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Update Info: openSUSE-2018-132
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Change Logs

* Sat Oct 21 2017
- Install $GOROOT/lib packages, to include upstream files such as the timezone
  database. bsc#1064522
* Fri Oct 13 2017
- Build with gcc7-go in openSUSE:Factory
- Added path:
  * gcc7-go.patch
    + execute %{_bindir}/go-7 instead of %{_bindir}/go
* Tue Oct 10 2017
- Add patch to fix arbitrary code execution during ?go get? or ?go get -d?
  + cmd-go-reject-update-of-VCS-inside-VCS.patch
* Mon Oct 09 2017
- Add patch to fix PlainAuth to refuse to send passwords to non-TLS servers
  + net-smtp-fix-PlainAuth-to-refuse-to-send-passwords-to-non-TLS-servers.patch
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- Fix incorrectly ghosted files
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- add fix-sanitizer-build-against-latest-glibc.patch which fixes
  the sanitizer built against certain glibc versions
* Wed Aug 09 2017
- go-race: add compiler-rt TSAN binary, necessary for the race detector builds
  to work. This requires building compiler-rt from source (becuase upstream Go
  stores precompiled binaries in the tree, and we cannot use them). In
  addition, a %check was added purely to ensure that we don't install the wrong
  version of compiler-rt. boo#1052528
- go-rpmlintrc: add some entries to address the .syso additions.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
- Remove ruby requirement. golang-macros are not ruby anymore, plus
* Mon Jul 17 2017
- Remove gcc5-go dependency and only use gcc6-go if needed
- Remove gcc5-go.patch
* Sat Jul 01 2017
- Need binutils-gold on aarch64
* Mon May 29 2017
- Add patch to fix carry bug in x86-64 P-256 implementation (CVE-2017-8932).
  + fix-carry-bug-in-x86-64-P-256-implementation.patch
* Wed May 03 2017
- fix update-alternatives usage. This way, we can either use go1.7 or
  go 1.8 without having to change the docker spec file or any other
  package that requires go 1.7 but it will require go 1.8 in the
* Fri Apr 28 2017
- Rename package to go1.7
* Wed Apr 26 2017
- Remove mercurial build dependency. Mercurial is a version control
  system, like git. We are not using this in the build service to
  get the sources.
- Do not set GOBIN. If GOBIN is unset, by default go assumes GOPATH/bin.
  This way, the user can change GOPATH without the need to change GOBIN.
  fix bsc#1026658
* Thu Apr 13 2017
- minor update to go1.7.5 because this is required by
  docker-v17.04.00-ce (bsc#1034053)
  fixes included:
  * go1.7.1 (released 2016/09/07) includes fixes to the compiler, runtime,
    documentation, and the compress/flate, hash/crc32, io, net, net/http,
    path/filepath, reflect, and syscall packages.
    See the Go 1.7.1 milestone on our issue tracker for details:
  * go1.7.2 was not released. No changelog.
  * go1.7.3 (released 2016/10/19) includes fixes to the compiler, runtime,
    and the crypto/cipher, crypto/tls, net/http, and strings packages.
    See the Go 1.7.3 milestone on our issue tracker for details:
  * go1.7.4 (released 2016/12/01) includes two security fixes.
    See the Go 1.7.4 milestone on our issue tracker for details:
  * go1.7.5 (released 2017/01/26) includes fixes to the compiler, runtime,
    and the crypto/x509 and time packages.
    See the Go 1.7.5 milestone on our issue tracker for details:
* Fri Mar 31 2017
- Add a patch to bump _MaxGomaxprocs so that things like Docker and k8s can run
  properly on NUMA machines. Don't bump this number too high. bsc#1028865
  + runtime-bump-MaxGomaxprocs.patch
* Fri Dec 30 2016
- set libdir for s390x in
* Fri Dec 30 2016
- define go_arch to s390x
* Wed Dec 21 2016
- Added s390x to the list of architectures that get built.
* Fri Nov 11 2016
- Disable stripping to fix __.PKGDEF issues. bsc#964546
  There is an upstream issue about it as well, with a patch which will
  hopefully make Go more resilient to this issue.