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Change Logs

* Sun Sep 05 2021 saku nix <>
- Version update to 1.12
  Engine features
  * NPC interactions are now canceled when the player is attacked.
    ?combat_aborts_npc_interact? has been added to engine/misc.txt to control
    this setting.
  * Added ?bar_fill_offset? and ?bar_fill_size? to MenuStatBar and MenuEnemy
  * Added support for fading out combat text. See the ?fade_duration? property
    in engine/combat.txt.
  * Added ?save_oncutscene? property to engine/misc.txt. Saving before a cutscene
    was previously controlled with ?save_onload?, which caused issues with
    cutscenes when set to false.
  * Added ?save_anywhere? property to engine/misc.txt. This allows for saving
    via the pause menu. (m7600)
  * Added display of enemies, allies, NPCs, and intermap teleport events to the
  * Added support for defining the colors of tiles and entities on the minimap.
  * Added ?show_on_minimap? event component. Currently, this only applies to
    intermap teleport events.
  * Added ?show_on_minimap? property to NPCs.
  * Properties that take an alignment can now be aligned to the menu frame.
  * Support multiple images in animation definitions. (bloodhero)
  * Expanded slot widget configuration in engine/widget_settings.txt. Quantity
    text color can be changed, as well as label settings for displaying hotkeys.
  * Re-implemented displaying hotkeys on action bar slots.
  * Support for ?item:quantity? syntax for Event properties: ?requires_item?,
    ?requires_not_item?, ?remove_item?, and ?reward_item?.
  * Added ?show_randomize? property to new game menu configuration.
  * Added ?disable_equip_slots? property for passive powers.
  * ?Block? powers can now use post_power to trigger a power when taking damage.
  * Power descriptions are now displayed in action bar tooltips. This can be
    controlled with the ?tooltip_length? property in menus/actionbar.txt.
  * A dialog box is now displayed instead of a log message when the player dies,
    giving the options to exit or respawn (if applicable).
  * Added movement input type dialog box. It is displayed for new players to
    easily select between keyboard, mouse, and joystick movement.
  * Added ??safe-video? command line option. For troubleshooting purposes, this
    feature is displayed as an option when starting after a potential crash.
  * The ?categories? property has been extended to the player character. The
    Power property ?target_categories? can now be used for the player as a result.
  * The ability to stash quest items can now be controlled with the ?no_stash? property.
  * Added a button for opening the pause/configuration menu as part of the minimap.
  * Added ?script? property to items. This removes the need to create a power in
    order to execute a script via activating an item.
  * Player ?melee_range? is now configurable in engine/stats.txt.
  * Added comparison tooltips for items. These can be disabled in the Interface
    settings. (r-a-cristian-93, Justin Jacobs)
  * Added ?parallax_layers? property to Events. This functions exactly like the
    Map property of the same name.
  * Added ?visible?, ?visible_check_locked?, and ?visible_check_status? to powers
    and upgrades in power trees.
  * Added ?requires_status? and ?requires_not_status? to powers and upgrades in
    power trees. ?visible_requires_status? and ?visible_requires_not_status?
    have been marked as deprecated.
  * Added ?on_interact? as a possible value for Event types. Essentially the
    same as ?on_trigger?, except the event can ONLY be activated through the hotspot.
  * Support an arbitrary number of Stash tabs. Each tab has a display name and
    an ?is_private? flag.
  * Added ?save_onstash? property to engine/misc.txt, so it is now possible to
    disable the automatic save when modifying stash contents.
  * The player?s last used Stash tab is now remembered across sessions.
  * Added the ability for NPCs to join the player?s party. (Igor Paliychuk)
  * Added support for the ?delay? property used by Events contained in script files.
  * Added ?Frame Limit? option to Video settings.
  * Added ?Maximum Render Size? option to Video settings.
  * Improved visual indication of which item set bonuses are active.
  * Support enabling touch screen controls on non-Android systems.
  * Added ?Touch Gamepad Scale? option to Input settings.
  * Support fullscreen mode in the Emscripten port.
  * Added scrollbar.bg_color to engine/widget_settings.txt.
  * Updates to, including usage of Homebrew for dependencies (ludoza)
  Engine fixes
  * Fix memory leak of tab control in stash menu (MiroslavR)
  * Fixed stat bars not having any fill when the value they were representing was
    non-zero. Now they will always show at least 1 pixel of the bar?s fill graphics.
  * Fixed a bug where the game window could be resized below the minimum size after
    exiting fullscreen mode.
  * Removed the default resolution scaling when virtual_heights is undefined.
  * Improved performance when checking map event hotspots.
  * Fix Windows-style paths with backslashes not working on non-Windows systems.
  * Prevent allies counting as attack targets when using mouse movement.
  * Fix needing to press the ?Cancel? key twice to exit the vendor menu.
  * Fix unintended key presses being registered when quitting the game via an OS
    keyboard shortcut.
  * Fix divide-by-zero crash when using the dev HUD with a game that uses
    orthogonal rendering.
  * Fixed a memory leak in Loot copy constructor.
  * Fixed ?resist_percent? property of engine/combat.txt not working when targets
    had 100% resistance.
  * Support attack_speed effects with a magnitude less than 100%.
  * Fixed bug where dead entities could steal HP/MP.
  * Fix broken parsing of engine/default_keybindings.txt.
  * Fix Effect animations not being synced properly in some cases.
  * Removed hard-coded restrictions on using items from the inventory. Now any
    item that has a power and is not equipment can be used.
  * Fix crash when fonts are missing. The engine will try to fall back to the next
    available font for the current language.
  * Background color when using sdl_hardware renderer no longer fills entire
    window, instead only filling the drawing surface as it should.
  * Fix crash when loading a cutscene from a book event.
  * Fix infinite transformation loop when dying in a transformed state that was
    activated by a passive power.
  * Fix bug where the player wasn?t returned to their normal state after dying
    in a transformed state.
  * Prevent combat text from overlapping.
  * Improved performance when handling many status effects.
  * Improved performance when an entity is repeatedly unable to find a path to
    thier target.
  * Fix bug where killing an enemy with return damage would not set defeat status
    or reward XP/loot.
  * Fix check of item requirements when a power requires an item but doesn?t
    consume it.
  * Fix ?respec? events to no longer remove item-based powers from the action bar.
  * Fix log message when gaining more than one level at once.
  * Fixed excessive memory usage when using Items, ItemSets, and Powers with high-value IDs.
  * Fix bug where power upgrades that didn?t require power points would not
    automatically upgrade if other requirements were met.
  * Fix infinite loop bug when a power?s list of upgrades contains the base power ID.
  * Fix infinite loop bug when locking power upgrades.
  * The executable directory is now used when trying to find PATH_DATA on Linux. (r-a-cristian-93)
  * Fix ?corpse_timeout? in engine/misc.txt being parsed incorrectly (r-a-cristian-93)
  * Reworked camera speed curve to prevent graphical ?wiggle? during slow movement.
  * Fix missing effect description text in power tooltips when using built-in types.
  * Fix static events not executing on the same frame as on_load events.
  * Fix parsing bug in power trees that would save base power properties to an upgrade power.
  * Fix on_load events with requires_class not working in maps/spawn.txt
  * Fix timing of Effects so that the first ?tick? happens immediately.
  * Fix ?Press button to use? prompt no showing up for some items.
  * Fix loud loot drop sound effect when there are a large number of drops at once.
  * Fix incorrect HP/MP regen for high regen values and high frame limits.
  * Fix camera, parallax layer, and cutscene speeds when using alternative frame limits.
  * Fix not restoring fullscreen option when pressing Cancel or Defaults in config menu.
  * Smoother scrolling in WidgetScrollBox.
  * Fix click-and-drag behavior on WidgetTabControl, WidgetSlider, and WidgetScrollBar.
  * Fix dialog topics being auto-selected when they shouldn?t for non-vendor NPCs.
* Sun Jul 28 2019 Max Mitschke <>
- Version update to 1.11
  Engine Features
  * Players now have their own private stash in addition to the
    shared stash.
  * Expanded the 'no_stash' Item variable to account for having
    multiple stashes.
  Engine Fixes
  * Fix bug where items could be dragged from the vendor window and
    dropped in the opposite vendor tab.
  * Fix bug that caused item max_quantity to be reset when attempting
    to append an item definition.
  * Fix bug where Powers with 'replace_by_effect' would still use
    properties from the parent power, such as animation state.
- Removed post/postun macros since they are no longer needed with
  Leap 42.3 going end-of-life.
* Sat May 18 2019 Max Mitschke <>
- Version update to 1.10
  Engine Features
  * The configuration menu has been redesigned and is now used as the pause menu.
  * The interface features from version 1.09 have been reverted due to being
    accessible from the pause menu.
  * Added an Interface option to disable showing hidden entity markers.
  * Support floating point values for loot drop chance values.
  * Add ?hide_timeout? option to stat bar configuration to support auto-hiding.
  * Added an Interface option to disable stat bar auto-hiding globally.
  * Add ?no_stash? property to item definitions to prevent items from being
    placed in the stash.
  * Add low HP notification system. (Leszek Cima?a)
  * Add ability to change the minimap zoom level by clicking on the minimap.
  Engine Fixes
  * Fixed event activation being tied to distance to the camera position. It is
    now correctly tied to distance from the player.
  * Mouse movement and mouse aim now calculate direction relative to the player
    instead of relative to the screen.
  * Fixed enemy AI so that enemies can now enter combat if a hero ally is in
    their proximity.
  * Fix ?data-path command line flag on Windows.
  * Fixed dialog not being available if it lacked a topic.
  * Fixed loot drop rate bonus having no effect when loot drop chance was too
  * Fix bug where the wrong requirements were checked for passive powers that
    had been granted bonus points.
  * Items that can?t be stashed are now dropped on the ground upon opening the
  * Prevent re-binding the primary Main1 binding, which could break many
  * Removed the ability to re-bind the Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Delete keys, since
    they correspond to specific keyboard keys.
  * Fix crash when trying to load a mod that contained
  * Display XP stat bar value as relative to current level instead of total XP.
  * Fix key bindings not working when switched to a non-US keyboard layout.
  * Fix segfault when NPC filename is invalid.
  * Fix inventory tooltips covering books when using no mouse.
  * Fix navigation of dialog menu when using no mouse.
  * Fix upgrading powers when using no mouse.
  * When using the sdl_hardware renderer on Windows, OpenGL will now be used
    instead of Direct3D. This fixes the loss of some textures when resizing
    the window.
  * Fixed the ?level up? string to represent the ability to allocate multiple
    stat points. Also note if Power points can be allocated.
  * Refactored ?requires_hpmp_state? for Powers to check against both stats at
    once. See the attribute reference for syntax changes.
  * Greatly improved performance of loot tooltips.
  * Fix bug where high item find chance prevented the player from finding
* Mon Dec 17 2018
- Version update to 1.09.01
  * Fixed assertion/crash when engaging in dialog.
  * Updated Ukranian translations
- Version update to 1.09
  * Add ?save_pos_onexit? to engine/misc.txt for saving the
    player?s current position upon exiting.
  * Add ?toggle_fps? to the developer console commands.
  * Add a video setting to disable parallax layers.
  * Add ability to use icons in books.
  * Add item property ?book_is_readable? to control displaying
    ?read? vs ?use? in item tooltips.
  * Add renderer support for batching calls to local pixel drawing.
    This speeds up the pre-render of the minimap.
  * Add support for shadows on book text via ?text_shadow?.
  * Add tooltips to language list to show language codes.
  * Added ?colorblind_highlight_offset? and listbox ?text_margin?
    to engine/widget_settings.txt.
  * Added a 2x zoom mode for the mini-map.
  * Added a compass to the minimap.
  * Added Catalan translations
  * Added support for dialog responses. For any line of dialog, a
    list of response topics can be given.
  * Closing a book with the ?Cancel? key no longer closes all
    other menus.
  * Dialog options are no longer shown in a separate menu, but are
    instead part of the main dialog window.
  * Fix book open sound effect not being played in all cases.
  * Fix buttons and checkboxes not handling clicks while the
    ?Accept? key is pressed.
  * Fix handling of disabled widgets when using keyboard navigation.
  * Fix incorrect descriptions of controls on mobile devices.
  * Fix potential memory leak when redefining images in books.
  * Fixed a bug where looped map sounds wouldn?t play if the player
    entered the map with a sound volume of 0, but later raised
    the volume.
  * Fixed shrinking tab widgets when widow was resized.
  * Loot tooltips can now be hidden when entities are near pieces of
    loot. The setting ?hide_radius? has been added to engine/loot.txt
    to control this.
  * Make strings related to elements more translator-friendly.
  * Missing items now maintain their stack quantity when moved around.
  * Moved several interface options to the actionbar. Loot tooltips,
    combat text, statbar labels, and mini-map mode can be adjusted.
  * Moved the interface option for automatically equipping items to
    the Inventory menu.
  * New mouse movement options to swap the movement button and/or
    restrict the movement button to be movement-only.
  * Overhead markers are now displayed for entities that are
    obscured by tall tiles.
  * Redesigned mouse movement with better handling of non-melee attacks.
  * Remove broken ?font_fallback? from engine/font_settings.txt.
  * Updated translations for German, Scottish Gaelic,
    Brazilian Portueguese, Ukranian, Vietnamese
  * Using consumables from the Inventory menu will now subtract from
    the stack that was clicked on.
  * Widgets that use custom images can now fall back to the
    default image if the custom image is missing
    (instead of exiting in failure).
- Updated location of flare-engine data directory to follow
  packaging standards
- Added more CMake build params to to have install process
  follow packaging standards
* Tue Oct 23 2018
- Version update to 1.08
  * Updated translations for German, French, Scottish Gaelic and
  * Bugfixes
* Sun Jun 17 2018
- Version update to 1.06
Version: 1.0-bp150.2.4
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- Trim bias and filler wording from description.
* Wed Mar 14 2018
- Version update to 1.0 release:
  * No real upstream changelog but first non-alpha release supporting
    big campaign mode.
- Remove unused condition for license
- Cleanup a bit
* Mon Jun 27 2016
- Prevented openSUSE 13.1' error (invalid-license CC-BY-SA-4.0).
* Sun May 29 2016
- Version bump to 0.20:
  * no upstream changelog.
- Tarball & spec for data subpackage.
- License, *Requires, %description were fixed up.
- RelWithDebInfo build type to provide debuginfo.
- Verbose make.
- Valid %post(un).
* Thu Nov 20 2014
- Version bump to 0.19:
  * Lots of various improvements. See ChangeLog
- Remove _service and use rather tarball next to pkg with possiblity to
  local service run of download_files
- Use cmake macro and overall cleanup of .spec
* Sat Apr 06 2013
- 0.18 release
  * 10 Equipment Slots, up from 4 (and easily configurable)
  * Starting "Class" choice (beginner's power/item kit)
  * Environmental/Ambient Sounds on maps
  * Much improved handling of Animations, Effects, and Sounds
  * New Powers: Stealth, Traps, Thrown Weapons
  * New Item Bonuses: XP gain, Gold Find, Item Find, and more
  * Improved support for various input devices
- Service source_validator was enabled.
- Spec header was fixed up according to distro policy.
- Sources were moved from GitHub to SourceForge.
- Spec was fixed up via `spec-cleaner`.
- Requires hicolor-icon-theme not to pack unnecessary dirs.
- Python became recommended, not required.
- & readme.txt might be executable.
* Tue Oct 02 2012
- 0.17.1 release
  * Instant-sell items now go to the vendor Buyback tab
  * Disable New/Load buttons if there is no story mod loaded
  * Prevent crash when binding higher number mouse buttons
  * Prevent crash when loading a map with missing layers
  * Add helpful tooltips when play buttons are disabled
  * Removed -flto compiler flag from default build script
* Sun Sep 30 2012
- 0.17 release
  * All menus now easy to mod/reskin
  * New Powers tree with traditional tabs and spendable points
  * Shared Stash! Collect epics, hoard resist gear, or buff your new characters
  * Warp Zone - fast-travel map to get around the alpha demo campaign
- Clean section was removed.
- Url was updated.
* Sun Jul 08 2012
- 0.16 release
  * Improved enemy pathfinding, including flying creatures
  * Summon or transform into enemies!
  * Config menu including keybindings, mods, and more
  * Orthogonal map support
* Thu May 31 2012
- git
  * Configuration menu was implemented
- Build improvements
  * Cmake build type became "RelWithDebInfo"
  * Cmake verbose makefile became "True"
  * Binary path fixing patch was replaced by cmake option.
  * Rpm optimisation flags were enabled.
* Sun Dec 25 2011
- 0.15.1 release
  * Fixes a couple issues (build flags, random enemy groups)
* Fri Dec 23 2011
- 0.15 release
  * Now using TTF for fonts
  * All game data can be overwritten/added via mods
  * Translation support for the core engine and mods
  * New Grassland tileset
  * New questing areas: Frontier and Living Bones
  * Redesigned creatures are tougher and more varied