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Update Info: openSUSE-2016-552
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Change Logs

* Wed Apr 13 2016
- fix bsc#974232: CVE-2016-3959: go: Infinite loop in several big
  integer routines
* Fri Feb 19 2016
- Update to version 1.6
  * On Linux on little-endian 64-bit PowerPC (linux/ppc64le), Go 1.6 now supports cgo with external linking and is roughly feature complete.
  * Vendoring support
  * HTTP2 transparent support
  * fix gc and gccgo incompatibility regarding embedded unexported struct types containing exported fields
  * Linux on 64-bit MIPS and Android on 32-bit x86
  * enforced rules for sharing Go pointers with C
  * new mechanism for template reuse
  * performance improvements
  ... and more!
  see more in
* Wed Feb 10 2016
- Update to version 1.5.3:
  * CVE-2015-8618: go: Carry propagation in Int.Exp Montgomery code in
    math/big library (bnc#960151)
* Sun Jan 10 2016
- macro.go and golang-macros.rb moved to golang-packaging
* Wed Dec 30 2015
- macro.go:
  * added golang-macros.rb to deal with complicated macros
    that are hard to be written in shell script
  * support "--with-buildid" which is the former ugly
    "WITH_FAKE_BUILDID" environment variable hack
  * support "--shared" which is "-buildmode=shared -linkshared"
    in case anyone need it
  * add go_api_ver macro which is currently 1.5
- install shared stdlib on x86_64
- drop go-wiki-gadget.xml: it hasn't been used from the beginning
- add go.gdbinit for debug friendly
* Thu Dec 10 2015
- Updated to 1.5.2:
  This release includes bug fixes to the compiler,
    linker, and the mime/multipart, net, and runtime packages.
* Sun Oct 25 2015
- Updated to 1.5.1
  This release includes bug fixes to the go command,
    the compiler, assembler, and the fmt, net/textproto,
    net/http, and runtime packages.
* Wed Oct 07 2015
- Adapt to Leap
  * use gcc5-go than go1.4 is the proper requirement for Leap
* Tue Sep 15 2015
-, macros.go, go.spec: add missing bits for aarch64
* Fri Sep 11 2015
- enable build for aarch64
- rediff armv6l.patch
* Sat Aug 22 2015
- enable ppc64 and ppc64le
* Thu Aug 20 2015
- update to version 1.5
  * see
- add: go-1.5-build-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch
  drop: go-build-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch
  * refresh patch
- add: go-1.5-install-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch
  drop: go-install-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch
  * refresh patch
- drop: go-1.4.2-rel.plt-alignment.patch
  * fix by upstream
- add gcc5-go.patch
  * find /usr/bin/go-5 when bootstrapping with gcc5-go
- use update-alternatives for /usr/bin/go and profiles.d
  so it can be co-installed with go1.4
* Tue Aug 11 2015
- fix update from 1.3.3
  Update from 1.3.3 was broken in this commit
  That commit fixed a dangling symlink in src (src/pkg) by instead
  symlinking src, which broke compatibility.
  This commit fixes it by, instead, symlinking all the files in src.
* Wed Jul 22 2015
- macros.go: fix missing quotes in %goinstall (bsc#939067)
* Sun Jul 12 2015
- macros.go: fix "summary-not-capitalized"
* Thu Jul 09 2015
- macros.go:
  * *-doc can't properly describe what the sub-package really is,
    and they're mostly source codes instead of the claimed "API,
    documentation, and examples". so rename to *-source. and not
    recommend to install them to save users' disk space.
  * %%go_requires should be handled automatically by golang-packaging
  * not recommend to install source package any more,
    so %%go_recommmends set to nil.
* Sun Jul 05 2015
- macros.go:
  * add a "WITH_FAKE_BUILDID" option to enable the fake build ID
  * to fake build ID, you have to make sure your package has only
    one binary. it is nonsense that two or more nonidentical
    binaries have the same build ID.
* Sat Jul 04 2015
- enable debuginfo
  * the strip workaround (boo#818502) does not need any more
  * re-enable debug_packge/debug_install_post macros
- add patch: go-1.4.2-rel.plt-alignment.patch
  * cmd/ld: set alignment for the .rel.plt section on 32-bit architectures
  * or i586 build will fail at extracting debuginfo
- macros.go:
  * re-enable debug_packge/debug_install_post macros from goprep()
  * add ldflags to gobuild() to compute BUILD ID for debuginfo package
- go itself doesn't support BUILD ID yet
* Thu Jun 11 2015
- Remove fix_certificates_lookup_on_sles11.patch: this is superseded
  by fix_certificates.patch
- Add fix_certificates_lookup.patch: force Go to look for certificates only
  in the locations available on openSUSE and SLE. Also ensure certificates
  are found on SLE11 (previous fix_certificates_lookup_on_sles11.patch)
* Thu Jun 11 2015
- Remove fix_certificates_lookup_on_sles11.patch: this is superseded
  by fix_certificates.patch
- Add fix_certificates_lookup.patch: force Go to look for certificates only
  in the locations available on openSUSE and SLE. Also ensure certificates
  are found on SLE11 (previous fix_certificates_lookup_on_sles11.patch)
Version: 1.10.4-bp150.2.3.1
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Remove golang(API) provides, since the go<ver> packages now provide this and
  providing it here causes issues when building under SLE12 (not to mention
  being confusing -- since golang(API) is used to pin versions). boo#1114209
* Mon Aug 27 2018
- Update to version 1.10.4:
  * go1.10.4 (released 2018/08/24) includes fixes to the go command,
    linker, and the net/http, mime/multipart, ld/macho, bytes, and
    strings packages. See the Go 1.10.4 milestone on our issue
    tracker for details.
* Sun Jun 10 2018
- Update to version1.10.3:
  * go1.10.3 (released 2018/06/05) includes fixes to the go command,
    and the crypto/tls, crypto/x509, and strings packages. In particular,
    it adds minimal support to the go command for the vgo transition.
    See the Go 1.10.3 milestone on our issue tracker for details.
* Thu May 17 2018
- Update to version 1.10.2:
  * includes fixes to the compiler, linker, and go command.
- Changes in version 1.10.1:
  * includes fixes to the compiler, runtime, and the archive/zip,
    crypto/tls, crypto/x509, encoding/json, net, net/http, and net/http/pprof packages.
- Changes in version 1.10:
  * This release improves caching of built packages, adds caching of successful
    test results, runs vet automatically during tests, and permits passing string
    values directly between Go and C using cgo. A new compiler option whitelist may
    cause unexpected invalid flag errors in code that built successfully with older releases.
* Tue Feb 13 2018
- Provide golang(API) = 1.9, so that this symbol can be required
  and provided, as preferred one, by the unversioned go package.
Version: 1.12-bp150.2.6.1
* Mon Mar 11 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
- bump the package only to 1.12 for distros where this actually
* Mon Mar 11 2019 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- go1.12 (released 2019/02/25) includes changes in the implementation of the
  toolchain, runtime, and libraries. As always, the release maintains the Go 1
  promise of compatibility. Upstream expects almost all Go programs to continue
  to compile and run as before.
  * GO111MODULE=on enables module-aware operations outside of a module directory
  * GODEBUG=tls13=1 enables opt-in support for TLS 1.3 in the crypto/tls package
    per RFC 8446. Will be default in go1.13.
  * trace tool now supports plotting mutator utilization curves, including
    cross-references to the execution trace. These are useful for analyzing the
    impact of the garbage collector on application latency and throughput.
  * arm64 assembler platform register renamed from R18 to R18_PLATFORM
  * improvements to gc
  * race detector is now supported on linux/arm64
  * cgo is now supported on linux/ppc64
  * go1.12 is the last release that will support binary-only packages.
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- go1.11.5 (released 2019/01/23) security release fixes CVE-2019-6486 (bsc#1123013).
  * go#29903 crypto/elliptic: CPU DoS vulnerability affecting P-521 and P-384
* Sat Dec 15 2018 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- go1.11.4 (released 2018/12/14) includes fixes to cgo, the compiler, linker,
  runtime, documentation, go command, and the net/http and go/types packages.
  It includes a fix to a bug introduced in Go 1.11.3 that broke go get for
  import path patterns containing "...". See the Go 1.11.4 milestone on our
  issue tracker for details.
  * go#29272 misc/cgo/test: issue24161 tests broken on Darwin
  * go#29248 cmd/go: "go get" fails on import path patterns with wildcards ("...")
  * go#29191 cmd/go: symbolic links not dropped from repo
  * go#29112 cmd/link: too many open files on high object-count dependencies
  * go#28974 cmd/go: need to backport relaxing of go.mod go verb constraints to 1.11 series
  * go#28972 go/types: problem with alias type
  * go#28916 cmd/cgo: nested structure has too much alignment padding
  * go#28799 runtime: fatal error: out of memory on reslice with negative index
  * go#28752 reflect: scanning invalid return slots during a makeFunc call
  * go#28725 cmd/go: panic when argument doesn't match any packages
  * go#28694 cmd/compile: inline multiplication corrupts an argument on arm
  * go#28690 runtime: ThreadSanitizer CHECK failed
  * go#28673 x/net/http2: Transport is leaking streams on broken Body
  * go#28617 cmd/compile: panic during fuse with if true block containing a goto and a return
  * go#28586 cmd/compile: go binaries not working on exynos 64 bit CPUs
  * go#27395 cmd/cgo: typedef pointer arguments regression
  * go#27383 cmd/compile: failure on a function type alias
* Thu Dec 13 2018 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to Go 1.11.3 (released 2018/12/13). This includes fixes to
  the crypto/x509 and cmd/go packages. See the Go 1.11.3 milestone
  on upstream tracker for details:
  * bsc#1118897 CVE-2018-16873
    go#29230 cmd/go: remote command execution during "go get -u"
  * bsc#1118898 CVE-2018-16874
    go#29231 cmd/go: directory traversal in "go get" via curly braces in import paths
  * bsc#1118899 CVE-2018-16875
    go#29233 crypto/x509: CPU denial of service
  * Upstream is aware of a functionality regression in "go get" when
    executed in GOPATH mode on an import path pattern containing "..."
    (e.g., "go get"), when downloading
    packages not already present in the GOPATH workspace. This is go#29241
    and will be resolved in the next minor patch release go-1.11.4
* Tue Nov 13 2018 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Revert golang(API) removal since it turns out this breaks >= requires in
  certain cases. Instead we recommend that folks set Prefer: go in all of their
  projects. boo#1114209
* Sat Oct 06 2018 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to version 1.11.1:
  * includes fixes to the compiler, documentation, go command, runtime,
    and the crypto/x509, encoding/json, go/types, net, net/http and reflect
- cmd/compile:
  * bad walkinrange rewrites on constant above 2**63
  * function compiled without bounds checking and -1 index access
  * missing bounds checks in 1.11
  * panic in cmd/compile/internal/gc.typecheck1
  * race detector detects race with close(chan) and len(chan)
- cmd/go:
  * 'go test -gcflags=all=-l' appears not to disable inlining
  * GOMIPS environment variable does not affect caching of mipsle code
  * TestScript/mod_install_versioned consistently failing on macOS High Sierra
  * build fails when setting linker to lld using ldflags
  * go list -json -compiled -test -e fails with non-zero exit status
- doc:
  * GOFLAGS environment variable not in 1.11 release notes
  * downloads page claims that Go 1.11 supports unsupported operating systems Documentation
- encoding/json:
  * empty fields in json.UnmarshalTypeError
- go/types:
  * assertion failure setting up composite literal with incomplete element type
  * some facts are missing after an error
- net/http:
  * WASM Roundtripper crash when using "no-cors" mode
- net:
  * LookupTXT bug
  * empty DNS answers should fail fast
  * testSpliceReaderAtEOF closed connection: got err = splice: invalid argument
- reflect:
  * MethodByName().Interface() leads to fatal error: sweep increased allocation count
- runtime:
  * invalid pointer found on stack
  * timeouts in os/signal tests
* Fri Sep 28 2018 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Fix stray 1.10 version reference preventing 1.11 only package solutions
* Wed Sep 26 2018 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to version 1.11:
  * Most of its changes are in the implementation of the toolchain,
    runtime, and libraries. As always, the release maintains the
    Go 1 promise of compatibility. We expect almost all Go programs
    to continue to compile and run as before.
  * For more details check:
- Use gcc8 instead of gcc7 for Factory/Tumbleweed.
- Update compiler-rt TSAN binary: the precompiled versions of
  LLVM's compiler-rt has updated to commit
  fe2c72c59aa7f4afa45e3f65a5d16a374b6cce26 in go1.11 source.
- Remove patch:
  * fix-sanitizer-build-against-latest-glibc.patch: upstream fixed.
- Add patch:
  * gcc8-go.patch: use gcc8 instead of gcc7 for Factory/Tumbleweed.
Version: 1.15-bp153.2.1
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to current stable go1.15
  Refs boo#1175132 go1.15 release tracking
* Tue Jun 30 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
- Enable for riscv64
* Sat Jun 06 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
- Ensure 'Provides: golang(API) = %{api_version}' is consistent
  to improve package resolution for common go dependency expressions
  'BuildRequires: golang(API) >= 1.x' and BuildRequires: go >= 1.x
  OBS projects that contain go code often have prjconf entries
  'Prefer: go' which selects go metapackage over go1.x packages.
  When go metapackage Provides: version is lower than go1.x versions,
  'Prefer: go' is not effective and build failures occur with errors
  unresolvable: have choice for golang(API) >= 1.13: go1.13 go1.14
  Edits and changelog Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  Refs boo#1172608
  * Unify '{version'} and '{short_version}' as '{api_version}' for
    'Provides: golang(API) = %{api_version}'
  * Use both 'BuildRequires: go%{api_version}' and 'Requires: go%{api_version}'
    to trigger build errors if go1.x is unavailable
  * Add aarch64 to supported systems for go-race via
    %define tsan_arch x86_64 aarch64
  * Add tsan_arch x86_64 aarch64 for suse_version >= 1500 and
    sle_version >= 150000, formerly conditional on suse_version >= 1315
  * Ensure %ifarch %{tsan_arch} always evaluates (nil does not work)
    via dummy tsan_arch on systems where go-race is not supported
* Fri Apr 17 2020 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to current stable go1.14
  Refs boo#1164903 go1.14 release tracking
  * Remove redundant Provides: go-doc=%{version} per rpmlint warning
* Wed Aug 21 2019 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Change suse_version >= 1315 (was 1550) defines short_version 1.12
  go1.12 packages are available for SLE-12.
Version: 1.16-bp153.3.3.1
* Fri Feb 26 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update to current stable go1.16
  Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking