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Version: 3.2.0-bp152.4.27
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-5_13.patch
Version: 3.2.0-bp151.2.2
* Thu Apr 11 2019
- Update to 3.2.0
  * Bug fixes
    + Add protection against invalid translation of widget names
    + Startup: Improve display of tried locations for resources
    lookup and lookup algorithm (kde#391810)
    + Startup: Add missing translations for "Could not open icon
    resource file" messages
    + General: Make certain views work in User mode (kde#396875)
    + General: Add "All files" filter to file widgets for
    non-Plasma systems
    + General: Welcome page: Always display the project file names
    in addition to captions
    + General: Welcome page: Add long localized last opening date
    to project tool tips
    + General: Welcome page: Show recent project files that start
    with "." / hidden files
    + Table View: Make zero values displayed for integer columns
    + Table View: Fix validation of values in default input box of
    table view (kde#395225)
    + Table and Form View: Fix two-digit year formats issue: do
    not allow by default (kde#378481)
  * Years are 4 digits now in tables and forms. On the output
    INFO message says as explained at Data entry
    works based on this new year format. Changes are properly
    saved to db. Display output e.g. in queries and reports
    follow this format too.
  * Set AllowTwoDigitYearFormats=true in kexirc, [General]
    section to force using 2 digits.
    + Queries: Fix crash on failed opening of query in Design view
    + Forms: Fix crash when right-clicking in form data view on
    widget such as text box (kde#402923)
    + Reports: Fix crash in data fetching and aggregation scripts
    in reports (kde#392753)
    + Reports: Support params in report queries. KEXI now prompts
    for parameters in queries that use them. (kde#379694)
    + Import: Fix translation issue in the Database Importing
    Assistant (kde#399296)
    + Import: Skip table name if physical table is non-existing,
    use the new tableNames API in migration (kde#392112)
    + MS Access import
  * Fix crash on importing zero-length memo data (long text)
  * Fix not being able to handle binary objects larger than
    16 MiB. Limit is now 256 MiB.
  * Fix possible crash when importing MDB file having non-latin
    characters in column names of unexpected length
    + Export: Fix crash on exporting tabular data to clipboard
    (introduced in 3.1.0) (kde#394519)
    + Export: Fix filename selection for export dialogs and allow
    to pre-select filename in file dialogs
  * Improvements
    + Assistants: properly focus input boxes after moving to other
    page, make Alt+arrows work for Back/Next, make Enter accept
    page if applicable
    + Project type selection in the new project assistant: do not
    assume user clicked the type button but just focused it
    + Improve display of Finish buttons of CSV export/import
    + New / Import project assistants
  * Destination file requester is now of Save type
  * Use Documents location if there are no recent dirs known
  * Better preserve path while updating filename based on
    project caption
  * Buildsystem
    + Install the application icons
    + Create (and install) rcc files with kexi icons in
    co-installable dirs
    + Fix build with Qt 5.11 (missing headers)
    + Fix build with Qt 5.6
    + Fix data install dir for Windows, make icons installed
    relative to that
    + Make appdata.xml, app icons and kexi.desktop co-installable
    + Make KEXI compile for MOBILE productset
    + Win/Mac: still install copied KEXI files but add the original
    ones to the binary because the copied ones do not exist yet
    before ecm_add_app_icon() gets called
    + CMake: find PostgreSQL 11
- Drop patches merged upstream:
  * Install-the-application-icons.patch
  * fix-build-with-qt5.6.patch
  * Fix-build-with-Qt-511.patch
- Use %kf5_find_lang macro to generate the lang package filelist
- BuildRequire postgresql-server-devel instead of postgresql-devel
  on Tumbleweed to fix building the PostgreSQL migration driver
- Run spec-cleaner
* Sun Jun 03 2018
- Add Fix-build-with-Qt-511.patch
- Run spec-cleaner
Version: 3.1.0-bp150.1.3
* Tue Mar 20 2018
- Update to 3.1.0:
  * General
    + Bump soname for the libraries to separate from incompatible
    3.0.x versions
  * New features
    + Add social buttons to Kexi menu
    + Make KEXI examples be built and installed by default as it's
    likely expected by users
    + Add support for setting character encoding for source
    database to Import Table Assistant
  * Bug fixes
    + Fix location of example dir
    + Mark and install Kexi example file as read-only on all
    + Fix crash when global search box is used after re-opening
    another project
    + Add MainWindow/GlobalSearchBoxEnabled (bool) option that
    controls display of the global search box (kde#390794)
    + Disable compacting action if project is not open as we do not
    support this case for now
    + Do not display "clear" icons in read-only line edits of
    Database connection widget
    + Import table assistant: allow to move back and change source
    connection, react on double clicking
    + Do not display empty message when starting without plugins,
    inform users about the status (kde#389844)
    + Do not disable contents of "Your contributions" page (part of
    the Welcome page)
    + CSV import assistant: switch back to checkboxes from command
    link buttons
    + CSV import assistant: fix layout of delimiter widget
    + CSV import assistant: Improve getting filename selection from
    the new file requester
    + CSV import assistant: Single click on file requester's item
    moves to next page
    + Fix broken CSV import (kde#386102)
    + Rework the KexiFileRequester to use a simple and light
    + Update mime types info when needed
    + Fix "wait" cursors
    + Fix crash when deleting or renaming a table (kde#379078)
    + Table Designer: don't warn about non-existing table or query
    when lookup fields are cleared
    + Table view's combo box editor: delete the combo button when
    needed, this fixes possible crash when user clicks the
    non-deleted button
    + Fix possible crash when table view containing combo boxes is
    re-used (kde#389029)
    + Fix recent dirs handling for file widgets (bug from Kexi
    3.0.x), move recent start/recent dirs handling to KexiUtils
    + Forms: Fix double moving forward/backward on tab/backtab key
    + Before physical altering or deleting table ask the user to
    close depending table/query/report/form (kde#371896)
    + Queries: Synchronize the "dirty" flag between Design and Text
    + SQL designer: remove possible memory leak if the parsed query
    object is still present on destruction
    + Queries: fix possible crash in data view when the query
    design changes in a design view
    + Queries: after parsing the SQL only assume the query changed
    if the SQL differs from the previous SQL
    + Fix memory leak in Project data object (list of auto-open
    + Fix detection of single-click mode for XFCE
    + Reports: Make jumping to specific page possible
    + Reports: Keep information about type of data source (table or
    query). Detects if needed. (kde#385071)
  * Optimizations
    + Improve memory management of raw SQL execution and preparing
  * Improvements
    + Set Cancel as default for critical question message boxes
    + Use Delete verb rather than Remove for consistency
    + Don't use empty space by object tabs (like in web browsers)
    + Backport experimental scripting in Kexi
    + Add config file setting to force the use of KFileWidgets or
    simple file requesters independently of the desktop
    + Detect whether native operating system's dialogs should be
    + Query Designer: Improve "The query you entered is incorrect.
    Do you want to cancel any changes made to this SQL text?"
    + Query Designer: Improve "Do you want to save invalid query?"
    + Import Table assistant: improve appearance of the "Finish"
    page and logic for buttons
    + Project Import assistant: support single-click accepting of
    source databases if needed
    + Translations and typo fixes
    + Add option to build without KFileWidget, default on Windows
    + Connection selector widget: select Next step on double click,
    don't select on highlighting
    + Add location edit and file filter combo work in
    KexiFileRequester, add filename completion
    + Reports: Remove traces of "external data" support, this is
    not supported since Kexi 2.3
    + Reports: Remove no longer necessary "Set Data" button from
    the data source tab
  * Docs and examples
    + Fix and update Simple_Database.kexi example
- Add Install-the-application-icons.patch from upstream, this makes
  it unnecessary to manually copy an application icon to the
  hicolor theme in %install
- Add fix-build-with-qt5.6.patch to make it compile on Leap 42
* Sat Aug 12 2017
- Update to 3.0.2:
  * General
  - Don't move to first Project navigator's item when last object
    tab is closed (usability fix)
  - Improve detection of desktop type and use it in file dialogs
    and the Feedback Agent
  - Detect single click setting for XFCE
  - Fix appearance of Kexi tabbed toolbar for gtk2 style used by
  - Make auto-opening command line options work for Kexi again
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: store, copy and update user
    settings for objects, e.g. column widths
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: Keep compatibility with older
    format versions regarding the storage for object type
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: Allow to change name and caption
    of objects (kde#379078)
  - Close window before renaming object on user's request
  - Fix background of the Kexi button for fusion style
  - Fix vertical alignment of the record navigator (kde#379844)
  - Return invalid URL when open/save image dialog was canceled
  - Improve image chooser for properties of type Pixmap: display
    "all supported files" (kde#379073)
  * Table Designer
  * Query Designer
  - Improve WHERE conditions handling in query designer
  - Fix updating SQL statement in SQL designer after switching
    from other views and property revert to previous SQL
  * Form Designer
  - Make check boxes two-state by default because this covers 99%
    of use cases. It is also Qt's default.
  - Don't set any special minimum size for checkbox form widgets,
    users may want to set specific small size
  - Fix geometry of the combo box (kde#265330)
  - Make it possible to use vertical alignment property in Text
    Box form widgets
  - Fix possible crashes in form's undo/redo actions, make them
    properly work with alignment properties of widgets
  * Report Designer
  - Improve WHERE conditions handling in report designer
  - Hide GUI actions for not implemented export to ODF Text and
    Spreadsheet formats
  * Buildsystem
  - Fix build for macOS (kde#377662)
  - Detect PostgreSQL 10
  * Tests
  - Search for resource file in bin/data also on non-Windows so
    tests work OK without installation of the project
* Tue Apr 04 2017
- Update to
  * General
  - Make project navigator's "single click" mode work on Windows
  - Use the only supported style (breeze) on Windows and Mac
  - Make the Status Bar not using KIO copy on Windows (to
    simplify the runtime)
  - Fix memory leaks related to project migration
  - Limit size of application icon on Mac
  * Table Designer
  - Fix altering physical table design when lookup fields are in
    use (kde#371958)
  * Query Designer
  - Fix adding table relationships in Query Designer using
    drag&drop (regression since 3.0) (kde#376970)
  * Form Designer
  - Update button form widget icon (32px)
  - Add breeze icons for combobox form widget
  - Add breeze icons for frame form widget
  - Add breeze icons for tab widget and page
  - Add breeze icons for groupbox widget
  - Add breeze icons for data source tag
  - Fix handling mouse release in forms
  * Buildsystem
  - Make it possible to find PostgreSQL 9.6
  - Improve icons lookup when Kexi is run without installing
  - Improve searching for the MySQL migration build dependencies
  - Keep apps in the same bin dir so resources that are kept
    relative to this dir can be found without installing
* Tue Jan 24 2017
- Update description
* Mon Jan 23 2017
- also install the AUTHORS, and COPYING files
- use "%post(un) -p /sbin/ldconfig"
* Wed Jan 11 2017
- initial package based on version 3.0.0