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Change Logs

Version: 7.1.5-bp151.2.1
* Fri Sep 18 2020
- Update to version 7.1.5:
  * Features / Enhancements
  - Stats: Stop counting the same user multiple times.
  - Field overrides: Filter by field name using regex.
  - AzureMonitor: map more units.
  - Explore: Don't run queries on datasource change.
  - Graph: Support setting field unit & override data source (automatic) unit.
  - Explore: Unification of logs/metrics/traces user interface
  - Table: JSON Cell should try to convert strings to JSON
  - Variables: enables cancel for slow query variables queries.
  - TimeZone: unify the time zone pickers to one that can rule them all.
  - Search: support URL query params.
  - Grafana-UI: Add FileUpload.
  - TablePanel: Sort numbers correctly.
  * Bug fixes
  - Alerting: remove LongToWide call in alerting.
  - AzureMonitor: fix panic introduced in 7.1.4 when unit was unspecified and alias was used.
  - Variables: Fixes issue with All variable not being resolved.
  - Templating: Fixes so texts show in picker not the values.
  - Templating: Templating: Fix undefined result when using raw interpolation format
  - TextPanel: Fix content overflowing panel boundaries.
  - StatPanel: Fix stat panel display name not showing when explicitly set.
  - Query history: Fix search filtering if null value.
  - Flux: Ensure connections to InfluxDB are closed.
  - Dashboard: Fix for viewer can enter panel edit mode by modifying url (but cannot not save anything).
  - Prometheus: Fix prom links in mixed mode.
  - Sign In Use correct url for the Sign In button.
  - StatPanel: Fixes issue with name showing for single series / field results
  - BarGauge: Fix space bug in single series mode.
  - Auth: Fix POST request failures with anonymous access
  - Templating: Fix recursive loop of template variable queries when changing ad-hoc-variable
  - Templating: Fixed recursive queries triggered when switching dashboard settings view
  - GraphPanel: Fix annotations overflowing panels.
  - Prometheus: Fix performance issue in processing of histogram labels.
  - Datasources: Handle URL parsing error.
  - Security: Use Header.Set and Header.Del for X-Grafana-User header.
  * Changes in spec file
  - Fix golang version = 1.14 to avoid dependency conflicts on some OBS projects
* Fri Jun 05 2020
- Update to version 7.0.3
  * Features / Enhancements
  - Stats: include all fields. #24829, @ryantxu
  - Variables: change VariableEditorList row action Icon to IconButton. #25217, @hshoff
  * Bug fixes
  - Cloudwatch: Fix dimensions of DDoSProtection. #25317, @papagian
  - Configuration: Fix env var override of sections containing hyphen. #25178, @marefr
  - Dashboard: Get panels in collapsed rows. #25079, @peterholmberg
  - Do not show alerts tab when alerting is disabled. #25285, @dprokop
  - Jaeger: fixes cascader option label duration value. #25129, @Estrax
  - Transformations: Fixed Transform tab crash & no update after adding first transform. #25152, @torkelo
- Update to version 7.0.2
  * Bug fixes
  - Security: Urgent security patch release to fix CVE-2020-13379
* Mon Jun 01 2020
- Update to version 7.0.1
  * Features / Enhancements
  - Datasource/CloudWatch: Makes CloudWatch Logs query history more readable. #24795, @kaydelaney
  - Download CSV: Add date and time formatting. #24992, @ryantxu
  - Table: Make last cell value visible when right aligned. #24921, @peterholmberg
  - TablePanel: Adding sort order persistance. #24705, @torkelo
  - Transformations: Display correct field name when using reduce transformation. #25068, @peterholmberg
  - Transformations: Allow custom number input for binary operations. #24752, @ryantxu
  * Bug fixes
  - Dashboard/Links: Fixes dashboard links by tags not working. #24773, @KamalGalrani
  - Dashboard/Links: Fixes open in new window for dashboard link. #24772, @KamalGalrani
  - Dashboard/Links: Variables are resolved and limits to 100. #25076, @hugohaggmark
  - DataLinks: Bring back variables interpolation in title. #24970, @dprokop
  - Datasource/CloudWatch: Field suggestions no longer limited to prefix-only. #24855, @kaydelaney
  - Explore/Table: Keep existing field types if possible. #24944, @kaydelaney
  - Explore: Fix wrap lines toggle for results of queries with filter expression. #24915, @ivanahuckova
  - Explore: fix undo in query editor. #24797, @zoltanbedi
  - Explore: fix word break in type head info. #25014, @zoltanbedi
  - Graph: Legend decimals now work as expected. #24931, @torkelo
  - LoginPage: Fix hover color for service buttons. #25009, @tskarhed
  - LogsPanel: Fix scrollbar. #24850, @ivanahuckova
  - MoveDashboard: Fix for moving dashboard caused all variables to be lost. #25005, @torkelo
  - Organize transformer: Use display name in field order comparer. #24984, @dprokop
  - Panel: shows correct panel menu items in view mode. #24912, @hugohaggmark
  - PanelEditor Fix missing labels and description if there is only single option in category. #24905, @dprokop
  - PanelEditor: Overrides name matcher still show all original field names even after Field default display name is specified. #24933, @torkelo
  - PanelInspector: Makes sure Data display options are visible. #24902, @hugohaggmark
  - PanelInspector: Hides unsupported data display options for Panel type. #24918, @hugohaggmark
  - PanelMenu: Make menu disappear on button press. #25015, @tskarhed
  - Postgres: Fix add button. #25087, @phemmer
  - Prometheus: Fix recording rules expansion. #24977, @ivanahuckova
  - Stackdriver: Fix creating Service Level Objectives (SLO) datasource query variable. #25023, @papagian
* Sun May 24 2020 Joao Cavalheiro <>
- Update to version 7.0.0
  * Breaking changes
  - Removed PhantomJS: PhantomJS was deprecated in Grafana v6.4 and starting from Grafana v7.0.0, all PhantomJS support has been removed. This means that Grafana no longer ships with a built-in image renderer, and we advise you to install the Grafana Image Renderer plugin.
  - Dashboard: A global minimum dashboard refresh interval is now enforced and defaults to 5 seconds.
  - Interval calculation: There is now a new option Max data points that controls the auto interval $__interval calculation. Interval was previously calculated by dividing the panel width by the time range. With the new max data points option it is now easy to set $__interval to a dynamic value that is time range agnostic. For example if you set Max data points to 10 Grafana will dynamically set $__interval by dividing the current time range by 10.
  - Datasource/Loki: Support for deprecated Loki endpoints has been removed.
  - Backend plugins: Grafana now requires backend plugins to be signed, otherwise Grafana will not load/start them. This is an additional security measure to make sure backend plugin binaries and files haven't been tampered with. Refer to Upgrade Grafana for more information.
  - @grafana/ui: Forms migration notice, see @grafana/ui changelog
  - @grafana/ui: Select API change for creating custom values, see @grafana/ui changelog
    + Deprecation warnings
  - Scripted dashboards is now deprecated. The feature is not removed but will be in a future release. We hope to address the underlying requirement of dynamic dashboards in a different way. #24059
  - The unofficial first version of backend plugins together with usage of grafana/grafana-plugin-model is now deprecated and support for that will be removed in a future release. Please refer to backend plugins documentation for information about the new officially supported backend plugins.
  * Features / Enhancements
  - Backend plugins: Log deprecation warning when using the unofficial first version of backend plugins. #24675, @marefr
  - Editor: New line on Enter, run query on Shift+Enter. #24654, @davkal
  - Loki: Allow multiple derived fields with the same name. #24437, @aocenas
  - Orgs: Add future deprecation notice. #24502, @torkelo
  * Bug Fixes
  - @grafana/toolkit: Use process.cwd() instead of PWD to get directory. #24677, @zoltanbedi
  - Admin: Makes long settings values line break in settings page. #24559, @hugohaggmark
  - Dashboard: Allow editing provisioned dashboard JSON and add confirmation when JSON is copied to dashboard. #24680, @dprokop
  - Dashboard: Fix for strange "dashboard not found" errors when opening links in dashboard settings. #24416, @torkelo
  - Dashboard: Fix so default data source is selected when data source can't be found in panel editor. #24526, @mckn
  - Dashboard: Fixed issue changing a panel from transparent back to normal in panel editor. #24483, @torkelo
  - Dashboard: Make header names reflect the field name when exporting to CSV file from the the panel inspector. #24624, @peterholmberg
  - Dashboard: Make sure side pane is displayed with tabs by default in panel editor. #24636, @dprokop
  - Data source: Fix query/annotation help content formatting. #24687, @AgnesToulet
  - Data source: Fixes async mount errors. #24579, @Estrax
  - Data source: Fixes saving a data source without failure when URL doesn't specify a protocol. #24497, @aknuds1
  - Explore/Prometheus: Show results of instant queries only in table. #24508, @ivanahuckova
  - Explore: Fix rendering of react query editors. #24593, @ivanahuckova
  - Explore: Fixes loading more logs in logs context view. #24135, @Estrax
  - Graphite: Fix schema and dedupe strategy in rollup indicators for Metrictank queries. #24685, @torkelo
  - Graphite: Makes query annotations work again. #24556, @hugohaggmark
  - Logs: Clicking "Load more" from context overlay doesn't expand log row. #24299, @kaydelaney
  - Logs: Fix total bytes process calculation. #24691, @davkal
  - Org/user/team preferences: Fixes so UI Theme can be set back to Default. #24628, @AgnesToulet
  - Plugins: Fix manifest validation. #24573, @aknuds1
  - Provisioning: Use proxy as default access mode in provisioning. #24669, @bergquist
  - Search: Fix select item when pressing enter and Grafana is served using a sub path. #24634, @tskarhed
  - Search: Save folder expanded state. #24496, @Clarity-89
  - Security: Tag value sanitization fix in OpenTSDB data source. #24539, @rotemreiss
  - Table: Do not include angular options in options when switching from angular panel. #24684, @torkelo
  - Table: Fixed persisting column resize for time series fields. #24505, @torkelo
  - Table: Fixes Cannot read property subRows of null. #24578, @hugohaggmark
  - Time picker: Fixed so you can enter a relative range in the time picker without being converted to absolute range. #24534, @mckn
  - Transformations: Make transform dropdowns not cropped. #24615, @dprokop
  - Transformations: Sort order should be preserved as entered by user when using the reduce transformation. #24494, @hugohaggmark
  - Units: Adds scale symbol for currencies with suffixed symbol. #24678, @hugohaggmark
  - Variables: Fixes filtering options with more than 1000 entries. #24614, @hugohaggmark
  - Variables: Fixes so Textbox variables read value from url. #24623, @hugohaggmark
  - Zipkin: Fix error when span contains remoteEndpoint. #24524, @aocenas
  - SAML: Switch from email to login for user login attribute mapping (Enterprise)
- Update Makefile and spec file
  * Remove phantomJS patch from Makefile
  * Fix multiline strings in Makefile
  * Exclude s390 from SLE12 builds, golang 1.14 is not built for s390
* Thu May 14 2020 Enno Gotthold <>
- Add instructions for patching the Grafana javascript frontend.
* Tue May 05 2020 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- BuildRequires golang(API) instead of go metapackage version range
  * BuildRequires:  golang(API) >= 1.14   from
    BuildRequires:  ( go >= 1.14 with go < 1.15 )
* Tue Apr 28 2020 Enno Gotthold <>
- Update to version 6.7.3
  - This version fixes bsc#1170557 and its corresponding CVE-2020-12245
  - Admin: Fix Synced via LDAP message for non-LDAP external users. #23477, @alexanderzobnin
  - Alerting: Fixes notifications for alerts with empty message in Google Hangouts notifier. #23559, @hugohaggmark
  - AuthProxy: Fixes bug where long username could not be cached.. #22926, @jcmcken
  - Dashboard: Fix saving dashboard when editing raw dashboard JSON model. #23314, @peterholmberg
  - Dashboard: Try to parse 8 and 15 digit numbers as timestamps if parsing of time range as date fails. #21694, @jessetan
  - DashboardListPanel: Fixed problem with empty panel after going into edit mode (General folder filter being automatically added) . #23426, @torkelo
  - Data source: Handle datasource withCredentials option properly. #23380, @hvtuananh
  - Security: Fix annotation popup XSS vulnerability. #23813, @torkelo
  - Server: Exit Grafana with status code 0 if no error. #23312, @aknuds1
  - TablePanel: Fix XSS issue in header column rename (backport). #23814, @torkelo
  - Variables: Fixes error when setting adhoc variable values. #23580, @hugohaggmark
* Mon Apr 06 2020
- Update to version 6.7.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  - BackendSrv: Adds config to response to fix issue for external plugins that used this property . #23032, @torkelo
  - Dashboard: Fixed issue with saving new dashboard after changing title . #23104, @dprokop
  - DataLinks: make sure we use the correct datapoint when dataset contains null value.. #22981, @mckn
  - Plugins: Fixed issue for plugins that imported dateMath util . #23069, @mckn
  - Security: Fix for dashboard snapshot original dashboard link could contain XSS vulnerability in url. #23254, @torkelo
  - Variables: Fixes issue with too many queries being issued for nested template variables after value change. #23220, @torkelo
  - Plugins: Expose promiseToDigest. #23249, @torkelo
  - Reporting (Enterprise): Fixes issue updating a report created by someone else
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- update to 6.7.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  Bug Fixes
  - Azure: Fixed dropdowns not showing current value. #22914, @torkelo
  - BackendSrv: only add content-type on POST, PUT requests. #22910, @hugohaggmark
  - Panels: Fixed size issue with panel internal size when exiting panel edit mode. #22912, @torkelo
  - Reporting: fixes migrations compatibility with mysql (Enterprise)
  - Reporting: Reduce default concurrency limit to 4 (Enterprise)
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Johannes Kastl <>
- update to 6.7.0:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  Bug Fixes
  - AngularPanels: Fixed inner height calculation for angular panels . #22796, @torkelo
  - BackendSrv: makes sure provided headers are correctly recognized and set. #22778, @hugohaggmark
  - Forms: Fix input suffix position (caret-down in Select) . #22780, @torkelo
  - Graphite: Fixed issue with query editor and next select metric now showing after selecting metric node . #22856, @torkelo
  - Rich History: UX adjustments and fixes. #22729, @ivanahuckova
- update to 6.7.0-beta1:
  Breaking changes
  - Slack: Removed Mention setting and instead introduce Mention Users, Mention Groups, and Mention Channel. The first two settings require user and group IDs, respectively. This change was necessary because the way of mentioning via the Slack API changed and mentions in Slack notifications no longer worked.
  - Alerting: Reverts the behavior of diff and percent_diff to not always be absolute. Something we introduced by mistake in 6.1.0. Alerting now support diff(), diff_abs(), percent_diff() and percent_diff_abs(). #21338
  - Notice about changes in backendSrv for plugin authors
    In our mission to migrate away from AngularJS to React we have removed all AngularJS dependencies in the core data retrieval service backendSrv.
    Removing the AngularJS dependencies in backendSrv has the unfortunate side effect of AngularJS digest no longer being triggered for any request made with backendSrv. Because of this, external plugins using backendSrv directly may suffer from strange behaviour in the UI.
    To remedy this issue, as a plugin author you need to trigger the digest after a direct call to backendSrv.
  Bug Fixes
    API: Fix redirect issues. #22285, @papagian
    Alerting: Don't include image_url field with Slack message if empty. #22372, @aknuds1
    Alerting: Fixed bad background color for default notifications in alert tab . #22660, @krvajal
    Annotations: In table panel when setting transform to annotation, they will now show up right away without a manual refresh. #22323, @krvajal
    Azure Monitor: Fix app insights source to allow for new __timeFrom and __timeTo. #21879, @ChadNedzlek
    BackendSrv: Fixes POST body for form data. #21714, @hugohaggmark
    CloudWatch: Credentials cache invalidation fix. #22473, @sunker
    CloudWatch: Expand alias variables when query yields no result. #22695, @sunker
    Dashboard: Fix bug with NaN in alerting. #22053, @a-melnyk
    Explore: Fix display of multiline logs in log panel and explore. #22057, @thomasdraebing
    Heatmap: Legend color range is incorrect when using custom min/max. #21748, @sv5d
    Security: Fixed XSS issue in dashboard history diff . #22680, @torkelo
    StatPanel: Fixes base color is being used for null values .
    [#22646], @torkelo
* Fri Mar 06 2020
- Update to version 6.6.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Fri Mar 06 2020
- Update to version 6.6.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.6.0:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.6.0:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.5.3:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.5.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.5.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.5.0
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
* Thu Mar 05 2020
- Update to version 6.4.5:
  * Create version 6.4.5
  * CloudWatch: Fix high CPU load (#20579)
* Tue Dec 03 2019
- Revert the spec file and make script
- Remove PhantomJS dependency
Version: 6.3.5-bp152.2.31
* Thu Sep 05 2019
- Version 6.3.5
  * Upgrades
    + Build: Upgrade to go 1.12.9.
  * Bug Fixes
    + Dashboard: Fixes dashboards init failed loading error for dashboards with panel links that had missing properties.
    + Editor: Fixes issue where only entire lines were being copied.
    + Explore: Fixes query field layout in splitted view for Safari browsers.
    + LDAP: multildap + ldap integration.
    + Profile/UserAdmin: Fix for user agent parser crashes grafana-server on 32-bit builds.
    + Prometheus: Prevents panel editor crash when switching to Prometheus datasource.
    + Prometheus: Changes brace-insertion behavior to be less annoying.
- Version 6.3.4
  * Security: CVE-2019-15043 - Parts of the HTTP API allow unauthenticated use.
* Fri Aug 16 2019
- Version 6.3.3
  * Bug Fixes
    + Annotations: Fix failing annotation query when time series query is cancelled. #18532 1, @dprokop 1
    + Auth: Do not set SameSite cookie attribute if cookie_samesite is none. #18462 1, @papagian 3
    + DataLinks: Apply scoped variables to data links correctly. #18454 1, @dprokop 1
    + DataLinks: Respect timezone when displaying datapoint?s timestamp in graph context menu. #18461 2, @dprokop 1
    + DataLinks: Use datapoint timestamp correctly when interpolating variables. #18459 1, @dprokop 1
    + Explore: Fix loading error for empty queries. #18488 1, @davkal
    + Graph: Fixes legend issue clicking on series line icon and issue with horizontal scrollbar being visible on windows. #18563 1, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: Avoid glob of single-value array variables . #18420, @gotjosh
    + Prometheus: Fix queries with label_replace remove the $1 match when loading query editor. #18480 5, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Prometheus: More consistently allows for multi-line queries in editor. #18362 2, @kaydelaney 2
    + TimeSeries: Assume values are all numbers. #18540 4, @ryantxu
- Version 6.3.2
  * Bug Fixes
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Fixes issue with losts thresholds and issue loading Gauge with avg stat. #18375 12
- Version 6.3.1
  * Bug Fixes
    + PanelLinks: Fix crash issue Gauge & Bar Gauge for panels with panel links (drill down links). #18430 2
- Version 6.3.0
  * Features / Enhancements
    + OAuth: Do not set SameSite OAuth cookie if cookie_samesite is None. #18392 4, @papagian 3
    + Auth Proxy: Include additional headers as part of the cache key. #18298 6, @gotjosh
    + Build grafana images consistently. #18224 12, @hassanfarid
    + Docs: SAML. #18069 11, @gotjosh
    + Permissions: Show plugins in nav for non admin users but hide plugin configuration. #18234 1, @aocenas
    + TimePicker: Increase max height of quick range dropdown. #18247 2, @torkelo 2
    + Alerting: Add tags to alert rules. #10989 13, @Thib17 1
    + Alerting: Attempt to send email notifications to all given email addresses. #16881 1, @zhulongcheng
    + Alerting: Improve alert rule testing. #16286 2, @marefr
    + Alerting: Support for configuring content field for Discord alert notifier. #17017 2, @jan25
    + Alertmanager: Replace illegal chars with underscore in label names. #17002 5, @bergquist 1
    + Auth: Allow expiration of API keys. #17678, @papagian 3
    + Auth: Return device, os and browser when listing user auth tokens in HTTP API. #17504, @shavonn 1
    + Auth: Support list and revoke of user auth tokens in UI. #17434 2, @shavonn 1
    + AzureMonitor: change clashing built-in Grafana variables/macro names for Azure Logs. #17140, @shavonn 1
    + CloudWatch: Made region visible for AWS Cloudwatch Expressions. #17243 2, @utkarshcmu
    + Cloudwatch: Add AWS DocDB metrics. #17241, @utkarshcmu
    + Dashboard: Use timezone dashboard setting when exporting to CSV. #18002 1, @dehrax
    + Data links. #17267 11, @torkelo 2
    + Docker: Switch base image to ubuntu:latest from debian:stretch to avoid security issues? #17066 5, @bergquist 1
    + Elasticsearch: Support for visualizing logs in Explore . #17605 7, @marefr
    + Explore: Adds Live option for supported datasources. #17062 1, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: Adds orgId to URL for sharing purposes. #17895 1, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Adds support for new loki ?start? and ?end? params for labels endpoint. #17512, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Adds support for toggling raw query mode in explore. #17870, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Allow switching between metrics and logs . #16959 2, @marefr
    + Explore: Combines the timestamp and local time columns into one. #17775, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: Display log lines context . #17097, @dprokop 1
    + Explore: Don?t parse log levels if provided by field or label. #17180 1, @marefr
    + Explore: Improves performance of Logs element by limiting re-rendering. #17685, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Support for new LogQL filtering syntax. #16674 4, @davkal
    + Explore: Use new TimePicker from Grafana/UI. #17793, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: handle newlines in LogRow Highlighter. #17425, @rrfeng 1
    + Graph: Added new fill gradient option. #17528 3, @torkelo 2
    + GraphPanel: Don?t sort series when legend table & sort column is not visible . #17095, @shavonn 1
    + InfluxDB: Support for visualizing logs in Explore. #17450 9, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Logging: Login and Logout actions (#17760). #17883 1, @ATTron
    + Logging: Move log package to pkg/infra. #17023, @zhulongcheng
    + Metrics: Expose stats about roles as metrics. #17469 2, @bergquist 1
    + MySQL/Postgres/MSSQL: Add parsing for day, weeks and year intervals in macros. #13086 6, @bernardd
    + MySQL: Add support for periodically reloading client certs. #14892, @tpetr
    + Plugins: replace dataFormats list with skipDataQuery flag in plugin.json. #16984, @ryantxu
    + Prometheus: Take timezone into account for step alignment. #17477, @fxmiii
    + Prometheus: Use overridden panel range for $__range instead of dashboard range. #17352, @patrick246
    + Prometheus: added time range filter to series labels query. #16851 3, @FUSAKLA
    + Provisioning: Support folder that doesn?t exist yet in dashboard provisioning. #17407 1, @Nexucis
    + Refresh picker: Handle empty intervals. #17585 1, @dehrax
    + Singlestat: Add y min/max config to singlestat sparklines. #17527 4, @pitr
    + Snapshot: use given key and deleteKey. #16876, @zhulongcheng
    + Templating: Correctly display __text in multi-value variable after page reload. #17840 1, @EduardSergeev
    + Templating: Support selecting all filtered values of a multi-value variable. #16873 2, @r66ad
    + Tracing: allow propagation with Zipkin headers. #17009 4, @jrockway
    + Users: Disable users removed from LDAP. #16820 2, @alexanderzobnin
  * Bug Fixes
    + PanelLinks: Fix render issue when there is no panel description. #18408 3, @dehrax
    + OAuth: Fix ?missing saved state? OAuth login failure due to SameSite cookie policy. #18332 1, @papagian 3
    + cli: fix for recognizing when in dev mode? #18334, @xlson
    + DataLinks: Fixes incorrect interpolation of ${__series_name} . #18251 1, @torkelo 2
    + Loki: Display live tailed logs in correct order in Explore. #18031 3, @kaydelaney 2
    + PhantomJS: Fixes rendering on Debian Buster. #18162 2, @xlson
    + TimePicker: Fixed style issue for custom range popover. #18244, @torkelo 2
    + Timerange: Fixes a bug where custom time ranges didn?t respect UTC. #18248 1, @kaydelaney 2
    + remote_cache: Fix redis connstr parsing. #18204 1, @mblaschke
    + AddPanel: Fix issue when removing moved add panel widget . #17659 2, @dehrax
    + CLI: Fix encrypt-datasource-passwords fails with sql error. #18014, @marefr
    + Elasticsearch: Fix default max concurrent shard requests. #17770 4, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix browsing back to dashboard panel. #17061, @jschill
    + Explore: Fix filter by series level in logs graph. #17798, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix issues when loading and both graph/table are collapsed. #17113, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix selection/copy of log lines. #17121, @marefr
    + Fix: Wrap value of multi variable in array when coming from URL. #16992 1, @aocenas
    + Frontend: Fix for Json tree component not working. #17608, @srid12
    + Graphite: Fix for issue with alias function being moved last. #17791, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: Fixes issue with seriesByTag & function with variable param. #17795, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: use POST for /metrics/find requests. #17814 2, @papagian 3
    + HTTP Server: Serve Grafana with a custom URL path prefix. #17048 6, @jan25
    + InfluxDB: Fixes single quotes are not escaped in label value filters. #17398 1, @Panzki
    + Prometheus: Correctly escape ?|? literals in interpolated PromQL variables. #16932, @Limess
    + Prometheus: Fix when adding label for metrics which contains colons in Explore. #16760, @tolwi
    + SinglestatPanel: Remove background color when value turns null. #17552 1, @druggieri
* Tue Jul 30 2019
- make phantomjs dependency configurable
* Thu Jul 11 2019 Jan Fajerski <>
- spec file change:
  * alter permissions of /etc/grafana and /var/lib/grafana to 755
  * alter owner of /etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards tree to root:root
  * this allows installing dashboards via rpms without these rpms depending on this rpm
* Tue Jun 25 2019
- Update to version 6.2.5:
  * release 6.2.5
  * Panel: Fully escape html in drilldown links (was only sanitized before)  (#17731)
  * Grafana-CLI: Wrapper for `grafana-cli` within RPM/DEB packages and config/homepath are now global flags (#17695)
  * config: fix connstr for remote_cache (#17675)
  * TablePanel: fix annotations display (#17646)
  * middleware: fix Strict-Transport-Security header (#17644)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix empty query request to send properly (#17488)
  * release 6.2.4
  * grafana-cli: Fix receiving flags via command line (#17617)
  * HTTPServer: Fix X-XSS-Protection header formatting (#17620)
  * release 6.2.3
  * cli: grafana-cli should receive flags from the command line (#17606)
  * AuthProxy: Optimistic lock pattern for remote cache Set (#17485)
  * OAuth: Fix for wrong user token updated on OAuth refresh in DS proxy (#17541)
  * middleware: add security related HTTP(S) response headers (#17522)
  * remote_cache: Fix redis (#17483)
  * auth_proxy: non-negative cache TTL (#17495)
* Sat Jun 15 2019
- Update to version 6.2.2:
  * Security Fix: Prevent csv formula injection attack
  * PluginConfig: Fixed plugin config page navigation when using subpath
  * Explore: Update time range before running queries
  * Perf: Fix slow dashboards ACL query
  * Database: Initialize xorm with an empty schema for postgres
  * CloudWatch: Avoid exception while accessing results
* Tue May 28 2019
- Remove phantomjs dependency
  * Modified: Makefile
- Update to version 6.2.1
  * Bug Fixes
    + Auth Proxy: Resolve database is locked errors.
    + Database: Retry transaction if sqlite returns database is locked error.
    + Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
    + Singlestat: Fixes issue with value placement and line wraps.
    + Tech: Update jQuery to 3.4.1 to fix issue on iOS 10 based browers as well as Chrome 53.x.
  * Features / Enhancements
    + CLI: Add command to migrate all datasources to use encrypted password fields.
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Improvements to auto value font size.
  * Modified: README
- Update to version 6.2.0
  * Bug Fixes
    + BarGauge: Fix for negative min values.
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Fix for issues editing min & max options.
    + Search: Make only folder name only open search with current folder filter.
    + AzureMonitor: Revert to clearing chained dropdowns.
    + Dashboard: Fixes blank dashboard after window resize with panel without title.
    + Dashboard: Fixes lazy loading & expanding collapsed rows on mobile.
    + Dashboard: Fixes scrolling issues for Edge browser.
    + Dashboard: Show refresh button in first kiosk(tv) mode.
    + Explore: Fix empty result from datasource should render logs container.
    + Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
    + Explore: Makes it possible to zoom in Explore/Loki/Graph without exception.
    + Gauge: Fixes orientation issue after switching from BarGauge to Gauge.
    + GettingStarted: Fixes layout issues in getting started panel.
    + InfluxDB: Fix HTTP method should default to GET.
    + Panels: Fixed alert icon position in panel header.
    + Panels: Fixes panel error tooltip not showing.
    + Plugins: Fix how datemath utils are exposed to plugins.
    + Singlestat: fixed centering issue for very small panels.
    + Search: Scroll issue in dashboard search in latest Chrome.
    + Docker: Prevent a permission denied error when writing files to the default provisioning directory.
    + Gauge: Adds background shade to gauge track and improves height usage.
    + RemoteCache: Avoid race condition in Set causing error on insert. .
    + Build: Fix bug where grafana didn't start after mysql on rpm packages.
    + CloudWatch: Fixes query order not affecting series ordering & color.
    + CloudWatch: Use default alias if there is no alias for metrics.
    + Config: Fixes bug where timeouts for alerting was not parsed correctly.
    + Elasticsearch: Fix view percentiles metric in table without date histogram.
    + Explore: Prevents histogram loading from killing Prometheus instance.
    + Graph: Allow override decimals to fully override.
    + Mixed Datasource: Fix error when one query is disabled.
    + Search: Fixes search limits and adds a page parameter.
    + Security: Responses from backend should not be cached.
  * Breaking Changes
    + Plugins: Data source plugins that process hidden queries need to add a "hiddenQueries: true" attribute in plugin.json.
    + Gauge Panel: The suffix / prefix options have been removed from the new Gauge Panel (introduced in v6.0). #16870.
  * Features / Enhancements
    + Plugins: Support templated urls in plugin routes.
    + Packaging: New MSI windows installer package**.
    + Admin: Add more stats about roles.
    + Alert list panel: Support variables in filters.
    + Alerting: Adjust label for send on all alerts to default .
    + Alerting: Makes timeouts and retries configurable.
    + Alerting: No notification when going from no data to pending.
    + Alerting: Pushover alert, support for different sound for OK.
    + Auth: Enable retries and transaction for some db calls for auth tokens .
    + AzureMonitor: Adds support for multiple subscriptions per datasource.
    + Bar Gauge: New multi series enabled gauge like panel with horizontal and vertical layouts and 3 display modes.
    + Build: Upgrades to golang 1.12.4.
    + CloudWatch: Update AWS/IoT metric and dimensions.
    + Config: Show user-friendly error message instead of stack trace.
    + Dashboard: Enable filtering dashboards in search by current folder.
    + Dashboard: Lazy load out of view panels .
    + DataProxy: Restore Set-Cookie header after proxy request.
    + Datasources: Add pattern validation for time input on datasource config pages.
    + Elasticsearch: Add 7.x version support.
    + Explore: Adds reconnect for failing datasource.
    + Explore: Support user timezone.
    + InfluxDB: Add support for POST HTTP verb.
    + Loki: Search is now case insensitive.
    + OAuth: Update jwt regexp to include =.
    + Panels: No title will no longer make panel header take up space.
    + Prometheus: Adds tracing headers for Prometheus datasource.
    + Provisioning: Add API endpoint to reload provisioning configs.
    + Provisioning: Do not allow deletion of provisioned dashboards.
    + Provisioning: Interpolate env vars in provisioning files.
    + Security: Add new setting allow_embedding.
    + Security: Store datasource passwords encrypted in secureJsonData.
    + UX: Improve Grafana usage for smaller screens.
    + Units: Add angle units, Arc Minutes and Seconds.
* Sat May 18 2019
- Update to version 6.1.6
  * Security: Bump jQuery to 3.4.0
  * Playlist: Fix loading dashboards by tag.
- Update to version 6.0.2:
  * Fixed issue with alert links in alert list panel causing panel not found errors, fixes #15680
  * Improved error handling when rendering dashboard panels, fixes #15913
  * fix allow anonymous server bind for ldap search
  * add nil/length check when delete old login attempts
  * fix discord notifier so it doesn't crash when there are no image generated
  * fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update panel json
  * move to new component to handle focus
  * added state to not set focus on search every render
  * Snapshots update
  * Use app config directly in ButtonRow instead of passing datasources page URL via prop
  * Update snapshots
  * Fixed url of back button in datasource edit page, when root_url configured
  * release: Bumped version
- Update to version 6.0.1:
  * Bug Fixes:
    + utils: show string errors
    + Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore
    +  log phantomjs output even if it timeout and include orgId when render alert
- Update to version 6.0.0:
  * Breaking Changes:
    + Text Panel: The text panel does no longer by default allow unsantizied
    HTML. This means that if you have text panels with scripts tags they will no
    longer work as before. To enable unsafe javascript execution in text panels
    enable the settings disable_sanitize_html under the section [panels] in your
    Grafana ini file, or set env variable GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true.
    + Dashboard: Panel property minSpan replaced by maxPerRow. Dashboard
    migration will automatically migrate all dashboard panels using the minSpan
    property to the new maxPerRow property
    + Internal Metrics Edition has been added to the build_info metric. This will break any Graphite queries using this metric. Edition will be a new label for the Prometheus metric.
  * New Features:
    + Alerting: Adds support for Google Hangouts Chat notifications
    + Elasticsearch: Support bucket script pipeline aggregations
    + Influxdb: Add support for time zone (tz) clause
    + Snapshots: Enable deletion of public snapshot
    + Provisioning: Provisioning support for alert notifiers
    + Explore: A whole new way to do ad-hoc metric queries and exploration. Split view in half and compare metrics & logs and much much more. Read more here
    + Auth: Replace remember me cookie solution for Grafana's builtin, LDAP and OAuth authentication with a solution based on short-lived tokens
    + AzureMonitor: Enable alerting by converting Azure Monitor API to Go
    + Explore A new query focused workflow for ad-hoc data exploration and troubleshooting.
    + Grafana Loki Integration with the new open source log aggregation system from Grafana Labs.
    + Gauge Panel A new standalone panel for gauges.
    + New Panel Editor UX improves panel editing and enables easy switching between different visualizations.
    + Google Stackdriver Datasource is out of beta and is officially released.
    + React Plugin support enables an easier way to build plugins.
    + Named Colors in our new improved color picker.
    + Removal of user session storage makes Grafana easier to deploy & improves security.
  * Bug Fixes:
    + Metrics: Fixes broken usagestats metrics for /metrics
    + Dashboard: Fixes kiosk mode should have &kiosk appended to the url
    + Dashboard: Fixes kiosk=tv mode with autofitpanels should respect header
    + Image rendering: Fixed image rendering issue for dashboards with auto refresh,
    + Dashboard: Fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update panel json.
    + LDAP: fix allow anonymous initial bind for ldap search.
    + UX: Fixed scrollbar not visible initially (only after manual scroll).
    + Datasource admin TestData
    + Dashboard: Fixed scrolling issue that caused scroll to be locked to bottom.
    + Explore: Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore.
    + Security fix: limit access to org admin and alerting pages.
    + Panel Edit minInterval changes did not persist
    + Teams: Fixed bug when getting teams for user.
    + Stackdriver: fix for float64 bounds for distribution metrics
    + Stackdriver: no reducers available for distribution type
    + Influxdb: Add support for alerting on InfluxDB queries that use the non_negative_difference function
    + Alerting: Fix percent_diff calculation when points are nulls
    + Alerting: Fixed handling of alert urls with true flags
    + Gauge: Fix issue with gauge requests being cancelled
    + Gauge: Accept decimal inputs for thresholds
    + UI: Fix error caused by named colors that are not part of named colors palette
    + Search: Bug pressing special regexp chars in input fields
    + Permissions: No need to have edit permissions to be able to "Save as"
    + Search: Fix for issue with scrolling the "tags filter" dropdown
    + Prometheus: Query for annotation always uses 60s step regardless of dashboard range
    + Annotations: Fix creating annotation when graph panel has no data points position the popup outside viewport
    + Piechart/Flot: Fixes multiple piechart instances with donut bug
    + plus many minor changes and fixes
- Update to version 5.4.3:
  * Fixes:
    + Alerting Invalid frequency causes division by zero in alert scheduler
    + Dashboard Dashboard links do not update when time range changes
    + Limits Support more than 1000 datasources per org
    + Backend fix signed in user for orgId=0 result should return active org id
    + Provisioning Adds orgId to user dto for provisioned dashboards
- Update to version 5.4.2:
  * Fixes:
    + Datasource admin: Fix for issue creating new data source when same name exists
    + OAuth: Fix for oauth auto login setting, can now be set using env variable
    + Dashboard search: Fix for searching tags in tags filter dropdown.
- Update to version 5.4.1:
  * Fixes:
    + Stackdriver: Fixes issue with data proxy and Authorization header
    + Units: fixedUnit for Flow:l/min and mL/min
    + Logging: Fix for issue where data proxy logged a secret when debug logging was enabled, now redacted.
    + InfluxDB: Add support for alerting on InfluxDB queries that use the cumulative_sum function.
    + Plugins: Panel plugins should no receive the panel-initialized event again as usual.
    + Embedded Graphs: Iframe graph panels should now work as usual.
    + Postgres: Improve PostgreSQL Query Editor if using different Schemas,
    + Quotas: Fixed for updating org & user quotas.
    + Cloudwatch: Add the AWS/SES Cloudwatch metrics of BounceRate and ComplaintRate to auto complete list.
    + Dashboard Search: Fixed filtering by tag issues.
    + Graph: Fixed time region issues,
    + Graph: Fixed issue with series color picker popover being placed outside window.
- Update to version 5.4.0:
  * Breaking Changes:
    + Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL datasources now per default uses max open connections = unlimited (earlier 10), max idle connections = 2 (earlier 10) and connection max lifetime = 4 hours (earlier unlimited).
  * Features:
    + Alerting: Introduce alert debouncing with the FOR setting.
    + Alerting: Option to disable OK alert notifications
    + Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Adds support for configuration of max open/idle connections and connection max lifetime. Also, panels with multiple SQL queries will now be executed concurrently
    + MySQL: Graphical query builder
    + MySQL: Support connecting thru Unix socket for MySQL datasource
    + MSSQL: Add encrypt setting to allow configuration of how data sent between client and server are encrypted
    + Stackdriver: Not possible to authenticate using GCE metadata server
    + Teams: Team preferences (theme, home dashboard, timezone) support
    + Graph: Time regions support enabling highlight of weekdays and/or certain timespans
    + OAuth: Automatic redirect to sign-in with OAuth
    + Stackdriver: Template query editor
  * Fixes:
    + Cloudwatch: Fix invalid time range causes segmentation fault
    + Cloudwatch: AWS/CodeBuild metrics and dimensions
    + MySQL: Fix $__timeFrom() and $__timeTo() should respect local time zone
    + Graph: Fix legend always visible even if configured to be hidden
    + Elasticsearch: Fix regression when using datasource version 6.0+ and alerting
- Update to version 5.3.4:
  * minor bug fixes
* Sat May 18 2019
- Update to version 5.3.3 (CVE-2018-19039, bsc#1115960) :
  * File Exfiltration vulnerability Security fix
* Tue Jan 08 2019
- Provide default dashboard provider from upstream
* Mon Oct 29 2018
- Update to version 5.3.2
  * InfluxDB/Graphite/Postgres: Prevent cross site scripting (XSS) in query editor
  * Postgres: Fix template variables error
  * Cloudwatch: Fix service panic because of race conditions
  * Cloudwatch: Fix check for invalid percentile statistics
  * Stackdriver/Cloudwatch: Allow user to change unit in graph panel if cloudwatch/stackdriver datasource response doesn't include unit
  * Stackdriver: stackdriver user-metrics duplicated response when multiple resource types
  * Variables: Fix text box template variable doesn't work properly without a default value
  * Variables: Fix variable dependency check when using ${var} format
  * Dashboard: Fix kiosk=1 url parameter should put dashboard in kiosk mode
  * LDAP: Fix super admins can also be admins of orgs
  * Provisioning: Fix deleting provisioned dashboard folder should cleanup provisioning meta data
  * Docker: adds curl back into the docker image for utility
- Update to version 5.3.1
  * Render: Fix PhantomJS render of graph panel when legend displayed as table to the right
  * Stackdriver: Filter option disappears after removing initial filter
  * Elasticsearch: Fix no limit size in terms aggregation for alerting queries
  * InfluxDB: Fix for annotation issue that caused text to be shown twice
  * Variables: Fix nesting variables leads to exception and missing refresh
  * Variables: Prometheus: Single letter labels are not supported
  * Graph: Fix graph time formatting for Last 24h ranges
  * Playlist: Fix cannot add dashboards with long names to playlist
  * HTTP API: Fix /api/org/users so that query and limit querystrings works
- Update to version 5.3.0
  * Stackdriver: Filter wildcards and regex matching are not yet supported
  * Stackdriver: Support the distribution metric type for heatmaps
  * Cloudwatch: Automatically set graph yaxis unit
- Update to version 5.3.0-beta3
  * Stackdriver: Fix for missing ngInject
  * Permissions: Fix for broken permissions selector
  * Alerting: Alert reminders deduping not working as expected when running multiple Grafana instances
- Update to version 5.3.0-beta2
  + New Features
  * Annotations: Enable template variables in tagged annotations queries
  * Stackdriver: Support for Google Stackdriver Datasource
  + Minor
  * Provisioning: Dashboard Provisioning now support symlinks that changes target
  * OAuth: Allow oauth email attribute name to be configurable
  * Tags: Default sort order for GetDashboardTags
  * Prometheus: Label completion queries respect dashboard time range
  * Prometheus: Allow to display annotations based on Prometheus series value
  * Prometheus: Adhoc-filtering for Prometheus dashboards
  * Singlestat: Fix gauge display accuracy for percents
  * Dashboard: Prevent auto refresh from starting when loading dashboard with absolute time range
  * Templating: New templating variable type Text box that allows free text input
  * Alerting: Link to view full size image in Microsoft Teams alert notifier
  * Alerting: Fixes a bug where all alerts would send reminders after upgrade & restart
  * Alerting: Concurrent render limit for graphs used in notifications
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add support for replacing $__interval and  $__interval_ms in alert queries
- Update to version 5.3.0-beta1
  + New Major Features
  * Alerting: Notification reminders
  * Dashboard: TV & Kiosk mode changes, new cycle view mode button in dashboard toolbar
  * OAuth: Gitlab OAuth with support for filter by groups
  * Postgres: Graphical query builder
  + New Features
  * LDAP: Define Grafana Admin permission in ldap group mappings, PR
  * LDAP: Client certificates support
  * Profile: List teams that the user is member of in current/active organization
  * Configuration: Allow auto-assigning users to specific organization (other than Main. Org) and
  * Dataproxy: Pass configured/auth headers to a Datasource
  * CloudWatch: GetMetricData support
  * Postgres: TimescaleDB support, e.g. use time_bucket for grouping by time when option enabled
  * Cleanup: Make temp file time to live configurable
  + Minor
  * Alerting: Its now possible to configure the default value for how to handle errors and no data in alerting
  * Alerting: Fix diff and percent_diff reducers
  * Alerting: Fix rendering timeout which could cause notifications to not be sent due to rendering timing out
  * Docker: Make it possible to set a specific plugin url
  * GrafanaCli: Fixed issue with grafana-cli install plugin resulting in corrupt http response from source error
  * Provisioning: Should allow one default datasource per organisation
  * Github OAuth: Allow changes of user info at Github to be synched to Grafana when signing in
  * OAuth: Fix overriding tls_skip_verify_insecure using environment variable
  * Prometheus: Fix graph panel bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries
  * Prometheus: Heatmap - fix unhandled error when some points are missing
  * Prometheus: Add $__interval, $__interval_ms, $__range, $__range_s & $__range_ms support for dashboard and template queries
  * Elasticsearch: For alerting/backend, support having index name to the right of pattern in index pattern
  * Graphite: Fix for quoting of int function parameters (when using variables)
  * InfluxDB: Support timeFilter in query templating for InfluxDB
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New $__unixEpochGroup and $__unixEpochGroupAlias macros
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add previous fill mode to $__timeGroup macro which will fill in previously seen value when point is missing
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use floor rounding in $__timeGroup macro function
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use metric column as prefix when returning multiple value columns
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New $__timeGroupAlias macro. Postgres $__timeGroup no longer automatically adds time column alias
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Escape single quotes in variables
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Min time interval support
  * MySQL/MSSQL: Use datetime format instead of epoch for $__timeFilter, $__timeFrom and $__timeTo macros
  * Postgres: Escape ssl mode parameter in connectionstring
  * Cloudwatch: Improved error handling
  * Cloudwatch: AppSync metrics and dimensions
  * Cloudwatch: Direct Connect metrics and dimensions
  * Cloudwatch: Added BurstBalance metric to list of AWS RDS metrics
  * Cloudwatch: Add new Redshift metrics and dimensions
  * Dashboard: Fix selecting current dashboard from search should not reload dashboard
  * Dashboard: Use uid when linking to dashboards internally in a dashboard
  * Graph: Option to hide series from tooltip
  * Singlestat: Make colorization of prefix and postfix optional in singlestat
  * Table: Adjust header contrast for the light theme
  * Table: Fix link color when using light theme and thresholds in use
  * Table: Fix for useless horizontal scrollbar for table panel
  * Table: Make table sorting stable when null values exist
  * Heatmap: Fix broken tooltip and crosshair on Firefox
  * Datasource: Fix UI issue with secret fields after updating datasource
  * Variables: Skip unneeded extra query request when de-selecting variable values used for repeated panels
  * Variables: Limit amount of queries executed when updating variable that other variable(s) are dependent on
  * Variables: Support query variable refresh when another variable referenced in Regex field change its value
  * Variables: Support variables in query variable Custom all value field
  * Units: Change units to include characters for power of 2 and 3
  * Units: Polish z?oty currency
  * Units: Adds bitcoin axes unit
  * Api: Delete nonexistent datasource should return 404
  * Logging: Reopen log files after receiving a SIGHUP signal
  * Login: Show loading animation while waiting for authentication response on login
  * UI: Fix iOS home screen "app" icon and Windows 10 app experience
  * Plugins: Convert URL-like text to links in plugins readme
    + Breaking changes
  * Postgres datasource no longer automatically adds time column alias when using the $__timeGroup alias. However, there's code in place which should make this change backward compatible and shouldn't create any issues
  * Kiosk mode now also hides submenu (variables)
  * ?inactive url parameter no longer supported, replaced with kiosk=tv url parameter
  + New experimental features
  * Dashboard: Auto fit dashboard panels to optimize space used for current TV / Monitor
  + Tech
  * Frontend: Convert all Frontend Karma tests to Jest tests
  * Backend: Upgrade to golang 1.11
- Update to version 5.2.4
  * GrafanaCli: Fixed issue with grafana-cli install plugin resulting in corrupt http response from source error
- Update to version 5.2.3
  * Important fix for LDAP & OAuth login vulnerability
- Update to version 5.2.2
  * Prometheus: Fix graph panel bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries
  * Dashboard: Dashboard links not updated when changing variables
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix connection leak
  * Plugins: Fix loading of external plugins
  * Dashboard: Remove unwanted scrollbars in embedded panels
  * Prometheus: Prevent error using $__interval_ms in query
- Update to version 5.2.1
  * Auth Proxy: Important security fix for whitelist of IP address feature
  * UI: Fix - Grafana footer overlapping page
  * Logging: Errors should be reported before crashing
- Update to version 5.2.0-stable
  * Plugins: Handle errors correctly when loading datasource plugin thx
  * Render: Enhance error message if phantomjs executable is not found
  * Dashboard: Set correct text in drop down when variable is present in url
  * LDAP: Handle "dn" ldap attribute more gracefully
- Update to version 5.2.0-beta3
  * Build: All rpm packages should be signed
- Update to version 5.2.0-beta2
  + New Features
  * Dashboard: Import dashboard to folder
  + Minor
  * Permissions: Important security fix for API keys with viewer role
  * Dashboard: Fix so panel titles doesn't wrap
  * Dashboard: Prevent double-click when saving dashboard
  * Dashboard: AutoFocus the add-panel search filter thx
  * Units: W/m2 (energy), l/h (flow) and kPa (pressure)
  * Units: Litre/min (flow) and milliLitre/min (flow)
  * Alerting: Fix mobile notifications for Microsoft Teams alert notifier
  * Influxdb: Add support for mode function
  * Cloudwatch: Fixes panic caused by bad timerange settings
  * Auth Proxy: Whitelist proxy IP address instead of client IP address
  * User Management: Make sure that a user always has a current org assigned
  * Snapshots: Fix: annotations not properly extracted leading to incorrect rendering of annotations
  * LDAP: Allow use of DN in group_search_filter_user_attribute and member_of
  * Graph: Fix legend decimals precision calculation
  * Dashboard: Make sure to process panels in collapsed rows when exporting dashboard
  * Dashboard: Dashboard link doesn't work when "As dropdown" option is checked
  * Dashboard: Fix regressions after save modal changes, including adhoc template issues
  * Docker: Config keys ending with _FILE are not respected
- Update to version 5.2.0-beta1
  + New Features
  * Elasticsearch: Alerting support
  * Build: Crosscompile and packages Grafana on arm, windows, linux and darwin
  * Login: Change admin password after first login
  * Alert list panel: Updated to support filtering alerts by name, dashboard title, folder, tags
  + Minor
  * Dashboard: Modified time range and variables are now not saved by default
  * Graph: Show invisible highest value bucket in histogram
  * Dashboard: Enable "Save As..." if user has edit permission
  * Prometheus: Query dates are now step-aligned
  * Prometheus: Table columns order now changes when rearrange queries
  * Variables: Fix variable interpolation when using multiple formatting types
  * Dashboard: Fix date selector styling for dark/light theme in time picker control
  * Discord: Alert notification channel type for Discord
  * InfluxDB: Support SELECT queries in templating query
  * InfluxDB: Support count distinct aggregation
  * Dashboard: JSON Model under dashboard settings can now be updated & changes saved
  * Security: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in dashboard links
  * Singlestat: Fix "time of last point" shows local time when dashboard timezone set to UTC
  * Prometheus: Add support for passing timeout parameter to Prometheus
  * Login: Add optional option sign out url for generic oauth
  * Login: Use proxy server from environment variable if available
  * Invite users: Friendlier error message when smtp is not configured
  * Graphite: Don't send distributed tracing headers when using direct/browser access mode
  * Sidenav: Show create dashboard link for viewers if at least editor in one folder
  * SQL: Second epochs are now correctly converted to ms
  * Singlestat: Fix singlestat threshold tooltip
  * Dashboard: Hide grid controls in fullscreen/low-activity views
  * Dashboard: Validate uid when importing dashboards
  * Docker: Support for env variables ending with _FILE
  * Alert list panel: Show alerts for user with viewer role
  * Provisioning: Verify checksum of dashboards before updating to reduce load on database
  * Provisioning: Support symlinked files in dashboard provisioning config files
  * Dashboard list panel: Search dashboards by folder
  * Sidenav: Always show server admin link in sidenav if grafana admin
- Update to version 5.1.5
  * Docker: Config keys ending with _FILE are not respected
- Update to version 5.1.4
  * Permissions: Important security fix for API keys with viewer role
* Sat Jun 16 2018
- Update to version 5.1.3:
  * Heatmap support for Prometheus
  * Align Zero-Line for Right and Left Y-axes
  * allow setting the database
  * MSSQL Data Source
  * support multiple histogram series
  * support cloudwatch high resolution query
  * Added radiation units
  * Modify Grafana Pagerduty notifier to use Pagerduty API V2
  * prometheus editor: variable autocomplete support
  * Use net.SplitHostPort to support IPv6
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details
* Sat Jun 16 2018
- remove unknown build flag -s
* Sat May 05 2018
- fix build for older distributions
* Wed Mar 07 2018
- Remove marketing wording from description.
* Wed Mar 07 2018
- add user and group according to packaging guidelines
- add README and Makefile as Sources
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- Update to version 5.0.0:
  + Github OAuth Fixed fetching github orgs from private github org
  + Provisioning Now handles deletes when dashboard json files removed from disk
  + Reset password Fixed problem with reset password form
  + Save dashboard Fixed issue with time range & variable reset after saving
  + Folders Make it easier/explicit to access/modify folders using the API
  + many more bugfixes
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- Update to version 5.0.0beta1:
  + New Features:
  * Dashboard folders
  * Teams User groups (teams) implemented. Can be used in folder & dashboard permission list.
  * Dashboard grid: Panels are now layed out in a two dimensional grid (with x, y, w, h).
  * Templating: Vertical repeat direction for panel repeats.
  * UX: Major update to page header and navigation
  * Dashboard settings: Combine dashboard settings views into one with side menu
  * Alerting: Add support for internal image store
  * Data Source Proxy: Add support for whitelisting specified cookies that will be passed through to the data source when proxying data source requests
  * Text: Text panel are now edited in the ace editor
  * Teams: Add Microsoft Teams notifier
  * Datasources: Its now possible to configure datasources with config files
  * Graphite: Query editor updated to support new query by tag features
  * Dashboard history: New config file option versions_to_keep sets how many versions per dashboard to store
  * Dashboard as cfg: Load dashboards from file into Grafana on startup/change
  * Prometheus: Grafana can now send alerts to Prometheus Alertmanager while firing
  * Table: Support multiple table formated queries in table panel
  * Security: Protect against brute force (frequent) login attempts
  + Breaking Changes:
  * Persistent dashboard url's: New url's for dashboards that allows renaming dashboards without breaking links
  * GET /api/alerts property dashboardUri renamed to url and is now the full url (that is including app sub url).
  + Many Bugfixes
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details
  - ------------------------------------------------------------------
* Mon Jan 29 2018
- Use %{_fillupdir} for sysconfig file
* Wed Jan 24 2018
- Remove non-standard-gid from rpmlintrc