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Change Logs

* Mon Dec 21 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 5.1.1
- Bugs fixed:
  * Minus sign is missing for negative numbers (kde#426406)
  * Merge of Payees Deletes all Payees when an error occurs
  * New account details window is not sized correctly (kde#405204)
  * QIF Im-/Exporter do not have default profile in dropdown after
    initial installation (kde#419275)
  * Spelling mistakes in German "Ausgabe" categories (kde#420016)
  * Can't reposition the currency symbol (kde#421915)
  * Faulty icons display (kde#423259)
  * kmymoney : decimal separator not supported anymore (kde#423509)
  * Report 'Transactions by Category' converts all records to base
    currency even if this option is not selected (kde#423870)
  * Closed Accounts not hidden on Home view (kde#424098)
  * Account names only display partially on Home View (kde#424188)
  * Dates in "All dates" reports title not displayed (kde#424302)
  * Reload home page failed (kde#424305)
  * "Find transaction" does not respect filter (kde#424321)
  * Accounts combobox in export wizard (kde#424344)
  * Budget plugin and date format (kde#424424)
  * Loan will not calculate and does (kde#424511)
  * Transaction report is missing splits in certain circumstances
  * The word "Principal" is misspelled as "Principle" in KMyMoney's
    categories (kde#424745)
  * KMM adds an extra "/" to the institution url (kde#425280)
  * KMyMoney Missing currency - Zambia Kwacha (ZMW) (kde#425530)
  * Price information to old currencies not added when adding
    successor (kde#425533)
  * Cannot rename new currency (kde#425934)
  * No way of changing smallest cash/money unit size (kde#425935)
  * Remove not implemented settings option "Insert transaction type
    into No. field for new transactions" (kde#426151)
  * "New Institution" edits instead of creating institution
  * Chip-TAN widget is not completely visible (kde#426243)
  * Adding new category from menu bar (kde#428164)
  * Do not expose KCMs in application launchers (kde#428776)
  * xea2kmt fails to parse gnucash templates (kde#429237)
  * Calculator button not working for individual budget fields
  * Make Searching Categories case insensitive (kde#429489)
  * Newly created institution is not displayed in institutions view
  * App freezes when toggling currency in investment performance
    report (kde#430178)
  * Can't cancel Schedule Details dialog presented on startup
  * Values of date picker runs out of control for scheduled
    payments and transactions (kde#424378)
  * Column not deleted on update of a forecast with different cycle
    duration (kde#428434)
  * Import opening balance flag from gnucash templates (kde#429229)
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Michel Normand <>
- Add _constraints with 4GB min disk space
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Spec cleanup
* Mon Jun 15 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 5.1.0
- Bugs fixed:
  * OFX import leaves brokerage account field blank for nested
    accounts (kde#350360)
  * KF5 ofximporter "Map account" fails on MS Windows (kde#396286)
  * report's chart mess with data if there are too many data
  * Some ui files are not compilable after editing with designer
  * Message Box Doesn't Size (kde#416577)
  * Import a QFX file fails on MacOS (kde#416621)
  * Missing german translation (kde#416711)
  * Summary values are not updated for investment transaction of
    type interest income (kde#416746)
  * libofx dtd files are not found in AppImage (kde#416827)
  * Investment reports should ignore setting for "Show equity
    accounts" (kde#416902)
  * After the migration to aq6 the change of views takes a long
    time (kde#416963)
  * cannot find yahoo finance under online quotes (kde#417142)
  * Request: Use latest values to fill in transaction (kde#418334)
  * Script based online quotes do not work in the AppImage version
  * Backup (kde#419082)
  * Data displayed in scheduled transaction and home page are
    sometimes not consistent (kde#419113)
  * Balance of budget is shown incorrect (kde#419554)
  * MyMoneyStatementReader uses base currency instead brokerage
    account's own when adding new price (kde#419974)
  * When importing transactions, we're matching against the other
    transactions also being imported (kde#419975)
  * BUY/SELL information ignored when importing OFX investment
    transactions (kde#420056)
  * Startlogo not translated in french (kde#420082)
  * Indian Rupee has new symbol since 7 years,it is ? (kde#420422)
  * QIF importer ignores new investments (kde#420584)
  * A sum of multiple rows selected is incorrect for securities
    with fraction > 100 (kde#420593)
  * Inaccurate decimal precision of South Korean Won (KRW)
  * After upgrade from Fedora 31 to 32, one of my checking accounts
    shows a huge negative "Cleared" balance (kde#420761)
  * Incorrect ordinate axis labels when zooming a chart
  * Crash in "Edit loan Wizard" (kde#420931)
  * Freeze: logarithmic vertical axis and negative data range From
    value (kde#421056)
  * Logarithmic vertical axis has multiple zero labels (kde#421105)
  * Securities Dialog "Market" field not populated with existing
    data on edit (kde#421126)
  * Networth "account balances by institution" provides incorrect
    results (kde#421260)
  * Account context menu's Reconcile option opens incorrect ledger
  * New Account Wizard throws exception on empty payment method
    selected (kde#421569)
  * New Account Wizard is not asking if the user wants to add a new
    payee (kde#421691)
  * Scheduled monthly transaction will only change first date
  * Anonymised files are no longer created (kde#421757)
  * SEGFAULT occurring when marking an account as preferred
  * Incorrect account hierarchy if an account is marked as
    preferred (kde#422012)
  * Budget view displays all account types (kde#422196)
  * KMyMoney crashes when navigating backwards through CSV import
    wizard (kde#422200)
  * Search widget in the Budgets view ignores user input
- Enhancements:
  * Add option "Reverse charges and payments" to OFX import
Version: 5.0.1-bp150.2.2
* Thu Jul 12 2018
- Add upstream patches to fix a crash when creating or editing a
  transaction (boo#1100025, kde#392735):
  * Delete-item-after-it-has-been-removed.patch
  * Improve-deletion-of-unused-widgets-in-transaction-editor.patch
* Mon Mar 19 2018
- Update to version 5.0.1
  * Improvements:
    + Remove old locolor icons
    + Install local icons in the local datadir
    + Fix icon presentation of our own icons
    + Fix build with QtWebEngine
    + Enable investment actions when appropriate
    + Ledger search box now supports the account hierarchy
    character ":"
    + Enable calculator tool button
    + Allow CSV importer to deal with Feb 30th
  * Clicking autocomplete entry crashes application (kde#390264)
  * Kmymoney does not open multiple files correctly (kde#350850)
  * Cannot turn off Outbox tab in 4.8.0. (kde#377760)
  * can't change ledger sort options in configure dialog
  * File/backup give mount/unmount error, even if "mount" is not
    checked (kde#390176)
  * Don't add new payee from new operation panel (kde#390232)
  * QIF Import filter fails (kde#390627)
  * Huge gap in report display screen (kde#390657)
  * Crash > Tools > Currencies (kde#390658)
  * Scheduled transactions: "Enter next transaction" should be
    available in ledger (kde#390834)
  * dollar symbol appears after amount (kde#390873)
  * quantity in Investments view should be right-justified
  * Pre-Fill dialog missing (kde#391048)
  * Show tip of the day (kde#391249)
  * Displaying the ledger without an account having been selected
    displays a closed account (kde#391453)
  * Startup WM Class is wrong (kde#391733)
  * CSV importer ignores last line if not followed by a newline
  * Context does not change to ledger view from the find
    transaction dialog (kde#391773)
  * After completing reconcile, Statement/Cleared/Balance show
    reconcile amounts, not account amounts (kde#390178)
  * switching from Investments page to Ledgers always shows same
    stale closed account ledger (kde#390406)
  * Clearing ledger search box doesn't return to the previous
    position (kde#390593)
  * Ctrl+Shift+Space shortcut no longer available (kde#390249)
  * Save as defaults to encrypted with no way to not encrypt
  * Home page Net Worth Forecast Y axis starts at 0 (kde#391961)
- Drop no longer used Kross build requirement
* Fri Feb 16 2018
- Update to version 5.0.0
  * Ported to KDE Frameworks 5
  * Multiple improvements to reports, including better performance.
  * Allow logarithmic axes in report graphs.
  * When deleting a security, automatically delete its prices.
  * Allow separate beginning balance accounts for different currencies.
  * Added support for several new currencies
  * Major bugs fixed:
    + Elimination of several crashes.
    + Fix problems with report graphs using older data.
    + Fix rounding errors in some investment transactions.
    + Removed Yahoo from stock and currency price sources, as they no
    longer provide this service.
- Drop patches (upstreamed or no longer applicable):
  - aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch
  - fix-build-with-libalkimia-7.0.patch
  - fix-sepa-plugin.patch
- Move docs to main subpackage (English) and put translated docs
  in -lang
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Add fix-build-with-libalkimia-7.0.patch to make it build with the
  latest libalkimia (kde#387350)
* Fri Dec 29 2017
- Add fix-sepa-plugin.patch to fix the installation of the SEPA
  plugin so that it can actually be loaded (kde#386547)
* Wed Dec 27 2017
- Update to
  * Improvements to data import, including:
    + Improved payee matching
    + Avoid crash if you provide an invalid name for the import
    + Resolved numerous issues with importing QIF and CSV files
    + Removed some restrictions on the type of account to which
    data can be imported
    + Allowed OFX import to use Client UID, required by some banks
  * Improvements to the database back end
    + Avoid a crash if the database is not present restoring from
    + Corrected SQL syntax issues causing errors
  * The user is now notified if changing a memo in a transaction
    would make it different from the memo in the other split of the
    transaction (such as in a transfer)
  * Added a setting to configure location of optional log file for
    imported data
  * Removed restriction on configuring VAT assignments for certain
    types of accounts
  * Eliminated false positive errors from Consistency Check
  * Several improvements to importing and exporting templates
  * Eliminated several causes of crashes
- Drop patches that have been merged upstream:
  * kmymoney-4.8.0-fix-csv-import-account-type.patch
  * fix-build.patch
  * fix-build-with-cmake-3.9.patch
- Rebase aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch
- Drop BuildIgnore again, no longer necessary as libqt4 uses
  OpenSSL 1.1 now in Tumbleweed
- No longer necessary to change the file permissions of the appdata
  file, this has been fixed upstream
- Adjust package summary and description (for KDE4 -> by KDE)
* Mon Dec 11 2017
- BuildIgnore libopenssl-1_0_0-devel to avoid an openssl conflict
  and fix the build on Tumbleweed
* Sat Aug 26 2017
- Add fix-build-with-cmake-3.9.patch to fix build with latest
  cmake in Factory (kde#383351)
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Modify aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch to fix online
  SEPA transactions with aqbanking 5.1
* Wed Jun 07 2017
- Add aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch to make it
  possible to build the kbanking plugin on Leap 42.X (boo#1042760)
* Fri Jun 02 2017
- Add fix-build.patch to fix build with latest cmake in Factory
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- Revert kde4_runtime_requires change
* Tue Nov 29 2016
- Expand macro kde4_runtime_requires only when its available
  to fix quilt setup
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- add kmymoney-4.8.0-fix-csv-import-account-type.patch which fixes
  the default CSV import to credit card accounts (kde#364425)
* Sun Jul 10 2016
- Update to 4.8.0
  * Added support for online SEPA transactions
  * Added support for import from Weboob
  * Improved payee matching when importing transactions
  * Supports AqBanking versions 5.5.0 or later
  * Updated Brazilian account templates
  * When an account cannot be closed, a tooltip explains the
  * Categories no longer have opening date, which caused annoying
    errors both during input and while running the consistency
  * Do not inadvertently modify start date of schedules
  * Solved rounding problems causing reconciliation to fail and
    investment transaction to show missing assignments of 0.00
  * Fixed some annoying consistency check errors
* Wed Jun 01 2016
- Use share-mime-info macros (boo#979301)
* Tue May 31 2016
- Only require libakonadiprotocolinternals1 (needed to run kmymoney)
  on Leap and Tumbleweed, not akonadi-runtime, to prevent conflicts
  with KDEPIM5 (boo#982301)
* Wed Apr 29 2015
- Update to 4.7.2:
  * fix a crash in the transaction split editor
  * added the monetary symbol of the Turkish lira
  * matching restrictions on an already imported transaction
    were removed
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in post/postun scripts
Version: 5.0.4-bp151.2.2
* Mon Apr 22 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.0.4. Bugs fixed in this release:
  * (kde#368159) Report Transactions by Payee omits transactions lacking
  * (kde#390681) OFX import and unrecognized <FITID> tag
  * (kde#392305) Not all Asset accounts are shown during OFX import
  * (kde#396225) When importing a ofx/qif file, it does not show me all my
  * (kde#396978) Stable xml file output
  * (kde#400761) Cannot open files on MacOS
  * (kde#401397) kmymoney changes group permissions
  * (kde#403745) in import dialog, newly-created account doesn?t appear in
    pulldown menu
  * (kde#403825) Transaction validity filter is reset when re-opening
  * (kde#403826) Transactions without category assignment are not shown in
  * (kde#403885) Buying / selling investments interest / fees round to 2 decimal
    places even when currency is to 6 decimal places
  * (kde#403886) No way to set/change investment start date in investment wizard
  * (kde#403955) After an action, the cursor returns to top of page and does not
    remain in a similar position to when action was started
  * (kde#404156) Can?t select many columns as memo
  * (kde#404848) Crash on ?Enter Next Transcation?
  * (kde#405061) No chart printing support
  * (kde#405329) CPU loop reconciling if all transactions are cleared
  * (kde#405817) CSV importer trailing lines are treated as absolute lines
  * (kde#405828) Budget problems
  * (kde#405928) Loss of inserted data in transaction planner
  * (kde#406073) Change of forecast method is not reflected in forecast view
  * (kde#406074) Unused setting ?Forecast (history)? for home view
  * (kde#406220) Crash when deleting more than 5000 transactions at once
  * (kde#406509) ?Find Transaction?? dialog focus is on ?Help? button instead of
  * (kde#406525) Subtotals are not correctly aggregated when (sub-)categories
    have the same name
  * (kde#406537) Encrypted file cannot be saved as unencrypted
  * (kde#406608) Custom report based on Annual Budget incorrectly getting
  * (kde#406714) Home view shows budget header twice
  Check for the complete
  list of changes.
* Mon Jan 28 2019
- Update to version 5.0.3
- Bugs fixed:
  * Storing and loading customized information reports in XML is
    totally broken (kde#403068)
  * Transaction contains erroneous *** UNASSIGNED *** in Tags view
    if no payee is given (kde#347685)
  * Unable to remove Payee from transactions (kde#392684)
  * 5.0 Version - Crashes when importing OFX/QFX File Using Firefox
  * Closed accounts are removed from a historical report each time
    the report is changed (kde#397467)
  * Display schedule transactions with planned post date
  * title of report is truncated in graph view (kde#399260)
  * Error Attempting Backup to Samba share - Windows 10
  * KMyMoney crashed when clicking on Forecast>Chart (kde#400820)
  * Cumbersome opening of multiple reports (kde#401080)
  * Price in exponential format is not interpreted correctly
  * Windows build is broken - '_isinf': identifier not found
  * Allow to reuse check numbers (kde#402101)
  * "Pay to" field gets auto filled from previous transaction even
    if cleared manually (kde#402120)
  * CSV importer: Opposite signs option not read from banking
    profile (kde#402195)
  * EnterSchedule dialog too narrow (kde#402200)
  * Saving confirmation asked even for unfilled operation
  * Check/transaction number not imported via CSV plugin
  * DB password doesn't apply while trying to save (kde#402534)
  * Unable to save data to database in presence of online jobs
  * in remove shares transaction field tab order sticks in number
    of shares field (kde#402694)
  * Unknown account id mymoneystoreagemgr.cpp:142 (kde#402699)
  * Division by zero errors in investement reports (kde#402708)
  * Rounding problems with stock split factor cause crashes and
    errors (kde#402750)
  * Transaction editor is not reset (kde#402783)
  * Automatic category assignment does not respect tax assignment
  * Initial state of "View/Show all accounts" is not correct
  * The Interest pull down field missing when trying to enter
    income transaction in Investment ledger (kde#403039)
  * Cmake fails on Fedora 28 looking for LibAlkimia and Qt4 Core
    and DBus (kde#403156)
  * assigned TAG isn't shown up in scheduled transaction
    configuration (kde#403529)
  * Crash when importing qif (kde#403565)
  * SaveAs defaults to "wrong" file path (kde#403608)
  * The currency New Kwanza Angolano has been replaced (kde#403617)
- Enhancements:
  * Allow saving investment transaction without brokerage account
    if net amount is zero (kde#398133)
  * Add action to create new transaction from any view (kde#402316)
* Mon Nov 05 2018
- Update to version 5.0.2
  * List of bugs which have been fixed:
    + when using the 'amount entry widget' in the ledger view, it
    hangs off the screen (kde#283784)
    + Update the documentation screenshots (kde#340244)
    + Saving anonymous file loses relation between investment
    accounts and brokerage accounts (kde#340902)
    + investment account does not have key value pair for
    lastImportedTransactionDate (kde#343878)
    + User is asked to create a new category in splits table if
    change is aborted (kde#344409)
    + "Update Stock and Currency Prices" doesn't work when base
    currency is South Korean Won(KRW) (kde#368190)
    + investactivities.cpp: 8 * Redundant condition (kde#385180)
    + Entering fees in Investment account (ie broker fee) doesn't
    appear with transaction (kde#390750)
    + Double free or corruption when creating a new asset account
    + Missing 2 .h files in /usr/include/kmymoney (kde#392110)
    + 5.0.1 is shown as 5.0.0 in splash screen and about dialog
    + Home page Net Worth Forecast Not correct (kde#392407)
    + Cannot create new investment (kde#392477)
    + Reports Configure dialog uses a "Find" button instead of an
    "Apply" button (kde#392519)
    + OFX - Mapping Account - Last Update Change causing Update
    Account greying - Online Settings disappears (kde#392603)
    + Crash on viewing or trying to add data into any account
    + [Patch] Fix working week in 5.x/master (kde#393168)
    + Budgeted vs. Actual report: Budgeted values broken if ticks
    selected to Bi-Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly (kde#393752)
    + MySQL connection error with dbname "KMyMoney" (kde#394384)
    + problems adding securities to investment accounts (kde#394394)
    + csv writer generates invalid file in case field delimiter is
    used in any field (kde#395025)
    + CSV Export of Investment Accounts does not issue transactions
    on non-English kmymoney installations (kde#395040)
    + Last selected view (kde#395100)
    + KMyMoney gitt head master, crash on opening any account
    + Ledger Input: Category Field (kde#395459)
    + QIF Export manually typing file path adds .qif after every
    character (kde#395985)
    + Cannot create new investment (kde#396174)
    + Last digit of date field is obscured by "details column" in
    ledger view (kde#396405)
    + CSV: ordering of buttons when finishing wizard (kde#396759)
    + Online Banking Behavior Change Since 4.8 (kde#396886)
    + Payee "Suggest a category" does not work (kde#396987)
    + Opening dates in "all dates" plot (kde#397020)
    + Net worth does not appear (kde#397021)
    + Default color of imported transaction in the ledger (kde#397023)
    + Kmymoney version in help menu, splash screen and apt are
    different (kde#397025)
    + Net worth forecast graph in new file shows formatting problem
    + double clicking in ledger activates edit, but does not select
    transaction clicked on (kde#397457)
    + cannot connect to kmysql database because of prepended slash
    + Limit in number of securities (397824)
    + écran d'accueil (kde#398168)
    + Account information report crashes (kde#398394)
    + KMyMoney does not prompt for password when connecting to
    database (kde#398409)
    + KMyMoney does not work properly when changing from one file to
    another (kde#399244)
    + "show balance chart" does not show 3 months forecast in the
    future anymore (kde#399309)
    + Unable to Update Prices (kde#399378)
    + importer file selector does not show QIF files and does not
    remember last import directory (kde#399673)
  * New improvements:
    + Online web source "KMyMoney Currency" does not support price
    pairs without decimal (kde#396797)
    + Speedup loading of home page
    + KDE binary factory builds for MS-Windows installer
    + Add color coding of pos/neg amounts for 'posted value' column
    + Fix online credit transfer creation
    + Some features have been moved to plugins so that they can be
    turned off if unused
    + Provide correct version information for all shared object files
    + Improved handling of "Save as..." logic
    + Allow to add a timezone offset for OFX import on account basis
    + Moved GPG key handling to XML plugin
    + Accounts can now take a URL for direct access of the online
    banking web-site
    + Support more than one online banking provider during update
    + Added option to keep linebreaks in memo of AqBanking
    transaction imports
    + Remove reference to online balance when unmapping account
    + Added feature to make DB password visible during input
- Drop patches merged upstream:
  * Fix-build-with-Qt-5.11.patch
  * Delete-item-after-it-has-been-removed.patch
  * Improve-deletion-of-unused-widgets-in-transaction-editor.patch
- Build with QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit where possible
- Run spec-cleaner
* Sun May 27 2018
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-5.11.patch to fix build with Qt 5.11
- Update build requirements versions, it needs Qt 5.6.0 meanwhile
- Remove and from main
  package's filelist, they are supposed to be in the devel
  subpackage only
Version: 5.0.5-bp151.3.3.8
* Wed Jul 10 2019
- Update to 5.0.5
- Bugs fixed:
  * Tag not shown in ledger if only an category is set (kde#352029)
  * Budgeted vs. Actual report: Budgeted values broken if ticks
    selected to Bi-Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly (kde#393752)
  * Can't edit loan account with institution of "Accounts with no
    institution assigned" (kde#402672)
  * OFX import targets the wrong account (kde#405206)
  * Show hidden accounts (kde#407021)
  * Invalid online statement balance shown (kde#407422)
  * 21st June 2019 shows as non-processing day when holiday
    calendar is configured (kde#407800)
  * KMyMoney crashes in LEAP15.1 (kde#407902, boo#1136300)
  * Categories with different currencies, no more rate (kde#407982)
  * Crash during CSV import (kde#408026)
  * Merging payees results in error and data loss if payee is in
    matched transaction (kde#408205)
  * AqBanking File Import does not allow to select account
  * Gnucash importer ignores the accounts currencies (kde#409098)
  * Converted amount not entered into exchange rate editor
- Enhancements:
  * In Payees view, change "Default Account" tab to "Default
    Category" (kde#409089)
- Drop Fix-storage-of-schedules.patch, merged upstream
* Fri May 10 2019
- Add Fix-storage-of-schedules.patch to fix incompatibilites in how
  schedules are saved compared to previous versions (kde#406082)
Version: 5.0.8-bp152.1.19
* Mon Jan 20 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 5.0.8
- Bugs fixed:
  * Editing split memo when there is only one split does not update
    the record memo (kde#326212)
  * In German, the dialog uses "share" if it is actually shares
    and/or bonds (i.e. securities) (kde#361865)
  * No documentation available for csv exporter (kde#395052)
  * Opening Balances in forecast are wrong (kde#398982)
  * SKR03 account template does not contain a flag for an opening
    balance account (kde#399364)
  * Tags within Split transaction not reporting correctly
  * Investment doesn't show correct value after switching
    investments (kde#411015)
  * No display of transactions in the tags view when tags are
    specified in a split (kde#412429)
  * Problem with Web addresses at financial institutions
  * Reconciliation of Credit Card (kde#413555)
  * Investments - Edit and New investments - Unable to display
    online source list for Finance::Quote (kde#414333)
  * Incorrect "opening balance" in daily and weekly "Investment
    Worth Graph" (kde#414932)
  * Changing status of an investment transaction clears bank ID
  * False detection of a matching investment cash dividend
    transaction (kde#415409)
  * The character < as part of a matched transaction which was
    imported causes load to fail (kde#415548)
  * Networth by month shows incorrect values for investment
  * Creating multiple tags in a row does not correctly adjust the
    name (kde#415793)
  * AppImage is missing the account/category templates (kde#416052)
  * Changed name of loan account is not saved (kde#416269)
  * Investment reports show incorrect annualized return percentage
  * Add a recuring transaction - loss of input if we forget the
    source account (kde#416410)
- Enhancements:
  * No support for check forms with split protocol (kde#415411)
* Sat Jan 11 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Allow build with alkimia >= 8.0 again, the latest 8.0.3 can be
  compiled without QtWebKit
* Mon Sep 23 2019 Wolfgang Bauer <>
- Update to 5.0.7
  * See
  * Full support for the new regulations of the PSD2 which affects
    the online banking availability for German users. KMyMoney now
    requires a Gwenhywfar minimum version of 4.99.16 and an
    AqBanking version of 5.99.32.
- Bugs fixed:
  * Date Entry change to land on month part instead of day part
  * Copy SEPA credit transfer fails (kde#389944)
  * Schedule Reports show both sides of transactions (kde#395977)
  * Outbox can't edit a saved item (kde#400846)
  * Scheduled Transaction Report does not show amount (kde#407072)
  * Unable to change forecast days (kde#410391)
* Tue Aug 20 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 5.0.6. Bugs fixed:
  * Hardly distinguishable line colors in reports (kde#408361)
  * Open sqlite database under kmymoney versions >= 5.0 (kde#410091)
  * Access to german online banking requires product key (kde#410865)
  * Attempt to move one split to new category moves all splits with same
    category (kde#411030)
  * The default price precision for the Indonesian Rupiah in new files has been
    raised to 10 decimals.
- Drop Fix-build-with-Qt-5_13.patch. Merged upstream.
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-5_13.patch