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Change Logs

* Wed Jul 21 2021
- Don't try to install terminfo (resulting in a build failure):
* Sat Oct 03 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to release 1.8
  * The default TERM environment variable value is now "fbterm".
  * Allow to choose between "fbterm" or "linux" for TERM
    using the "term-is-linux" config directive.
  * Added short versions for most command line options.
- Add 0002-Initialize-mTermIsLinux-variable.patch
Version: 1.7-bp150.2.4
* Fri Jun 17 2016
- Fix build error with gcc6 (boo#985146)
* Mon Oct 06 2014
- Drop ancient spec tags, use modern macros for building,
  enable parallel build, use source URLs.
* Tue Mar 27 2012
- license update: GPL-2.0+
- Fix build for openSUSE 12.2
* Wed Oct 12 2011
- updated to version 1.7: lots of fixes, also fix build on FACTORY
- add -fno-strict-aliasing for workaround of type-punning in some
* Mon May 11 2009
- updated to version 1.4:
  * improved text rendering performence
  * added private escape sequences for 256 color mode support
  * added a option "font-width" to adjust character cell width
  * added support for older 2.2/2.4 kernel
  * fixed a crash bug with bitmap fonts
  * fixed a configure failure in cross-compiling environment
- updated to version 1.5:
  * added support for text rendering with backround image
  * added command-line arguments to customize command executed in
  * added Alt-Fn and all FbTerm's shortcuts support when input
    method is actived
  * added option "-v/--verbose" to show some useful information
  * fixed some text color issues with version 1.4
  * fixed encoding selection error when locale is C/POSIX
  * fixed a bug where screen is cleared on startup even in inactive
  * fixed a bug where variable HOME is not defined
- Add gpm and ncurses-devel to buildrequires
* Wed Jan 07 2009
- initial version: 1.3
  setuid bit is disabled as now