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Change Logs

* Thu Jul 12 2018
- Add upstream patches to fix a crash when creating or editing a
  transaction (boo#1100025, kde#392735):
  * Delete-item-after-it-has-been-removed.patch
  * Improve-deletion-of-unused-widgets-in-transaction-editor.patch
* Mon Mar 19 2018
- Update to version 5.0.1
  * Improvements:
    + Remove old locolor icons
    + Install local icons in the local datadir
    + Fix icon presentation of our own icons
    + Fix build with QtWebEngine
    + Enable investment actions when appropriate
    + Ledger search box now supports the account hierarchy
    character ":"
    + Enable calculator tool button
    + Allow CSV importer to deal with Feb 30th
  * Clicking autocomplete entry crashes application (kde#390264)
  * Kmymoney does not open multiple files correctly (kde#350850)
  * Cannot turn off Outbox tab in 4.8.0. (kde#377760)
  * can't change ledger sort options in configure dialog
  * File/backup give mount/unmount error, even if "mount" is not
    checked (kde#390176)
  * Don't add new payee from new operation panel (kde#390232)
  * QIF Import filter fails (kde#390627)
  * Huge gap in report display screen (kde#390657)
  * Crash > Tools > Currencies (kde#390658)
  * Scheduled transactions: "Enter next transaction" should be
    available in ledger (kde#390834)
  * dollar symbol appears after amount (kde#390873)
  * quantity in Investments view should be right-justified
  * Pre-Fill dialog missing (kde#391048)
  * Show tip of the day (kde#391249)
  * Displaying the ledger without an account having been selected
    displays a closed account (kde#391453)
  * Startup WM Class is wrong (kde#391733)
  * CSV importer ignores last line if not followed by a newline
  * Context does not change to ledger view from the find
    transaction dialog (kde#391773)
  * After completing reconcile, Statement/Cleared/Balance show
    reconcile amounts, not account amounts (kde#390178)
  * switching from Investments page to Ledgers always shows same
    stale closed account ledger (kde#390406)
  * Clearing ledger search box doesn't return to the previous
    position (kde#390593)
  * Ctrl+Shift+Space shortcut no longer available (kde#390249)
  * Save as defaults to encrypted with no way to not encrypt
  * Home page Net Worth Forecast Y axis starts at 0 (kde#391961)
- Drop no longer used Kross build requirement
* Fri Feb 16 2018
- Update to version 5.0.0
  * Ported to KDE Frameworks 5
  * Multiple improvements to reports, including better performance.
  * Allow logarithmic axes in report graphs.
  * When deleting a security, automatically delete its prices.
  * Allow separate beginning balance accounts for different currencies.
  * Added support for several new currencies
  * Major bugs fixed:
    + Elimination of several crashes.
    + Fix problems with report graphs using older data.
    + Fix rounding errors in some investment transactions.
    + Removed Yahoo from stock and currency price sources, as they no
    longer provide this service.
- Drop patches (upstreamed or no longer applicable):
  - aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch
  - fix-build-with-libalkimia-7.0.patch
  - fix-sepa-plugin.patch
- Move docs to main subpackage (English) and put translated docs
  in -lang
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Add fix-build-with-libalkimia-7.0.patch to make it build with the
  latest libalkimia (kde#387350)
* Fri Dec 29 2017
- Add fix-sepa-plugin.patch to fix the installation of the SEPA
  plugin so that it can actually be loaded (kde#386547)
* Wed Dec 27 2017
- Update to
  * Improvements to data import, including:
    + Improved payee matching
    + Avoid crash if you provide an invalid name for the import
    + Resolved numerous issues with importing QIF and CSV files
    + Removed some restrictions on the type of account to which
    data can be imported
    + Allowed OFX import to use Client UID, required by some banks
  * Improvements to the database back end
    + Avoid a crash if the database is not present restoring from
    + Corrected SQL syntax issues causing errors
  * The user is now notified if changing a memo in a transaction
    would make it different from the memo in the other split of the
    transaction (such as in a transfer)
  * Added a setting to configure location of optional log file for
    imported data
  * Removed restriction on configuring VAT assignments for certain
    types of accounts
  * Eliminated false positive errors from Consistency Check
  * Several improvements to importing and exporting templates
  * Eliminated several causes of crashes
- Drop patches that have been merged upstream:
  * kmymoney-4.8.0-fix-csv-import-account-type.patch
  * fix-build.patch
  * fix-build-with-cmake-3.9.patch
- Rebase aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch
- Drop BuildIgnore again, no longer necessary as libqt4 uses
  OpenSSL 1.1 now in Tumbleweed
- No longer necessary to change the file permissions of the appdata
  file, this has been fixed upstream
- Adjust package summary and description (for KDE4 -> by KDE)
* Mon Dec 11 2017
- BuildIgnore libopenssl-1_0_0-devel to avoid an openssl conflict
  and fix the build on Tumbleweed
* Sat Aug 26 2017
- Add fix-build-with-cmake-3.9.patch to fix build with latest
  cmake in Factory (kde#383351)
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Modify aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch to fix online
  SEPA transactions with aqbanking 5.1
* Wed Jun 07 2017
- Add aqbanking-5.1-backward-compatibility.patch to make it
  possible to build the kbanking plugin on Leap 42.X (boo#1042760)
* Fri Jun 02 2017
- Add fix-build.patch to fix build with latest cmake in Factory
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- Revert kde4_runtime_requires change
* Tue Nov 29 2016
- Expand macro kde4_runtime_requires only when its available
  to fix quilt setup
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- add kmymoney-4.8.0-fix-csv-import-account-type.patch which fixes
  the default CSV import to credit card accounts (kde#364425)
* Sun Jul 10 2016
- Update to 4.8.0
  * Added support for online SEPA transactions
  * Added support for import from Weboob
  * Improved payee matching when importing transactions
  * Supports AqBanking versions 5.5.0 or later
  * Updated Brazilian account templates
  * When an account cannot be closed, a tooltip explains the
  * Categories no longer have opening date, which caused annoying
    errors both during input and while running the consistency
  * Do not inadvertently modify start date of schedules
  * Solved rounding problems causing reconciliation to fail and
    investment transaction to show missing assignments of 0.00
  * Fixed some annoying consistency check errors
* Wed Jun 01 2016
- Use share-mime-info macros (boo#979301)
* Tue May 31 2016
- Only require libakonadiprotocolinternals1 (needed to run kmymoney)
  on Leap and Tumbleweed, not akonadi-runtime, to prevent conflicts
  with KDEPIM5 (boo#982301)
* Wed Apr 29 2015
- Update to 4.7.2:
  * fix a crash in the transaction split editor
  * added the monetary symbol of the Turkish lira
  * matching restrictions on an already imported transaction
    were removed
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in post/postun scripts