (kde#383909)
  * Try harder to make sure that the swap location is writable
  * Properly handle timezones in bundles
  * Make sure all the settings dialogs pages are always shown in
    the same order
  * Make the settings dialog fit in low-res screens (kde#410793)
  * Remove misleading 'px' suffix for 'move amount' shortcut
  * Make string for reasons for image export problems translatable
  * Fix crash when creating a bezier curve (kde#410572)
  * Fix deadlocks in KoShapeManager (kde#410909, kde#410572)
  * Fix a deadlock when using broken Wacom drivers on Linux
  * Fix absolute brush rotation on rotated canvas (kde#292726)
  * Fix deadlock when removing reference image (kde#411212)
  * Fix a deadlock in handling of vector objects (kde#411365)
  * Fix autosave saving only once (kde#411631)
* Mon Aug 05 2019
- Update to 4.2.5:
  * See
  * Fix an assert in the transform tool when working with a tablet
    and touch
  * Fix continued transformation in the transform tool
  * Fix updates in the transform tool
  * Show the publication time in the welcome page news ticker
    in the user's preferred short date/time format
  * Fix using the tangent-normal brush when the canvas is rotated
    or mirrored (kde#404408)
  * Make it possible again to create new palettes and save them in
    the resource folder, instead of the current document
  * Make Krita not gobble up all available memory when loading
    a JPG file with specific metadata (kde#410242)
  * Constrain assistant editors to the viewport, so they can always
    be manipulated
  * Make sure Krita stores changes to brush presets in the current
    session by default (kde#410463)
  * Remove an assert that could be triggered when opening the first
    image in a session
  * Update the version of the default input settings profile, so
    the rotate/zoom action will be activated even if the user
    already had a local kritadefault.profile file
  * Fix a crash on using the move tool while the image is being
    opened (kde#398968)
  * Make sure the painting tools don't block anymore (kde#409968,
    kde#408826, kde#409275)
  * Make the shortcut handling system more tolerant when shortcuts
    overlap (kde#409968)
  * Fix a crash in the transform tool
  * Make the transform tool and the move tool more responsive
* Wed Jul 31 2019
- Update to 4.2.4:
  * See
  * New Painttool Sai inspired Luminosity blending mode
  * Make it possible to use dots in filenames (note that that still
    might confuse your OS) (kde#409765)
  * Fix regression on softness sensor on Default Circle autobrush
    tip (kde#409758)
  * Clear any leftover points in the line tool on each use so there
    are no false starts (kde#408439)
  * Do not reset the opacity to zero when moving more than one
    shape at a time (kde#409131)
  * Do not ignore rotation in the bristle brush engine (kde#384231)
  * Fix cursor drift when using pan/zoom/rotate (kde#409460)
  * Fix a crash when creating an RGB image after the last used
    color model was CMYK (kde#409916)
  * Use Qt's QImageIO image import/export filter for PPM files
    instead of our own, broken implementation (kde#409714)
  * Fix updating the brush size in the toolbar using shortcuts or
    drag (kde#408331)
  * Make generated gradient names translatable (kde#410034)
  * Fix a crash that could happen when closing Krita after deleting
    a session (kde#409909)
  * Fix a bug in the color picker that made it possible for the
    active foreground color to be transparent
  * Fix a logic error in the Separate Image plugin (kde#410308)
  * Update the notes for the LargeRGB color profile (kde#410023)
  * Fix the filename reference for Rec.709 profiles
  * Add a workaround for the KisShortcutsMatcher assert
* Wed Jul 17 2019
- Update to 4.2.3:
  * See
  * Fix the caption of the Background Color color selection dialog
  * Fix the tag selector combobox so it is possible to select
    resources that have a tag that's longer than fits in the
    combobox (kde#408053)
  * Make it possible for the Krita startup window to become as
    narrow as before adding the news widget (kde#408504)
  * Fix copy/pasting of animation frames (kde#408421, kde#404595)
  * Make the polygon and outline selection tool handle the control
    modifier correctly (kde#376007)
  * Add a reload script button to the Python scripter plugin
  * Fix a crash in the Overview docker when there is no image open
  * Fix drag and drop of fill layers between opened files
  * Fix loading EXR files that have more than one layer with the
    same name (kde#409552)
  * Hide vanishing points preview lines when assistants are hidden
  * Fix the Mirror All Layers Horizontally function
  * Fix switching profile to default when changing channel depth in
    the New Image dialog (kde#406700)
  * Disable AVG optimizations for some 32 bit blending modes
  * Fix a crash when pressing cancel when trying to create an 8
    bit/channel linear gamma RGB image
  * Make sure Stroke Selection paint correctly with the selection
    border in the middle of the selection (kde#409254)
  * Fix saving Krita when perspective assistants are present
  * Fix issues with transformations being pixelated (kde#409280)
  * Make it possible to hide all layers except the selected one
    with shift-click (kde#376086)
  * Fix cloning keyframe channels that are not opacity channels
  * Fix a hang when trying to paint while playing an animation of
    an empty image (kde#408749)
  * Fix Isolated Mode when multiple windows are open (kde#408150)
  * Make the gradient editor show the right editor for stop and
    segmented gradients (but creating new gradients in Krita is
    still broken)
  * Fix a freeze when pressing delete when making a polygonal
    selection (kde#408843)
  * Fix the ?export commandline option to return 0 when the export
    is successful (kde#409133)
  * Fix support for the KDE Plasma global menu (kde#408015)
  * Fix a crash when using the shrink option of the deform brush
* Thu Jun 27 2019
- Update to 4.2.2:
  * See
  * Text editor: make sure the background color is the one set in
    the settings (kde#408344)
  * Fix a crash when creating a text shape (kde#407554)
  * Make sure the text style is not reset when removing the last
    character in the text editor (kde#408441)
  * Use a highlighted tool button in the selection tool option
    dockers so it's easier to see which selection action is active
  * Fix the nearest neighbour transform algorithm (kde#408182)
  * Fix a styling issue in the filter layers properties dialog
  * Fix an issue where if Krita was set to use a language other
    than English, vector strokes were drawn wrongly
  * Fix selecting colors from the combobox in the palette docker
  * Fix a crash when loading a broken KPL file (kde#408447)
  * Fix an issue where a transparent pattern fill loader was loaded
    incorrectly (kde#408169)
  * Make it possible to make the onion skin docker smaller
  * Improve loading GPL palettefiles with thousands of columns
  * Fix the slider widget to make it impossible to get negative
  * Improve the tiff import/export filter (kde#408177)
  * Fix loading the scripter Python plugin when using a language
    other than English
  * Improve the reference image tool and optimize loading images
    from clipboard
  * Make the camera raw import filter honor batch mode
  * Fix rendering of clone layers if the source layer is not
    visible (kde#408167, kde#405536)
  * Fix move and transform tools after a quick layer duplication
  * Fix a crash when selecting the opaque pixels on a transform
    mask (kde#408618)
  * Fix loading sRGB EXR files (kde#408485)
  * Make the new image dialog choose the last used option even when
    the user's language has changed
  * Fix the "Enforce Palette Colors" feature (kde#408256)
  * Update the brush preview on every brush stamp creation
  * Make it possible to edit vector shapes on duplicated vector
    layers (kde#408028)
  * Hide the color picker button in the vector object properties
    docker, it's unimplemented
  * Fix color as mask export in GIH and GBR brush tip export
  * Restore the default favorite blending modes
  * Add a header to all right-click menus on the canvas so the
    first thing under the cursor isn't something dangerous, like
    'cut' (kde#408696)
  * Fix an incorrect condition when rendering animations where
    Krita would complain to be out of memory
  * Keep the community links in the welcome screen visible when
    changing theme (kde#408686)
  * Check after saving whether the saved file can be opened and has
    correct contents
  * Improve the import/export error handling and reporting
  * Make sure the filter dialog shows up in front of Krita's main
    window (kde#408867)
  * Make sure that the contiguous selection tool provides the
    antialiasing switch (kde#408733)
  * Fix the fuzziness setting in the contiguous selection tool
  * Fix putting the text shape behind every other shape on a vector
    layer after editing text (kde#408693)
  * Fix switching the pointer type by stylus tip (kde#408454,
  * Fix an issue on Linux where switching from pen to mouse would
    prevent the mouse from drawing on the canvas (kde#407595)
  * Fix a crash when the user undoes creating layers too quickly
  * Fix using .KRA and .ORA files as file layers (kde#408087)
  * Clear all points in the outline selection on clicking
  * Fix a crash when using the fill tool in fast mode on a pixel
    selection mask
  * Fix merging layers with inactive selection masks (kde#402070)
  * Remove default actions from the Reference Image tool that were
    inappropriate (kde#408427)
  * Fix undo/redo not restoring the document to unmodified
  * Fix the deform tool leaving darkish traces when scrubbing a lot
    on a 16 bit canvas (kde#290383)
- Adjust package license: the LGPL-2.1-only files have been changed
  to GPL-2.0-or-later or LGPL-2.0-or-later (kde#408071)
* Wed Jun 05 2019
- Update to 4.2.1:
  * See
  * Fix slowdown after a longer period of use (kde#408255,
  * Fix loading vector layers when the image name is not latin1
  * Fix rectangular grid spacing limits incorrect after resizing
    canvas (kde#408166)
  * Fix layer properties window draws on top of other application
    windows (kde#408170)
  * Fix the posterize filter to use non-linear sRGB for computation
  * Allow the animation render to start at frame 0 at all times
  * Enable the Select Opaque actions for group layers (kde#408236)
  * Check whether the drive still exists before creating a
    temporary directory for animation rendering (kde#408246)
  * Prevent the user from deleting locked layers when pressing
    shift-del too quickly
  * Fix copying and duplicating vector layers (kde#408028)
  * Fix Krita's canvas being transparent on Linux when built
    against older versions of Qt (kde#408225)
  * Fix possible small delays at the beginning of a stroke
  * Fix folding/unfolding when clicking on a layer thumbnail
  * Fix undo/redo when working with guides
  * Fix reversed Python API guides lock/show states (kde#408113)
  * Make the minimum size for brushes consistent through the
  * Make the auto brush spacing precision values consistent
  * Improve selectioon behaviour on the layer docker (kde#408002)
  * Fix the vector stroke style propagating to other vector objects
  * Fix the Document Tools plugin (kde#408146)
  * Fix the layer name being deselected when opening the layer name
    editor (kde#400357)
* Wed May 29 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update the 'License' tag for the 4.2.0 release.
* Wed May 29 2019
- Update to 4.2.0:
  * See
  * Fix: Allow changing layer name to set document as modified
  * Fix: Allow undoing when changing layer names (kde#380437)
  * Fix: Update the undo limit if we change it
  * Fix: Handling of modified document notification in sub-window
    mode (kde#386488)
  * Fix: Fix when holding right-click over layer's color settings
  * Fix: Do not show language switch warning when going back to the
    default (kde#362961)
  * Fix: Gradient map color mapping issues (kde#388976)
  * Fix: Layout improvements and showing levels for histogram
    filter (kde#376048)
  * Improvement: Add warning when adding shape to clone layer
  * Usability: Make default background for text editor white for
  * Fix: Activation of FFTW convolution worker (kde#407062)
  * Fix: Crash in halftone filter (kde#407045)
  * Fix: remove notification for unused keyboard short for
    wrap-around (kde#407119)
  * Fix: Safe assert triggered while drawing (kde#404552)
  * Improvement: Warn artists if they try to render an animated GIF
    with over 50 FPS (kde#403873)
  * Improvement: Handle calculation better for grayscale images in
    high bit depth (kde#405693)
  * Usability: Make tabs and table headers and text translatable
    (kde#406943, kde#406944)
  * Improvement: Make zoom mode persistent when moving across
  * Fix: Exporting animation frames into EXR format (kde#406830)
  * Improvement: Load broken TGA files that have bad alpha data
  * Python: Allow selecting boundary limits on export (kde#404615)
  * Fix: Unable to set minimal shade selector (kde#368587)
  * Improvement: Add pixel snap mode for canvas (kde#390952)
  * Fix: Load pre-Krita 4.0 transform masks (kde#396815)
  * Fix: TIFF export filter flatten images with group layers
  * Fix: Do not activate already running app instance when
    exporting image sequence
  * Fix: Memory leak with GIFs when saving and line length
  * Improvement: Better calculate SVG document size and loading
    omitted commands (kde#406124)
  * Usability: Hide pattern fill option in vector tools until it is
    fully implemented
  * Fix: Artifacts when saving vector layers as PNG (kde#404976)
  * Fix: Crash when merging back split alpha function
  * Fix: Address sanitizer (ASAN) crash when creating a guide
  * Fix: Hard to select color in vector objects (kde#404975)
  * Fix: Undo merging a layer that is cloned (kde#397836)
  * Improvement: Add fractional DPI scaling (found in settings)
  * Improvement: Allow clone brush to have an option to reset
    origin after every stroke
  * Fix: Canvas input cursor updates when it has no input focus
  * Fix: Hiccups when using wheel on Wacom's tablet (kde#381452)
  * Fix: Clone brush should use the last layer the source was
    placed on (kde#401919)
  * Fix: Tilt elevation curve corrections (kde#399846)
  * Fix: Do not focus on tag search line edit in the show event
  * Usability: Only show layer styles contour and texture when
    Bevel and Emboss is checked (kde#396015)
  * Python: Comics plugin improvements to file saving and creating
  * Fix: Pop-up palette color fix when changing themes
  * Usability: Improve control point size for brush editor curves
  * Fix: Make font size consistent (kde#406386)
  * Usability: Theme change fixes for overview docker, rulers, and
  * Fix: Memory leak caused by converting function
  * Fix: Wrong position of the merged layer (kde#405686)
  * Fix: Right clicking on popup-palette color selector hides it
  * Fix: rulers showing pixels no matter what unit (kde#406181)
  * Fix: Crash in Split Alpha function (kde#406241)
  * Fix: wrong bounding box on gradient map (kde#406234)
  * Fix: page orientation switch in new dialog (kde#374493)
  * Improvement: Do a better job when calculating nearest neighbor
    filters (kde#401788)
  * Usability: Improve contrast with checkboxes on pen settings and
    brush favorites
  * Fix: Allow group layers to be transformed and improve logic for
    layers that cannot be transformed (kde#406036)
  * Fix: Background color being lost after merging (kde#405230)
  * Improvement: Remember last used directory for shortcut
    import/export (kde#368360)
  * Improvement: Improve canvas refresh rate when moving vector
    objects (kde#403340, kde#405698)
  * Improvement: Intel OpenGL detection for newer drivers
  * Fix crash on quick brush engine because of calculations
  * Fix: splash screen on some high DPI screens
  * Improvement: Move color filters on onion skin out of combo box
    for easier toggling
  * Usability: Improve contrast with checkboxes on brush settings,
    pen sensors, and blending modes (bug 404190)
  * Fix: hangup when starting painting too quickly after changing
    opacity (kde#405879)
  * Fix: Data loss when adding multiple hold frames through
    right-click menu (kde#404246)
  * Fix: Copy correct image cache when cloning a layer (kde#387698)
  * Fix: Only show Intel graphics card warning on Windows
  * Text: changed "Launch Bug Report Wizard" to "Submit Bug Report"
    from main menu (kde#406152)
  * Usability: Add tooltip to eraser button in toolbar
  * Fix activation of isolate mode when merging layers down
  * Improvement: Add ability for shape brushes to use patterns for
  * Fix: Transform tool crash on layers with pass-through mode
  * Improvement: Add more information like HighDPI and language to
    usage logger
  * Fix: Make sure a masked painter knows about outlines
  * Fix: Make sure polyline takes into account the no-stroke
  * Feature: Add ability to export animation to PNG sequence using
  * Fix: Better handle loading recent files (kde#405364)
  * Improvement: Better show/hide progress bars when loading an
    unsupported image (kde#402625)
  * Feature: Add mirroring capability for Quick brush (kde#372636)
  * Usability: Add a second row to pop-up palette presets if the
    number gets above 20 so they are easier to see
  * Fix: Color smudge might not have an image for tip (kde#405336)
  * Fix: Prevent crash with mirror manager decorations
  * Fix: When no outline is selected, outline doesn't use brush
    width (kde#398509)
  * Fix: Low pixel size limit in Scale to New Size dialog
  * Feature: Simplex Noise Generator can now be used from a fill
  * Usability: Make disabled icons in animation docker
    semi-transparent to be like other disabled icons
  * Fix: creating vector shapes with pattern fills (kde#405037)
  * Fix: minimum animation cell grid size on windows
  * Fix: conversion errors in Scale new image dialog (kde#400177)
  * Improve UI for Arrange docker to make it easier to understand
    (kde#399984, kde#394084)
  * Fix: Only load a thumbnail for a recent file that still exists
  * Improve angle selection on layer effects (kde#372169)
  * Fix: Restore broken fonts (kde#402092)
  * Add a few new options for fill type when creating new documents
  * Fix: Remove the default shortcut for text tool. We just don't
    have any good available keys left (kde#402270)
  * Improve animation export dialog: Add warning when dimensions
    are not divisible by 2 for MP4 and MKV. Make sure the default
    dialog uses the encoder config for the format
  * Fix opening templates from the command line (kde#402342)
  * Inserting a layer when on a group layer adds it above the layer,
    not inside it now (kde#399103)
  * Feature: Advanced Color Selector - Add option to hide the color
    selector in the configure menu (kde#337328)
  * Remove old Karbon gradient files that weren't being used
  * Fix: Restore the UI after crashing in canvas only mode
  * Fix: Added safe assert to prevent Krita from crashing when a
    toolbar gets accidentally enabled
  * Improvement: Add more information to the bug reporter with
    memory, CPU cores, and swap location
  * Usability: Update the layer box to better to support RTL
  * Feature: Add Python plugin importer to make importing plugins
  * Improvement: Add direction choice for the Image Split feature
  * Fix: Actions on Move Tool only being executed after changing
    current node in move tool (kde#403048)
  * Fix: Python API. Fix crash when trying to access projection
    pixel data on transform mask (kde#402382)
  * Fix: Return colorspace of projection before returning the
    colorspace of the node (kde#402382)
  * Improvement: Enable automatic docstring generation for python
  * Fix: Loading KRA files with image names starting with a "/"
  * Fix: Enabling the selection mode shortcuts (kde#403587)
  * Improvement: Generator Layers. Added real-time preview when
    changing layer properties
  * Improvement: Polygonal Selection: Add ability to undo these
  * Fix: File layers: Use the mergedimage preview when opening ORA
    or KRA files
  * Improvement: Transform Tool: Added Granularity to tool options
  * Improvement: Added new blending modes: Reflect, Glow, Freeze,
    Heat, Glow-Heat, Heat-Glow, Reflect-Freeze, Freeze-Reflect,
    Heat-Glow & Freeze-Reflect Hybrid
  * Fix: Save mirror tool state to KRA file (kde#339515)
  * Usability: Make it easier to select lower values for stabilizer
  * Fix: Saving reference images z-order (kde#403974)
  * Fix: Disable use of Always Use Template in the New File Window
  * Usability: Add a tooltip to the composition docker
  * Fix: Bug where mirroring canvas would get out of sync with the
    main menu action
  * Fix: Check if animation config exists before accessing its
    contents (kde#404521)
- Drop fix_libgif_5_0_build.patch, Leap 42.3 is too old
- Remove unnecessary build requirements
- Remove conflict with calligra-devel, no longer necessary
- Run spec-cleaner
Version: 4.1.8-bp151.2.2
* Wed Mar 06 2019
- Update to 4.1.8:
  * Be the top handler for .kra files by default (kde#337272)
  * Disable forked xcb implementation with Qt 5.12 and up, as it
    no longer works
  * Remove connection to a non-existent signal
  * Fix building against exiv2-0.27 (kde#402566)
  * Remove splash screen options now and always close when krita
    finishes loading
  * Deref image shared pointers before calling ~KisDocument
  * overview docker: preserve aspect ratio and don't stretch when
    some layers are hidden
  * Resize the HUD after adding options for the first time
  * Remove default shortcut for the text tool (kde#402270)
- Drop patches merged upstream:
  * Fix-building-against-exiv2-0.27.patch
  * Fix-the-exiv2-fix.patch
- Drop 0001-Fix-popup-palette-with-Qt-5.9.4.patch, the bug in Qt
  has been fixed via a maintenance update meanwhile
* Tue Jan 08 2019
- Add 0001-Fix-popup-palette-with-Qt-5.9.4.patch to work around a
  bug in Qt 5.9.4 that broke krita's popup palette on Leap 15.0
* Thu Jan 03 2019
- Add Fix-the-exiv2-fix.patch to fix a bug in the previous patch
  that could cause crashes when opening certain JPG files (that
  contain XMP tags)
* Sun Dec 30 2018
- Add Fix-building-against-exiv2-0.27.patch to fix build with
* Thu Dec 13 2018
- Update to 4.1.7: (4.1.6 has been skipped)
  * See
  * Remove news feed widget, it could cause problems with WiFi
    connections because Qt's network manager class checks the wifi
    settings all the time (QTBUG-46015, QTBUG-40332)
  * Work around a bug in Qt 5.12 that would cause an instant crash
    when using a tablet
  * Fix showing wrongly that there is no audio support in the
    animation timeline audio menu
  * Don't hang when trying to load recent files thumbnails for
    files in a location that's no longer accessible (kde#401939)
  * Remember whether anti-aliasing was enabled in selection tools
  * Add a shortcut to activate the text tool (kde#401655)
  * Make the toolbars movable again
  * Make Select by Color Range check the entire image (kde#346138)
  * Enable HiDPI support by default: the problems with the canvas
    scaling have been solved
  * Allow krita to import more than file at a time when started
    from a file manager (kde#401476)
  * Fix using the scrollwheel in comboboxes on Linux (kde#399379)
  * Fix the calculation of Average Desaturation (kde#400493)
  * Do not crash when exporting Compositions (kde#400627)
  * Make the move tool show the correct cursor in all modes
  * Let the move tool move invisible layers
  * Fix a crash in the artistic color selector (kde#399860)
- Drop fix-build-with-Qt5.6.patch, merged upstream
- Remove no longer used kio-devel build requirement
* Fri Oct 12 2018
- Update to 4.1.5: (4.1.4 has been skipped)
  * See
  * Associate Krita with .ico files
  * Auto-update the device pixel ration when changing screens
  * Disable autoscrolling for the pan tool
  * Disable drag & drop in the recent documents list (kde#399397)
  * Disable zoom-in/out actions when editing text in rich-text mode
  * Do not add template files to recent documents list (kde#398877)
  * Do not allow creating masks on locked layers (kde#399145)
  * Do not close the settings dialog when pressing enter while
    searching for a shortcut (kde#399116)
  * Fill polyline shapes if some fill style was selected
  * Fix Tangent Normal paintop to work with 16 and 32 bit floating
    point images (kde#398826)
  * Fix a blending issue with the color picker when picking a color
    for the first time (kde#394399)
  * Fix a problem with namespaces when loading SVG
  * Fix an assert when right-clicking the animation timeline
  * Fix autohiding the color selector popup
  * Fix canvas scaling in hidpi mode (kde#360541)
  * Fix deleting canvas input settings shortcuts (kde#385662)
  * Fix loading multiline text with extra mark-up (kde#399227)
  * Fix loading of special unicode whitespace characters
  * Fix loading the alpha channel from Photoshop TIFF files
  * Fix missing shortcut from Fill Tool tooltip (kde#399111)
  * Fix projection update after undoing create layer (kde#399575)
  * Fix saving layer lock, alpha lock and alpha inheritance
  * Fix saving the location of audio source files in .kra files
  * Fix selections and transform tool overlay when Mirror Axis is
    active (kde#395222)
  * Fix setting active session after creating a new one
  * Fix showing the color selector popup in hover mode
  * Fix the ctrl-w close window shortcut on Windows (kde#399339)
  * Fix the overview docker (kde#396922, kde#384033)
  * Fix the shift-I color selector shortcut
  * Fix unsuccessful restoring of a session blocking Krita from
    closing (kde#399203)
  * Import SVG files as vector layers instead of pixel layers
  * Improve spacing between canvas input setting categories
  * Make Krita merge layers correctly if the order of selecting
    layers is not top-down (kde#399146)
  * Make it possible to select the SVG text tool text has been
    moved inside an hidden group and then made visible again
  * Make the color picker pick the alpha channel value correctly
  * Prevent opening filter dialogs on non-editable layers
  * Reset the brush preset selection docker on creating a new
    document (kde#399340)
  * Support fractional display scaling factors
  * Update color history after fill (kde#379199)
- Update fix-build-with-Qt5.6.patch yet again to fix a new
  compilation error with Qt 5.6 (kde#399677), the previous one is
  fixed in this release
* Thu Sep 27 2018
- Update to 4.1.3: (4.1.2 has been skipped)
  * See
  * Add a workaround for loading broken files with negative frame
    ids (kde#395378)
  * Delete existing frame files only within exported range
  * Fix a problem of Insert Hold Frames action. We should also
    "offset" empty cell to make sure the expanding works correctly.
  * Fix an assert when trying to export a PNG image sequence
  * Fix updates when switching frame on a layer with scalar channel
  * Use user-selected color label for the auto-created animation
    frames (kde#394072)
  * saving of the multiple frames insertion/removal options to the
  * Improvements to support for various file formats
  * Fix an assert if an imported SVG file links to non-existent
    color profile (kde#398576)
  * Fix backward compatibility of adjustment curves. Older versions
    supported fewer adjustable channels, so we can no longer assume
    the count in configuration data to matches exactly. (kde#396625)
  * Fix saving layers with layer styles (kde#396224)
  * Let Krita save all the kinds of layers into PSD (in rasterized way)
  * PNG Export: convert to rgb, if the image isn't rgb or gray
  * Remove fax-related tiff options. In fax mode tiff can store
    only 1 bit per channel images, which Krita doesn't support. So
    just remove these options from the GUI (kde#398548)
  * Add a shortcut for the threshold filter (kde#383818)
  * Fix Burn filter to work in 16-bit color space (kde#387102)
  * Make color difference threshold for color labels higher
  * Restore the shortcut for the invert filters
  * Remove hardcoded brush size limit for the Quick Brush (kde#376085)
  * Fix rotation direction when the transformed piece is mirrored
  * Make Stamp brush preview be scaled correctly (kde#399065)
  * Add a workaround for tablets not reporting tablet events in
    hover mode (kde#363284)
  * Do not reset text style when selecting something in text editor
  * Fix saving line breaks when the text is not left aligned
  * Fix reference image cache update conditions (kde#397208)
  * Fix build with dcraw 0.19
  * Disable pixel grid action of opengl is disabled (kde#388903)
  * Fix painting of selection decoration over grids (kde#362662)
  * Fix to/fromLab16/Rgb16 methods of the Alpha color space
  * Fix undo in the cloned KisDocument (kde#398730)
  * Automatically avoid conflicts between color labels and system
  * Fix cursor jumps in the Layer Properties dialog (kde#398958)
  * Fix resetting active tool when moving layers above vector
    layers (kde#398095)
  * Fix selecting of the layer after undoing Flatten Image (kde#398814)
  * Fix showing two nodes when converting to a Filter Mask
  * Fix updates of Clone Layers when the nodes are updated with
    subtree walker
  * a spurious assert in layer cloning (kde#398788)
  * Fix a memory access problem in KisExifIO
  * Fix memory access problems in KisExifIo
  * Show metadata in the dublin core page of the metadata editor.
    The editor plugin is still broken, with dates not working,
    bools not working, but now at least a string one has entered
    is shown again. (kde#396672)
  * SegFault in LibKis Node mergeDown (kde#397043)
  * apidox for Node.position() (kde#393035)
  * Add modified() getter to the Document class (kde#397320)
  * Add resetCache() Python API to FileLayer (kde#398740)
  * Fix memory management of the Filter's InfoObject (kde#392183)
  * Fix setting file path of the file layer through python API
  * Make sure we wait for the filter to be done
  * Fix saving a fixed bundle under the original name
  * Fix "stroke selection" to work with local selections (kde#398007)
  * Fix a crash when moving a vector shape selection when it is an
  * Fix crash when converting a shape selection shape into a shape
  * Fix crash when undoing removing of a selection mask
  * Fix rounded rectangular selection to actually work (kde#397806)
  * Fix selection default bounds when loading old type of
    adjustment layers
  * Stroke Selection: don't try to add a shape just because a
    layer doesn't have a paint device (kde#398015)
  * Fix color picking from reference images. Desaturation now
    affects the picked color, and reference images are ignored for
    picking if hidden.
  * Fix connection points on cage transform (kde#396788)
  * Fix minor UIX issues in the move tool:
    1) adds an explicit frame when the move stroke is in progress
    2) Ctrl+Z now cancels the stroke if there is nothing to undo
  * Fix offset in Move Tool in the end of the drag
  * Fix shift modifier in Curve Selection Tool. The modifier of the
    point clicked the last should define the selection mode. For
    selection tools we just disable shift+click "path-close"
    shortcut of the base path tool. (kde#397932)
  * Move tool crops the bounding area by exact bounds
  * Reduce aliasing in reference images (kde#396257)
  * Add the default shortcut for the close action: when opening Krita
    with an image, the close document shortcut was not available.
  * FEATURE: Add a hidden config option to lock all dockers in place
  * Fix KMainWindow saving incorrect widget settings
  * Fix broken buddy: Scale to New Size?s Alt-F points to Alt-T
  * Fix http link color in KritaBlender.colors: The link are now
    visible on the startup page of Krita and were dark blue, exact
    same value as the background making the frame hard to read.
    Switching them to bright cyan improves the situation.
  * Fix loading the template icons
  * Fix the offset dialog giving inaccurate offsets (kde#397218)
  * Make color label selector handle mouse release events (kde#394072)
  * Remember the last opened settings page in the preferences dialog
  * Remember the last used filter bookmark
  * Remove the shortcut for wraparound mode: It's still available
    from the menu and could be put on the toolbar, or people could
    assign a shortcut, but having it on by default makes life too
    hard for people who are trying to support our users.
  * Remove the shortcuts from the mdi window's system menu's
    actions. The Close Window action can now have a custom shortcut,
    and there are no conflicts with hidden actions any more.
    (kde#398729, kde#375524, kde#352205)
  * Set color scheme hint for compositor. This is picked up by KWin
    and sets the palette on the decoration and window frame,
    ensuring a unified look.
  * Show a canvas message when entering wraparound mode
  * Show the zoom widget when switching documents (kde#398099)
  * Use KSqueezedTextLabel for the pattern name in the pattern
    docker and brush editor (kde#398958)
  * sort the colorspace depth combobox
- Update fix-build-with-Qt5.6.patch to fix a new compilation
  problem with Qt 5.6 (kde#399130), the previous one is fixed in
  this release
- Drop fix-build-with-dcraw-0.19.patch, merged upstream
* Fri Aug 31 2018
- Add fix-build-with-dcraw-0.19.patch to fix compilation with the
  latest libraw
- Remove unnecessary libkdcraw-devel BuildRequires, krita doesn't
  use it anymore since a while
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- Update to 4.1.1:
  * See
  * Fix loading PyKrita when using PyQt 5.11 (kde#396381)
  * Fix possible crashes with vector objects (kde#396145)
  * Fix an issue when resizing pixel brushes in the brush editor
  * Don't show the unimplemented color picker button in the vector
    object tool properties docker (kde#389525)
  * Fix activation of the autosave time after a modify, save,
    modify cycle (kde#393266)
  * Fix out-of-range lookups in the cross-channel curve filter
  * Fix an assert when pressing PageUp into the reference images
  * Avoid a crash when merging layers in isolated mode (kde#395981)
  * Fix loading files with a transformation mask that uses the box
    transformation filter (kde#395979)
  * Fix activating the transform tool if the Box transformation
    filter was selected (kde#395979)
  * Fix a crash when hiding the last visible channel (kde#395301)
  * Make it possible to load non-conforming GPL palettes like
  * Simplify display of the warp transformation grid
  * Re-add the Invert Selection menu entry (kde#395764)
  * Use KFormat to show formatted numbers
  * Hide the color sliders config page
  * Don't pick colors from fully transparent reference images
  * Fix a crash when embedding a reference image
  * Fix some problems when saving and loading reference images
  * Fix the color picker tool not working on reference images
  * Extend the panning range to include any reference images
- Add fix-build-with-Qt5.6.patch to make it compile on Leap 42.3
* Wed Jun 27 2018
- Update to 4.1.0:
  * See
  * Major new features:
    + A new reference images tool that replaces the old reference
    images docker
    + You can now save and load sessions: the set of images and
    views on images you were working on
    + You can create multi-monitor workspace layouts
    + An improved workflow for working with animation frames
    + An improved animation timeline display
    + Krita can now handle larger animation by buffering rendered
    frames to disk
    + The color picker now has a mixing option
    + Improved vanishing point assistant - and assistants can be
    painted with custom colors
    + The first part of Ivan Yossi's Google Summer of Code work on
    improving the performance of brush masks through
    vectorization is included as well!
  * Also a host of bug fixes, and improvements to the rendering
    performance and more features
* Thu Jun 14 2018
- Update to 4.0.4:
  * See
  * Fix artefacts when painting with a pixel brush on a
    transparency mask (kde#394438)
  * Fix a race condition when using generator layers
  * Fix a crash when editing a transform mask (kde#395224)
  * Add preset memory to the Ten Brushes Script, to make switching
    back and forward between brush presets more smooth
  * Improve the performance of the stroke layer style (kde#361130,
  * Do not allow nesting of .kra files: using a .kra file with
    embedded file layers as a file layer would break on loading
  * Keep the alpha channel when applying the threshold filter
  * Do not use the name of the bundle file as a tag automatically
  * Fix selecting colors when using the python palette docker
    script (kde#394705)
  * Restore the last used colors on starting Krita, not when
    creating a new view (kde#394816)
  * Allow creating a layer group if the currently selected node is
    a mask (kde#394832)
  * Show the correct opacity in the segment gradient editor
  * Remove the obsolete shortcuts for the old text and artistic
    text tool (kde#393508)
  * Allow setting the multibrush angle in fractions
  * Improve performance of the OpenGL canvas, especially on macOS
  * Fix painting of pass-through group layers in isolated mode
  * Improve performance of loading OpenEXR files
  * Autosaving will now happen even if Krita is kept very busy
  * Improve loading of the default language
  * Fix color picking when double-clicking (kde#394396)
  * Fix inconsistent frame numbering when calling FFMpeg
  * Fix accepting touch events with recent Qt versions
  * Fix integration with the Breeze theme: Krita no longer tries
    to create widgets in threads (kde#392190)
  * Fix the batch mode flag when loading images from Python
* Wed Jun 13 2018
- Don't recommend create-resources anymore. It's unmaintained and
  Krita doesn't use it anymore.
Version: 4.0.3-bp150.1.7
* Sat May 12 2018
- Update to 4.0.3:
  * Fix a crash when copy/pasting (kde#394068)
  * Krita can open .rw2 RAW files
  * The splash screen is updated to work better on HiDPI or Retina
    displays (kde#392282)
  * The OpenEXR export filter will convert images with an integer
    channel depth before saving, instead of giving an error
  * The OpenEXR export filter no longer gives export warnings
    calling itself the TIFF filter
  * The emtpy error message dialog that would erroneously be shown
    after running some export filters is no longer shown
  * The setBackGroundColor method in the Python API has been
    renamed to setBackgroundColor for consistency
  * Fix a crash in KisColorizeMask (kde#393753)
* Thu May 10 2018
- Update to 4.0.2:
  * See
  * Fix canvas update issues when an animation is being rendered to
    the cache (kde#392969)
  * Fix playback in isolated mode (kde#392559)
  * Fix saving animated transparency and filter masks, adjustment
    layer (kde#393302)
  * set size for a few timeline icons as it is painfully small on
  * Fix copy-pasting pixel data from animated layers (kde#364162)
  * Fix keeping "eraser switch size/opacity" option when saving the
    brush (kde#393499)
  * Fix update of the preset editor GUI when a default preset is
    created (kde#392869)
  * Make strength and opacity sliders from 0 to 100 percent in
    brush editor
  * Fix saving state of the selection masks into .kra
  * Read multilayer EXR files saved by Nuke (kde#393771)
  * PSD: convert the image if its colorspace is not supported
  * Don't let autosave close currently running actions
  * increase the range for the pixel grid threshold
  * only allow isometric grid with OpenGL enabled (kde#392526)
  * Fix a hangup when closing the image (kde#393916)
  * Fix a crash when duplicating active global selection masks
  * Fix crashes on undo/redo of vector path points operations
    (kde#393209, kde#393087)
  * Fix crash when deleting palette (kde#393353)
  * Fix crash when resizing the Tool Options for the shape
    selection tool (kde#393217)
  * Show the exact bounds in the layer properties dialog
  * Add ability for vanishing point assistants to show and
    configure radial lines
  * Make the Saturation slider update when picking a color that has
    Value 100 (kde#391934)
  * Fix "Break at segment" to work correctly with closed paths
  * Disable right-clicking on popup palette
    (kde#391696, kde#378484)
  * Don't let the color label widget mess up labels when right
    button is pressed (kde#392815)
  * Fix Canvas position popping after pop-up palette rotation reset
  * Change the behaviour of the add layer button (kde#385050)
  * Clicking outside preview box moves view to that point
  * Implement double Esc key press shortcut for canceling continued
    transform mode (kde#361852)
  * Display flow and opacity as percentage instead of zero to one
    on toolbar
* Wed Apr 11 2018
- Update to 4.0.1:
  * See
  * Fix duplicate shortcut on Photoshop scheme
  * Alphabetize shortcut to make the diffs easier to read when
    doing changes
  * Make the triangles larger on the categorized list view so they
    are more visible
  * Disable the macro recorder and playback plugin
  * Remove the docker titlebar lock and collapse buttons
    (kde#385238, kde#392235)
  * Set the pixel grid to show up at 2400% zoom by default
  * Improve the layout of the palette docker
  * Disable drag and drop in the palette view: moving swatches
    around did not actually change the palette (kde#392349)
  * Fix selecting the last used template in the new document
    dialog when using appimages (kde#391973)
  * Fix canvas lockup when using Guides at the top of the image
  * Do not reset redo history when changing layer's visibility
  * Fix shifting the pan position after using the popup widget
    rotation circle (kde#391921)
  * Fix height map to normal map in wraparound mode (kde#392191)
  * Make it possible to edit the font size in the svg text tool
  * Let Text Shape have empty lines (kde#392471)
  * Fix updates of undo/redo actions (kde#392257)
  * Implement "Convert text into path" function (kde#391294)
  * Fix a crash in SvgTextTool when deleting hovered/selected shape
  * Make the text editor window application modal (kde#392248)
  * Fix alignment of RTL text (kde#392065, kde#392064)
  * Fix painting parts of text outside the bounding box on the
    canvas (kde#392068)
  * Fix rendering of the text with relative offsets (kde#391160)
  * Fix crash when transforming text with Transform Tool twice
  * Fix handling of keyframes when saving (kde#392233, kde#392559)
  * Keep show in timeline and onion skin options when merging layers
  * Keep keyframe color labels when merging layers (kde#388913)
  * Fix exporting out audio with video formats MKV and OGV
  * Do not load/save layer channel flags anymore (channel flags were
    removed from the UI in Krita 2.9) (kde#392504)
  * Fix saving of Transform Mask into rendered formats (kde#392229)
  * Fix reporting errors when loading fails (kde#392413)
  * Fix a memory leak when loading file layers
  * Fix loading a krita file with a loop in the clone layers setup
  * Fix showing a wait cursor after loading a PNG image (kde#392249)
  * Make bundle loading feedback a bit clearer regarding the bundle
  * Fix crash when creating a vector selection (kde#391292)
  * Fix crash when doing right-click on the gradient fill stop
    opacity input box of a vector (kde#392726)
  * Fix setting the aspect ratio of vector shapes (kde#391911)
  * Fix a crash if a certain shape is not valid when writing SVG
  * Fix hidden stroke and fill widgets not to track current shape
    selection (kde#391990)
  * Fix crash when creating a new spray preset (kde#392869)
  * Fix rounding of the the pressure curve
  * Fix painting with colorsmudge brushes on transparency masks
  * Fix uninitialized distance info for KisHairyPaintOp (kde#391940)
  * Fix rounding of intermediate pressure values
  * Fix the colorsmudge brush when painting in wraparound mode
  * Fix flattening of group layers with Inherit Alpha property set
  * Fix a crash when using a transformation mask on a file layer
  * Improve performance of the transformation mask
- Recommend python3-qt5, required for python scripting
- BuildRequire python3-sip-devel instead of python3-sip, the former
  is needed for *building* (though it makes no difference in
  practice as both are pulled in by python3-qt5-devel anyway)
- Don't delete, we should not have to worry about
  a conflict with calligra-krita anymore
- Mark license files as %license instead of %doc
* Tue Apr 03 2018
- Disable VC on non-x86* to fix builds
* Fri Mar 23 2018
- Restore openSUSE Leap 42.3 support:
  * boost 1.61 presents in Leap 42.3 repo
  * Added fix_libgif_5_0_build.patch to make krita build against libgif 5.0.x
* Thu Mar 22 2018
- Update to 4.0.0:
  * See
  * Highlights:
    + SVG support
    + A new text tool
    + Python scripting
    + Easy coloring of line-art with the new Colorize Mask Tool
    + Masked brushes
    + New brush presets
  * Known issues:
    + Krita 4 uses SVG for vector layers. This means that Krita 3
    files with vector layers may not be loaded entirely
    correctly. Keep backups!
    + Krita 4's new text tool is still limited
    + The Reference Images Docker has been removed
- Drop conditionals for older distributions, it needs at least
  boost 1.55 now which is only available in Tumbleweed and Leap 15
* Fri Jan 12 2018
- Update to 3.3.3:
  * See
  * Fix an issue where it would not be possible to select certain
    blending modes when the current layer is grayscale but the
    image is rgb.
  * Set the OS and platform when reporting a bug from within Krita
    on Windows.
  * Make it possible to enter color values as percentage in the
    specific color selector
  * Add OpenGL warnings and make ANGLE default on Intel GPUs
  * Add an Invert button to the levels filter
  * Implement loading and saving of styles for group layers to and
    from PSD
  * Fix the erase mode not showing correctly when returning to the
    brush tool
  * Save the visibility of individual assistants in .kra files
  * Add an option to draw ruler tips as a power of 2
  * Disable autoscroll on move and transform tools
  * Improve handling of native mouse events when using a pen and
    the Windows Ink API
  * Fix the focal point for the pinch zoom gesture
  * Fix loading netpbm files with comment
* Tue Nov 07 2017
- Update to
  * See
  * Krita 3.3.1 would read brush presets with textures incorrectly.
    This is now fixed.
  * Animation: make it possible to render up to a 10,000 frames
  * Add a command-line option to start Krita with a new, empty
    image: krita --new-image RGBA,8,5000,3000
  * Performance: improved caching for effect and selection masks
  * Performance: Fix a leak in the smudge brush
  * Performance: Improve performance when using the
    hardware-accelerated canvas
  * Performance, Windows: improve the performance when loading
  * Filters: it?s now possible to edit the filter?s settings
    directly in the xml that is used to save filter definitions to
    .krita files.
  * Filters: a new ASC_CDL color balance filter was added, with
    Slope, Offset and Power options.
  * Crashes: fix a crash that happened when closing a second
    document with infinite canvas active
  * Layers: Make it possible to copy group layers
  * UI: make it possible to use the scroll-wheel to scroll through
    patterns when the patterns palette is very narrow.
  * UI: Improve drag and drop feedback in the layer panel
  * UI: Hide the lock and collapse titlebar icons when a panel is
* Wed Oct 11 2017
- Update to 3.3.1:
  * See
  * Krita would crash if you would restart Krita after closing
    Krita with the reference images docker set to floating
  * Krita 3.3.0 could not read .kra backup files or .kra files that
    were unzipped, then zipped up manually
  * Merge down does not remove locked layers anymore
  * Various performance improvements, especially for macOS
  * Improve the look and feel of dragging and dropping layers
  * Improve the tooltips in the brush preset selector
  * Fix a memory leak in the color selectors
  * Don't allow the fill tool to be used on group layers
  * Add brightness and contrast sliders for textured brushes
  * Add paste-at-cursor
  * Improve performance of the cpu canvas
  * Fix a crash on closing Krita when there is something on the
  * Add a button to open a file layer's image in Krita
* Thu Sep 28 2017
- Update to 3.3.0:
  * Some visual glitches when using hi-dpi screens are fixed
    (remember: on Windows and Linux, you need to enable this in the
    settings dialog).
  * If you create a new image from clipboard, the image will have a
  * Favorite blending modes and favorite brush presets are now
    loaded correctly on startup
  * GMIC
    + the plugin has been updated to the latest version for Windows
    and Linux.
    + the configuration for setting the path to the plugin has been
    removed. Krita looks for the plugin in the folder where the
    krita executable is, and optionally inside a folder with a
    name that starts with ?gmic? next to the krita executable.
    + there are several fixes for handling layers and communication
    between Krita and the plugin
  * Some websites save jpeg images with a .png extension: that used
    to confuse Krita, but Krita now first looks inside the file to
    see what kind of file it really is.
  * PNG:
    + 16 and 32 bit floating point images are now converted to 16
    bit integer when saving the images as PNG.
    + It?s now possible to save the alpha channel to PNG images
    even if there are no (semi-) transparent pixels in the image
  * When hardware accelerated display is disabled, the color picker
    mode of the brush tool showed a broken cursor; this has been
  * The Reference Images docker now only starts loading images when
    it is visible, instead on Krita startup. Note: the reference
    images docker uses Qt?s imageio plugins to load images. If you
    are running on Linux, remove all Deepin desktop components.
    Deepin comes with severely broken qimageio plugins that will
    crash any Qt application that tries to display images.
  * File layers now correctly reload on change again
  * Add several new commandline options:
    + ?nosplash to start Krita without showing the splash screen
    + ?canvasonly to start Krita in canvas-only mode
    + ?fullscreen to start Krita full-screen
    + ?workspace Workspace to start Krita with the given workspace
  * Selections
    + The Select All action now first clears the selection before
    selecting the entire image
    + It is now possible to extend selections outside the canvas
  * Performance improvements: in several places superfluous reads
    from the settings were eliminated, which makes generating a layer
    thumbnail faster and improves painting if display acceleration is
    turned off.
  * The smart number input boxes now use the current locale to follow
    desktop settings for numbers
  * The system information dialog for bug reports is improved
  * See also
* Fri Aug 25 2017
- Update to version 3.2.1:
  * Crash on startup if only OpenGL 2.1 is found: if you had to
    disable opengl for 3.2.0, you can try to enable it again
  * A crash when changing layer types in the gmic-qt plugin
  * A bug where gmic-qt could crash on odd-sized images
  * A regression where using the text tool would break the brush tool
  * The option to use the native platform?s file dialogs was restored
  * A bug where selecting the line tool would disable the flow slider
  * Some issues with the LUT docker were fixed
- Remove no longer used libcurl-devel build requirement
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- Use the %kf5_find_lang macro to get the file list for the lang
* Thu Aug 17 2017
- Update to version 3.2.0:
  * New G'Mic-qt plugin integration
  * Smart patch tool
  * Finger painting on touch screens
  * New brush presets
  * A lot of bug fixes
  * See also
- Drop Drop-QForeachContainer-include.patch, merged upstream
- Remove build-compare workaround from the specfile, the
  corresponding source file doesn't exist anymore
* Fri Jul 21 2017
- Build only against lcms2 and drop dependency over lcms1
* Wed Jun 07 2017
- Remove filler wording from description.
* Fri May 26 2017
- Update to version 3.1.4:
  * Fix a crash when trying to play an animation when OpenGL is
    disabled in Krita
  * Fix rendering animation frames if the directory you're trying
    to render to doesn't exist
  * Don't open the tablet/screen resolution conflict dialog
    multiple times
  * Don't scale down previews that are too small in the transform
    tool: this fixes a rare crash with the transform tool
  * Don't crash when trying to close the last view on the last
    document while the document is modified.
  * Fix a crash when cycling quickly through layers that have a
    color tag
  * Fix loading some Gimp 2.9 files: note that Gimp 2.9's file
    format is not officially supported in Krita
  * Fully remove the macro recorder plugin: in 3.1.4, only the
    menu entries had stayed around.
  * Make it impossible to hide the template selector in the new
    image dialog; hiding the template selector would also hide the
    cancel button in the dialog.
- Add Drop-QForeachContainer-include.patch to fix build with Qt 5.9
* Mon May 01 2017
- Update to version 3.1.3:
  * New features:
    + implement context menu actions for default tool (cut, copy, paste, object ordering)
    + added option to allow multiple instances of krita (BUG 377199)
    + scale around pivot point added
  * Too many bugfixes to list here, see:
- Add _constraints: Needs at least 4 GiB RAM
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Tue Jan 31 2017
- Update to version
  * Audio Support for Animations
  * Ctrl key continue mode for Outline Selection tool
  * Allow deselection by clicking with a selection tool
  * Added a checkbox for enabling HiDPI to the settings dialog
  * Remove the export to PDF functionality. It is having too many
    issues right now. (kde#372439)
  * a lot of bug fixes
  * More information on
- Add Qt5Multimedia build requirement to enable the new audio
  support for animations
* Wed Dec 21 2016
- Delete /usr/lib64/ do to conflict between
  calligra-krita and krita-devel