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Change Logs

* Tue Mar 20 2018
- Update to 3.1.0:
  * General
    + Bump soname for the libraries to separate from incompatible
    3.0.x versions
  * New features
    + Add social buttons to Kexi menu
    + Make KEXI examples be built and installed by default as it's
    likely expected by users
    + Add support for setting character encoding for source
    database to Import Table Assistant
  * Bug fixes
    + Fix location of example dir
    + Mark and install Kexi example file as read-only on all
    + Fix crash when global search box is used after re-opening
    another project
    + Add MainWindow/GlobalSearchBoxEnabled (bool) option that
    controls display of the global search box (kde#390794)
    + Disable compacting action if project is not open as we do not
    support this case for now
    + Do not display "clear" icons in read-only line edits of
    Database connection widget
    + Import table assistant: allow to move back and change source
    connection, react on double clicking
    + Do not display empty message when starting without plugins,
    inform users about the status (kde#389844)
    + Do not disable contents of "Your contributions" page (part of
    the Welcome page)
    + CSV import assistant: switch back to checkboxes from command
    link buttons
    + CSV import assistant: fix layout of delimiter widget
    + CSV import assistant: Improve getting filename selection from
    the new file requester
    + CSV import assistant: Single click on file requester's item
    moves to next page
    + Fix broken CSV import (kde#386102)
    + Rework the KexiFileRequester to use a simple and light
    + Update mime types info when needed
    + Fix "wait" cursors
    + Fix crash when deleting or renaming a table (kde#379078)
    + Table Designer: don't warn about non-existing table or query
    when lookup fields are cleared
    + Table view's combo box editor: delete the combo button when
    needed, this fixes possible crash when user clicks the
    non-deleted button
    + Fix possible crash when table view containing combo boxes is
    re-used (kde#389029)
    + Fix recent dirs handling for file widgets (bug from Kexi
    3.0.x), move recent start/recent dirs handling to KexiUtils
    + Forms: Fix double moving forward/backward on tab/backtab key
    + Before physical altering or deleting table ask the user to
    close depending table/query/report/form (kde#371896)
    + Queries: Synchronize the "dirty" flag between Design and Text
    + SQL designer: remove possible memory leak if the parsed query
    object is still present on destruction
    + Queries: fix possible crash in data view when the query
    design changes in a design view
    + Queries: after parsing the SQL only assume the query changed
    if the SQL differs from the previous SQL
    + Fix memory leak in Project data object (list of auto-open
    + Fix detection of single-click mode for XFCE
    + Reports: Make jumping to specific page possible
    + Reports: Keep information about type of data source (table or
    query). Detects if needed. (kde#385071)
  * Optimizations
    + Improve memory management of raw SQL execution and preparing
  * Improvements
    + Set Cancel as default for critical question message boxes
    + Use Delete verb rather than Remove for consistency
    + Don't use empty space by object tabs (like in web browsers)
    + Backport experimental scripting in Kexi
    + Add config file setting to force the use of KFileWidgets or
    simple file requesters independently of the desktop
    + Detect whether native operating system's dialogs should be
    + Query Designer: Improve "The query you entered is incorrect.
    Do you want to cancel any changes made to this SQL text?"
    + Query Designer: Improve "Do you want to save invalid query?"
    + Import Table assistant: improve appearance of the "Finish"
    page and logic for buttons
    + Project Import assistant: support single-click accepting of
    source databases if needed
    + Translations and typo fixes
    + Add option to build without KFileWidget, default on Windows
    + Connection selector widget: select Next step on double click,
    don't select on highlighting
    + Add location edit and file filter combo work in
    KexiFileRequester, add filename completion
    + Reports: Remove traces of "external data" support, this is
    not supported since Kexi 2.3
    + Reports: Remove no longer necessary "Set Data" button from
    the data source tab
  * Docs and examples
    + Fix and update Simple_Database.kexi example
- Add Install-the-application-icons.patch from upstream, this makes
  it unnecessary to manually copy an application icon to the
  hicolor theme in %install
- Add fix-build-with-qt5.6.patch to make it compile on Leap 42
* Sat Aug 12 2017
- Update to 3.0.2:
  * General
  - Don't move to first Project navigator's item when last object
    tab is closed (usability fix)
  - Improve detection of desktop type and use it in file dialogs
    and the Feedback Agent
  - Detect single click setting for XFCE
  - Fix appearance of Kexi tabbed toolbar for gtk2 style used by
  - Make auto-opening command line options work for Kexi again
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: store, copy and update user
    settings for objects, e.g. column widths
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: Keep compatibility with older
    format versions regarding the storage for object type
  - Fix regression since 3.0.0: Allow to change name and caption
    of objects (kde#379078)
  - Close window before renaming object on user's request
  - Fix background of the Kexi button for fusion style
  - Fix vertical alignment of the record navigator (kde#379844)
  - Return invalid URL when open/save image dialog was canceled
  - Improve image chooser for properties of type Pixmap: display
    "all supported files" (kde#379073)
  * Table Designer
  * Query Designer
  - Improve WHERE conditions handling in query designer
  - Fix updating SQL statement in SQL designer after switching
    from other views and property revert to previous SQL
  * Form Designer
  - Make check boxes two-state by default because this covers 99%
    of use cases. It is also Qt's default.
  - Don't set any special minimum size for checkbox form widgets,
    users may want to set specific small size
  - Fix geometry of the combo box (kde#265330)
  - Make it possible to use vertical alignment property in Text
    Box form widgets
  - Fix possible crashes in form's undo/redo actions, make them
    properly work with alignment properties of widgets
  * Report Designer
  - Improve WHERE conditions handling in report designer
  - Hide GUI actions for not implemented export to ODF Text and
    Spreadsheet formats
  * Buildsystem
  - Fix build for macOS (kde#377662)
  - Detect PostgreSQL 10
  * Tests
  - Search for resource file in bin/data also on non-Windows so
    tests work OK without installation of the project
* Tue Apr 04 2017
- Update to
  * General
  - Make project navigator's "single click" mode work on Windows
  - Use the only supported style (breeze) on Windows and Mac
  - Make the Status Bar not using KIO copy on Windows (to
    simplify the runtime)
  - Fix memory leaks related to project migration
  - Limit size of application icon on Mac
  * Table Designer
  - Fix altering physical table design when lookup fields are in
    use (kde#371958)
  * Query Designer
  - Fix adding table relationships in Query Designer using
    drag&drop (regression since 3.0) (kde#376970)
  * Form Designer
  - Update button form widget icon (32px)
  - Add breeze icons for combobox form widget
  - Add breeze icons for frame form widget
  - Add breeze icons for tab widget and page
  - Add breeze icons for groupbox widget
  - Add breeze icons for data source tag
  - Fix handling mouse release in forms
  * Buildsystem
  - Make it possible to find PostgreSQL 9.6
  - Improve icons lookup when Kexi is run without installing
  - Improve searching for the MySQL migration build dependencies
  - Keep apps in the same bin dir so resources that are kept
    relative to this dir can be found without installing
* Tue Jan 24 2017
- Update description
* Mon Jan 23 2017
- also install the AUTHORS, and COPYING files
- use "%post(un) -p /sbin/ldconfig"
* Wed Jan 11 2017
- initial package based on version 3.0.0