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Change Logs

* Tue Oct 12 2021
- Update doclayout to version
  * Fix the end of the block of zero width characters which contains
    the zero-width joiners and directional markings (Stephen Morgan, #5).
    This fixes a regression introduced in 0.3.1, affecting code
    points 0x2010 to 0x2030.
  [#]# 0.3.1
  * Improved handling of emojis.  Emojis are double-wide, but
    previously this library did not treat them as such.  We now
    have comprehensive support of emojis, including variation
    modifiers and zero-width joiners, verified by a test suite.
    Performance has been confirmed to be no worse for text without emojis.
    (Stephen Morgan, #1).  API changes: export `realLengthNoShortcut`,
    `isEmojiModifier`, `isEmojiVariation`, `isEmojiJoiner`.
* Tue Mar 16 2021
- Update doclayout to version
  * NOINLINE `literal` instead of `fromString` (#2, sjakobi).
    This produces a further reduction in allocations and
    pandoc compile time.
* Sun Mar 14 2021
- Update doclayout to version
  * NOINLINE `fromString` (#1).
    @sjakobi reports that this change reduced total allocations
    for building pandoc-2.12 with GHC 8.10.4 by 8.5% and reduced
    peak allocations are reduced from 3854MB to 3389MB.
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Ond?ej SĂșkup <>
- disable %{ix86} build
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Replace %setup -q with the more modern %autosetup macro.
* Tue Jun 16 2020 Peter Simons <>
- Re-generate file with latest version of spec-cleaner.
Version: 0.3-bp152.1.9
* Thu Feb 27 2020
- Update doclayout to version 0.3.
  [#]# 0.3
  * Add foldlChar to signature of HasChars [API change].
  * Use foldlChar in realLength. This avoids a stack overflow
    we were getting with long strings in the previous version
    (with foldrChar).  See jgm/pandoc#6031.
  * Replace isBlank with isBreakable and improved startsWithBlank.
    Previously isBlank was used in the layout algorithm where
    what we really wanted was isBreakable.
  * Avoid unnecessary calculation in updateColumns.
  * Replace a right fold with a strict left fold.
  * Add strictness annotations in realLength and updateColumn.
* Sat Dec 21 2019
- Add doclayout at version